Batwoman & Flamebird – the Case of False-Face

Ms. Jessica Hansen, a 28 year old raven haired beauty, was finally able to take a brief moment of rest. She was a popular gym teacher at Benjamin Harrison High School but Ms. Hansen was better known to most in her secret crime-fighting alter-ego of Batwoman. Between classes during the day and battling Gotham City’s vast array of supervillains at night, Jessica had precious few moments to put her feet up and catch her breath. Now at 11:00 a.m., during her prep period, Ms. Hansen was able to retire to the coaches’ office in an empty girl’s locker room.

With no one around, Jessica plopped into a cush chair and released her long mane of black hair from the tight bun it was tied in. Able to relax and collect her thoughts, she allowed herself to sink back into her chair and stretch her long legs. As she normally taught aerobics classes, Jessica was clad in a forest green sleeve-less leotard with light green tights underneath. Ms. Hansen was strikingly lovely with a long, lean physique that was made to showcase in spandex and lycra. This obviously made her the object of adolescent desire for the male student population at Benjamin Harrison High, but she maintained a professional, even icy, facade that kept the young men of Harrison High at bay.

The brief respite the quiet locker room gave Jessica a chance to close her eyes and collect her thoughts. Her niece, Christine, an 18-year old senior at Harrison, also spent her nights fighting crime alongside her aunt as Flamebird. While Christine loved the action, she wasn’t able to enjoy the active social life her classmates enjoyed. Was she depriving Christine of the simple joys of being a teenager? Wasn’t Christine even downplaying her natural good-looks by dressing down at school and refusing to wear make-up? While most of the senior boys would give their left arm to take the sexy spandex-clad crime fighter Flamebird to the prom, the plain Christine rarely warranted a second glance.

These concerns paled, in Jessica’s mind, to the dangers she exposed her niece to nightly. Whether it was an umbrella gassing from the Penguin, being entangled in one of the Joker’s sticky nets, or being tied to a buzzsaw by the Riddler, Jessica wondered when the odds would finally catch up with the dynamic duo. These thoughts troubled Jessica as she reclined in a comfortable chair. These thoughts were broken by the noise of someone banging on a locker in the isolated locker room.

“Great,” Ms. Hansen thought, “someone always has to come in when I finally get a break. I guess I’ll have to get my tired bones out of this chair and see what’s going on.”

Jessica picked herself up and walking into the empty locker room. A room empty, save for a single noise of someone trying to open a gym locker. Ms. Hansen couldn’t see who was in there making this noise over the rows of lockers, but she was on her way to help. Following the noise, she found a young woman trying to pry open a locker with little success.

“Can I help you? Ms. Richardson’s class is up on the football field and it looks like you’re quite late,” Jessica offered with a wary eye as she walked up to this young lady.

“Are you Ms. Hansen? I’m new here…my name is Candace. Ms. Richardson just gave me a locker to use and I can’t seem to get it open,” the young woman replied with both hands still pulling on a closed locker.

The new student, Candace, was young in appearance. She had an angelic face that was framed by long blonde hair. While she had the face of a high school student, the low halter top and tight low-slung blue jeans she wore exposed a curvy 5’10 womanly body that looked a bit mature for high school. Candace looked more like an extra in a Christina Aguilara video than the typical girl roaming these halls.

“I’m glad to meet you, Candace….and welcome to Benjamin Harrison High,” Ms. Hansen said as she relaxed her posture a bit, “but we really need to talk about the school dress code…”

“I know, but this is what every teenage girl wears these days…,” Candace replied somewhat weakly.

“Not at this school, Candace,” Ms. Hansen answered sternly.

Glancing around the empty locker room, Candace darted her eyes and squirmed a bit as if she was anxious to change the subject. Jessica recognized this and thought she might have been a bit hard on this new student. The first day in any new surroundings was difficult, Ms. Hansen rationalized, and everyone deserved a least one break. Jessica changed her stern hands on hips stance to a more relaxed and welcoming posture, placing a hand on the young girl’s shoulder.

“Look, I guess we can address that issue tomorrow. Let’s see what we can do to get your locker open,” Ms. Hansen commented with a smile.

