Batgirl VS Dr. Hypnosis

Dr. H otherwise known as Dr. Hypnosis had only recently come to Gotham City. His mayhem was mostly known in Europe and had only been in the USA for a couple of years. However, seeing reports on the evening news of Batgirl he immediately had designs to capture her and make her His along with the hopes of capturing other crime fighting heroes for His own uses and profit. This is how it began……

Batgirl’s eyes fluttered as she began to awake. As she became more alert she jerked but found her movement restricted. She reacted with a moan of helplessness as she realized she was cuffed by her ankles and wrists. She looked around as much as she could and saw she was chained in some sort of large steel ring in the middle of the room. She looked down and discovered that her utility belt had been removed from around her waist. She scanned the dark room trying to see if this criminal had carelessly left it close by. It was nowhere to be seen in the room only a table with some items and it was too dark to clearly make out what they were. She began struggling trying to see if there was a weakness in the cuffs holding her imprisoned in place but to no avail they were strong and sure. Batgirl would just have to wait and make an opportunity to escape when her captor returned. She hoped it would not be much longer as the cuffs were cutting off her circulation and her body tilted at such an angle as all of her weight was being supported by her wrists and ankles was making her breathing labored. She realized she did not have much time before her strength would be greatly impaired by hanging in such a manner, perhaps if she called out it would bring her captor or captors into the room where she could try and manipulate them to make it possible for her to escape.

“Hello, anyone out there,” she yelled. “I need to talk to you. I hope you can hear me, these cuffs are too tight and are cutting off my circulation, please just come loosen them a little,” she continued. With no answer Batgirl began struggling a bit more against the restraints as she figured no one was around. “I will just have to get out of these myself,” she whispered to herself beginning to wiggle around trying to find some position to slip free of one wrist cuff. After a couple of minutes she stopped and took some deep breaths trying to keep up some strength. As she continued to struggle she began thinking back on how she had gotten there in the first place and it was as if she had memory loss. She thought perhaps she took a hit over the head was why she couldn’t remember it clearly.

Observing by video monitors in another part of the building Dr. H watched intently as the heroine struggled in her bonds. Cameras were positioned in every corner of the room and also right above her, they showed Batgirl from every angle. Dr. H smiled as he watched poor Batgirl’s body wiggle and writhe trying to get free. Her shapely petite form moving so erotically as the purple spandex suit glimmered in the faint light. Thighs twisting, body heaving, breasts lifting and falling as she worked the best she could. He watched intently to see just how much stamina she had in that petite body of hers. He was impressed with her level of fitness as she continued to struggle longer than any of the others.

Imagery flashed in her mind as she rested between her struggling. It had been raining hard as she chased a dark cloaked man down the alley behind the Gotham City Museum. He ducked into a building, possibly this one after a short distance. She remembered seeing a figure going through a door and following after him. Then someone or something came at her, something with a spinning white circle, and a voice, a strange voice, then blackness. Batgirl blinked her eyes and re-focused at the task at hand to free herself.

Dr. H smirked as he watched his prize struggle so hard to free herself. He liked the little games and was enjoying this one but time was not on his side and he had to speed things up a bit. He put on his hooded cloak, black mask , and necklace. He headed down the hallway to the room where the poor Batgirl hung helplessly struggling to get free. Unlocking the outside locks he glanced at the small monitor hanging on the wall and saw Batgirl freeze and then play possum by closing her eyes and hanging there limp as if passed out. He walked up and gently lifted her face up to his.

“It is no good trying to play possum, I have been watching you via the cameras in the room,” He informed her. “ I have been admiring your stamina and determination, Batgirl, and I will enjoy that when you serve Me properly,” He added.

Batgirl opened her eyes to see her captor staring her face to face. He was somewhat older than she was maybe in his late forties even maybe early fifties. She thought that should be an advantage for her in escaping.

“Serve you,” she replied in a puzzled tone. “ I have no intent on serving you except to serve you up to the police,” she stated harshly.

“Ahh, that will be difficult in your position, Batgirl, see you are My prisoner and helpless to escape My lair,” he chuckled.

“We will see about that you creep,” Batgirl now beginning to try and agitate the man to make a mistake.

“I think that without your utility belt and its useful gadgets you are little more than a teenage girl hiding behind a mask,” Dr. H replied back.

“I am twenty-one and old enough to kick your ass with or without my utility belt, grandpa,” Batgirl hissed in defiance.

