Heroine Transformations

Heroine Transformations Illustration

We’ve all got to start somewhere, don’t we?

Maybe it’s presumptuous, deeming this one story the root of this site’s raison d’être. After all, people have been getting turned on by superheroine peril since superheroines were invented (if you’re old enough to be reading this, you’re hopefully old enough to know the kinky history behind Wonder Woman), and they’ve been splashing those turn-ons across the Internet since that was invented. Why spotlight this story, which wasn’t even the hundred-and-first, and has at most a subjective claim to being the best?

’cause it’s where I started, punk. Got a problem with that?

The name’s Disciple, by the way. Former lurker, current moderator, occasional writer, eternal procrastinator, all-around control freak. By decree of our benevolent Administrator For Life, I run the story archives around here – cataloging, uploading, formatting and reformatting, and tagging to my heart’s content. And sometimes, with no warning whatsoever, I do things like these. Call it an introduction, call it a foreword, call it a retrospective, or call it nothing and skip right to the table of contents down there. Not like I can stop you.

So. Heroine Transformations.

I don’t quite remember when I first found it, but I do remember it being my second-ever read on Superstories.net, and what a read it was. Where most of the other stories there (including my first-ever read) paid at least lip-service to that nebulous kudzu-knot of parallel timelines and legacy codenames which comic books called ‘continuity’, this one cheerfully mashed DC and Marvel and Capcom and a whole lot more into one box and practically dared its readers to argue. This, I’ve come to believe, is one of those things that makes the genre a genre and not just a particularly X-rated borough of superhero fanfiction: the bits and bobbles mean nothing, the ideal everything.

The keyword isn’t peril, so much as corruption. Yes, it’s tremendous fun to see a heroine caught, even more to see her fall (preferably with a last, futile little cry of defiance), but what comes after the fall? Even today, too few writers care to elaborate on this. For one all the way from the mist-shrouded annals of 2000 to not only elaborate, but actually try to make the fallen heroine a character in her own right, was nothing short of groundbreaking. Said heroine’s elaborate costume-switch didn’t hurt, either.

Like so many other trailblazers, Heroine Transformations stands unfinished. It stood unfinished when I first found it a decade-plus ago, a ‘for god’s sake, will it take another few years before the author of this story writes another chapter?’ cheekily signing off its then-latest chapter. I could move this to its now-latest chapter without needing to change a thing – and indeed, I have.

The original author, a fellow who still answers to ‘RK’ every now and then, still kicks around the genre as a special-effects man. Alas, he has expressed little interest in picking up where he left off.



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