Candace gave Ms. Hansen a relaxed smile and a soft gaze. She gestured to a small 2 ft. by 2 ft. gym locker on the top row. “Its number 271,” Candace offered.

Jessica turned and found locker #271. There was a small metal door with no lock that sat just about eye level of the 5’10 gym teacher. Jessica grabbed the latch and lifted it up, feeling no obstruction that would prevent the locker door from being opened.

“It looks like the door to this locker is working fine…” Jessica explained as she began to pull the small locker door open.

Candace took a short step back and turned her head to the side, away from the opening locker door. Ms. Hansen, in her guise as Batwoman, was normally on her guard in any situation. Leaping into an unknown circumstance unguarded with a person she didn’t know would have immediately sparked a red flag in her mind. In her daily work as a teacher, Jessica rarely noted such details. She didn’t even notice Candace turning away from her as she pulled the locker door open.

Had Ms. Hansen been on guard, she might even have notice the soft hissing sound that came from the darkened locker as the small door was pulled completely open. Being as relaxed as she was, Jessica was hardly prepared for what would follow. The soft hissing sound gave way to a loud “POP” that expelled a shower of green powder directly into Jessica’s face. A small balloon filled with knockout powder was rigged inside locker #271 to spray the unsuspecting gym teacher once the door was opened, releasing the pin on the balloon. The mechanics of such a trap had little meaning to Jessica at this time. The shock of the powder shower forced Jessica to take a quick step back and drew her hands to a face now covered with the green sleeping powder. Ms. Hansen’s last moments of consciousness consisted of a quick cough, an eye roll back into her head, and weak knees bending under the weight of her drugged curvacous body. Jessica’s face, now looking a shade of pale green with the green powder facial, relaxed and looked quite peaceful as her eyelids dropped and she surrendered to sleep. Asleep on her feet, Ms. Hansen collapsed in a spandex pile of shapely limbs on the cold concrete floor of the still isolated girl’s locker room.

Candace could only manage a wry smile as the sexy gym teacher fell to her feet. A quick scan of the locker room revealed they were still alone as all the students were still in class. Confident that she was alone, “Candace” tugged slightly at the exposed skin at the base of her neck. With a pinched thumb and forefinger, she pulled a thin, almost transparent film from her neck and pulled this film upward from her neck and up to her face. This seamless mask of a young girl was peeled off as she pulled a blonde wig off her head. The lovely face and shocking red hair underneath revealed that this was no high school girl, it was the notorious Blaze, henchwoman of the man of a million faces, False Face.

“Whew, it was getting tough to breathe under there, ” Blaze gasped now that the mask and wig were removed, “That was almost too easy. Looks like our Ms. Hansen needs a break after such a workout…and she can attest to the fact that one of False Face’s facials can be sooo relaxing.”

Blaze stood confidently giggled over the falled Jessica, still clad in her Britney Spears pre-pregnancy costume. She lifted her wrist to the full supple lips of her mouth and began to talk into what appeared to be her wristwatch.

“Blaze to False Face…Blaze to False…do you read me?”

“Yes, Blaze,” the monotone deep voice of the master of disguise replied, “I read you loud and clear.”

“False Face, the gym teacher as been secured…do you copy?”

“Outstanding work, Blaze, I knew your disguise and acting ability would fool even the keenest of eyes, even those of Batwoman and Flamebird. Not to mention a healthy dose of my knockout powder.”

“She’s slumbering as we speak, False Face. I guess after a long workout, she needed to take a powder.”

“Excellent…phase one is now in place. Scoop up the lovely Ms. Hansen and bring her around the back of the locker room. The area is clear, for now. The van is parked at the rear exit.” False Face could hardly contain his glee as the plan was working to perfection. His first object was a simple gym teacher at Benjamin Harrison High, little did he and his evil companion realize that they had also captured the scourge of Gotham City’s criminal community, Batwoman.

Blaze wrapped her arms around the spandex covered waist of the sleeping teacher, grabbed her in a full bear hug, and sling her lifeless body over her shoulder. Jessica, face down and bent over at the waist, slept peacefully with her shapely butt up in the air as she was carried by Blaze out of the locker room into the waiting van.

