Dark Green

“Come on Bill, let’s get out of here!” pleaded the young hoodlum. “The cops are gonna be here any minute!” He wiped sweat from his forehead. “It’s 95 degrees in here and we’re wearing black turtlenecks. I should’ve stayed home like mom said!”

Turning angrily from the open teller’s drawer, Bill snarled back, “Look Lenny, quit being such a puss. Gimme a couple minutes and we’re outta here! Just chill out!”

“Funny you should put it that way,” called a young feminine voice from behind them. They whirled around to find a beautiful young brunette standing inside the bank’s open doorway. She was wearing an ice skater’s blue nylon and mesh leotard and white tights. A blue diamond-shaped mask and ice skates completed her uniform. Her skate blades extended, she stood atop a layer of ice on the bank floor.

Lenny cried out, “Ice! Oh God, we’re dead!” Backing up nervously he tripped over the legs of the unconscious bank teller and toppled to the carpet. Breaking into a run, Bill dropped the tazer he had used on the teller and bolted from behind the counter hoping to escape the beautiful young superheroine.

“OK boys, freeze!” Ice commanded, inwardly wincing at the all-too-obvious pun. As she spoke she raised her arms and shot forth an icy blast toward the would-be bank robbers. They were instantly frozen in place by a thin layer of ice. “Well, that was easy. Now the police can… UNGH!”

Her body arched and she fell helplessly to the carpet as 1,000 volts of electricity coursed through her nylon encased legs. Standing over her vulnerable form was a teenage boy dressed in a black turtleneck holding a second tazer. He gazed down at the unconscious young girl, amazed that he had been able to sneak up on her from his position in the bank’s vault. Standing over the helpless young heroine he noticed that without her active powers, the ice she had created to skate in on was rapidly melting in the oppressive heat.

“G-g-good w-work, D-D-Dee,” said the shivering Bill as he began working his way free from his icy cocoon. “L-l-let’s g-g-get the hell out of here!”

Suddenly a powerful voice said, “Don’t move!” Whipping his head around the stunned Dee now faced the powerful young superheroine Emerald who had responded to the police call moments after Ice. Using her hyper-speed she raced into the bank to stand in front of the over-matched young criminal. Without a word the completely overwhelmed young man’s eyes rolled up into his head as he simply pitched back and fainted.

As Dee passed out he dropped the tazer he had used to stun poor Ice with. As it fell it plopped into a small puddle of Ice’s melted powers. As it hit the water, in which Emerald’s tights covered feet were also standing, the tazer triggered and short circuited. Blue lightning was conducted through the water and coursed up Emerald’s shapely legs and through her beautiful body. She was unable to free herself from the incredible electrical barrage as the tazer’s battery emptied itself into her writhing form for almost 30 seconds.

When the battery was finally discharged, the beautiful young superheroine was thrown backward, landing hard atop the bank’s oversized service counter. Her helpless body twitched slightly as she laid there, her arms and legs hanging limply toward the floor.

As police then rushed into the room, a groggy young Ice began to get up onto wobbly knees. Blinking she looked around as the 3 boys were being taken into custody. Her eyes then focused on the immobile form of her friend Emerald. “Oh no,” she gasped as she made her way over to the blonde heroine.

“Emerald! Wake up. Are you OK?” asked the worried young brunette as she tried to revive her fallen comrade. Ice checked for a pulse and breathed a sigh of relief as she felt Emerald’s strong heartbeat. But the hyper-powered young heroine would still not respond to Ice’s voice or touch.

“Is she OK miss?” asked an approaching police officer. Not wanting to risk the exposure of Emerald’s secret identity by even a well-meaning paramedic, the beautiful young skater made a quick decision.

“She’s all right,” she replied as she pulled the green leotard and sheer tights wearing heroine off the counter and holding her upright. “She just needs to rest a little bit.” And with that, Ice’s powers created a trail of frozen moisture leading out of the bank. Hugging Emerald’s limp form close, she quickly skated out of the bank and out into the city.

She thought to herself, “I need some help. And I know just who to call.”


“…and there I was, magnetized to Sheer’s particle polarizer. She was literally crushing the life out of me with my own leotard and tights,” said the young purple-clad superheroine Lilac Lass. She and Ice were sitting by the bedside holding the still unconscious Emerald. They were in the apartment home of Emerald’s secret identity, college student Jennifer Jade.

“If it weren’t for Emerald I would’ve been finished. Since then we’ve worked together a few times and just hung out a lot of times. Since I knew her secret identity, I thought the familiar surroundings would be the best place for her to recover.”

The worried young heroine Ice had sat enraptured by the slightly older girl’s tale of adventure. “I’m so glad I called you, Judy. I’m really worried about Emerald, or Jennifer I mean. She’s been out for hours now. I can’t imagine how much electricity went through her body. What can I do for her?” pleaded the figure skating superheroine.

