Extra Extra, Supergirl!

“Don’t move! I’ll blow her head off!” the thug cried.

Ten Chicago PD cars and dozens of officers had closed down the street. A small crowd in the hundreds watched the life and death drama unfolding before their eyes. The street thug had tried to rob jewelry store only to find two officers walking the beat come upon him at the same time. Fearing a shoot out, he took the nearest woman hostage. Crying the mother of two made silent prayers as the 9mm was pressed into her hair.

The punk looked every which way seeing cops in every direction. He knew they wouldn’t move though, “Now get my f***ing car now!” He noticed one of the cops look up and then smiled. Not liking this one bit, he pulled his hostage back into the store. She was really screaming now, “SHUT UP!”

Suddenly he was spun around and nearly got sick from the acceleration. When he was done spinning, the woman was gone. Screaming an obscenity, he looked for the woman; she was safely being tended to by some cops near their barricade. Wondering what happened he suddenly heard a very famous voice, “Now that we have the kidnapping charge done with how about we just end this quickly?”

In front of him hands on her hips, The Girl of Steel stood in her blue leotard, red boots, skirt, and cape, yellow belt and red & yellow S symbol on her chest. Supergirl had used her speed to whisk the woman away, now she needed to deal with this jackass. He screamed and was about to fire his pistol; raising it he took aim at the pentagon symbol on her chest. Suddenly the weapon grew red, screaming he dropped the weapon and looked up at Supergirl whose eyes went back to their normal blue. The officers thanked Linda for her help, the mother nearly cried on Supergirl’s shoulder. Reassuring the woman Linda took off to the cheers of the crowd. Heading back towards the Tribune building she turned into a blur and landed on the roof.

“Danvers! Get over here!” Linda heard as she stepped back on her floor, the chief was calling. Heading over to the Chief’s office she no longer looked like the famous heroine Supergirl. Her hair was in a bun, a pair of wire rimmed glasses on her nose and the change from her red and blues to a black suit jacket, and navy blue skirt with hose and pups, separated Linda Danvers from Supergirl. Although if you opened up her blouse you’d notice a certain blue fabric underneath it, “What’s up chief?” She asked stepping into his office.

A young woman with burnet hair and glasses like Linda’s was sitting in a chair in front of the Chief’s desk. Linda took a seat next to woman, who was dressed in a similar outfit although with black tights.

“Good Danvers, this is Alexandra Michel she our newest reporter.” The Chief spoke quickly.

“It’s an honor to meet you Ms. Danvers.” Alex smiled holding her hand out. Linda took it.

“Good Danvers you are going to be showing her the ropes.”

Linda tried to hide her discomfort, Alex didn’t see it but the chief did, “Alexandra why don’t you head for desk and get set up okay?” Alex did so and the chief got ready for the next problem.

“Chief, I’m not here to baby-sit.” Linda protested. But her boss wouldn’t have any of it.

“Now last one we gave to Cutter, its your turn on the chopping block. Besides she is actually a very good reporter I’ve seen some of her stuff, now you are partners for a little while understood?”

Back at her desk ‘Alex’ was putting everything away and in place. Alex wasn’t her real name, the one she previously had was far too risky since that night she was caught in DC. Now though with a fresh name and start, courtesy of some loot that Shannon let her know about, Extra was ready for her new assignment, learn Supergirl’s identity, via Linda Danvers.

While Linda was talking with the Chief, Alex/Alice decided to do a little snooping. Heading over to Linda’s cubical she looked for anything that could give her a clue to how Linda contacted Supergirl or vice versa. On the desk were her computer screen and keyboard, papers, notes, and some pictures. Alex eyed the one of Supergirl and Linda carefully. Making sure she wasn’t being watched she picked up the Supergirl photo and looked at it.

‘Looks real enough’ she thought. Feeling the frame and photo she couldn’t find any hidden communication devices, ‘And Chicago doesn’t need a bat signal or anything’ she thought. Taking a peek back towards the Chief’s office she could see Linda coming back. Alex quickly went back to her desk after returning the photo.

About a half hour later, Linda and Alex finished having some small talk. Alex learned a few interesting things, Leesburg, Adopted, lives here, likes this, and that. The conversation had given Extra all the info she needed to start filling her search parameters for Linda Lee Danvers. Fifteen minutes later her search engine chimed, signaling it finished. With military precision she began learning more about Linda.

Alex brought up the first file on Ms. Danvers. Her search engine went through the Internet and Government databases and as a result she had plenty of data to sort through. First on her plate was Leesburg Ledger article on Linda and how she had rose to become one of Chicago’s top reporters. Another was her last tax filing, all in order. Finally after about five minutes, Alex began to find some interesting connections.

Supergirl had first appeared in Leesburg in the nineties, and a number of her early accounts mentioned Linda being involved in one form or another. ‘Hmm okay so they’ve know each other since their teens, they are good friends’ Extra decided. Alex moved onto Linda’s parents now. Fred’s background was provided by an FBI file. Married in 81, served in 1st Infantry Division 79-92: Gulf War Vet, Cop in 93, detective in 97, so that’s normal enough. Edna Danvers didn’t show much of interest either, although again Officer and later Detective Danvers had quiet a few incidents with the Girl of Steel. ‘So that means a possible family connection or just confirmation of my first theory’ Alex thought.

