Lightspeed: Prey

Jessie was heading for her next class. Backpack slung over her shoulder she was wearing a light blue blouse and jeans. Things had been pretty easy since her run in with the varsity cheerleaders. Keri Palmer’s little gang had been sent to juvie and she had gotten through her first perilous situation. Lightspeed hadn’t had a complete free ride however; it seemed she wasn’t the only one who had super powers in school. Nicole Henderson had been a shape shifting senior who had caused quite a bit of trouble.

Then there was Alex Redman, a student that could stop time with a device he built. Lightspeed shuttered at that, remembering how he had used that to remove her Accelerator Unit and feel up her legs. But she had managed to over come all the obstacles that had popped up so far. Rounding the corner she entered Math class. Taking her seat in the midsection of the class she watched as the other students filed in. Mr. Michaels had left to work for another school. So a new teacher was coming in his place. Jessie didn’t pay much attention to the details.

So when the new teacher came in she was surprised at how young she was. She seemed to be in her early twenties. Her favorite color seemed to be a variation on red. Blood red hair was pulled into a ponytail. For some reason she was wearing red lenses glasses, something silky and red was under her black blouse. A dark red skirt that went to her knees and gray tights with black boots completed her ensemble.

“Okay class, time to start.” She said. Jessie noticed how the male students were following the new teacher’s form with their eyes.

She sighed, men. Looking at the teacher however she knew that the reaction was deserved. The teacher wrote her name on the board.

“I’m Ms. Lucile Furr, your new math teacher. Now I’ll tell a little about myself, I’m a fresh graduate from Gothic University, and the reason my glasses are red is because I suffer a rare visual condition. The tint allows my eyes to adjust. Now let’s learn a little about you guys.”

Each student gave their name and a few facts. Ms. Furr nodded and listened to each one, making a list on a clipboard. Once that was done she eased the class into their lesson. Fifteen minutes in however, there was an interruption. Suddenly the fire alarm went off and Ms. Furr looked at the class with shock, “There isn’t a fire drill today…everyone let’s calmly move out!”

As the students moved into the hallway, they were further encouraged by the smoke filling it. Jessie stepped out and saw the fire was coming from the science labs. Making sure that Ms. Furr didn’t see her slip away, or anyone else, she headed for the bathroom. Once inside she unbuttoned her blouse, underneath was her blue and white leotard. Reaching inside her pocket she pulled out her Accelerator and extended the belt part. Kicking off her pants she revealed her silky blue tights. Her sneakers and mask finished off the uniform. She was now Lightspeed.

Running out of the bathroom at blinding speeds she reached the fire filled lab. Several students were out cold on the floor. Along with Mrs. White, the science teacher. The middle age teacher was suffering from smoke inhalation, so she was Lightspeed’s first rescue. Running out of the burning building she rested the teacher outside in front of the crowd of students and teachers.

“She needs medical attention!” Jessie yelled. With that she ran back into the building, and seconds later appeared with another student. In less than a minute she had deposited all the students. Now she was going to deal with the fire. Standing at the door way she spun into a circle. Holding her breath, Jessie sucked the air and smoke out of the room. The flames with nothing to feed on died out and became controllable. Satisfied she had taken control of the fire she headed back outside. Lightspeed now stood next to Mrs. White.

“Bless you…Lightspeed…” a coughing Mrs. White said as a paramedic helped her. Jessie did her best million dollar smile.

“No problem Mrs. White, are you alright?” Lightspeed asked.

“She’ll be okay, so will the kids.” Answered the paramedic, Jessie nodded and saw it was time to make her leave, Ms. Furr was taking roll. With a burst of speed she was gone.


“Jenny Aller?” Lucy Furr called.

“Here.” Was the answer.

“Jessie Brooks?” she called the next name in the list.

“Here!” Ms. Furr looked up from her checklist, Jessie Brooks; the blonde eighteen year old was standing there looking like she never left. She checked off her name and Jessie sighed in relief, it she had been only a few seconds slower…

School ended early that day so students were allowed to go home early. Fire Department officials began to go over the site. One of the men looking over the fire scene was Larry Reynolds. A year with the CFD he was sent to check the rooms around the science labs for a possible explanation for the fire. Inside a history room he was surprised to find a young teacher packing a bag.

