Electra Girl – A Rookie Mistake

Gabriella sat on the edge of her bed in her small apartment just off campus of her college. She was only in a pair of black panties and a bra as she closed her e-mail. “Time to go fight some crime.” She gets up and walks over to her closet. She sifts through her countless shirts and pants and pulls out a skintight yellow leotard. She opens a drawer next to her closet and pulls out a pair of skintight pantyhose tights. She slides on the hose and then slides on her yellow leotard over them. She puts on her black mask covering her attractive face and big brown eyes. She slides on a pair of long silk gloves and keeps her feet without any shoes.

She admired her body in the mirror, years of cheerleading and gymnastics gifted her with an amazing body and an affinity for tight clothing. Her dark skin and curly jet black hair accented her yellow leotard and black tights very well, and she couldn’t lie she felt very sexy in her costume. She is no longer a 19 year old college student, she is now Electra Girl, a rookie superheroine gifted with the power of super speed.

She sprints out of her apartment building at the speed of sound and she takes off towards the sorority house just off campus. She gets there and approaches the head of the sorority, a tall pretty blonde girl named Sarah. “I got your call, what seems to be the problem?” Asks the young superheroine.

“There’s a burglar downstairs, we locked him down there but we think he might have a gun! Please help us Electra Girl!” pleads the sister.

“I should really call for backup, I might not be suited for this type of situation…” says Electra Girl hesitantly.

“No, you must understand, he has several girls hostage, god knows what he might be doing to them right now. As a girl to girl, you have to do this for us immediately!” says Sarah.

“Ok, I’ll go in alone, wait here.” she sprints into the building. As soon as she leaves Sarah picks up her cell phone and texts ( She’s on her way, prepare the trap ).

Electra Girl kicks down the door to the basement and sprints down inside. She see’s 4 girls all bound back to back in the center of the room, they’re each blindfolded and gagged with what appears to be pink silk. They cry out for help through their gags as they hear Electra Girl enter.

“Hang on girls, I’ll get you out in no time.” But where is the intruder Sarah was talking about? She thinks to herself as she approaches the girls. She jogs towards them, but as she gets close the floor opens up underneath her and she falls into a pit lined with silk pillows and blankets.

“Ahhhhhhh…. What the?!”

Her fall is cushioned by the pillows but the hole is at least 20 feet deep and she can’t climb out. Then all of the sudden Sarah appears at the top of the hole with several other sorority girls. They’re all wearing red shirts with their sorority symbols on it and tight white jeans and black high heels.

“Sarah throw a rope down here quick!” says Electra Girl as she paces around her hole.

“Oh Electra Girl, I don’t think we will be doing that…” Says Sarah as the other sorority girls laugh evilly.

“What do you mean?!” says a confused Electra Girl.

“Oh silly Electra Girl, there never was a burglar, it was all set up for you to fall into our trap, and fall you did….” Says Sarah with an evil grin.

Electra Girl glares up at her, “well I bet you didn’t plan for this!” Electra Girl begins to sprint in a circle in the hole, creating a tornado. However before she can gain optimum speed to launch herself out of the hole, silk ropes shoot out from all sides of the hole and wrap themselves around her legs, binding them together.

“Noooo!” Says Electra Girl as she struggles to remove the ropes from her long, athletic, legs.

“Hahahahaa silly Electra Girl, you’re not going anywhere. Now I think it’s time for you to take a nap.” Says Sarah as she snaps her fingers and a girl in the corner of the room flips a switch on the wall. Suddenly the walls of her hole begin to slowly move inwards towards her. Electra Girl drags herself to the middle of the hole to buy time. She then looks at the walls of the hole and sees that they are dripping wet with some kind of liquid. Then a familiar scent fills her nostrils.

“Choloroform!” Says Electra Girl as she struggles harder against her silk bonds.

“Hahahahaha that’s right Electra Girl, don’t struggle and it will all be over quickly.” Taunts the sorority leader.

