London Ffogg and Rose – Heroines of Great Britain

Lady Prudence was the petite, pretty blonde daughter of a minor member of the English royal family, Lord Marmaduke Ffogg. Lord Ffogg and his sister, Lady Peasoup, had been disgraced by a series of thefts perpetrated by them with the aid of four comely students of Lady Peasoup’s finishing school. The Ffogg crime wave was brought to a halt by visiting American heroes, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Lord Ffogg and Lady Peasoup received lenghty prison sentences for grand theft, attempted murder, and the corruption of minors. The criminal nobles were also stripped of their lofty titles. Lady Peasoup and the four lovely alums of Lady Peasoup’s finishing school for criminals, Daisy, Duchess, Rosamond, and Kit, only received probation in exchange for cooperating with British authorities.

A couple of years after their encounter with America’s terrific Bat-trio, the stigma placed on the once proud Ffogg name greatly embarassed Lady Prudence. Now in her early twenties, she had a reasonably successful career as a fashion designer. Professionally, Lady Prudence went by the name of Natasha Prudence since it would have been impossible to find work under her surname of Ffogg. In fact, in royal circles, the Ffogg name was synonymous with thievery and deception. Lady Prudence also felt a great deal of shame for her role in the criminal activity conducted by her father and aunt. In an attempt to combat these guilty feelings and to hopefully one day restore the honor to the Ffogg family, Lady Prudence adopted a crime-fighting alter ego, London Ffogg.

Using the chemistry lessons perfected by Lord Ffogg and Lady Peasoup, her weapons of choice were a variety of mists or ‘fogs’ that could be shot forth from a small bracelet Lady Prudence wore on her left wrist. Using the compressed air and chemical mixture technology of Lord Ffogg’s pipe of fog, Prudence had created this easily portable bracelet of fog From this fog emitting bracelet, London Ffogg could release thick white clouds of mist that could either provide the perfect cover to allow her to move about unnoticed or to release paralyzing or sleeping ‘fog.’ To hide her identity, Lady Prudence undid the pin that held her long blonde hair up in a bun and wore a black eye mask over her big beautiful blue eyes. Instead of her usual conservative corporate suits and short skirts, London Ffogg wore a sleeved black leotard with white tights underneath, white gloves that were pulled up to the middle of her forearm, and a white belt across her taut petite waist. Black bootie type slippers were worn on her delicate feet to allow her to move about as quietly as fog itself. In her crime-fighting costume, the 5’6 curvy British beauty fought various kinky criminals that terrorized London.

While working as Natasha Prudence at a fashion design firm in downtown London, Lady Prudence had occasion to visit one of the former criminal “students” at Lady Peasoup’s finishing school. The lovely, voluptuous redhead Daisy was working as a model and would be working on a fashion show sponsored by Prudence’s firm. In a long conversion, Daisy too expressed great remorse for her previous career as a teen criminal and using her considerable gymnastic skills to commit burglary in the name of the Ffogg family. After spending considerable time together socially, Lady Prudence finally felt secure enough to confide in Daisy the secret crime-fighting career that she had started under the name of London Ffogg. Considering Daisy’s great athletic skill would make a perfect compliment to London Ffogg’s chemically induced fog powers, Lady Prudence asked Daisy to join her as a spandex-clad superheroine. Daisy was only too eager to ease her guilt and fight crime under the guise of Rose.

Daisy, in her secret alter ego of Rose, wore a pink sleeveless leotard complimented with red tights, red elbow-length gloves, and a red belt. Pink slippers and a pink eye mask completed her sexy spandex costume. A single red rose insignia was wore across the ample chest of this buxom former criminal turned heroine. While Lady Prudence was the blonde model of classic beauty, Rose was a redheaded curvacous bombshell. Standing only 5’3, Daisy was compact and curvy twenty-something ball of constant motion.

The tabloids of London delighted in the exploits of this sexy secret spandex-clad crime-fighting duo. Pictures of them in action were splashed all over the front pages of these publications. Photographers complained that the only problem in covering this superheroine team was that London Ffogg’s misty weaponery often obscured the view of their spandex superbodies in all their crime-fighting splendour. The Sun even offered London Ffogg and Rose a million pounds each to pose topless in their famous page 3 layout (but they could keep thier masks on!) as their fame grew throughout Great Britain.

At the height of London Ffogg and Rose’s fame, the cosmetic queen of America, Ms. Keri May of Keri May Cosmetics was preparing for a press conference at her London office. Keri May was a strikingly beautiful brunette in her mid-30’s. A former model, Ms. May had used a body built for modeling to get enough working capitol to employ a brain built for business. A modern success story, Keri May went from cosmetics model to the owner of the largest cosmetics company in the world. Standing 5’10, with long legs always encased in black nylons and showcased in short skirts, Keri May was the picture of conservative class in her smart, but very sexy, business suits. With her dark black hair tied in a bun and wearing thin black framed glasses, Keri could do little to mute her radiant beauty.