“It’s going to be OK Sara. Jennifer’s powers are very strong and should help her recover,” replied Lilac Lass. “Just make sure she wears her power belt at all times, so that the magic emerald stone can help her heal.” As they had sat in Jennifer’s bedroom watching over their injured friend, the two young women had shared all their superheroine secrets, such as the source of their powers and their weaknesses as well as their true identities.

Still being somewhat new to a life of crimefighting, Ice was feeling more than a little sense of awe at learning and revealing so many intimate details. It was made a bit easier in that, while very much a superheroine, Lilac Lass didn’t have any special powers. Instead she relied on skill and various high tech devices in her role as Lavender Lady’s junior partner. Ice had even gotten some good tips about topics like different criminals and what brand of tights worked the best. Ice had even joked, “If it weren’t for having to wear my skates, I might like to try wearing my tights without shoes.”

“Well Sara I need to be heading out,” said the pig-tailed brunette as she stood. “We’ve got patrol this evening and then Lavender Lady and I are pitching in over in Gotham for a few days. Mr. You-know-who is out of the country and I’m kind of hoping for a chance to meet his new partner. It’s about time he worked with a girl; after all, the name is Robin.”

Grasping her new friend in a hug, Ice said, “Thanks so much for everything Judy. I’ll just stay here and make sure she comes out of this OK.”

“She’ll be fine,” said the departing heroine. “You both need to get some rest. And don’t worry; she’s going to be fine. I’ll give you a call when we get back in town to check in.” And with that the young purple powerhouse made her exit via Jennifer’s concealed fire escape.

“I sure hope you’re right,” Ice muttered to herself as she turned to gaze upon the fallen heroine’s young form. While her heartrate and breathing had stabilized some time ago, Emerald still remained unresponsive. At time she seemed to stir slightly, as if fighting against something in an unseen nightmare from which she had not yet awakened.

Hours later the beautiful young skating heroine lay dozing in an easy chair, her nylon clad legs curled beneath her. She had taken off her skates and placed them beside the chair. Just beyond, the blond superheroine Emerald lay on her bed. Both she and Ice shared the same distressed expressions as they slept.

Suddenly the night was split by a cry of anguish from Emerald as she sat bolt upright in bed, face contorted in terror. Ice was shocked awake instantly her head whipping toward her friend’s outcry. “Emerald!” she called. “It’s OK sweetie, I’m here. You’re going to be all right.”

Like a trapped animal the blond girl’s head darted back and forth, trying to make sense of her surroundings. “Where am I?” she snarled. “What’s going on? Who are you?”

The brunette skater tried to calm her friend. “It’s OK, Jennifer,” she said, using the young girl’s real name. “It’s me. Sara. Sara Hayes, your friend Ice. You got hurt, but you’re better now.”

“Sara? Ice? What the hell are you talking about?” asked the confused girl. “Where am I? And who are Jennifer and Emerald that you keep talking to?” As she spoke, Emerald seemed ready to jump at the slightest provocation.

“I’m your friend,” replied Ice as she tried to ease her friend’s confusion. “My name is Sara Hayes. Your name is Jennifer Jade. We work together sometimes to fight crime. I call myself Ice and you are Emerald.” Ice began to feel afraid; memory loss was something she hadn’t expected and wasn’t prepared to deal with.

Emerald’s agitation only seemed to increase. “Fight crime? Is that what these outfits are about? Would you please tell me what’s happening here?!”

Desperately looking for a different approach, Sara began, “Tell me the last thing you remember.”

Her face clouding in concentration, the frightened young blond replied, “I remember… pain. Horrible pain! Like my whole body was on fire! Oh God it hurt! Make it stop! PLEASE!!” She pulled at her hair and was definitely losing control.

Moving toward the anguished young girl, Sara tried to soothe Jennifer’s pain. “Shhh, it’s going to be OK Jennifer. I’m here to help.” She moved to put her arm around the tortured superheroine’s shoulders. “Here sweetie, let me…”

“NO!!” screamed the tormented Emerald. She forcefully shoved Ice, her hyper-strength slamming the figure skater roughly against the wall. Ice’s limp body slid to the floor. Like a feral cat the young nylon clad Emerald leaped from the bed, landing near the far closet.

“Nothing makes sense,” she moaned as she spun around, looking for answers. Her eye caught on a worn red gym bag lying on the floor of the closet. Kneeling down she picked up the bag. Placing her hand inside, her breath seemed to catch in her throat as she felt something incredible within.

Withdrawing her hand she grasped a material that seemed to send shivers up her spine. She unfolded it and gazed upon the most incredible garment she could imagine. Her fragile senses were mesmerized by the sheer nylon bodystocking she was holding. It was completely seamless and its flesh tone was only broken by the liberal splash of sparkling green sequins that ran from one shoulder, down across the chest, and ended just between the sheer nylon legs.

