Electron, Emerald, and American Star

American Star collided with a van. Her shoulder blades hurt like hell which caused her to take her time from escaping the crushed side of the vehicle. This only pleased her attacker.

“How’d you like that American Star?” Vigor snarled. She grabbed the front of Allison’s leotard and lifted her up. A black clad fist began pounding more Allison over and over. Carrie laughed at the superheroine who threw her in prison, lifting her over her head and tossing her at a Washington DC police car. Both officers managed to run out of the way only to have their cruiser wrecked by American Star’s body.

Allison rolled her head back and forth trying to snap out of it. The pain though from her fight was overriding any urge to get up. Vigor stood proud, her hands on her hips and confident that she had mopped the floor with American Star she looked stunning in her black neck to toe catsuit.

Flexing her fingers she smiled, “Well it has been fun Star, but I think it’s time we see how invulnerable your neck is…” she began to stroll over to American Star when a blot of lighting struck the super strong coed. Sitting up slightly holding herself up with her elbows, she looked for the source of the lighting blot. Finding it she smiled.

Hovering above the scene was a young amber-haired woman. Same age as American Star she also wore a lyrca and nylon costume. The first part was a leotard that was blue on the shoulders and arms that went down to a pair of blue gloves giving the sleeves and gloves a seamless look. A short waist length blue cape hung from her shoulders. The blue continued down the inner curves of her breasts ending in a triangle shape with the point ending a little bit below the breasts. From the sides down was white ending in a V shaped blue belt that held a short white pleated cheerleaders skirt in place. White tights covered her legs and finally a mask protected her identity.

“I’m always saving your butt American Star.” Electron smiled. Her red lips and brown eyes were recognized to only her good friend American Star.

“Hey I was doing all right till she hit me, then began throwing me around and…” Allison joked getting out of the car. Electron landed next to her. Both DC heroines looked stunning and both turned to deal with a very angry Vigor who charged them.


A month earlier…

“Allison! Hey!” the blonde turned her head at the noise. She was wearing a light blue blouse demon skirt and pantyhose with some simple shoes and of course her power bracelets. Coming across the road through a gaggle of students, Allison saw her friend.

Erin McKenna was 5’11 had amber colored hair. She had the body of a volleyball player that she was; she was also smarter than anyone else Allison had met. Evidently she came right from volleyball practice. A pair of tight very short black spandex shorts and sweaty tank top plus the huge athlete’s bag she carried was a dead give away.

“Erin, what’s up?” Allison asked falling in stride with her best friend.

“Nothing much, but you want to get together for that lab later this afternoon?” she asked.

Allison nodded her head, “Sure see ya there.”

A few hours later Allison strolled into the science lab on campus that she and Erin needed to do their experiment for physics. Erin was changed into her usual attire of a light dress with suntan pantyhose and sandals. Some glasses for reading rested on her nose. The two friends were fast at work setting up their electricity experiment.

“Okay we’re all set.” Erin said confidently.

Allison was ready getting some eye protection; they were doing a simple connectivity experiment. Both would later agree it’s always the simple things that go wrong.

As Erin went to flip the switch, the building had a small power surge, result of a blown generator farther from campus. Problem was it sent a charge down the all the circuits on campus, including the device Erin was switching on. Suddenly the machine short circuited and sent thousands of volts into Erin! Screaming she was covered by electrical energy.

“Erin!” Allison screamed, she grabbed her friend intending to use her super strength to free her friend from the power of the blown machine. As Allison grabbed her she too was shocked by the electricity. Except, instead of hurting Allison it energized her bracelets, which sent their own energy wave through the two women. With a blast of golden energy they both collapsed to the ground.

Allison got up first, “Erin, Erin are you all right?” as for herself she felt find, although she wondered why her bracelets had done that.

“Oh…Allison I feel strange.” Erin said getting up. Both were sitting on the floor, Allison checked Erin for any signs of electrical burns. Amazingly there weren’t any on her.

Suddenly Erin’s hand began to shake.

“Allison…what is going on…AHAHAH!” she screamed sticking her had out a blast of electrical energy flew out, striking the machine that had just shocked them. What was left was quickly finished off.

Erin was shocked, she looked down at her hand, “Allison did I just shoot a lighting blot?”

Allison nodded, “Yeah, do you feel all right?”

Getting up Erin stood shakily and then started to float upwards towards the ceiling! Allison was shocked and watched as Erin hit the ceiling, “Allison, help me!”

Jumping up she pulled her down to the ground both once again were collapsed on the floor.

“Allison what’s happening? How did this…why was I flying?” Erin looked at her best friend pleading for answers. Looking down at her bracelets Allison looked back up at Erin, “Erin let’s go to my parent’s house…this is a long story.”

That afternoon and evening, Erin learned the full truth about Allison. Why she had been disappearing at times, had suddenly gone on vacation for a week for no reason, she showed up at school a few times with buries or ashes on her, Allison was American Star. Erin’s body had been charged by the shock from Allison’s bracelets. Over the next few days, Allison helped her friend gain control of her powers.

It seemed that Erin could drain electrical energy from just about anything that used it. Her body would remotely feed on the electrical currents in the room. The only sign of this drain would be a slight barely noticeable drop in power usage in the building. This feeding allowed Erin to shoot electrical discharges from her hands, gave her super strength, ability to fly (which Erin loved), and some invulnerability.

Erin’s one real weakness was a limited charge she carried. While testing her powers, they learned that Erin could deplete her internal electrical charge if she excessively used her powers and didn’t give them time to recharge. This left her in a weakened state while she powered back up. Luckily though, she hadn’t done this since. With her powers under control, Erin decided she wanted to help people out like Allison, so a few leotards and tights later, Electron was born.


Present Time…

Vigor went flying into a wall. The electrical discharge that sent her their coming from a hovering Electron, “Vigor we can do this all day, why don’t you just make it easy on yourself, turn yourself in?”

“Shut up!” Carrie said angrily. She stood up and ripped the nearest projectile, a parking meter and launched it at Erin. Electron dodged the improvised missile, while American Star ran behind the villainess and placed her arms around Vigor’s pinning them behind Carrie’s back.

“Now Electron!” she yelled. Electron dived in and gave Vigor a nice right hook, knocking her out. American Star dropped the KOED coed and gave Electron a high five.

Police came forwards and took the villain in, thanking the two supergals for their help. Accepting their thanks the two disappeared, American Star in a blur, Electron into the sky.

A few blocks away they met up in alley. Allison gave Erin who was still in her costume a hug, “Thanks a lot Erin; I was getting pounded pretty good by her.”

“No problem, although I think my jaw is going to be sore for a while.” Erin said rubbing her jaw.

“You be okay, see ya for dinner later, I’m actually running late for class.” Allison said taking off her mask and reaching for her hidden backpack. Erin gave her a sure and the two parted ways again, Allison speeding back to class, Erin heading for their apartment they had rented a few weeks ago.



Watching the 12 o’clock update to the news on the heroines’ exploits, Katie Helms turned off the TV. She smiled, so American Star has a new friend, so much the better. Picking up the phone next to her she got an answer even before the first ring had finished.


“Hey looks like we have another person to pick up this evening.” She said.

“Damn it, Carrie couldn’t wait a few days. All right, see ya tonight.” Terri Coyle hung up.

Katie got up and went over to her bedroom. On the bed was her new costume, she couldn’t wait to try it out. Soon enough, she thought with pleasure.

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