“Maybe I will test you on that My dear,” He softly replied as He grazed her face with the backside of his finger tracing the edge of her mask. “Perhaps I should remove this cowl to know who it is I am to be so afraid of then, hmmmm?”

“No…o…o…o…o,” Batgirl moaned her voice softening in protest. “If your wanting to defeat Batgirl then you have to leave my cowl on and personal identity secret,” she whispered.

“Hmmmm, well once I have defeated you, Batgirl, I will also take your personal identity too,” He responded.

“IF… if… you do defeat me, then I won’t have anything left but my personal identity you will have to leave me that,” she tried to reason with Him.

“No, that is where you are wrong, Batgirl, once you are lost and Mine, you won’t have anything left. What I take I consume completely and there is nothing left, nothing to go back to even if you could.” Dr. H informed.

“Wha……wha……what do you plan to do…. to.. to to me,” Batgirl stammered trying to think of some reply but failed to maintain any air of confidence.

Dr. H smiled as his fingers now traced the soft jawline of her pretty young face and softly replied, “Why make you one of My slaves, little Batgirl.”

“Well, that will never happen,” Batgirl snapped hearing his plan had brought her back into focus.

“I will let you think on that a while, go ahead and keep trying to get free, it is making for quite an interesting webcast,” He chuckled looking up at the camera just above her and pointing to it as He left the room.

Batgirl gave out a gasp of embarrassment at the thought of being viewed by others in her predicament and tried not to look at the camera, but she kept looking. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was fighting her own battle of will and desire……

Batgirl couldn’t tell how long she struggled in her position but she was becoming physically exhausted in her efforts to free herself. She had not been able to help herself from looking up into the camera as well wondering just who and how many people may be watching her. She had been fighting the feelings of arousal over the whole incident. Having been captured and tied up helpless numerous times she had turned it into a sort of fetish in order to cope with it all. Of course she had never been watched by complete strangers in these situations and it put a surprisingly added arousing twist to the whole ordeal. She tried not to think about her breasts swelling inside her tight spandex outfit much less the feeling between her thighs that had become very warm and tingly.

Dr. H had watched long enough and decided it was time to begin working on Batgirl. He walked down the hall slowly savoring the thoughts of how He would play with her and bring her over to His way of thinking. Reaching the door He looked at the monitor and saw batgirl jerk hard at her bonds knowing He was about to enter.

“So how do you feel, Batgirl,” He said in a soft low tone. “Haven’t you figured out it is useless to struggle against My chains,” He further inquired.

“There is a way out of everything,” Batgirl quipped giving Him her most defiant facial expression.

“You are right, Batgirl,” Dr. H stated as He pulled out His necklace letting it fall loosely and begin swaying slowly back and forth.. It was a large black metallic medallion with a gleaming white “H” superimposed on the surface. He touched the side of the medallion and the “H” slowly started spinning. “There is a way out of this, join Me and become Mine.”

Batgirl’s head cocked to one side as the medallion began to spin her eyes locked on the movement. Her body slumped a little bit as she continued starring into the spinning medallion. Softly He began to speak to Batgirl in a low monotone voice telling her to give in to Him. His voice sounded so distant but yet so convincing to her mind. You could see her body even relax and begin to hang from the chains holding her up. Her eyes begin to glaze and a time or two blinked rather hard. Suddenly her body sprang back to life as she broke her gaze on the medallion.

“It is going to take more than some little spinning medallion to break my will,” she jested with a new found confidence.

Dr. H smiled softly as He approached a little closer. “I must say I would have been a little disappointed if that was all it had taken, My child,” he softly chuckled. “I have to test you and each step is the next one to your demise, Batgirl.”

“Perhaps you underestimate me and the strength of my will,” Batgirl replied confidently. “You have picked the wrong girl to try and make yours.”

“Let’s see shall we,” Dr. H declared as He pulled out a small black box from His pocket. Flipping one of the small switches the sound of hissing filled the room.

Batgirl’s eyes caught the glimpse of the gas vapors being released from small vents in the steel ring and began feeling a strange sensation throughout her body.

“Now, I will be back in a bit when the gas has taken full effect,” Dr. H informed.

“It won’t change my mind,” Batgirl protested, “it may weaken my body but nothing can weaken my mind.”

“Oh, no this is just to weaken your body so I can use IT to weaken your mind, Batgirl,” He chuckled walking away and slipping out the door.