“Miss?” she turned and pushed some red glasses up her nose.

“Oh…you scared me.” She smiled, man she looks good, Reynolds thought but quickly got back to business.

“Ma’am this is a possible crime scene you need to leave.” He warned. She walked over to him.

“Oh I’m sorry I just wanted to get my things.” She showed him the bag. He nodded his eyes going towards her legs. The dark grey of her tights seemed to shimmer when he looked at them. Reynolds had always been a leg man, she dropped her bag.

“Opps.” Bending down sideways to pick it up, he could see the slit cut into the side of her skirt. He was excited at the sight of her lyrca and nylon encased thigh. Coming back up she came even closer.

“So, like what you see?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Oh…no ma’am I was…”

“Quiet…” she places her finger over his lips, “I know what you saw and I liked what I saw.” She stroked him in a sensitive spot, Reynolds gulped.

“How about we get something to eat later?” she suggested.

“Sure…but I don’t even know your name…” he couldn’t say anything else, it was like he was in her control. She walked away, showing as much leg as she could.

“Lucy Furr, see you at eight.” She smiled.

“I think I’m in love.” Reynolds said aloud. Then he got back to business of checking the room, trying not to think of the lovely Ms. Furr.

He went up to the wall shared by both rooms. Looking down he saw that there was an air vent. Bending down he took a look, and was shocked by what he saw. The metal had been melted and wrapped at the end of the vent. Reynolds was surprised; he found scorching marks in the vent that suggested something was heat source at this end then sending the heat into the science lab.

A few hours later he was ready for his date with the new teacher. He met her at her house. Ms. Furr was wearing a red shimmering dress with matching hose and her glasses. As he headed for the restaurant she decided that they should head somewhere else.

“Trust me…” she said, showing off her leg again.

Now they were in a field a few miles from town. She got a blanket and put it out so they could have a picnic. They talked and Reynolds couldn’t stop looking at her legs which she didn’t mind showing. Some how she got him to talk about his job.

“It was really weird” he said stroking her legs which lay in his lap. She was resting back on her elbows.

“Why?” she asked. He explained about the heat source, she nodded.

“I see, hey close your eyes.” Lucy said. She got up and he did as he was told. With his eyes closed he felt her stroking his pants. He smiled and reached out to touch her.

“Nope, just relax.”

He did, not seeing what was going on behind him. There was a flash of light which he saw through his closed eyelids. Looking behind him he opened his eyes to see Lucy was gone.

“Lucy?” he asked. Then he heard a fluttering of what sounded like wings. Trying to find the source of the sound he didn’t feel the strike till it was too late. A sharp pain went through his legs and he collapsed to the ground. Another then ripped into his back. Sharp claws were digging into him.

“AHAHAH!” he screamed. Collapsing he was rolled over and shocked by what he saw. A woman was standing over him, not a normal one however. She had blood red hair, and wore an off tone body stocking with no foot ware. A red bikini covered her private areas. She also had a red mask with horns on, covering her face. Red eyes glowed, looking at him. A pair of huge wings grew out of her back.

“What…are you…” he asked through the pain in his legs and back.

She slashed him with claws again, cutting his chest, “What do you think I am?”

“Some…demon…a monster.” He gasped.

“You’re right, I’m Devil Girl dear, and I need to feed…” she bent down and bought her body down on top of his. If he wasn’t in terrible pain, he would have loved the contact with her bodystocking. She licked his neck and then brought her tongue down to his blood. He felt sick as she licked his blood. Bringing her lips over to his own she kissed him then brought her mouth down on his neck.

Lucy was in heaven, she loved the feeling of the blood coming down her throat. What was even better was the life force she was draining from his body. After a few minutes of contact she had drained Reynolds of all his blood and life force, he was a corpse. Relishing in the energy now coursing through her she remembered how she got here.

