Fire and Ice

8 Years Earlier…

“Oh yeah, try this!” Sara yelled forming a slide of ice she ran and slipped down her icy creation. With a splash she entered the water. Coming up a short while later she looked up and saw the sun being blocked.

“Incoming!” Shannon yelled as she flew into the water in a prefect ten dive. They splashed and played a little more till the twelve year old Shannon and the ten year old Sara climbed out of the lake. They began the slow walk to their house next to the farm in Nebraska.

“So what are we going to do with our powers when we get older?” Sara asked beginning a conversation held many times before.

“Ugh…Sara do we have to do this now?”

Sara stopped and looked at her sister, “Yes, we could do great things, help people out like…”

“Like your comics.” Shannon joked.

“Hey! Yes…but we could do a lot of good!”

Stopping Shannon turned and looked at her sister who was usually smarter than her age, With a sigh, “Okay, when we get older we’ll use these powers for good, there happy?”

“Yes…now race ya!” Sara created an ice path and began sliding on it to the farm.

“Hey!” Shannon took off and flew after her.


Sara held the photo of her family and sighed. Putting the photo back on the table she went over to the window and looked out. It had been a rough four years. First she had left the country. Even before her powers manifested, she loved ice skating. Practicing on the local frozen water holes in Nebraska and then in rinks, she honed her skills. After she learned how to control her powers, Sara could almost be one with the ice. Knowing where to do harder moves, make best use of the surface, and smooth it for more speed. Her skills got so good that she was offered a spot on the Olympic Team.

It required lots of training. She had left home right out of High School and trained for the next three years and went to the Olympics. This began her career and she won quite a few awards and made some money. Then her father died, Shannon became distance and left for the east coast. Sara hadn’t seen her for two years, now this is what she was up to. The news report on the robbery had just finished up. Turning her head away from the window she looked back at the info she had collected on her sister’s sinister identity.

‘She’s not like this, why is she doing this…’ Sara thought. Reading through Blaze’s exploits she sighed seeing how many times her sister had committed crimes and shown a disregard for others.

Her Cat, Snowball (Yes she had named it from the Simpsons) came up and rubbed her tights covered leg. She reached down and began to scratch the cat’s neck.

“I can’t bring her in Snowball…I can’t give her to the cops.” Sara scooped the cat up and rocked in her chair. “Maybe though…I can, change her. Get her to come back to the good guys, what do ya think?” she asked the cat.

It yawned in response; she narrowed her eyes.

“I think I should get a dog.”


Terri was cutting up some onions for the soup she was making. Shan was staring out into space.

“Hey Earth to Shannon, earth to Shannon, what’s bugging you?” Terri asked.

“Nothing…” Blaze said moving to the couch. Sitting on it she couldn’t believe her sister was here. ‘I knew she started playing superheroine the minute she got to the States but…damn it!’ Now she was most likely going to fight her sister, and be force to hurt her.

Their temperature based powers had the opposite weaknesses. Severe cold weakened Blaze, making her body temperature drop to unsafe levels and acting like her version of kryptonite. For Sara, heat was the danger. Unlike normal people, Ice’s body temperature was at 55.5 degrees, although she seemed just as normal to everyone else. If she was exposed to high heat, she began to weaken from the increased temperature.

Shannon shook her head, ‘No…I need to talk Velocity into moving on, hell I’d rather take on Supergirl than stay here.

“Hey Terri, we should move out to another city soon.” Blaze said.

“What, we were just warming up here!” Terri complained.

Shannon pressed, “Yeah but its getting too hot…look at that encounter we had tonight.”

“So, Ice showed up, big deal. When we have an Amazon, Bat, or Kryptonain on our ass I’ll worry.”

“Terri, please…let’s go somewhere else, we can hit a big city like Metro or Gothic.” Blaze tried.

Terri looked at Shannon, she seemed generally upset, “Okay, only because you busted me out with ya. One condition though.”

“Name it?”

“We hit the civic center tomorrow.” Terri said.

“Terri, no…”

“Then we stay here.” She said. Blaze thought for a moment, ‘I could just leave her…no, she’s watched my back since we busted out…, “Okay we rob it, but then we go okay?”


Shannon sighed in relief. She would hit one thing tomorrow then put a couple thousand miles between her and Sara. That way there would be no way the two could run into each other. Little did Shannon know, Lena Nance and Sara Hayes had agreed to teach a class at the civic center’s rink for the day.


Next Day

“Okay kids now we’re going to try a speed a run.” Lena said. Sara and Lena were standing in front of an eager group of twelve year olds. The two world famous skaters were wearing simple black leotards, skirts, and opaque tights for the teaching session. As they were having fun with the junior skaters, Terri and Shannon approached the civic center.

As the group of kids came to a stop Sara smiled, “Wow guys you are going to be pretty good in the next few years. I guess we should look out eh Lena?”

