Liberty League

She was cold but still kept going despite it. Her bulky clothing hid the feminine figure that was…she didn’t even know her own name. Carol… ‘that seems right, but why?’ Carol was too deep in thought to notice the four men following her. One of the gangs in the city, they were looking for a little fun. As she continued to walk down the street the four men closed the distance to her. Carol was musing over her problem when she was violently shoved into an alley way.

One of the guys pinned her against the wall. His breath over her face stank and in not so very kind words he described what he and his buddies were going to do to her.

“No…please!” Carol screamed. The thug laughed and reached for her pants when from behind them a woman called out.

“Hey, jackass, want to leave that girl alone.” He and his four buddies looked behind them.

At the entrance to the alley three women stood. A brunet, redhead and a dirty blonde were looking at the guys with angry faces. The blonde wore a black t-shirt dark jeans and a matching demon jacket. Burnet had on a black blouse and a demon skirt with black tights, the redhead a long sleeved shirt with jeans. With smiles on their faces they looked at the new arrivals.

“Sure we’ll give her up, for you three.” He nodded and his buddies approached the girls. The blonde and the burnet looked at the redhead in the center. As the men closed, she nodded to her crew.

The blonde smiled and walked up to her guy. He grabbed her and then with ease she broke free of his grip and took him by his shirt collar and tossed him behind them. The burnet in jeans stepped forward and disappeared into a blur taking the gangster with her. Last but not least the redhead touched her guy. A pinkish purple glow came from her hand and he sank to his knees unconscious.

The fourth guy was then hit from the side by the burnet. Coming to a stop next to her she looked the girl over, “Are you okay?”

“Yes…how…did, you all?”

“Do that?” the Burnet smiled, “We’re metas. Carrie over there has superstrength, I’m Terri, as you saw I have speed, and our fearless leader is Katie. She is gifted with the ability to take powers from others.”

Katie, the redhead walked up and offered her hand, “Nice to meet you…”

Carol began to offer her name but then yelled, “Look out!” She shot her hand out and sent a blast of golden light right at thug that Carrie tossed over her shoulder. It struck him and knocked over the thug rendering him unconscious. The three girls looked at the girl they rescued and saw her potential.

Katie smiled, “why don’t you come to our apartment.”


“Good job girls let depart before more police show up.” Red Devil ordered her Imps. The three hench girls wore Playboy bunny like devil costumes, with red halter leotards, matching tights and devil horns. Red Devil was wearing her standard red bodystocking that included tail and horns. A red mask protected her identity and her trident acted as flamethrower, smoke screen and a few other surprises.

She had just robbed a fine jewelry store. Red Devil kept the police at bay by laying down her flames and smoke. With the job done, it was time to go. The four ladies made their way out of the store only to encounter another leotard and tights wearing lady, not one of theirs.

“Red Devil, so quick to get back on the job after you got out of jail?” American Star in her patriotic red, white, and blue. Landing from her hovering position she touched down and assumed a power stance. Allison was waiting for Red Devil to make the next move. Red Devil swore, ‘but it’s four against one, and I have my devil’s breath…’

“But of course American Star, I need to make up for my losses.” She smiled then ordered her hench girls into action. Allison assumed a fighting stance and watched as the three girls surrounded her and Red Devil took position in front of Allison aiming her trident at the heroine.

“Seems you’re out numbered American Star?”

“Not quite.” Allison smirked. Suddenly a bolt of lighting struck one of the hench girls, a icy blast took down the next, and finally the third was picked up by a flying red head. Electron landed next to American Star, Ice skated up on Allison’s right, and finally Fire, formerly Blaze landed next to her sister. The four criminals took a look at the girls.

“I’d like you to meet my friends, we’re the Liberty League.”

“Oh great a bunch of college girls playing Justice League! Get them!” Red Devil snared. Her three Imps charged the gals. Allison, Erin, Sara took the hench girls, Shannon had to deal with the flame wielding villainess. Red Devil blasted the former supervillainess with flames, only to watch them have no effect on Fire.

“Remember, flames are my specialty?” Fire joked with Red Devil.

“True my dear, but what about gas?” Red Devil aimed her trident and smoky gas came from the ends, except it wasn’t smoke.

As Shannon inhaled the white gas, she became dizzy and sleepy. Instantly weakening she fell to her knees and used a hand to keep her up. ‘Got to… fight it’, Shannon thought. She coughed once more and fell to the ground, the knock out power of the Devil’s Breath working quickly.

“Sis!” Ice said freezing the Imp she was fighting to a building. She skated at the villainess; Red Devil was waiting for her. Flames lanced out and Ice threw up a wall of her namesake, which blocked the fire but melted the ice wall. The heat took its toll weakening Sara slightly.