Batgirl stared at the door wondering what Dr. H meant by using her body to weaken her mind. She began feeling the effects of the gas making her feel funny and light. It was obvious it was taking her strength away as she again began to hang limply in her shackles. Shaking her head to clear her mind, Batgirl again began to struggle at the cuffs binding her wrists and ankles and soon found the writhing around was causing quite a different focus to start taking place. The wiggling around to get free was quickly turning into a sensual experience. The look of sudden surprise came over her face when she realized what was happening. It was the look Dr. H had been waiting for as He watched her from the video monitors in His private room. He again headed down the hallway to where the heroine was suspended.

As Dr. H was headed down the hallway, Batgirl was practically moaning as the gas and struggling had aroused her body in such a sensual way. She glanced up into the camera and those watching could see in her eyes the overpowering effects of her physical arousal was taking over her struggle to get free and soon she was fighting to retain control over her body from an orgasm more than getting free……..


Batgirl’s eyes darted to the door upon hearing Dr. H enter the room. He was smiling almost ear to ear seeing the young petite heroine on the verge of losing control. He walked over to the table across the room and began rolling it towards Batgirl. The wheels squeaked from the lack of necessary grease and it made a haunting echo bounce off the walls of the big empty room. As Dr. H wheeled the table closer Batgirl was getting a better look at the items displayed on the table. She instinctively began struggling as she saw nothing but sexual devices of many kinds and knew now how He planned on weakening her own mind by overstimulation of her body sexually. Dr. H said not a word but merely picked up the first item off the table and walked behind Batgirl which was still hanging spread eagle chained in the large steel circle.

Batgirl began to protest such a devious and evil scheme but was cut off as the large red ball gag was forced into her little mouth until it slipped in just past her teeth. She could feel him adjusting the straps and pulling on the ball gag in several ways assuring of the proper fit so it would not choke her nor come out. He stepped around in front of her admiring and commenting on how good she looked with the bright red ball in her mouth with the four black straps wrapping around her purple cowl and fastened with the large silver buckles. Batgirl writhed in a useless effort as she tried to somehow talk through the gag but only managed a muffled, “Mmmphhhhhhgrrrrrr!”

Next Dr. H picked up a length of white rope and looped one end around Batgirl’s waist tying it off and letting it hang where her utility belt used to be. He then looped up the rope in one hand and began working it between her thighs right over her slit. He worked the rope and pulled on Batgirl’s costume a bit to see that it worked between her small but somewhat enlarged lips. Batgirl let out a moan as he passed it between her legs and forced it between the cheeks of her firm round ass. Dr. H continued quietly as He worked the rope around Batgirl’s body over and over again. He roped around her breasts and down between her thighs again then looped it around her thighs a few inches below her mound. Even though still covered in her suit the ropes had pulled taut enough to see virtually every detail of Batgirl’s sexy body. her breasts were straining against the fabric and her erect nipples were clearly visible through the material seemingly trying to rip through the fabric. The ropes also wrapped around her buttocks along her natural curves accenting her sweet petite form in exquisite detail. Finally satisfied with His work Dr. H stopped and cut off the excess length of rope and let it fall to the floor.

He then turned His attention to some of the other items on the table. When he turned back around Batgirl’s eyes grew wide as He was not holding a sexual object but rather a large knife in His hand. “Don’t be afraid, Batgirl,” He touted, “It is merely to remove some excess fabric from your pretty little purple suit. With that He traced the outline of her breasts with the tip of the sharp knife all the while grinning as Batgirl sucked in her breath and tried to calm herself. Even through her suit Batgirl could feel the sharp and dangerous tip dragging along her skin. Having traced around both breasts Dr. H now let the tip head downward over her stomach and then outlined along the outsides of her pussy lips. Batgirl closed her eyes partly out of fear but more out of the unexpected pleasure this dangerous knife was doing to her body. Her eyes popped open and another muffled, “Mmmmpfffffhhhh!” escaped as the knife tip now moved to her erect nipple and Dr. H twisted it a bit as the sharp point penetrated through the fabric. His smile looked completely evil as she saw His enjoyment of every moment of this torture and then He moved to the other nipple and repeated the process. Batgirl was trying to focus and maintain some manner of resistance to this torture but the truth was it was overpowering her. The danger, the sexual attention, the helplessness to stop any of it from happening was turning her on and her pussy now felt like a furnace but instead of a burning fire it was a burning liquid that even now was seeping down her inner thighs under her costume.

