Brittania In The Toy Master

Britannia in Toy Master

London, 7 pm. Christmas Eve.

Britannia inhaled the cool crisp night air that was a common feature of Christmas winter time in the city as she raced towards her destination. Though only 19 years of age..the busty British superwoman was a sight to behold. Tall, athletic but curvaceous, with long wavy red hair. She had pale skin, long curvy thighs and large, full breasts. Her striking green eyes peered through the slits of a blue mask which stretched across the upper part of her face. Her attire comprised a tight-fitting glossy the colours of the British flag. The front of the leotard dropped down in a long V to just below her belly-button, revealing much of the curves of her enormous cleavage.

To prevent her boobs escaping during any significant exercise, a thin gold chain links the material covering her breasts at the level of her nipples. The leotard dropped away at the back, highlighting her milky-white, flawless skin. On her legs she wore black translucent pantyhose, and dark blue leather boots that came to just below her knees. Around her head..she wore the tiara of the ancient warrior queen of Britain..Boudicca..from which she received the source of her super powers. Though she knew she should have been on a train out of London to spend Christmas holidays at her family’s ancestral home in Longhampton..
Leah Havenloft..had changed into her sexy alter-ego to wrap up one final caper.

No one knew that when she wasn’t studying law and criminal justice at Oxford University..the 19-year old daughter of the Duke of Longhampton was running around fighting crime in a mask and tights. Christmas or not..crime never observed the sanctity of any holiday…thought the young heroine as she arrived outside the grim-imposing structure that was the Tower of London. Over the last two weeks..there had been a series of robberies in different parts of which robotic toy soldiers and dolls had been breaking into banks and stores..emptying the vaults and escaping with the police being unable to stop them.

Leah used her father’s contacts at Scotland Yard to find out that the person behind it all was a man named Rufus Twiddle..alias the Toy Master. Once a renowed inventor of toys to several leading toy manufacturers in England…Twiddle had turned to a life of crime after some of his toys were shown to be defective and the companies pulled the plug on his factory..after the toys’ recall had cost them thousands of pounds in revenues. Twiddle vowed to have his revenge. “All of the information..the pattern of the robberies..shows that the other sites were a test stealing the Crown Jewels…” said Britannia as she walked slowly towards the entrance of the Tower. Two police officers lay unconscious there. She checked their vitals to ensure they were not seriously injured.

“This means that Toy Master is already inside..but he won’t find getting out to be so easy..”
resolved the busty British bombshell as she walked over to an electronic security pad near the entrance which the thieves had disarmed to access the Tower. Typing in a code which only she knew..Leah entered the Tower in search of the criminals. Running swiftly through the stone corridors of the wasn’t long before the busty British superwoman located the they were trying to drill their way into the vault where the Crown Jewels were located. However she got the surprise of her career as a superheroine when she did.

“What?!” gasped Leah in shock as she discovered that the thieves were actually four life -sized robotic soldiers..dressed in 18th century uniforms used by the British Army. Her distraction proved costly as one of the robot soldiers turned around..levelled his rifle at her and fired. “Unhhhh!!!” groaned Britannia as a stream of clear liquid struck her squarely and painfully in the centre of her chest. As the flame-haired heroine tried to regain her senses..
potent fumes of chloroform and a powerful aphrodesiac wafted upwards from her fabulous breasts and flooded her lungs as it was absorbed through her skin.

“Ohhhhh…my breasts… sleepy…my nipples..getting hard…feel so turned on..
getting dizzy…can’t resist…” confessed Leah as her arms fell limp at her sides..her head sagged between her ample breasts..and she staggered drunkely from side to side before the robotic soldiers. Dazed and disoriented…by the special mixture of chloroform and aphrodesiac..which was making the outline of her hardening nipples visible under her leotard..Britannia was totally vulnerable as a figure emerged out of the shadows behind her.

“Uhhh!!!” groaned Leah as she felt a cracking blow delivered to the back of her head. The world spun rapidly before her sleepy green eyes which fluttered in the slits of her blue mask as she collapsed to the floor…unconscious.strap her to the rack. The flame-haired heroine awoke some time later to find herself strapped to an ancient torture device known as the rack. “So you’re finally must be that Britannia lass that’s in all the papers..” remarked a 50-year old man with thining gray hair..dressed in a suit which looked like an exact replica of the attire of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

“You must be the Toy Master…Let me go..” quipped Leah as she strained to break the straps of the rack that were stretching her arms and legs to the limit. Her strength was effectively negated by the chloroform/aphrodesiac mixture which still coated her breasts..making her nipples protrude under her leotard. “Once you give me the new combination to allow me to escape with the Crown Jewels..” replied Toy Master. “Never!” quipped Britannia. “Have it your way my dear…” said the villain and motioned to one of his toy soldiers who started to turn a wheel. “Uhhhh!!!..Uhhhh!!!…Uhhhhh!!!!” cried the buxom British superwoman as her shapely limps were stretched to the limit.

Toy Master approached the struggling heroine..snapped the thin gold chain linking the v-slit of her union jack leotard..pulling it back to reveal her large, creamy breasts..capped at their summits with light brown nipples and areolas. “Tell me the combination girl!” snarled the villain as his hands groped her breasts. “No!!..Unnhhh!!!..not my breasts!!..Get your hands off them…Turning me on!!..Getting..getting dizzy..sleepy..but..will not..tell…” moaned Britannia as she struggled helplessly against the combination of erotic and physical torture.

