Mr. White continued to empty the register while the two men in ski masks and holding pistols stood over him. His simple Quick & Stop had actually never been robbed before; heck he didn’t even have a security camera in the store. Now he was being robbed at gunpoint and had people crying on the floor.

“Come on faster buddy!” ordered one of the gunmen.

“I’m trying…please everyone is scared…” he stammered.

“Everyone is going to be more scared when I start firing this thing off!” the gunman screamed shoving the 9mm closer to Mr. White’s face. He was about to give an order to his buddy when a blue white blur began to move through the store. Every time it passed a person lying on the floor they were gone.

“What the…” his pal began to say when the blur hit him and he disappeared. The gunman grabbed Mr. White and pulled him close putting the gun to the store owner’s head.

“Stop this! Come on out!” he screamed.

The blue blur returned except this time it stopped a few feet away from him, it was a young woman.

She seemed to be eighteen or nineteen, either a senior in high school or college freshmen. Blonde hair came to her shoulder blades and gleamed in the light. A pair of blue colored sunglasses or goggles covered her eyes, breaking up her face. Traveling down her body he noticed her outfit, a tight blue leotard that covered her arms and upper chest. Then at her breasts the leotard turned white. Her waist was covered in a large yellow belt with some circle thing in the center that was slowly spinning. Finally her legs were encased in blue tights and dark blue running shoes.

“What are you dressed up for Halloween!” he shouted.

“No, I’m one of those people you see on the news who have special powers and beat the crud out of guys like yourself.” The blonde superheroine answered.

“Ah…” he raised his gun and fired at the blonde, who burst into a blur again. Next thing he knew he was outside and in the hands of the police.

“You alright Mr. White?” the superheroine asked politely.

“Oh yes, just shook up. Thank you Lightspeed for this.” He answered. The blonde speed demon smiled and shook his hand.

“All in day’s work sir.”

“If you ever need something to, I don’t know snack on or eat just come by.” Mr. White offered.

She smiled, “Thanks a lot Mr. White; actually could I have one of those Gatorades?” The small crowd outside the store watched as the young protector of Charlestown ran out of the store and off down the street.


A short while later Lightspeed came to a stop at alley six miles down the road. Looking around quickly she made sure no one would catch her at this vulnerable moment. Removing her eye goggles she revealed her green eyes and the face of Jessie Brooks. Quickly she proceeded to remove her costume at superspeed. Thankful after many months of practice she no longer hogtied herself with her tights.

Now she was dressed for school. Jessie left the alley dressed in her usual light blue shirt, jeans and white tennis shoes. A pair of wire framed glasses rested on her nose and she put her hair into ponytail that fell down her neck. She made sure she left a few strands of hair in her face, no need for anyone to think she and Lightspeed were one in the same.

Jessie has been born as normal as anyone else in Charlestown. She worked on her dad’s farm and went to school and hung out with friends. It was one day however a few months ago that she had changed everything. Her mom has asked her to clean out the attic and unfortunately Jessie couldn’t get out of it. While cleaning up stuff she encountered a strange suitcase. It wasn’t normal; it had a lot of locks on it and was stamped property of the US Government, Department of Defense. Her curiosity spiked Jessie proceeded to pick the locks.

Once she opened it she couldn’t believe what she found. It turns out her grandfather had been The Rocket. During World War II, the various countries battling it out tried to use their superpowered citizens in different ways. Most of it was still classified but the world had learned bits and pieces, such as a young woman smashing 60 ton Tiger tanks at the Normandy beaches. The Rocket had been used for various assignments during the war, one of his most important, physically running supplies back and forth to the surrounded 101st Airborne during the Siege of Bastogne. It had been his superspeed which allowed the young man to avoid the SS Panzers and troops around the town.

Jessie was in fact looking at a picture of her grandfather standing next to Old Blood and Guts himself when her dad caught her. Her parents gave her a thrashing but the secret was out so they answered Jessie’s questions. It seemed her grandfather had invented something he called an Accelerator. When worn it gave the wearer superspeed and protection for the effects of running that fast. The moment the young woman heard that she had made up her mind.

After school and on weekends Jessie began messing with her grandfather’s belt. Slowly she worked on getting faster and faster. It took time, she ruined a lot of her track gear and caused quite a few holes in the walls and ground of the farm. But the more she practiced the faster she could go. Again her parents scolded her for messing with such a dangerous thing. Jessie managed to convince them that she could handle it and wanted to help people with her newfound abilities. So after altering her granddad’s outfit a little, she now had a supersuit, her costume. The name she got from her father’s nickname for her, Lightspeed.