Dr. H then satisfied with His knife play twisted the knife ensnaring the fabric and letting it rip Batgirl’s suit. Immediately her dark red nipple poked out of her purple suit so dark and swollen. He moved the knife to her other breast and repeated the move causing the suit to rip open and her other nipple escaped and was exposed as well. He then stared into the little heroine’s eyes which now were showing such signs of pleasure that He smiled and let the knife dig in just a bit deeper as it slipped just below Batgirl’s mound. Batgirl shrieked a bit as the knife actually pierced her skin in her most sensitive of areas between her pussy and asshole. Dr. H looked down and stopped momentarily then Batgirl watched Him bring His finger up to His mouth. There was a mixture on His finger of her clear pussy juices and some of her blood from the knife pricking her skin. He sucked it slowly into His mouth as first His tongue licked and tasted her blood and sex mere inches from the little heroine’s face. Batgirl didn’t know what to do as a swirling of emotions ran through her mind. Excitement, fear, arousal, disgust, all mingled together and clouding her thoughts with what she most felt from the ordeal she was now going through.

Then she felt the steady pull of the blade now slicing through her costume and felt the air rushing over her wet lips and the cool sensation was quite arousing. Dr. H then put the knife down on the table and taking His bare hands pulled somewhat violently on the slit in Batgirl’s suit. The material like her was helpless to His forceful hands and gave way with a long loud rrrrrrrrrippppppppppppp! Then slowly, very slowly His hands worked up the inner exposed flesh of her thighs and His fingertips circled over her wet juices massaging it into her hot skin. Then each hand continued upward until each one had a hold of the slit previous made that exposed her nipples. With a sudden jerk again her suit failed to maintain its integrity and ripped easily by His almost angry assault.

Batgirl now knew the strongest feeling running through her body and mind in that moment. It was the feeling of humiliation as she was now bound, exposed, and helplessly sexually aroused the point of anything she had ever known and it was this villain doing it all to her at once. She closed her eyes as His hands now cupped her exposed firm globes of flesh burning from His touch with her nipples aching for something more of this torture. He handled them roughly fondling them as if He wanted to tear them off her body. This forceful torture of Batgirl’s body sent shivers through her like never before and she threw her head back and closed her eyes as tight as she could as a guttural moan escaped.
Dr. H was enjoying seeing such a reaction from Batgirl. He figured she might be one to enjoy becoming a pain slut and a bondage doll. She had never let being captured and tied up with the risk of peril stop her from fighting crime and He figured she just never knew it was a sexual fetish that could make it all complete. He twisted and pulled on her nipples hard as her deep moans continued from His assault on her helpless titties. Then He stopped and turned to the table to retrieve some more toys. As He turned around Batgirl had opened her eyes again and such a lusty glaze met His. He smiled as He began clamping the weighted nipple clamps on her hard nipples that pulled her petite firm breasts downward. Batgirl gave out a long moan as each nipple was clamped and stared right into His eyes as each one was anchored firmly in place. Dr. H smiled again as He lightly tapped each weight causing them to swing adding more pressure and pain to course through her breasts. Batgirl attempted a scream but was again muffled by the ball gag in her mouth which now signs of drool were beginning to seep out and around.

He then reached down and picked up a large vibrating wand and flipped the power switch making the nasty little machine hum with power. He touched it to each nipple clamp weight letting the vibrations travel up the chains, through the clamps, tormenting her now sore hard nipples. The waves of vibration went past her nipples into her breasts and seeming deep inside her body and her whole body shook with intensity as the pain was competing with the pleasure for ultimate dominance. He moved the vibrator back and forth several times as He watched His captive heroine writhing in the throes of His bondage torture and finally moved it downward over her stomach and finally onto the ropes which were firmly entrenched between the small lips of her tight little pussy.

Batgirl could hold back no longer as the ropes tingled along the length of her pussy and stimulated her clit. Her body jerk as the orgasm caused a series of violent spasms through her midsection. That caused the weighted nipple clamps to torture her nipples even more and the searing burning sensation cascaded along with the pleasure of her orgasm. Her body was all a quiver as the orgasm was the strongest one she had ever experienced in her young life. The pain mingling with the pleasure was a thing of exquisiteness which she was desperately trying to somehow justify as it seemed so wrong. She moaned loudly through her ball gag and her drool was thick and now beginning to hang down in long strands of clear liquid as her body shook in the mingled pain and pleasure burning through her body and confusing her mind.