The purpose of this press conference was to introduce the long-awaited new line of cosmetics from Keri May Cosmetics. It seemed as Ms. May kept delaying the release of these new products to increase the anticipation. Everything about the new line was top secret and the Keri May development laboratories had the type of security usually reserved for the Pentagon. Keri insisted that her people in her labs had yet to perfect the new cosmetics and she wasn’t about to damage her company’s reputation by introducing products that didn’t meet her stringent standards. This press conference was also to be used to introduce the newest face in Keri May Cosmetics stable of models, the girl that would be most prominent in the advertisements for Keri May’s newest line of cosmetics. The world famous supermodel, Amber Moore, would be the new face of Keri May Cosmetics. In addition to being the most recognizable face in modeling, the 5’9 auburn haired beauty was also the daughter of U.S. Senator Samuel Moore. Famed for her career as a model and as a member of one of the United States’ most prominant political families, Amber Moore was one of the most famous and most recognizable young women in the world.

A group of models, including Daisy, had been contracted to meet at Keri May’s London headquarters to model the newest eye shadow, lipstick, ruse, etc. for the awaiting world press. Keri’s latest perfume and herbal seaweed youth restoration mask were creating the greatest buzz among the world’s fashoin reporters. Daisy, along with an army of young beauties, walked into a large dressing room area where each would be seated to have their makeup applied by one of Keri May’s beauticians. Before Amber Moore could take a seat in this room, Keri May grabbed her gently by the arm directed her to a door that lead to a smaller, more private dressing room.

“Amber, darling,” Keri May whispered to her newest star, “Since you are the feature model in my production, I’ll be doing your makeup myself. Please…follow me into my private studio.”

Amber Moore simply nodded and followed the cosmetics magnate into her private dressing room. Daisy sat in a chair, lined up with the rest of the models, and relaxed as one of Keri May’s makeup girls went to work on her lovely, delicate face. There was certainly nothing suspicious about this scene to her so far.

As Daisy and the other models were being prepared in masse in the main dressing area, Keri May led Amber into a small adjoining private dressing room. Without a word, the supermodel sat into a large barber-type chair and leaned back to relax as a trained professional would be working on her makeup. This was all very routine to Amber and she was very relaxed before this huge show. Keri May took a seat on a stool at the right side of Amber and reclined Amber’s chair back to where the supermodel was almost lying flat on her back.

“Now just relax, Amber,” Keri May said softly as placed latex gloves over her delicate hands and scooped a small amount of white lotion into her gloved hand. “Once I’m done with you, you’ll forget that every newspaper in the world is here to photograph you wearing my latest cosmetics.”

Latex covered fingers rubbed this white lotion around the forehead, cheeks, and chin of Amber’s flawless face. Amber kept her eyes closed and only managed a slight smile as the creme began to make her face tingle.

“Hmmm…this lotion…giving me a tingling sensation,” Amber whispered in a tired voice. “What is it?”

“Its a new face relaxing lotion. I’m using it as a base, my darling,” Keri explained. “Feels nice, doesn’t it?”

Amber only managed a soft “uh-huh” as she relaxed in the comfortable chair. Little did she know that Keri May’s facial creme contained a powerful narcotic that relaxed all motor functions.

Suitably relaxed by Keri’s lotion, Amber was close to dozing off as Keri drew a tube of lipstick from her cosmetics table. Removing the top and exposing the ruby red tip, the cosmetics queen placed the lipstick under the nose of the resting supermodel. Depressing a small button at the bottom of the tube, a blast of pink gas was sprayed. A quick blast enveloped her nose and the slumbering Amber Moore could only manage a small gasp she took a sleepy inhale of the powerful pink fumes. Her sleepy expression hardly changed as the gas took its effect.

Keri removed the latex gloves and moved in closely to whisper instructions to the drugged Ms. Moore.

“Now, my dear, I had to prepare you with my muscle relaxing lotion so you’d be in a suitable state of mind for my mind-control gas,” Keri May cooed in Amber’s ear. “Now you should be totally under my control with a mind open to my suggestion. Please, open your eyes…”

Amber slowly peeled her heavy eyelids open. They still hung heavy in a sleepy state as she did as she was commanded.

“Excellent, sweetie,” Keri whispered. “Now tell me…Are you completely under my control?”