“Sweet dreams lass..” quipped Toy Master..and a plume of white gas shot out from the centre of his hat..straight into Leah’s face. “Sleep gas…No..too strong…You’re still fondling my breasts..making me weaker..I..I’m going to..going to…..Uhhhhhhh…” moaned Britannia as her green eyes rolled up in the slits of her blue mask. Her head sagged between her cleavage and her shapely body went limp as she blacked out again.

“Uhhhh..What…Where…No!..Oh no!” cried Leah with alarm as she regained consciousness for a third time. This time..the busty British superwoman awoke to find herself naked except for her mask. She was lying flat on her back atop a table. Her wrists were bound together with ropes..her legs were spread slightly apart and bound with ropes at the ankles.
With the tiara of Boudicca removed while she was out…Leah knew that she had no super strength to break the ropes that were binding her.

All she could do was stare in horror at a mysterious metal device..which was slowly being lowered onto her. The device was shaped in the form of a female body, with various pipes and thin silk thread running from the breasts, and other tubes and a large, cylindrical rod pointed at her groin. “Behold Britannia…the Maiden’s own version of the Iron Maiden torture device…Once I use it on you…You shall tell me what I need to know..” sneered Toy Master.

“No!!..I..can’t break free!…I’ve got no super strength!!..Keep it away!!..No!!..Please..No!!
No!!..No!!!” screamed Leah as she writhed frantically atop the table as the devious device was lowered on top of her. Flipped a switch..Toy Master activated the Maiden’s ecstacy.
“Ooohhhh!!!..Ahhh!!!..Ahhh!!!..Ahhh!!..Unnhhh!!!..Unnnhhh!!!..Uhhh!!..Uhh!!..Uhhh!!” moaned Britannia as a series of mechanical fingers groped her upper torso..paying special attention to her large breasts. “No..Uhhhh…stop… nipples…Ahhhh..teasing them
..Uuuhhhh..into hardness…Aahhhhh…making me…Unnnhhhh…so
sleepy…” groaned the helpless heroine.

Flicking another switch..Toy Master activated an iron rod which was driven hard into the virgin clit of the busty British superwoman. “Aahhhhhh!!!!!” cried Leah in pain. Flicking the same switch again…the villain thrust the rod in and out of Britannia’s genitals..first slowly..then faster..and faster. “Auuhhh…Auhhhh..Auhhhhh..Auhhhhh..Auhhhhh..Auhhh!!!”
moaned Leah as she tried in vain to break the ropes binding no avail. The repeated and painful thrusts into her vagina..caused Britannia to orgasm..over and over…releasing streams of white cum between her large thighs.

After letting Leah experience a half an hour of the device’s special treatment…Toy Master flicked a third switch which shut it down and raised it off of the now sweat glazed body of the busty British superwoman. “Now will you give me the combination so I can leave her with the Crown Jewels?” asked the villain. “No…Uhhhh..never..” panted the exhausted Britannia. Her breasts and genitals aching in pain from the torture metted out to them by the Maiden’s Ecstacy. “Your stubbornness is becoming unbearable..!” growled Toy Master.
Reaching into his jacket..he pulled out a white handkerchief and clamped it over Leah’s nose and mouth.

“Mmmm!!!!..Mmmm!!!! ..Mmmm!!!!” screamed Britannia into the handkerchief. Her green eyes wide in shock as she inhaled the very distinct fumes of chloroform that were soaked into its thick fibres. Her shapely body drained of its strength from the Maiden’s Ecstacy…
Leah could not even move her head to shake the handkerchief off her face. “Mmmmm!!!!
…Mmmmm!!!!..Mmmmm!!!!!..Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!” pleaded the flame-haired avenger into the handkerchief as she felt her body beginning to go numb..her eyelids becoming heavier…and saw the world beginning to blur in front of her eyes as the drug began to take effect.

Toy Master grinned as he watched Britannia’s sexy bare feet..twitching helplessly as she struggled in vain to remain conscious. “Mmmmmmm…Mmmmmmm…Mmmmmmm…” cooed Britannia into the handkerchief as the chloroform fumes whittled away her remaining ounces of resistance. The elderly villain felt his groin hardened in his trousers as he watched Leah’s large breasts rise and fall sensuously before him. “Now will you tell me the combination..?” asked Toy Master. “Yes…I’ll tell you everything…so weak..but need my tiara..put it on my head…it will help me remember…” sighed the sleepy Britannia.

“Yes of course..” replied the villain who was eager to escape with the Crown Jewels and his curvaceous captive. He gently placed the mystic tiara over the head of the busty British superwoman. Its effects were immediate. Her nipples softened almost instantly and her vagina became her strength was quickly restored. “Surprise !!” cried Britannia as she effortlessly snapped the ropes binding her. “Uhh!!” groaned Toy Master as she swung her right foot hard into his jaw. As he staggered away…Britannia leapt off the table and gave chase.

A left foot to the villain’s groin made him howl with pain and effectively halted him in his tracks. A solid right fist straight to his nose put the Toy Master down and out for the count. His toy soldiers were useless statues without him to control them. “That should keep you quiet until the police get here to take you away..” said Britannia as she put on the rest of her costume. After binding him securely with some chains..the busty British superwoman made her exit from the Tower of London in a blur of motion as the police arrived on the scene.

With a little luck..she would make it in time to her father’s estate for Christmas dinner. ” A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night..” thought Britannia as she ran away at super speed.

Little did she know what new perils were awaiting her.

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