Dr. H was pleased with His little game of giving Batgirl her first taste of bondage sex torture. He even mused with the thought that He might not have to hypnotize her at all but quickly dismissed that thought. After all it was fun being in control of another’s body and mind and unlocking all the dirty secrets that they themselves had not yet discovered. As Batgirl began to calm down to at least breathing deeply as He had started instructing He turned off the vibrator and turned to leave the room. Batgirl began trying to talk through her ball gag again with a pleading look in her eyes. He wasn’t sure if she was pleading for release or for more of His playfulness but simply told the spent little heroine,

“Someone will come in momentarily and remove that pretty little ball gag from your mouth, but I must say you look pretty in red.” With that Dr. H disappeared through the door to go watch from His room and study Batgirl’s reaction to the next little test coming her way……..


Batgirl hung her head in shame as Dr. H left the room. He had taken advantage of her like no other mastermind criminal ever had before. She also was beating herself up on how good it made her body feel being helplessly tied up and forced to cum like some cheap whore. Then she glanced up into the camera as if hoping Batman and Robin would see the desperate look in her eyes for them to show up and rescue her now. Somewhere in the back of her mind another thought raced to the forefront, “I must resist despite how good it feels”. She shook her head trying to remove the thought of how good it did feel having her body played with as some toy until a climax and realizing now that many times before when captured and tied up the same kind of feeling creping through her body at first until she managed to escape each time before she was held captive for too long a time.

Suddenly Batgirl’s attention was drawn to the door where a tall statuesque figure entered the room. She was a stunning beauty with long black hair tied up in a long ponytail. She must have stood six feet tall or better as Batgirl watched the muscular yet sensually proportioned woman striding in her direction. Her black latex corset lifted and pressed her large breasts together and Batgirl could not help but watch them bouncing within those tight cups. Looking now at her face, Batgirl could see her twinkling blue eyes and ruby red lips with a stunning strong cheekbones and jawline. This Amazonian was a stunning exotic looking woman. Batgirl couldn’t help the thought of acknowledging that.

Upon reaching the young bound girl she began slowly removing the large red ball gag restraining Batgirl’s mouth and allowing her to gulp in some much needed deprived oxygen. Then the woman’s large and strong hands began roaming over Batgirl’s petite body. She then began removing the ropes that Dr. H had wrapped around her body. Coming to her breasts she then lightly tapped the weights and watched them swing tormenting and stretching Batgirl’s breasts by her swollen sore nipples. Suddenly she released both clamps at the same time causing Batgirl to give out a cry of pain as the blood rushed into the tips. Her breasts felt as if they had been placed into an oven as a sensation of fire rushed through them. The woman’s large hands then began roaming freely over Batgirl’s costumed body. Batgirl noticed however that the woman was noticeably NOT touching her mound. Soon she walked behind Batgirl running her hands over her costume as if she were looking for something. Then she found what she wanted apparently. Batgirl felt her fingertips and long nails curling down the neckline of her costume under her cape.

“NO!” Batgirl cried, but it was too late. With a sudden jerk the sound of ripping material filled the room as the woman ripped Batgirl’s costume in half down her back. She continued ripping at pieces of it tearing it away from the girl’s petite body. Now Batgirl hung there totally humiliated in front of the large strong woman having even forgotten momentarily about the cameras. Now the woman’s hot hands groped and squeezed over Batgirl’s body at will almost as if one checks over a horse before purchasing it.

Though the woman was handling her body so roughly, Batgirl’s body began responding. Her sore nipples now were hard little peaks again at the end of her small tits. The burning sensation was now being replaced by an ache instead. Her body was actually beginning to sway in response to her touch almost as if trying to coax more exploration possibly even to her now aching pussy by the beautiful woman manhandling her body now. The woman had remained completely quiet all this time and Batgirl was wondering what she must be thinking. Somehow she wanted to hear this woman telling her the thoughts or plans she had in mind as it would make her more human than that of the actions of some machine just using her body as a mindless toy.

Batgirl began trying to coax the woman to speak by asking question after question. It did not work as the woman just kept on exploring in silence. She then reached up and loosened a few links on the chains holding Batgirl’s wrist in the steel circle. She let down enough chain so that Batgirl fell precariously forward to where she would fall over if not stopped by the chains. As her small petite breasts hung downward the woman gave her nipples quick repetitive tugs with her finger tips until Batgirl was gasping aloud at the sensations she was causing. The woman then removed a waist pack that Batgirl had not been able to see as it was secured to the woman’s back. She unzipped the bag and pulled out a silver double stranded chain with three clips attached.