The walls finally reach the struggling heroine, as they press into her sides. She is now sandwiched between the soaking wet chloroform cushions and is helpless to resist. They hear her muffled pleas for help as the chloroform fumes begin to drain her of her strength and consciousness. Her eyelids get heavier and her limbs feel like they each weigh a thousand pounds. Must stay awake, sooooo sleeepyyyy… She thinks to herself as the chloroform soaked cushions continue to squeeze her tight.

“That’s it Electra Girl, just relax and go to sleep….” Hahahaha.” Says Sarah. Finally Electra Girl gives out one last moan of defiance and then she closes her eyes and falls into a deep sleep. “Good work girls, let her soak in there for another minute just to make sure, then we will prepare her for the next stage of our plan.”

The girls all smile as they watch the walls of their trap retract back to their original positions revealing the limp body of the superheroine laying face down in the silk pit. “I told you girls that she would be gullible and fall for our trap, nice timing Amy with flipping that switch on the trap door.” Says Sarah as she clicks another button and the floor of the pit rises up. The girls walk over to the sleeping superheroine and they flip her body over. “She’s so beautiful, in her skintight spandex leotard and tights…” Sarah runs her hand up Electra Girl’s inner thigh and over her crotch and breasts. “But we mustn’t get sidetracked by her beauty, we must wrap her up and begin our to weaken her.”

The girls all nod and bend down next to Electra Girl and they begin to wrap her body from her neck to her toe in pink silk.

“I want her to be motionless, I want her wraps to be so tight that she can’t even wiggle her toes, we don’t want her getting free and being able to use her super speed.” Says Sarah as she overlooks the girls.

“Yes mistress.” Says the girls in an almost zombie like manner. They wrap her body in layer upon layer on the form fitting silk, then they tied a decorative bow around her torso and they admire their handiwork.

“Well done girls, now let’s carry her to the other room.” Says Sarah as the girls obediently pick up her cocooned body and then carry her into another room. The room is mostly empty, a couple dressers and boxes litter the room and the floor and wallpaper is lined with pink silk. In the middle of the room is a long wooden board hovering about 5 feet above a large electric heater.

The girls turn the heater off and they rest Electra Girl’s body down on the board. They strap her body down with seatbelts and then Sarah walks in. She is now wearing a skintight black leather catsuit with matching boots and gloves.

“Wake up the prisoner ladies” says the villainess.

“Yes mistress.” They walk over to Electra Girl and they wave some smelling salt under her nose.

The heroine slowly awakens from her deep sleep. Her big brown eyes flutter open and she begins to remember what happened. “Ughhhhhhh, where…. where am I?” She says in a confused tone of voice. She tries to move her body but her skintight cocoon keeps her firmly pinned to the board. “What’s going on here!” She struggles harder against her wrappings.

“Oh Electra Girl, what’s the matter? You don’t like your cocoon?” Says Sarah in a playful tone as she slowly walks over to the struggling superheroine.

“Why are you doing this? I was trying to help you!” asks the superheroine.

“Haha, silly Electra Girl, there never was an intruder, it was all a part of our master plan to lure you here and capture you.” Taunts the villainess as she runs her gloved fingers through the superheroine’s black hair.

“Get your hands off me!” She struggles harder than ever before.

“Hahaha now now Electra Girl, you’re in no position to be making demands. You seem to be recovering quite quickly from the chloroform. That must be your super stamina, well we have something you might enjoy.” Says the vilainess with an evil smile as she snaps her fingers.

The sorority girls walk over to the dressers and they pull out large paintbrushes and buckets filled with a mystery clear liquid. They set the buckets down around the superheroine and they dip the brushes in the liquid.

“What are you doing? What is that?” asks Electra Girl.

“Oh it’s just our special weakening baste, after soaking in that for a couple hours you’ll be as weak as a kitten, and then we will be able to take over you mind and you will become our slave.” Says the vilainess as she continues to gently run her hand across the heroine’s dark skin.

“You will never get away with this! I have powerful friends who will come and rescue me!” Says the superheroine as confidently as she can given the situation she’s in.

