Fire and Ice

She was in the zone. The sounds of her skates crisscrossing on the ice helped her with the timing. Her red skirt picked up slightly from the spin, revealing her nylon and lyrca covered behind. The crowd clapped as she set up her famous 1080 spin, with a leap, Sara was in the air. Sara’s red leotard with silver highlights reflected the light making her shimmer during the spin. Landing the crowd went nuts and she came to a stop. Striking a finishing pose, she then accepted the crowd’s applause.

Heading off the stage Sara met the next person up in the competition, Lena Nance.

“That’s going to be hard to beat, I guess second place again for me.” Lena joked. Sara blushed and Lena gave her a light punch, “I’m kidding Sara, great job.”

“Thanks, you’ll do great Lena.” Sara said with a smile. The two despite being rivals on the ice were good friends. Sara headed for the lockers to take a bathroom break before the awards ceremony.

Lena finished up her routine and would probably get second place in the event. She too decided to visit the bathroom before going back onto the ice for the awards. Inside the locker room she stopped at her bag to take a sip of water when she was grabbed from behind. She began to scream only to have a light blue cloth placed over her face it matched her leotard Lena was inhaling a sweet sticky substance. As she breathed in Lena felt weaker and couldn’t stay awake.

“That’s it Lena, breath it in. It’s chloroform, something to help you sleep.” The fan said. He was about twenty-two and obsessed with Lena Nance, world famous skater. Now she was his to care for and protect.

Lowering her to the floor he set her on the comforter he brought to let her sleep in. Lena was out cold and couldn’t fight her abductor. With glee he removed her skates and revealed her opaque nylon tights covered feet. As he began to carefully place her skates into their travel box he heard a feminine voice in a strict tone.

“Going somewhere with my friend?”

The Fan turned and saw his worst nightmare or dream girl he couldn’t decide. She had light brown hair which came down to her shoulders. Her face was protected by a light blue mask that looked like a pair of connected diamonds. The rest of her costume was a leotard that looked like it should be on an ice skater. There was blue see through nylon covering her arms and shoulders. The rest of the leotard was a darker blue that ended in a mini skirt that covered only her behind. Her costume covered in white sequence that outlined her curves. White tights and a pair of white skates covered her legs and feet completing her costume.

He recognized her instantly, “Ice…”

“That’s right, now what are you doing?” Ice demanded.

“She…fell I was just trying to help her…” the Fan tried to bluff his way out. Amazingly Ice walked forward and bent over to check on the sleeping Lena. He smiled, ‘Perhaps I can protect a superheroine as well’. Slowly he brought the cloth forward…

Ice turned her head and right hand quickly and a stream of white mist and snow left her hand. Suddenly ice began to grip him from his feet to his arms as she worked her way up. Unable to use his chloroform cloth and frozen all over his lower body, he was trapped. Security came seconds later.

“This man tried to kidnap Ms. Nance.” Ice explained making sure Lena was okay. The crazed fan was taken away and Ice received the thanks of Lena.

“No problem Ms. Nance, just doing my job.” She replied.

“Thanks again Ice, man I’d swear you have been staking me.” This was another time that Ice had rescued her. Lena had an idea on why that was happening but decided to keep it to herself for the time being. Ice smiled and made her way out. Blades popped out of her skates and a small thin trail of ice appeared and she began to skate away.

Lena had collected herself enough to head back out to get her medal for the event. A concerned Sara made sure she was okay, yet for a reason Lena couldn’t shake, she had a suspicious feeling that Sara had know everything that just happened. Of course since Sara was Ice she did.


“Alright, you go first get the money and the guards. I’ll hold off the cops.” Shannon explained to Terri Coyle. Velocity and Blaze had staked out this bank for two weeks. It was defended by twin guards and cameras, but it had a load of profit if they could pull it off. The two had been paired up since their escape from the Washington PD three months ago. Now they were sitting in a stolen car across from the bank.

Velocity was wearing her skin tight all dark blue runner’s suit. It covered her from neck to toes which were in special blue sneakers for her superspeed. A pair or light blue eye goggles protected her baby blues, “Right, I’ll be quick about it.”

Terri got out of the car and walked up to the doors of the bank. Highlighted by the street lamps of the evening she was clearly visible to the guard as she approached. He was locking the doors but wasn’t completing his task because he was too captivated by her skin tight spandex. She smiled then went into her speed right through the door.