Batgirl was suspended in perfect position to watch the woman when she kneeled in front of her and began attaching two of the clips again to her nipples. The pain wasn’t as intense as before with the weights but the chain was heavy enough for Batgirl to feel the constant downward pressure on her nipples and breasts. While she stared down watching the second strand of the chain hang down Batgirl gave out a sudden, “ahhhhhhh… ohhhhh!” As the woman had lowered her mouth down onto Batgirl’s pussy sucking intently on her clitoris. She had never felt a hot wet mouth on her pussy before or like now a hot tongue splaying over her swollen labia massaging and swirling as waves of pleasure rocked her hips.

“Ohhhh, godddd, please, stop… stop.. th..that,” Batgirl tried to protest as the feeling became to strong for her to keep pleading. “Ohhhhh…. mmmm…. ahhh… ahhh,” was all that she could manage to let escape as she began quivering in sheer pleasure and a quickly rising orgasm. She stared down as her legs began quivering and she tried hard to make her body remove herself from the woman’s tongue and mouth. However, the woman was intent on sucking an orgasm out of her petite now soaking wet hole. Batgirl lifted her head up giving a look of almost dire pain as the woman forced Batgirl to orgasm In her face. Batgirl cried out as the strong waves of orgasm caused her body to jerk and convulse violently as the woman contentedly sucked at her now tongue filled hole. “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh,” Batgirl sighed as the sudden convulsions stopped and the woman pulled away only allowing her tongue to splay up and down Batgirl’s now cum covered lips.

Batgirl’s eyes had closed with the rush of the orgasm and had not opened them yet even after the woman had stopped licking along those soft wet swollen tiny pussy lips of Batgirl. Batgirl felt her touching and working somehow along her pussy but was so far lost in the pleasurable warmth of afterglow she couldn’t focus on what she was doing. That was until the third clamp made itself known as its biting little teeth pierced the fleshy hood and trapped her hard little clit within the pressure of the clamp’s teeth. She let out a long moan which one would have had a hard time deciding was out of pleasure or pain. The woman then began adjusting the lengths of the chains until there was constant pressure on all three sensitive buds of Batgirl’s body.

With that the woman’s hand slipped back into the bag and looked into Batgirl’s face as she pulled out a simple black dildo that was 7 inches long, and 2 inches thick. Even that was a huge toy for a small virgin pussy like Batgirl’s who had never been fucked. Batgirl watched as the woman sucked it into her mouth and began fumbling with both hands in the bag digging around. She finally fished out the black strap on belt to go with the dildo. Batgirl’s eyes grew wide with the realization that without some quick intervention this woman may be planning to take her virginity.

Batgirl squirmed with the sudden rush of embarrassment of really being a fuck toy, especially for this tall lovely Amazon type woman. Her swaying under the new resistance she had found was taking its toll however on her nipples and clitoris. Soon the searing jolts of pain as if her nipples and clit were going to rip right off caused her to calm down panting to catch her breath. The woman stood now with the dildo intact covering her pussy. She waved it around a bit to see that it was firmly attached and then pushed it up to Batgirl’s mouth. Batgirl clamped her mouth tight as she could refusing to be humiliated like this. The lady simply reached down with one hand and gave a firm tug on Batgirl’s nipple and clit chain. “OWWWW..mmmmffffphhhhhhhhhh!” Batgirl cried as her scream was stuffed by the dildo ramming into her mouth. The woman then grabbed her by the hair and held Batgirl’s head at just the right angle as her hips began pumping the dildo in and out of the heroines small red lipped mouth.

None of this was pleasurable for Batgirl. It was disgusting having this large rubber pseudo cock forced in her mouth. The only thing she could not help was the motion of her body rocking from the face fucking causing the small chains to tug on her nipples and clit as she was being pummeled. The feeling of pleasure mixed with the humiliation and even some pain as the dildo stretched her mouth wide until her jaws were aching was causing her much confusion. Batgirl thought she had been in peril before but this was a new danger for the small over confident and cocky heroine. Soon her muffled protest of the mouth fucking was mingled with the pleasurable torture of those damn clamps. Her focus was being torn between the two. She knew she should focus on the insidious attack of the dildo in her mouth, but the growing pleasure of her teased and tortured nipples and clit were beginning to take over in her mind. Batgirl gagged on the dildo as when her climax came as she opened her mouth wide to cry out in pleasure. The woman didn’t stop but shoved it in again and ground her pelvis in the helpless girl’s face. Batgirl gagged all the while of having another hard orgasm ripped from her virgin body.