“I can’t say too many gym teachers looked like this at my high school,” Blaze thought to herself as she caught a glimpse of Ms. Hansen’s rear resting on her shoulder, “at least, not in reform school.”

The sleepy teacher was unloaded into the back of the van where a waiting False Face was there to greet his henchwoman and his new prize.

“Lovely than I even could have imagined,” False Face remarked matter of factly as he pulled Jessica’s prone body onto a long board that resembled a stretcher. Ms. Hansen was laid down gently on her back to the board and False Face and Blaze moved quickly to apply leather straps around her ankles, thighs, waist, chest, and neck. Once the slumbering gym teacher was secured tightly in place, False Face cupped Jessica’s beautiful face in his hands and held it firmly.

“Shouldn’t we be getting out of here?,” Blazed asked calmly, “Can’t we do this at a safe distance from the scen of the crime?”

“Why waste time, my precious Blaze?,” False Face answered curtly, “Ms. Hansen needs to get back to her classes in a mere 15 minutes. No one saw the abduction and no one will be alarmed by a school district van parked out back here.”

False Face had taken the precaution of painting his mobile workshop the same color as the school district vehicles and now set about putting the tools of his evil trade to use. The secured sleeping Jessica had a straw placed in her full resting lips as False Face poured a light coating of a thick pink liquid over her face. Once Ms. Hansen’s face was covered in the pink goop, with only the straw allowing her to breathe protruding from the pink mass. False Face worked quickly and gestured to his sexy partner.

“The mold of Ms. Hansen’s face is drying quickly.” False Face commanded with a rich baritone, “Blaze, grab the green leotard and tights hanging up front with the black wig.”

As much as any boy at Benjamin Harrison High would enjoy the show of the sexy Blaze changing out of a halter top and tight jeans into a clinging green leotard and pair of tights, False Face ignored the erotic show and set about removing the mold being pulled from Jessica’s face. The mold was as perfect as Jessica’s dreamy face and False Face proceded to spray a light coating of latex from an aerosol can into the plastic mold.

Blaze emerged a striking vision in green spandex and lycra as she secured the black wig to her scalp. False Face, with a light touch of a paint brush and a quick peel of the mold, produced a razor-thin mask he now applied to Blaze’s face. The results were stunning. Blaze now stood as an exact replica of Jessica Hansen, the raven haired sexpot in skin-tight spandex.

“I’d grab you a mirror, but the shock my overtake you, my lovely Blaze,” False Face purred as he admired his handiwork, “You look exactly like our abducted educator, Ms. Hansen- right down to her green tights.”

Blaze managed a evil smile under the thin mask that moved with her facial expressions. She shook her lithe aerobized body from side to side with hands on hips to admire her new look.

“Now, to phase two…,” Blaze offered seriously.

“Exactly, Ms. Blaze, you get close enough to kidnap the daughter of millionaire industrialist Waymon Goodwright. The lovely Valerie Goodwright has Ms. Hansen’s aerobics class at 12:30. Make yourself seen on campus as soon as possible so no one notices Ms. Hansen has gone missing. Just remember your insturctions.”

“I helped write those instructions, ” Blaze answered in a cocky manner, “and this kidnapping will go off without a hitch as long as you have the van waiting.”

“The van will be exactly where we planned at the correct time, Blaze, but your overconfidence concerns me.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you forgot your whistle,” False Face said has he handed the disguised Blaze a plastic whistle and the neck rope to wear it, “Use only in an emergency.”

Blaze managed only a cross look at her boss and snatched the whistle from his hand. She opened the back doors of the van and quickly scanned the area for any curious onlookers. Seeing the area was isolated, Blaze, in the guise of gym teacher Jessica Hansen emerged and closed the van doors. Blaze moved quickly into the locker room. It appeared Ms. Hansen would be ready for her 12:30 class.

Meanwhile, inside the van, False Face was making preparations to contact Waymon Goodwright, completely unaware that the KO’ed gym teacher straped down in his evil workshop was Gotham City’s most famed crime-fighter, Batwoman.


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