“Maybe you more than me.” She answers with a playful smirk causing the students to laugh. All fun was gone though as a scream shot out. Sara looked and saw people running out of the main part of the center.

“Lena, get these girls out of here, I’m going to check it out.” She began to skate to the other side.

“You…” Lena started and shook her head. She quickly rushed the little ones over to the other side and began to make their way away from the center. All she could think was, ‘be careful Sara, Ice too.’

Velocity ran into the ticket booth and broke into the third cash register. She was dumping the money into her backpack. Blaze was standing guard, her few acts of flames scaring most of the people away. Terri was working fast and once again everything was going to plan, and once again it fell apart. Ice came skating into the lobby and stopped her blades coming back into her boots and resting on her feet.

“Back for more?” Ice asked Blaze.

“I suggest you leave Ice, before you get hurt.” Shannon said readying a small blast of heat, hoping to weaken her sister enough to give Velocity time to finish up. Ice stuck first. Sara lanced out with a blast of icy stream that washed over Blaze. Weakening she fired back and hit the ground where Ice had been. Sara had gone into a roll and avoided the attack. Next she aimed her freezing vision at Shannon’s legs. Twin beams of light blue lanced out from her vision and struck Blaze.

Shan winced as her lower legs froze up. Trapping her, Ice got back on her feet and froze everything below the belt. Shannon was chilled and trapped for now. Looking to make sure they were alone she approached Blaze.

“I’m going to bring you back to my apartment then…”

Once again Sara had forgotten about opponent number two. Velocity slammed into Ice and carried her through a pair of doors, into the ladies locker room. Sara connected with a locker and her back hurt like hell, unlike other heroines she didn’t have invulnerability. Sliding down the locker Sara saw Velocity. She stood in a hands on hips stance looking down on her.

“So its little miss snowflake, for some reason you scared Blaze pretty good, care to share how?” Terri asked with a smirk.

“Yeah…I’m her walking weakness, cold duh.” Ice said then raising her hand firing off a burst of cold air. Velocity was sent backward, she fell on her but and Sara followed that up by firing her icy mix, freezing the speedster in place. Terri struggled under the ice and began to do something. She smiled at Ice. Suddenly the ice over her body began to melt and revealed her hands moving at superspeeds.

“Friction you’ve got to love it.” Velocity laughed and then charged. The two blue clad girls met again and crashed into another locker. Sara cried out again and then was slammed into more lockers faster than she could believe. In an act of desperation she aimed her eyes at the floor and fired. Suddenly the floor turned into an icy sheen. Velocity slipped with no traction to support her. Both of them collapsed onto the floor. Sara was prepared thanks to years of skating falls. Unfortunately she was slipping too on the floor.

Ice slid towards an open door and was deposited inside. At first she didn’t notice anything, and then she felt hot, really hot. Looking at the room she was in, wood paneling, seats, a device letting out steam, “Oh God!” She was in sauna. It was as if Supergirl had walked into a room of kryptonite. The high heat began to take its toll immediately. Her powers were faltering, she couldn’t focus her vision. Standing up she tried to walk out but suddenly tripped. Falling forwards she ended up on all fours. Crawling forwards she noticed a figure in the doorway.

“Sh….a…” Ice weakly called out. Velocity furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, ‘who’s she asking for?’. Walking forwards she bent down and lifted Ice’s head by her chin.

“Feeling a little hot Ice?”

Sara couldn’t respond. Her body temp was shooting up and she was to weak to fight back. Warmth gripped her chest and she was finding it harder to breathe. If she didn’t get out of here soon she could slip into a coma, maybe even death.

“What’s going on?” Blaze called from the hallway.

Velocity smiled, ‘about time’, “In the sauna.”

Shannon was still outside when she heard that so Terri couldn’t see the look of horror on her face. ‘Oh my god, that could kill Sara!’ she ran forwards into the sauna, and saw her sister being rolled onto her back, barely conscious. Terri removed her sister’s mask and yelled out loud.

“Look at that, the ice skater!”

“Yeah…let’s get her out of here.” Shannon said.

“Why? Let’s leave her here, finish her off.” Velocity said.

“Because…we’ve been here too long, other heroines might have been tipped off. I’ll chain her up, she doesn’t have superstrength so she can’t get away. We hold her for a few hours then head for Metro City.” Blaze finished.

“Okay, I’ll get the loot.” Velocity sped off.

Blaze ran in and scooped her sister off the floor. Bringing her outside she laid her on a bench and drained some of the heat from her body, cooling her sister. This helped a lot, Sara’s breathing became steady, her skin became less clammy and clear. Shannon was about to leave to meet Velocity, claiming the heroine had got away, when Terri showed up again.

“All ready to go.” She said holding the bag with their loot, “Hey are you going to tie her up or what?”

Shannon looked back at her sister and winced in pain, “Yeah…just a sec.” After a quick visit to the maintenance room, Ice still knocked out and now bound was in Blaze’s arms as she carried her to the apartment she and Terri were hiding out at.

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