So far she was doing well at this superhero thing. Jessie continued to reminisce drinking her Gatorade as she bumped into her good friend Jackie Kenner. Best friends since elementary school they had done it all together. Jackie was dressed as usual, a pink blouse, brown belt, kaki skirt and brown tights with sneakers. While Jessie was excellent in most sports, Jackie was the smart one being Student Body President.

“Hey Jessie! I see you pay attention as much as usual.” Jackie laughed as they kept walking to school.

“Now, now, I earned a little daydreaming time. This morning I saved Mr. White’s store from some robbers.” Jessie defended; Jackie was the only other soul who knew she was Lightspeed beside her parents.

“Okay, I guess I’ll let you slide this time.”

The two kept walking for another five minutes, reaching Charlestown High. The building was filling with students as the day began. As the two Js arrived, so did a soon to be problem, Keri Palmer. Her mother had dropped her off at this two bit high school in the middle of nowhere. Getting out of the car she walked towards the front entrance. She was dressed in her dark blue sleeveless dress with white lining. Under her dress she wore her tight underarmor white cheerleader top. Her legs were sporting a pair of dark boots with pantyhose.

She sighed, ‘stupid town why did dad have to get transferred again?’ Her father was an Air Force Captain flying F-16s from nearby Kevin Air Force Base. Unlike Jessie and Jackie she hadn’t been born here. She was from Metropolis and the suburb of Midvale. Keri liked malls, shopping, and power. At least here she had the third, being captain of the varsity cheerleaders. The squad under her pretty much did whatever she told them to and were mostly like her.

As she walked up the steps she pushed a blonde out of the way. Jessie was shoved into Jackie and watched as the Princess went by and into the school.

“What a bitch.” Jessie said.

“Jessie!” Jackie exclaimed offended by the language.

Jessie rolled her eyes, “Oh god Jackie it’s not like it’s not true.”

“Still you could be nicer about it.” Jackie said. She and Keri had collided a number of time over events at prep rallies and dances, she didn’t like fighting with the spoiled girl from the city.

“Alright I promise not to cause any problems with her okay?” Jessie raised her hand pretending to swear on the bible.

“Thank you.”

“Although only on nationally recognized holidays.” Jessie got out before she slipped into another hallway.

“Hey!” Jackie said going after the superheroine.


Waiting for Keri at her locker was the main members of the varsity cheer squad. Kelly Higgins, Lisa Meadows, Kei Anderson, and Helen Wells were all hanging next to her locker.

“Hey Keri.” Kei said.

“Hi gals, what’s up?” the head cheerleader asked.

“Oh nothing but why do we have to practice with the lower classmen today?” wined Lisa.

“Because that President of ours asked me too and then when I blew her off the Principle forced me too.” Keri answered.

“ugh, is it graduation yet?” Helen whined.

“Nope, boy, ever wish you could screw over the school.” Kelly thought out loud.

“Yeah…” Keri said then began thinking. Lisa saw that look on Keri’s eyes and waved her hand in front of the young woman.

“Boss hello?” Kei said.

A plan began to form in Keri’s brain. She looked at the sign next to her locker; it was advertising the Booster Club’s raffle prize of 6,000 dollars. She smiled and thought of a movie she once saw, “Kelly that may have been the smartest thing you’ve said all year.”

Later that afternoon the varsity cheerleaders had gone over to Keri’s house to plan. Kelly Higgins the tall blonde and Lisa Meadows with her short burnet hair lounged on the couch in Keri’s room. Kei with her jet black long hair and Helen with her redhead were lying on the floor.

“You want to steal the raffle money?” Kei asked again.

“Yep, and you guys are going to help me.”

“What, Keri we aren’t criminals, I don’t know the first thing about guns.” Kelly wined.

Keri smiled and turned away from her computer, “That’s why I have suited the plan for our various talents. First Kei can get any guy in the school to do anything so she can get us the safe combination. Helen is the smartest of us here and can figure out how to turn off the school’s cameras, Lisa you are the most flexible so you can fit through the vent.”

“Okay but you forget one thing, the moment we try and steal the money guess who shows up? The Speeding Senior, Lightspeed.” Kelly pointed out.

“I know. That’s why we kidnap her.”

“What!” screamed all of them at once. Keri calmed them down and explained the rest of her plan on how to deal with the speedy heroine. Once she was finished there was still some doubt.

“I don’t know Keri, if we can’t…” Kei said.

Keri smiled and reached into her drawer, “Don’t worry if Lightspeed gets a whiff of this stuff she won’t be running anywhere.”


Duh, Duh, Duh….

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