The woman too was having an orgasm as Batgirl had released hers. Her loud moans were the first thing Batgirl had heard from this large woman who had violated her so humiliatingly. Batgirl was shocked that at just hearing the woman groan and give release to her own orgasm how it made her pussy throb even more and she wondered somehow if she shoved her mouth down over her cock so the base ground against her pussy it would make her cry louder and cum harder. Batgirl somewhere in the fog of it all did just that, she forced her mouth over the dildo cock and applied as much pressure as she could as it gagged her throat, and was strangely satisfied hearing the cries of her captor intensify from her actions……


Batgirl watched as the woman pulled away giving her a chance to draw some much needed air into her lungs. She was beginning to think that the woman would now proceed to fuck her with the well soaked dildo but instead she began removing it from her waist. She then removed the clamps off of Batgirl’s nipples and clit to which Batgirl gave out a series of loud moans as the blood rushed back into her sensitive flesh. The woman having put away the dildo and zipping up the bag then reached out with one hand grabbed her by the cheeks as the other hand slipped down and massaged over her aching pussy. She applied a deep hungry kiss with her tongue fully exploring Batgirl’s mouth. Batgirl was totally taken by surprise but did not resist the woman’s actions. Instead she rather allowed the woman to explore her with the kiss and found herself grinding her pussy against the woman’s hand as her fingers played skillfully with her small swollen lips. Batgirl found herself moaning in pleasure in the locked embrace of the larger dominant woman and her body was now burning with desire as she had become her play toy.

The lady broke the kiss and removed her hand from Batgirl who now showed obvious signs of arousal and the desire for something more. The lady gave a small smile and winked at Batgirl while running one fingernail gently down the side of her cheek and casually walked away. Batgirl hung there now completely confused in her mind. She was fighting the thoughts in her mind of how humiliating it was being used while her body was aching from the arousal and needing more. Batgirl now hung in complete silence with her head bowed towards the ground. She was trying to focus and bring her body back into her own control but within a minute or two Dr. H entered the room.

Batgirl did not have the strength or the will to put up a struggle or even a verbal dispute as He approached and began working at her bound ankles and wrists. She even fell limply over his shoulder as He released her petite body and laid her down on the cold hard floor. Batgirl’s suit had been cut and torn extensively from Dr. H’s earlier session with the small girl but it still clung to her body and covering most of her form. He reached down and grabbed at the torn suit around her breasts to which Batgirl reached up with her hands to try and stop him and he quickly grabbed her by the wrists with one hand and gave a solid punch to her midsection effectively knocking the wind out of the girl. Batgirl’s arms fell to the floor weakened by the blow as Dr. H then grabbed the suit as before and gave a forceful pull. RIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP! and just like that Batgirl’s suit was torn from around her torso. Dr. H then took and handled Batgirl like a ragdoll stripping the suit from off of one arm and then the other. Next he pulled the suit down past her waist, down her thighs, to her calves where he stopped momentarily and removed her stiletto heels. Finally he pulled the suit off completely and cast it aside.
Now Batgirl lay there with only the cowl to her suit covering her face.

Dr. H slowly began tracing his fingertips around the edges of it as Batgirl began to recover and again she reached up to try and stop his intentions. This time he laughed in a deep laughter and told the helpless girl, “For now I will not remove the mask as I want to see the mighty Batgirl starring at me through her mask as she becomes my little puppet.”

“No.. no.. I won’t ever… be your puppet,” Batgirl moaned as she struggled underneath him.

Dr. H then began to run both his hands over Batgirl’s exposed nude body. His fingers enjoying every inch of her soft pale white skin as he explored her cheeks, chin, neck, shoulders, and arms. As his hands moved to her breasts Batgirl again tried to stop him and he quickly jerked her arms away and forced her hands behind her own back and went back to exploring the girl’s body. He savored the feel of her soft but firm breasts so easily fitting inside the palms of his hands. He kneaded them with his rough palms and Batfgirl could not help but moan as he handled her roughly. He pulled on her nipples which were still sore from the clamps and chuckled as she moaned from his torture.