Her mind was flooded with images. She was helplessly pinned to a table as a beautiful woman in a similar outfit gazed down at her. She was locked in a body tingling kiss, this outfit allowing her to experience untold pleasurable sensations. She was basking in the adoration of hundreds as she gracefully glided through the air above them. At once she knew she had to wear this amazing costume.

She began removing the simple green leotard and tights she was currently wearing. She removed the shiny golden belt from around her waist, and was instantly engulfed by a wave of weakness. She slumped to the carpet, unable even to stand, feeling like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

“Somehow,” she thought, “this belt gives me my strength. A minute ago I’m knocking out that Sara girl and now I’m as weak as a kitten.” She weakly reached out and grasped the fallen belt. Touching the belt itself didn’t seem to make her feel any better. As she picked it up off the floor her hand touched the green stone at the belt’s front center.

From her hand a feeling of power and control traveled up her arm and into her body. “It’s not the belt,” the confused blond surmised. “It’s this mystical green gem.” She smiled as she basked in the feeling of her returned strength.

With almost no effort she was able to pry the emerald stone free of its place on her golden belt. Casting the unwanted belt aside she reached out for the luxurious sheer and sequin bodystocking she longed to wear. After a moment’s work she had affixed the green gem in the place of a large green sequin at the point where her navel would be.

With one hand continuing to hold onto the mysterious green stone, the beautiful young girl finished removing her present mask, gloves, leotard, and tights. She then took exquisite pleasure as she drew on the flesh tone bodystocking. Its incredible sensations seemed to wrap her in pleasure as her nylon covered hands roamed freely over her shapely tights encased chest, stomach, and legs. “Oh… yes,” she moaned. “Feels… so… good.”

But the feelings of pleasure quickly clashed with sensations of loss and pain. What had happened to her? Why couldn’t she remember anything but pain? Who had hurt her so badly? Where were they? She needed to know… NOW.

“Uuunnnggghhh,” came a softly moaning voice from across the room. “My… head…” As the young nylon clad brunette slowly came to she noticed the changes that had apparently come over her confused friend. “Jennifer?” she said meekly. “Are you OK? What’s happening?”

Eyes filled with pain and vengeance gazed out from under a wild mane of blond hair. “Listen kid,” she began with a snarl. “I don’t know what’s happened to me but I’m damned sure going to find out. So just stay out of my way.” She then began moving toward the open bedroom window.

Trying to focus, the groggy Ice pleaded, “Jennifer, wait. Don’t leave.”

Turning back to face the young girl, Jennifer said, “Stop calling me Jennifer; I don’t know anything about her. You can call me… Gemstone.” And with that the flesh colored nylon clad young woman pounced through the window and out into the night.


“Where in the world could she have gone?” wondered Ice as she skated along an ice bridge 50 feet above the darkened city below. She had been searching for the amnesic Emerald, who had several hours before knocked her out and assumed a new costume and name: Gemstone. The young teenage girl was truly worried about her friend’s condition.

Ice had been slow to follow the confused blond woman, due to her grogginess from Gemstone’s violence. “There’s no telling what she’s liable to do out here,” thought the brunette as she combed yet another part of the vast city. Her mind couldn’t help but envision Emerald’s once heroic form being hunted down by the police as an uncontrollable renegade superheroine.

And to make matters worse it seemed that she was all alone in her attempts to find and help her friend. The only other person she could turn to was at this moment unavailable in Gotham City. Ice wasn’t completely sure she could handle Gemstone if things got confrontational. But she knew she had to try.

As she passed over a local drive-in restaurant, the sound of a police radio caught her attention. Coming closer she saw a city police cruiser parked at the all-night eatery, its unlucky shift officers taking a 2:00 AM “lunch” break. The radio was reporting the details of an attempted convenience store hold up.

The dispatcher announced that units were enroute to the scene to apprehend the criminal who had met with an unforeseen set of circumstances. Apparently the masked gunman went into the store and brandished a weapon at the person behind the counter and demanded money.

Listening intently, Ice learned that while the clerk was putting the register proceeds into a bag, suddenly the would-be thief went flying backwards into the racks of merchandise. The clerk had then reported that what he described as “a beautiful blonde demon” had begun to thrash the hapless crook. Even after he was unconscious, the assailant continued to pulverize him, throwing him bodily all around the now-wrecked store interior and finally through the large front window wall and into the parking lot. The dispatcher informed all on-shift officers that an ambulance was also responding to the scene.

Noting the address, Ice instantly blasted an ice surface toward the location and sped that way. Tears threatened to overflow her eyelids as she thought, “My God, Jennifer! What have you done?!” She knew that Gemstone’s hyper-powers were more than a match for the local police and it would take some superheroic intervention if Gemstone were to be subdued unharmed. But she couldn’t help but wonder, “Am I powerful enough to handle her?”

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