Lucile Furr had been a normal teacher in training in the 1930s; her family was fairly well off so she avoided the worst of the Great Depression. While at school she fell in love with Derrick Menders. She and he would make love for hours, because that’s what he wanted besides her money. But he promised they would wed. Then came the day, and he never showed. Lucy was struck with massive depression. She couldn’t help but feel used, and her parents had lost lots of money. So she decided to kill herself.

One night she had readied a noose made from her wedding hosiery. Tying it around her neck she was about to jump off her bed when a massive force knocked her to the floor. Lucy wanted to know what happened and was greeted with a woman clad in black and red. She explained she was a demoness, one that had a deal for Lucy. The dark lady would grant Lucy with the power to take her revenge and be immortal. Lucy was filled with the pleasure at the idea of taking her anger out on Derrick. Agreeing she was transformed into the form she held now, Devil Girl. She possessed the ability to fly, immortal strength, and claws to deliver pain with.

Although she didn’t have it now, she had a trident that could spit flames and open portals to dark dimensions. It allowed her instantaneous travel and the ability to send her victims there. Devil Girl was granted her immortal status by feeding on the life force of humans. Her first meal had been Derrick. Once she found him she tortured him for four days and three nights. In his last moments she revealed her identity, the way he pleaded for his life. It still excited her to this day.

For the last seventy years she had lived on earth, torturing souls, feeding on life force. Then one day in the 1950s a young superheroine tried to stop her from sucking dry some stiff. Devil Girl easily defeated her, bringing her lyrca and nylon form close. Lucy kissed the girl, sucking her life force. That’s when she discovered the greatest feeling. If she feed on a person with superhuman life essence, she doubled the time between feedings and felt great. Now besides feeding on humans, she hunted her super prey. Many young men and woman had been drained by her, now she was on her latest prey.

Transforming back into Lucy Furr she placed her sunglasses back over her eyes, covering her blood red color. Reaching into her bag she had placed in the car she removed her trident. Pointing down at the body she used the flames it expelled to destroy the evidence. It had been her trident that had started the fire in the science lab. Lucy just wanted to make sure her prey was here.

She couldn’t wait for Lightspeed. In her experience blondes had great energy.


Jessie was doing her homework in her room. The sun was slowly setting, giving an orange glow to the Brooks’s farm. She smiled taking a look out the window, “It’s beautiful.”

“What’s that dear?” asked Samantha Brooks her mom. She was standing in the doorway of her daughter’s room. Jessie turned to face her mother.

“Nothing, what’s up?”

Her Mom smiled, “Well your dad is visiting your uncle, so I thought you might want to go somewhere else for dinner?”

“Mac’s Steakhouse?” Jessie inquired with glee. Her mother nodded, “Yes!” the young superheroine exclaimed.

“Is your homework done?” Samantha asked.

“Almost, I just need you to sign something.” Jessie answered. Once her permission slip was signed, mother and daughter made there way to the car and some juicy steaks.


Lucy was also planning for her night out, but she didn’t plan on feasting. Her taste of poor fire department official Reynolds would satisfy her for a week and a half. Now sure, she could just lure Lightspeed out, defeat her, and then feast on her precious life force. Yet that wouldn’t satisfy Lucy’s ego. The thrill was in the hunt.

Tonight she would test Lightspeed, just to make sure she was worthy of having her life drained. So she would attack downtown Charlestown. The other benefit of this little battle would be seeing Lightspeed up close, close enough to learn something perhaps such as a clue to the heroine’s identity. Lucy hadn’t tracked a heroine like that in years, so she decided to indulge herself. Removing her eyeglasses she brought her wrists together in front of her. With a stream of red demonic energy she was consumed. What emerged was the costume and body of Devil Girl.

Clad in her dark tone bodystocking she then made sure her red bikini bottom and top was there. They always were but she loved admiring herself. A red sash was tied around her waist. Then from her shoulders were her demonic wings. Finally she took her weapon, the pitch fork. Ready for her first duel with Lightspeed she used her trident to open a hole into another dimension. Stepping through it she laughed ready for a fight.

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