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Call him Thom. Call him Pigboy. Call him Don. But to me he’ll always be Dark One. The Dark One.

I first encountered his stories many, many moons ago, over at Mr. X’s story archives. I was only just getting into SHIP (Super Heroines In Peril – ‘tis the name of our site’s raison d’être, in case you needed remindin’) back then, and what I found utterly blew me away. He had a vast, sprawling body of tales, each magnificently written, each depicting a kind of explicit heroine peril that perfectly encapsulated what drew me to the genre in the first place.

It was hot and heavy. It didn’t cut away. It was shamelessly wanton in its tone, laying a constant subtext that the superheroines loved these scandalous perils and actively reveled in the experience – when given enough incentive by the nasty pimps and hoodlums that had gained power over them, of course. That tone, that implicit nature to his world and characters, always placed the events safely in the realm of fetish and fantasy. It meant that we as readers didn’t need to linger on the dark underpinnings of our excitement; all we had to do was enjoy the wicked journey. And in terms of pure kink, I would struggle to name any other writer in his league when it comes to conjuring a sexual situation, or a really evocative image, peril, or even provocative dialogue. You’ll find precious little beating ‘round the bush here – his scenes are unparalleled at plunging right into the sexiest depravities and degradations possible, into all kinds of sordid, breathless places that never fail to shock us away yet draw us back for more.

There is a raw, powerful sexuality in these stories that few others could honestly contend with. The smack-talking thugs, the haughty heroines, the down and dirty sex scenes, the prolonged humiliation, the strikingly forward villains, my first encounter with the word miscreant – there was so much he did that set the gold standard for what the genre was, and how we identified it. Special mention needs to go to all the power plays — the shift from powerful Amazonian goddess to moaning, submissive, grateful sex object was always spectacular, and every story was a new ride, a sexy new circumstance or dynamic or mechanism for delivering that hit.

His stories featured a host of original (and quasi-original) characters, with Mr. X’s Ms Americana the perennial star. But every now and again, he would visit his depravity unto the icons of mainstream pop-culture as well. Chief among them was Ms Americana’s progenitor – in a way, every super heroine’s progenitor – Wonder Woman.

When happens when his inimitable style collides with the most iconic super heroine of all time? Fireworks – pure, spellbinding fireworks. It’s a match made in Heaven, a delightful demonstration that I would recommend to anyone as a starting course in SHIP fiction. I mean… just look at this:


Two sexy minions suddenly slammed into the voluptuous vigilante vixen. Wonder Woman was taken completely by surprise. She hadn’t thought those two girlie-girls were any threat to her. But the redhead hit her high, and the blonde slammed into the back of her knees.

Wonder Woman went down like a sack of potatoes.

Catwoman’s kittens grabbed her hair, jerking her head back. At the same time, another hand grabbed the heroine’s bustier top and pulled it down. Big, milky globes popped out, bouncing and jostling.

“Get off me, you moronic bimbos,” Wonder Woman cried, elbowing the redhead in the face and kneeing the blonde in the chin. Catwoman jerked her whip again, stretching Wonder Woman’s arm all the way out. “Uughh, stop it.”

“Hold her, my sweet kittens,” Catwoman said. She wrapped her end of the whip around a pipe in the wall, and raced over. A swift kick to the head, and Wonder Woman stopped struggling briefly. Catwoman knew she had to act quickly. Super heroines in general, and Wonder Woman in particular, recovered remarkably fast. The cat burglar ripped the golden lasso from the stunning Amazon’s weakened fingers, and looped one end around Wonder Woman’s neck. “Stop fighting.”

Wonder Woman froze. Captured and compelled to obey Catwoman’s every command, no matter how horrible or depraved. Big baby blue eyes rose up to look into triumphant emerald green eyes.

“Nice tits,” Catwoman said. “My kittens, can you suckle any milk from them?”

With that, both of her brainless criminal bimbos seized a tit and wrapped firm, full lips around very sensitive nipples. Wonder Woman’s eyes closed. The super heroine’s lips parted slightly as a low groan came out.


“I knew you’d like that, Wonder Bitch,” Catwoman purred. “Now, pull your shorts off and spread your legs wide.”


If that doesn’t set your heart racing then you’re probably in the wrong place (or you’re the undead and should be burned north of the Wall). In a measly 300 words, it perfectly captures the kind of excitement he has in store: the sudden change in fortunes for the heroine, followed by immediate and explicit consequences from her captors, not missing a beat as they seize the opportunity to treat her as they would any hapless victim. In the blink of an eye, what was mainstream – almost humdrum – takes a sharp turn into the dark, naughty places that our adolescent selves could only imagine, and never looks back. The result, especially if you were (or still are!) a big fan of old-school Wonder Woman, is a series of unforgettable stories that have become defining pillars of the genre, paving the way for all the deviant writers that came along in his wake.

He’s truly one of the godfathers of the genre, and this collection of his ‘big-name’ works is a fitting tribute to the Dark One who got so many of us hooked into the sexier aspects of SHIP. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-timer in this fine fetish, I hope you’ll enjoy.

I know I certainly will.

— Void



Wonder Woman: Wonder Maid
Wonder Woman: Frat House Blues
Wonder Woman: Wonder Whore
Silver Sable is Bummed Out
Fists of Fury
Wonder Woman vs Catwoman: Cat Scratch Fever
Wonder Woman: Rope A Dope
Wonder Woman: Delicious
Wonder Woman: Less is Better
Cats, Bats, and Amazons, Oh My!

Cover by Angelic Kitten

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  1. Amazing writing! Love your work! Your writing has such lovely tempo that it never fails to tittilate! Still waiting on the next Hollywood Heroines!


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