Fortunately Erin had Sara covered, firing off an electrical blast from her hand that struck the trident Red Devil held. Shorting the device out, Red Devil dropped it and was caught in the arms of American Star who ran behind her. The police arrived and the Liberty League handed over the villainess and her help.


“Man I hate knock out gas!” Shannon exclaimed taking off her mask. She collapsed onto the couch in the flat and took a sip from the coke in her hand. She looked incredible in her new costume. A red leotard with orange sequence made up the main part, red gloves, tights and a mask completed her new costume.

“Well you’d think as a bad girl that you would have more experience with the stuff.” Erin laughed standing in her new costume. It was a dark blue leotard with white on the shoulders and sleeves and the scientific symbol for an electron on her chest. Topped off with a dark blue skirt that went to mid thigh, opaque tights and her mask completed the outfit.

“Hey, that was Katie’s kinky little thing, not mine.” Fire defended herself.

Allison entered the room in her PJs. She looked over her little band; Sara was eating some ice cream at the kitchen while Erin and Shannon exchanged jokes. She had gotten the idea for them to form a team when she and Erin had first run into Ice and Fire. They had been captured, Allison was knocked out by chloroform spray, and Erin made herself vulnerable by exhausting her power charge. As a result they both became bound with Spider Queen’s web and dearly died from the poisonous web. Luckily Fire and Ice came and rescued the two heroines. Since then and Allison’s offer, they had formed their team.

The four ladies had cleaned up DC in the recent weeks. Working out of their rented loft which was huge, they didn’t have the money for a fancy command center like some of the other teams. Luckily Allison’s sister Anne had set them up with some hidden high tech equipment and computers. So far they hadn’t ran into any real trouble. Of course that only meant something would happen soon, of course.


“You can’t remember anything?” Carrie asked in surprise. She handed the hot coca mug to Carol who had changed to some light blue PJ pants and a matching tank top.

“Nothing from before two weeks ago…its scary.” She replied slipping the mug of chocolate.

Katie Helms, better know as Fade, watched the girl with curiosity. Carol’s memory loss was bad, but worked for her and the Sorority of Sin. Her little creation had started out as a revenge squad against American Star and her friends. After that failed thanks to Electron and Emerald, the Sorority was now working for profit and American Star’s defeat if the opportunity presented itself.

“I woke up in a field in Virginia. I was wearing this weird black outfit that hugged my body.” The skin tight garment was by her baggy clothes, “I stole some clothes and began heading towards a city. Then these weird powers kept coming on.”

Carol described everything she remembered about her various powers, ability to shoot energy beams from her eyes or hands, glow like a lamp, even turn into light and move fast. ‘If she could learn more how to control her powers, she could become a powerful member of the Sorority’ Katie thought to herself.

Their members included her, Vigor, Velocity, Silhouette (Kerry Kross), Magpie (Gillian McGuire). Terri and Carrie had been with her since the beginning of their villainess days. Blaze had turn good so there was a need to get some new help. Kerry Kross had crossed a powerful villain who as of yet hadn’t reappeared, so she needed to make some friends in the criminal underworld and some money. She had decided to start with Katie’s group. Gillian, Magpie, was lying low in DC for the moment. As soon as she had enough money though, she was returning home to take on her foe Cardinal.

“Well, I better go to bed so I can get moving in the morning.” Carol said as she placed her empty cup on the table.

“Nonsense Carol. Listen I know you’re pretty freaked out by the events of the past two weeks, your strange powers, memory lost, those thugs, but please stay with us.” Katie offered.

Carrie took the lead next, “Yeah we can help ya with those powers of yours, what do ya say?”

Looking around the room at the girls she saw friendly smiles and remembered how they helped her in the alley, “Okay, thank you everyone.”


“So what do you think is up with her?” Kerry asked Katie as they cleaned up some dishes. Carol had gone to bed in the guest room.

“She definitely has memory lost, which means we can write a whole new chapter with this girl. Her powers are more than a match for most of the heroines out there and villains. If we can slowly work her over to the Sorority we’ll be the top villains in the country.” Katie replied with a smile.

“Okay”, Kerry said, “But watch out I see that look in her eyes.”

“What look?”

“The one those heroines have, of innocence and wanting to do good.” Kerry warned.

Katie thought about that, “Then we’ll just have to make her think she’s doing good for us.”


Carol tossed and turned in her sleep. Her dreams were coming back. A flash of light here, a massive explosion, someone screaming her name, then blackness…and pain!

She sat straight up in bed. Looking at the clock she saw the numbers glowing 3:50 AM. Taking slow breaths she looked out the window, the full moon lighting her room. Getting out of bed she looked out the window and closed her eyes. For some reason the light on her skin felt good.

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