His hands now began working lower down over her stomach and to her sides as he kneaded her flesh until it turned warm to his touch and the skin glowed with a redness he enjoyed seeing as he played with her. He pushed his knees into her thighs and pushed them further apart as his hands roamed to her upper thighs continuing the torturous massage to her lower body. Batgirl was moaning at his rough hands having their way over her body. She was flushed with heat and some pain as the large hands played eagerly with her petite frame. Worse yet she was becoming completely aroused by his slow steadiness of exploring every inch of her body. His hands made it down to just above her knees and then began working back upwards. He had not yet touched her mound but had ignored that region intentionally as he worked over her body.

Batgirl felt that her whole body had been put into an oven but somehow the sensation was overwhelmingly a turn on for her. She could not help but notice Dr. H had intentionally been ignoring her pussy which had he touched her there would have felt the pool of wetness forming just inside her pussy lips. Instead his hands left her mid-thigh region and clasped firmly onto the small round globes of her breasts while his thumbs and index fingers expertly found and pinched her nipples. Batgirl’s body arched upwards at his sudden attention to her aching breasts. It caused the sensation of heat to rush through her body from her breasts down into her already burning pussy.

“Ahhhhh…..,” Batgirl moaned helplessly.

He continued fondling her breasts as her moans kept pace with his hands and soon her breathing was becoming more and more labored as his pace quickened and Batgirl felt an inevasible building inside of her body she could not contain. Then Dr. H moved up more between Batgirl’s thighs and leaned over her and he pulled out the necklace with it mere inches from her he pushed the button on the edge of the medallion and the white “H” began to spin….. Batgirl tried to close her eyes but Dr. H merely tugged on a nipple causing her to gasp and her eyes open. Then she felt something at the opening of her pussy and realized it was the head of Dr H’s cock about to penetrate her. She tried to struggle but Dr. H had shifted his weight onto her stomach which trapped her arms behind her to where she couldn’t free them. Her eyes were unable to look away as the medallion began spinning a little faster…. she was frozen in place and each time she tried to close her eyes Dr. H would push his cock against her pussy a little harder and each time she felt it sinking a little deeper. She was wanting it all the way in, damn you, just fuck me, just fuck me, she was thinking, she didn’t need to be hypnotized now to fuck her, her body was on fire needing to feel his hard cock deep inside her now pulsing pussy!!!!

“Let your mind go, Batgirl, and give it to Me,” Dr. H said in a low soft voice…..

“no…. no… ,” Batgirl whispered back without much conviction in her voice.

“Let go and give Me your mind, and I will give you what you want so desperately,” Dr. H continued.

“I… i.. can’t …. let you…. win,” Batgirl resisted still.

“Oh, but I have already won, Batgirl, you just need to let go and admit what you want.” Dr. H said giving his hips a small thrust back and then forward causing the full tip of his cock to now enter her.

“Ohhhhhh….,” Batgirl moaned feeling the head penetrate past her tight ringed muscle as the fat head now was firmly inside her.

“Now, just let go and give in as I slide deeper and deeper inside you…,” continued Dr. H.

“I.. i.. can’t give in,” Batgirl was fighting with all the strength she had left in her mind and body.

“Feel Me… deeper… deeper still…. so deep… to far to stop now…. you don’t want to stop… say it.. say , ‘deeper’ for me,” Dr. H leered softly.

“d….. d….,” she struggled a bit trying to not obey his voice, his commands, but still… “deeper” finally slipped out.

“Yes, that’s it, My girl, you want it deeper and deeper, in your mind, in your pussy, yes?”

Barely a whisper was Batgirl’s response, “ye… yessss, deeper.”

“There you go, now one more time and you will be all Mine, pretty Batgirl, say, ‘deeper’ and let go of yourself and become completely Mine.”

The medallion was now all but resting on Batgirl’s face and her eyes were having trouble focusing on it without blurring, but it didn’t matter, the spinning disk was mesmerizing drawing her deeper and deeper into the spinning spiral as if emptying her mind as it did so.

“D… d…. deeper …..,” was all Batgirl could get out as she felt Dr. H slowly sinking into the depths of her wet tunnel feeling every veined inch of his hard throbbing shaft easily slipping further inside her as well she was now lost as the spiral seemed to literally leave the medallion passing through her eyes leaving no thoughts only an emptiness in her mind.

Dr. H smiled down at the heroine who could not see his face anymore as the spinning disk had now penetrated and consumed her conscious mind taking her thoughts away as he slowly slipped deeper and deeper inside her ……… so wonderfully was it to have conquered the Batgirl who now would be his puppet.


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