“Oh you mean these superheroines?” Sarah pulls out Electra Girl’s phone and shows a text sent to every superheroine saying * Hey I’ve got a lot of homework and studying to do for midterms, I won’t be available for the next couple of days.*

“No!!!” Says the frustrated heroine as she struggles with all her strength to break through her ultra tight wrappings.

“Save your strength Electra Girl, you’re going to need every bit of it.” Says the vilainess as she leans in and gives the heroine a long, wet, passionate kiss on the lips. The girls then lift their brushes from the bucket and begin to brush the heroine’s body with the wet weakening liquid.

“Ughhhhhhhh, this will never…. work…” Says the heroine as the liquid soaks into her silk wrappings.

“Oh yes it will Electra Girl, and you were so nice to wear such a skintight outfit, your tights and spandex will absorb the baste and trap it against your beautiful dark skin. You’re helpless to resist.” Taunts the vilainess as her girls continue to soak every part of her body in the baste.

“My powers……. I feel…. So…. Weak…..” Says the heroine in a weakened tone of voice as she gasps for air.

“That’s it, just relax….. let the baste do its job and soon you will be ours.” Says Sarah as she runs her gloved finger across the superheroine’s forehead and picks up a bead of sweat.

“No…. I have to fight it…” Says the superheroine. Sarah snaps her fingers and more sorority girls walk in carrying a rag and more silk.

“Gag her ladies, we don’t want her calling for help.” The girls force her weakened mouth open and they place the rag inside her mouth and then they wrap the silk around her mouth multiple times.

“Mpmhmpmmmmm!!!” yells the superheroine through her gag.

“Get comfortable Electra Girl, you’re going to be here for awhile, hahahahaha” Taunts the villainess. Electra Girl moans through her gag as the juices soak into her skintight spandex and tights. Her struggling gets slower and weaker, until she goes limp. “That’s it Electra Girl, just relax….” says Sarah as she turns to leave the room. “Let me know when she is almost ready for brainwashing.” She says as she confidently walks out of the room, the sound of Electra Girl moaning and the hairs on the brushes rubbing against her silk cocoon fill the room, as she exits with an evil smile on her face.


Lauren was walking back to her apartment after her 8 pm lecture on psychology. “Mr. Johnson has to be the most boring professor in the history of mankind….” She checks her phone and sees a new text from Gabriella. She reads the text and immediately suspects something is wrong. “Gabriella would never miss a lecture like this, and she is exempt for almost half of her midterms. I’d better run to my apartment and suit up and start looking for her.”

She runs to her apartment and throws off her clothes. She opens her closet and pulls out a green shiny spandex leotard and yellow tights. She slides them on over her pale skin. Then she places a green mask over her dark green eyes and brushes her thick red curly hair aside. She clips on her yellow utility belt and slides on her long yellow silk gloved and tall yellow leather boots. She is now Meta Girl, a beautiful superheroine gifted with super strength. She opens an app on her laptop and begins tracing Gabriella’s phone.

“Hang in there Gabby, I’m coming for you.”


Gabriella’s arms felt like sludge, they lay limply in her wrappings as the juices continued to suck up her strength and will. Her arms and legs felt like they were made out of heavy concrete as she couldn’t move them even an inch. The girls continued to brush her over and over again with the weakening baste. All of the sudden the girls heard a knock at the door and the voice of a girl. Electra Girl recognized the voice immediately, it was Meta Girl, her friend. She mustered up every remaining ounce of energy and strength left in her weakened body, as she tried to shout out. “M….Me….Meta….Girl….” was all she could get out in a very low and weakened voice, the girls realized what she was trying to do and they quickly pounced on her and began to gag her.

“Gag her girls, don’t let her call out for help!” says one of the girls as she grabs a rag and stuffs it in her mouth. Electra Girl struggled as much as she could but it was useless, the girls then secured her mouth with a pink silk bow and got in positions to ambush Meta Girl.

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