Blaze got out now and took position at the front ready to hold off the cops in her skin tight red catsuit. It covered her arms, body, legs, and neck. Her hands were exposed to allow for her fire powers to work. A sliver belt hung loosely on her waist and a sliver necklace around her throat. Finally her mask went over her eyes and down the sides of her head; it matched her red hair that flowed out.

Hearing the cops approaching she readied her powers.


Sara put her medal away to join the others she had won over the years. Her apartment was quiet no TV or radio on. She was wearing only her white blouse and tights from the show. Closing her trophy case she looked at the photo on her desk. Mom, Dad, Sister, Her, she sighed, bad memories. Walking away from the case she headed towards the kitchen to have a drink and then go to bed. Suddenly her night was interrupted.

“All units, Bank Robbery at 1454 West, proceeded with caution, meta humans reported at the scene.” Her police scanner squawked. Sara rolled her eyes at that name they had for people like her but decided she needed to help out. Reaching for her neck Sara touched the snow crystal on her necklace. With a blue light that covered her body, she was instantly covered in her Ice uniform.

Triggering her hidden blades in the skates she formed an ice path and began to skate at faster than normal speeds towards the bank. Sara had always known she was different. At age six she had once sneezed and froze a portion of the floor her mother slipped on. Once in middle school the first boy she kissed had gotten his lips frozen with a bad case of frostbite, which she instantly corrected. Sara could form frozen water from her hands and absorb the ‘cold’ out of an object. Her control over ice and snow allowed her to slip around town on her skates, and she made the ice slicker than normal allowing for speeds up to 80 MPH. Tonight, speed was essential.


A Police cruiser had its front engulfed in flames. Blaze had stopped the car; the cops tumbled out and ran. Another car was coming towards her fast! She took to the air in flight and then caused a burst of hot air under the car. This lifted the squat car into the air and then crashed it down breaking the suppression. Shannon then set up a wall of fire between her and the cops.

Velocity had nearly everything packed up and was almost ready to go. ‘Prefect, no hitches, snags, or superheroines to deal with, easy money!’ She thought. Then the snag came. One of her burning cop cars was cooled by a fire extinguisher like burst. Next her ring of fire was smothered by a wall of ice, which quickly melted. Shannon landed ready to take on who ever had come to ruin the evening. She was shocked to see which superheroine had come forwards.

“SHANNON!” the figure who skated to stop said.

“SARA!” the fiery coed said easing out of her fighting stance.

Shannon and Sara Hayes looked across the pavement at each other.

“You…your….not supposed to be here.” Shannon stammered.

“And you? Shannon…I saw some pics of you on the web…but I never…why?” her sister Sara asked.

“Get out of here Sara, don’t make me hurt you.” Shannon said not as a threat but as a request.

Sara’s eyes watered up …she had been away, unable to… “I can’t do that Shannon. I’m stopping you.”

“Ice, I won’t go easy on you…” Blaze was talking now, not Shannon.

Ice assumed her fighting stance and readied her powers, two bluish white spheres forming over her hands, “I won’t either.”

Fire and Ice lanced out. Both connected, and nothing happened, the fire canceled the ice mix out, the ice mix canceled the fire out. Blaze and Ice charged each other on foot. They locked arms in a contest of strength. Circling each other they grunted and began to sweat but not because of physical exhaustion. Ice’s hands glowed blue while Blaze’s glowed red. Each was pouring their powers into the other, changing the temperature.

“A…little hot…sis?” Blaze asked weakening from Sara’s attack.

Sara was feeling the effects more but knew Shannon was weakening as much as her, “No…a little cold Shannon Jean Hayes?”

“Don’t use my full name!” Shannon yelled summoning up the strength.

“Why…why Shan?” Ice asked her eyes wet with tears as the two sank to their knees.

“Because…” then out of the bank a blue blur hit Ice.

Terri came to a stop right back by Shannon. Sara had skidded a few hundred feet towards the cops.

“Hey you okay?” Velocity asked.

“No…get…out of here, we need to…” Blaze responded weakly.

“All right hold on!” Velocity scooped Blaze up and ran away at max speed.

“Ms. Ice, are you okay?” A concerned officer asked.

Sara held her head and recovered from her weakness, “Yes…did they get away?”


‘Good’ Sara thought standing back up. She looked at the officer, “I have to go.”

“Wait, it looked like you knew Blaze really well. Now we couldn’t hear what you were saying…”

She looked the officer in the eyes with a cold hard stare, “And what we discussed was between us.” With that she activated her skates and headed off down the street away from the scene crying softly, it’s not everyday you learn your big sister is a criminal.

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