Fire and Ice

Sara shook her head. Feeling strange she tried to move only to her the clinking of metal as a result. Her eyes finally focused and she looked down at her uniform. Chains were wrapped around her body, pinning her to the chair. Her white tights were pinned to the legs of the chair in a similar fashion and she could she her nylon encased toes. Ice’s skates were lying on the floor a few dozen feet away.

She could also feel the air on her face, ‘oh no my mask!’ she thought. Looking around she saw her prison was a normal apartment. Over to her left was her mask along with a two pairs of boots and another mask plus Velocity goggles.

“Well sleeping beauty is awake.” She heard. Turning her head, Sara saw Velocity.

“Terri Coyle…” Ice said.

“Sara Hayes, nice to meet ya.” Terri snickered. Even though Terri’s identity was know to police and heroines alike she still wore her mask for sentimental value.

“Mind giving up now?” Ice tried.

“You’re kidding right?” Terri almost laughed.

Sara shut up, ‘at least she hasn’t figured out I’m Shannon’s sister or, does she know?’ Velocity smirked and headed for the kitchen. Trying to free herself Sara quickly realized what she already knew, it was useless. Although she could just about anything with her icy powers, superstrength wasn’t one of them.

“Terri it’s almost time to go.” Shannon called walking into the room. She stopped when Sara fixed her gaze on her. The two looked at each other not speaking.

“I’ll load up the car.” Terri said coming into the room. She had on a blouse unbuttoned and was holding a skirt over her costume. Shannon shook her head in a positive response and Terri finished her disguise leaving.

Shannon walked over and grabbed a chair, setting it down in front of her sister.

“I’m sorry about tying you up. Terri’s faster than I give her credit for.”

“No problem if you untie me right now and we go home.” Sara said. Shannon look hurt.

“I’ll untie you before we leave…”

Ice frowned, “And go back to your life of crime?”

Shannon got up and walked away her arms crossed over her chest. She went on the defensive, “Oh what I didn’t fulfill your little girl dream of being a superheroine with you.”

“Hardly, Shan, I could care less about you doing good or not doing anything with your powers. But why, where did you decide to become bad?”

“It was too hard…after dad died; Mom was depressed, you weren’t here…” Shannon didn’t have an excuse. She was just another troubled kid who slid down the wrong path, all be it with superpowers. Silence hung in the air.

Sara felt pain, she hadn’t been there to help out Shannon, “Shan…I’m sorry, but you can end that right now. Free me, then we’ll go down there deal with Velocity and turn her in. If you work with me I can get the charges against you dismissed.”

“It’s too late for that Sara…I’ve got some stuff to take care of….” Shannon went to her room and left Sara alone. Ice shook her head than heard the door open.


“Sisters…I knew the last name was the same but….” Terri said standing in the doorway.

Ice was shocked, “How much…”

“Did I hear?, only everything important.” Terri snickered. She walked forwards forming her plan. Sara was too much of a risk to Blaze and of course her. Velocity was going to do what she should have done in the first place. Now next to Ice’s bound form, she began to undo the chains from the chair. Sara prepared to use her powers but then Terri placed her hand on Ice’s leg. Rubbing at superfast speeds she began to create heat.

“NO….stop that….” Ice said feeling the heat creeping into her body. Velocity kept up her rubbing leaving Ice weak and helpless in the chair. She then took the ice skater in her arms. Sara tried to fight the slight heat stroke that had begun to take her but was too weak from the quick attack.

Terri carried Sara to the bathroom. Closing the door with her foot she then set Ice on the floor. Velocity then threw the small bathtub on. Hot water flowed from the facuet on the tub and she looked at Ice who knew what was coming. Velocity then smiled, she rubbed Ice’s legs again weakening her further. Using this to her advantage, Terri left again. Returning in less than a second she brought one of the chains back. Quickly she bound the heroine’s wrists together. As more hot water filled the tub, Sara could only think to cry for Shannon.

“Shan!” she said weakly but still loud. Terri smiled again.

“Sorry my dear this room is pretty soundproof, plus I turned the radio on pretty loud.” With that she picked Ice off the floor. Held in Velocity’s arms, Ice struggled but could do nothing as her nylon and lyrca encased body entered the water. Her costume clung even tighter to her body and Sara’s hair became wet and straight. Instantly her body began to lose its strength. As she grew warmer in the center her body lost more of its ability to fight off the cold.

Sara tried to cool the water but was meeting with mix success. She could cool the water to a more survivable temperature only to have more hot water come from the faucet. Ice’s powers began to fade quickly with the heat, meaning she couldn’t keep cooling the water. Again weakly she cried with tears.


Shannon was packing things up placing them in her bag. She heard the radio go on and didn’t think about it. While packing she thought about her and Sara. They had grown too distant…it was her fault. Shannon had just wanted to get away. Part of her was arguing with the other half. One side would scream to run, while the other would scream to go with Sara. Stopping her packing, she then looked at her one real personal possession. It was a photo of her and Sara.

Closing her eyes, she decided that Sara was owed a final talk. She left her room and went back into the room they had Sara in, only to find she was gone. Seeing the chains lying on the ground Blaze finally put everything together. Breaking into a run she hit the bathroom. Kicking the door open she saw Terri watching her sister slowly succumb to Ice’s weakness. With a scream of rage, Shannon slammed her fist into Terri’s face. This knocked Velocity to the floor. Blaze then soaked up the oxygen in the room and knocked the speedster out.

With Velocity taken care of, Shan shoved her arms into the tub and lifted her unconscious sister out from the hot water. Placing her on the floor she then began to suck the heat from Sara’s body, lowering her temperature. Next she grabbed some towels and began to dry off Ice.

“Come on Sara, wake up…” she said. Ice didn’t move.

“Don’t do this…please, I’m sorry…oh god, Sara wake up, I can’t do this again…”

Sara could hear crying; she opened her eyes and looked at the person above her, “Shannon…”

Looking down a smile broke out across Shannon’s face. She hugged her sister and cried softly realizing how close she had come to losing her.


Hours Later…

“Well I guess you can turn me in.” Shannon said sitting in some shorts and t-shirt. Ice was resting on her couch in her panties and tank top. An ice pack was on her neck and a very cold beer in her hands.

“I am but you’re not going to jail.” Sara smiled.

“I know that face, you’re hiding something.”

Sara still had the smirk on her face, “I saved Judge Henderson’s son about three months ago, she owes me a favor. If I can get her to put Blaze in Ice’s custody, you can pay for your crimes with public service.”

“Why do I have a feeling you’re about to make that little talk we had all those years ago true?” Shannon groaned.

“Come on, Fire and Ice? It’s perfect!” Sara laughed.

“Now I know why Supergirl works alone.”


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