Golden Girl & Princess Pink vs. Simon the Evil Pieman

Ah, the hectic life of a typical college student/superheroine. When trying to find the time to study for that killer chemistry exam and having a normal social life, some supervillain comes along and hatches a nefarious plan. Not even to mention the personal appearances a renowed crimefighter is asked to make. How can any kind-hearted defender of truth and justice refuse a request from a local high school to be the keynote speaker for a “say no to drugs” assembly? That question is the exact one facing 20 year old college sophomore, Nikki Scott. Of course, Nikki Scott is better known in her crime-fighting secret alter-ego Princess Pink.

Nikki Scott blends in quite nicely on the sun-soaked Florida campus of Southeastern St. University. A stunning 5’7 blonde haired beauty with a covergirl smile, she looks much like most of the sexy hardbodies that roam the halls of this well-known party school. However, once she changes into pink spandex, Cari distinguishes herself as the crime-fighting dynamo Princess Pink. A champion gymnast in high school, Princess Pink is only armed with her athletic skill in the battle against evil. This athletic skill, however, has been refined through rigorous martial arts training. This training, under the supervision of 27 year old graduate student, Lorissa McKenna, is where the story of Princess Pink begins.

Lorissa McKenna was the darling of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. As an 18 year old star of the U.S. gymnastics team, she gained fame for combining the looks of a model with the artistic grace of a ballerina. The 5’9 gold medalist with soft brown hair was unusually tall and curvy for a gymnast, but this only made her more beautiful to watch and more appealing to a fawning national media. Since retiring from competition, Lorissa was able to parlay her athletic fame and beauty into numerous endorsements and modeling jobs. While wealth and fame made for a glamourous life, an incident as an international jet-setter changed Lorissa forever.

In 2000, while in Paris for a modeling shoot, Lorissa was kidnapped by the European supervillainess Pied Piper. The photographer in the Paris studio was “replaced” by a striking young woman who was really the Pied Piper in disguise. The Piper’s trick camera was equipped with a special flash that blasted an ear-splitting screech and a blinding light that disoriented and disabled Lorissa. In her weakened state, soft music from the Pied Piper’s hypnotic flute attacked Lorissa’s free will and made her mind the plaything of the brain-bending villainess. Before the Pied Piper could whisk away with her prize, Parisian police entered the building and caught the evil Piper in the act. While Lorissa was saved from her fate as the hypnotized toy of the felonious mistress of the flute, the feeling of being so helpless and vulnerable never left her. Retreating back to the United States to live the relatively quiet life of a college student at Southeastern St., Lorissa found the only way to keep from feeling defenseless was to use her skills as an athlete to actively fight crime. Clad in a clinging gold leotard, Lorissa McKenna became the masked avenger known as Golden Girl.

It was in a self-defense class where a then freshman Nikki Scott first met Lorissa. Lorissa taught martial arts and self-defense while earning her PhD in body mechanics and she was immediately impressed with the raw skill Nikki possessed. It was during some one-on-one training where Nikki’s fighting ability and agility greatly improved and a close friendship blossomed. As Nikki’s freshman year was drawing to a close, Lorissa felt Nikki was ready to learn her secret and possibly join her crusade against crime. Nikki was only too eager to become partners with the famous Golden Girl and adopt a secret crime-fighting identity of her own. It was that day where Princess Pink was born.

On this typically balmy, humid Florida day, Nikki Scott was was readying herself for her titilating transformation into the spandex supergirl Princess Pink. Normally, this change was accompanied by the anxious feeling of knowingly throwing oneself into harm’s way. Becoming Princess Pink usually meant matching wits and fists with the likes of the nefarious Killer Wasp and Miss Freeze. However, this was a much different occassion. Princess Pink was making an appearance at Herbert Carver High School for their annual ‘say no the drugs’ rally. Nikki pulled the shades on the windows of her modest off-campus apartment and shed the tank top and shorts she normally wore on campus. A pair of light pink pantyhose were pulled up Nikki luscious legs. Hot pink spandex panties followed the same delicious route upward and were secured snuggly on Nikki’s well-rounded behind. A matching hot pink sports bra was pulled over before hot pink gloves were pulled to the middle of her forearms.
A bare midriff showcased well toned and well tanned abs. Hot pink booty-type slippers were sild over her delicate feet as Nikki stood to admire the stunning figure she cut in her costume in a full-length mirror. Now, the final touches of the Princess Pink look would be complete. A light pink eye mask was applied to her face and a coating of shocking pink lip-gloss was applied to her full lips. Her shoulder length blonde hair was tied neatly into DynaGirl-esqe pigtails. Nikki adjusted the pink sports bra that clung to her tightly to center the interlocking “PP” logo Princess Pink wore at the center of her chest. The crime-fighting superfox Princess Pink was ready to meet the world– or at least the world of Herbert Carver High.