The rest of the documents she’d have to look over later, she had an appointment to keep. If she was to gain Linda’s trust she’d need to first look like the innocent newbie reporter she was, and get some good stories along they way. This would be helped by a little black book she managed to steal from Blaze’s personal belongings.

Linda was at her desk typing away on an article about U.S. Successes in Iraq when Alex came over. The brunet was painting and almost ready to shout out.

“Ms…Danvers…big…tip….need to…go now!” Alex cried excitedly.

“Whoa slow down there rookie, what are you talking about?” Linda asked the girl turning away from the keyboard.

“I have a tip.” Linda was skeptical, but Alex pushed on, “Listen, a good snitch I had in College gave me a tip, Ice Princess is going to rob the Art Museum’s new Ice Sculpture exhibits. I swear Ms. Danvers its good!” Alex exclaimed.

Linda was about to question her more when she heard the emergency call on the police radio nets, “All units, All units proceeded to Art Museum, ice using criminal at site with accomplices. Use extreme caution, MCU on route.”

‘She’s right, maybe she isn’t to bad for a rookie after all’ Linda pondered, but she needed to get rid of Alex so she could go change and put a stop to Ice Princess’s plans.

Like most times though, the Chief came to her aid, “Danvers, Michel, Sharp get your buts down to art museum! Robbery in progress looks like some crazy woman with an ice gun or something is on the loose.”

“Alex you go with Cutter.” At first Alex began to whine, “No arguing you two are going to go down to the museum, I’m going to go make a call.”

“To who?” Alex asked, but knowing the answer. Linda sighed not seeing through Alex’s false naïve face, she pointed at the photo of her and Supergirl.

“Oh right!” Alex said like the young inexperienced girl she was trying to act like.

“Good I’ll see you there shortly.” Linda left Alex and Cutter who was grabbing the new kid and running for his car, and headed for the stairs.

Once inside she made the change while flying up into Supergirl. Coming out at the roof door she placed her street clothes into a special compartment on the roof and took off towards the museum. The Slipstream whipped past her as she crossed over the Loop to the museum near the lake.

Police were sealing off the exits and making sure people got out. Hovering a few hundred feet above the scene of chaos below, she scanned the building with X-Ray vision. Soon she found the Queen of Chills inside the special climate controlled display for the ice sculptures. Diving down, Supergirl planned to enter through the rear of the Museum and fly right to the villainess.

Cutter had a knack for driving inside the Windy City so they managed to get to the Museum only a few minutes after Supergirl arrived. Alex and Cutter made it past the Police barricades showing their press badges. Although this only got them a 1000 feet from the action as opposed to 2000 feet back near the barricades. Alex looked for any sign of the Ice Princess, ‘she better do her part!’


“Come on faster, the cops are already here and you know who will show up anytime now!” Ice Princess, better know to her family as Ingrid Phrost called to her two henchgirls. Wearing her low cut blue leotard with white fur along the neck line she also had white fur coming from the edges of her blue gloves. A pair of light blue tights encased her legs and her white mask and sliver crown completed her costume.

Ice Princess’s two henchgirls, Snow wore a white body stocking and Sleet wore a blue one, both went from their neck to feet. White masks like Ingrid’s protected their identities, right now the two ladies in blue were lowering an ice sculpture of a little girl into a special travel container. Princess waited impatiently for Supergirl. If Extra kept her word, the Girl of Steel should show up…

“My, I thought we just finished with winter?” A confident Supergirl observed, hands on hips in her power pose. Ice Princess smiled and turned to look Supergirl in the eye.

“Well if it isn’t Supergirl? I haven’t had the pleasure, Ice Princess pleased to meet you.” The woman with white hair and blue costume smiled.

Linda eyed the room, there were two body stocking clad woman assisting Princess, no signs of Kryptonite or any other trap for the Girl of Steel, “Not so pleased to see you unfortunately, what’s wrong Metro City not busy enough for you these days?”

The Maiden of Frost laughed, “Oh Nightswan and Cardinal are plenty of fun but I decided to take a little vacation for a while.”

“Make a few bucks along the way?” Supergirl asked. Phrost nodded, Linda also noticed that the two henchgirls were making their way around her, circling her in.

Ice Princess reached behind her back, a blast of X-Ray vision showed her reaching for some sort of weapon. ‘Probably her freeze gun or whatever it’s called’ Supergirl decided remembering the most recent superheroine newsletter created by Agent C at the FBI.

“Well it’s been nice talking to you Supergirl, but I must be going, hope you don’t mind if I take these lovely sculptures with me?” Ice Princess ran out the exit talking her boxes with her.

Supergirl was going to go right after her but needed to make sure the henchgirls weren’t a threat. Turning to deal with the nearest one, Snow, is when she saw the strange weapon they each held. Snow and Sleet fired off the guns, each of which shot a strange sticky ball. Both connected to the Girl of Steel’s costume. Then each began to expand in size, Snow and Sleet fired off more balls, each one did the same thing upon contact with her body.

‘Oh God! They have one of those anti-meta weapons!’

Each of the blobs was encasing Supergirl, she pushed and pulled on them but they stretched with her body, not yielding to her strength. Snow and Sleet laughed as they each fired a blob round into Supergirl’s S symbol and face.

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