Princess Pink left her bedroom and entered the kitchen of her apartment. She pulled open the door of what appeared to be a floor to ceiling cabinet and stepped inside. This was not the cabinet it appeared to be, it was a secret elevator that led downstairs to an abandoned storeroom that housed Princess Pink’s Spandex-Cycle. Once downstairs via the secret passage, she straddled her motorcycle and blasted forward toward the street through a sliding door well-hidden among well-placed shrubbery. The money Lorissa had earned as an olympic heroine made protecting one’s secret identity, through the use of high-dollar gadgets, much easier than one would suspect.

The trip to Herbert Carver High was a short one, only a few blocks away from Nikki’s apartment. This short trip, however, was drawing a great deal of attention as Princess Pink cruised through this residential neighborhood. If the sight of a scantily-clad young beauty on a motorcycle wasn’t enough to bring out many gawking onlookers, the sight of the famous superheroine Princess Pink was. This attention alerted the young heroine to the problems she may create by parking the Spandex-Cycle in front of a crowded high school. A mob scene was the last thing Princess Pink wanted and a quick detour led her to an area behind the school. A quiet entrance through the back of the school would be a much safer way into Carver High.

“Perfect,” Princess Pink thought to herself as she arrived at the rear entrance of the cafeteria of the high school, “not a soul in sight.” She parked her motorcycle by the cafeteria door and the scene was indeed perfect. There was no students to be found- the area was completely isolated save a lone delivery van with the sign “Mother’s Bakery” on the side. There was certainly nothing to arouse suspicion. Everything seemed perfectly normal as Princess Pink climbed off her Spandex-Cycle and made her way to the cafeteria’s rear exit.

As Princess Pink approached the back door of the Herbert Carver High cafeteria, the door burst open in front of her and a curvy feminine vision full of energy bounced out to meet her.

“Oh mah gawd!,” the young girl exclaimed, “it’s really you, Princess Pink!”

This girl was short, only 5’2, but she had a voluptuous, well-developed body that appeared to be a bit mature for high school. Her body was well showcased in a white cheerleading outfit. A tight long sleeved sweater highlighted a buxom chest and the name “Cookie” was sewn across the front. Her skirt was short and trimmed in Carver’s colors of blue and red. This skirt was so short, in fact, that as she bounced in excitement, one could see the blue bloomers that covered her plump bottom. She had a pretty, fresh face that was framed by a long mane of feathered strawberry blonde hair. This sexy bundle of school spirit could hardly contain her glee and visibly shook as she was face to face with the superheroine Princess Pink.

“I just can’t believe you’re really here,” Cookie said, “and I can’t believe how stupid I am…I didn’t even tell you who I am…I..I..I’m Cookie and I’ll be your guide for today..and where’s Golden Girl, is she coming too?.”

Princess Pink was hardly fazed by meeting awestruck fans, but this little cheerleader seemed to be too much. “I’m going to be stuck with Ms. Rah-Rah, this is just great,” the heroine thought as she tried to hide the displeasure (not to mention her sarcasm). Princess Pink put her best face forward and extended her gloved hand to Cookie.

“Pleasure to meet you, Cookie, and Golden Girl is out on another assignment and can’t make it today” Princess Pink said kindly as she could feel the shaking hand of young cheerleader in her grasp.

“So nice to meet you, I’m Cookie…but I said that already…I’m on the student council and I campaigned so hard to be your official Carver High escort here on your visit.”

“Well, I’m honored…but shouldn’t we be making our way to the assembly hall.” Princess Pink replied as she grew a tad impatient,”I know Principal Walker is waiting for us.”

Cookie still stood as a bouncing bundle of youthful energy in front of the cafeteria’s rear door, blocking the superheroine’s way inside. Her tone of voice and manner still reflected that of a star-crossed school girl.
“Oh mah gawd, we can’t go just yet…you haven’t received the full tour,” Cookie exclaimed.

Growing more angry and losing her patience with the pride of the Carver High spirit squad, Princess Pink could only muster a frown as she crossed her arms in front of her.

“I’m afraid I don’t have time for the full tour, Cookie,” the young heroine said somewhat coldly. “I really must get to the assembly hall now.”

“Yeah, OK, OK,” Cookie replied anxiously, “but you simply must try the best thing from our cafeteria…it was made especially for you.”

Princess Pink realized she might be a bit hard on this poor girl. After all, wasn’t this visit all about helping young people get on the right track? And Cookie really seemed to be making an effort to make her visit special, even preparing something special just for her.

“Of course, Cookie, I’m sorry I was so pushy,” Princess Pink said apologetically, “I’d be honored to try it.”

Cookie reached an unseen arm behind the cafeteria door and produced a chocolate eclair. She held the pastry delicately in two cupped hands and brought it up to Princess Pink’s face.

“We get this chocolate eclaires from Mother’s Bakery and I think you’ll find them simply dreamy…” Cookie remarked as she brought the baked treat toward the superheroine.

Before Princess Pink could react, Cookie squeezed the eclaire with great relish and a stream of white whipped cream sprayed into the heroine’s face. The shock of the sudden attack forced Princess Pink to recoil back and she drew her pink gloved hands to her face. A quick rub removed some of the cream, but the white goop was still covering her masked eyes, nose, and mouth. This shock soon gave way to fear as the superheroine began to taste and inhale the fumes of this strong sickly sweet concoction. Princess Pink felt the effects of the narcotic cream dull her senses as her lithe body grew heavy. She grew increasing drowsy as the heroine crumbled to a knee and her eyelids grew heavier than her body. Princess Pink’s head sank and seemed to roll like her neck was too weak to support the weight. It was then that she realized exactly what she had been sprayed with.

“Simon’sss…sleeeeping…cream,” Princess Pink muttered weakly as she collapsed to the ground and her consciousness was slipping away. “…right into…a…trap….must…must..stay…awake.”

Princess Pink’s battle to stay conscious against the felonious cream filling was indeed a losing one and the young heroine would lay prone on her back. The last sight her fluttering eyes would see before surrendering to sweet slumber was the blurred vision of her laughing cheerleading attacker and a skinny man dressed in white. The man wore a simple short-sleeved collared shirt and a pair of plain white pants. This drab outfit was complemented by a long white apron, an oversized white chef’s hat, and a white eye mask. Princess Pink would recognize him anywhere…the notorious supervillain, Simon the Pieman.

“Excellent deduction, Princess Pink, ” a cackling Simon boasted as he leaned forward toward the helpless heroine. “Specially whipped sleeping cream for a trap set by yours truly, Simon the Pieman.”

Simon and Cookie laughed manically as they watched Princess Pink slip away to sleep. Her face, obscured by the noxious white filling, fell back and the last drop of her eyelids could be seen faintly through her pink mask and cream. The fight was over and 40 winks was the victor.

“Pleasant dreams, Princess Pink. You make the perfect bait for my Golden Girl trap,” Simon said sinisterly as he turned his attention to his shapely henchwoman Cookie.

“You were masterful, my delicious Cookie, ” Simon remarked lovingly as her placed his hands on Cookie’s shoulders. “Step one of my plan is complete.”

“Oh goody, Simon,” bubbled Cookie as she still shook with excitement. “But how can you be so sure Golden Girl will know where to find us?”

“A well-placed clue is in order,” Simon replied matter-of-factly. “However, its time to depart with our sleeping parcel before we draw any undo attention.”

A simple clap of Simon’s hands signaled his muscle-bound bakers to emerge from behind the cafeteria door. Two large men dressed exactly as Simon walked forth. The first henchman wore the title “Knead” on his apron and his twin wore the title “Dough.” Without a word, the bakers secured the fallen superheroine with Knead grabbing around her shoulders and Dough clasping her ankles. They scooped up the slumbering Princess Pink and hustled her to the back of the “Mother’s Bakery” van. With that, Simon and Cookie made their way to the front seats of the pastry mobile.

“Will she be asleep for the trip back to the bakery, Simon?” Cookie asked jumped into the passenger seat.

“Most certainly, Cookie, my sleeping cream was whipped to be effective for at least five hours,” Simon replied as he climbed behind the wheel. “And…I think I provided the perfect clue for Golden Girl.”

Simon and Cookie shared a hearty laugh as the Mother’s Bakery van sped from behind the school with their super spandex captive in tow.

The only thing remaining at the rear entrance of the Herbert Carver High cafeteria door was an empty pink cake box with a Mother’s Bakery logo that sat open on the concrete floor. Written on the inside cover of the box was a simple message intended for the golden protector of justice, Golden Girl. The message read simply: “Simon sez: I’ve Been In The Pink Since I Kidnapped Your Partner”


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