“Yes….completely…,” Amber replied in a monotone voice. The dazed, sleepy look and robotic movements of her mouth gave her the look of a mind-controlled zombie.

“Outstanding, Amber. You’ll make a delightful addition to the team, my dear,” Keri continued to whisper. “Now let me make the neccessary arrangements for my showcase.”

Keri grabbed the wall-mounted telephone and proceeded to bark instructions to her assistant, Elon.

“Elon, darling, time is of the essence. Is the makeup done for my models?…It is…Fine, get all of them out of the dressing room and into the conference room ASAP…got that? Good. Now, alert the hired help that are waiting in my office and have them meet me in the dressing room once the room is clear….Got me? Great.”

A short African-American woman, Elon, entered the main dressing room and alerted the models to quickly move into the conference room where the reporters were waiting.

“Are we ready, ladies? Ready or not, the press waits for no one so let’s move…follow me…”

As Elon led the way, the gaggle of twelve models, including Daisy, formed a single-file line out of the main dressing room and into the hallway. Modeling was still a relatively new experience for Daisy and she was growing nervous as she walked down the hallway leading to the waiting press in the conference room. In fact, the butterflies in her stomach had been jumping all day.

“Now, how can I fight supervillains and barely break a sweat,” Daisy asked herself, “and be completely frightened by a roomful of photographers? Makes no sense.”

This thought made Daisy a/k/a Rose giggle to herself, but that slight amusement would soon give way to panic at her next thought.

“Oh no! My scarf they gave me to wear….I left it in the dressing room,” Daisy thought in a quick flash, “I’m so nervous I forget my wardrobe. How can I wear the fall makeup without the scarf.”

Daisy grimaced as she hoped to slip back into the dressing room without attracting any notice. Messing up an assignment like this can ruin a model. Daisy stepped out of line in the hallway and stepped backward as slowly as she could. She slid back down the hall, trying to be both swift and silent. Upon re-entering the main dressing room, Daisy heard the familiar voice of Keri May herself. Not wanting the president of the company to notice her screw-up, Daisy quickly crawled under a makeup table to avoid her view. She wasn’t quite ready for what she was about to hear and see.

“Ladies, I hired you because you were the best henchwomen for hire in all of England,” Keri May stated, “Now, my mind control gas should keep Amber Moore sleepy enough until we can get her to my lab.”

Daisy could hardly muffle the gasp as she heard that shocking statement. Keri May’s voice was coming from inside the adjoining dressing room and was out of view. The henchwomen stood in the doorway of the private dressing room, facing Keri May. Using her instinct as a superheroine, Daisy peered out slightly to get a better view of the scene. The voices and faces of the henchwomen would be quite familiar to her.

Standing before the cosmetic queen of crime were three young ladies in their early twenties. There were two brunettes and one blonde in matching black nylon bodystockings. One was a 5’8 brunette with long hair, better known as Duchess. The other brunette was slightly shorter with shorter hair hanging just to her shoulders, a/k/a Rosamond. The cute blonde, Kit, was the shortest and most buxom of the bunch. All were stunning in form-fitting nylon that highlighted every sensuous curve, standing confidently with a cocky hands-on-hips pose. The criminal co-eds of Lady Peasoup’s finishing school were together once again.

“You hired us to intervene in case London Ffogg and Rose show up, Ms. May,” Duchess remarked matter-of-factly, “And you know the three of us have been itching for a crack at Great Britain’s dynamic duo.”

“Very perceptive, Duchess,” Keri May smirked with a smile. “That’s exactly why I hired you three. But I could use a hand in getting a zonked supermodel over to my lab.”

“Always glad to be of service, my lord,” Kit snapped in a sarcastic tone. “We specialize in transporting hypnotized celebrities.”

“Watch your tone, blondie,” Keri May warned. “I’d hate to use my vanishing cream on you before your services are required.”

“Cool it, Kit,” Rosamond said coldly. “Let’s scoop up the slumbering supermodel and get her in place so we can get to work.”

The black nylon-clad villains entered the room to grab Amber Moore and disappeared from the view of the hiding Daisy. The shocked girl used that opportunity to escape from the main dressing room into the hallway. Suddenly, the modeling assignment didn’t seem to matter much anymore. The stunning news of Keri May’s kidnapping of Amber Moore and the career choice of her former classmates dominated her thoughts. The press conference will have to wait…this is a job for the pink spandex super wonder, Rose.

Scanning the hallway for a quiet place, Daisy noticed a women’s restroom halfway down the hall. Daisy made a quick but quiet path to the restroom. Once inside and confident she was alone, Daisy could call Lady Prudence to meet her on site and change into her sexy shocking pink costume.

“Prudence…It’s Daisy,” whispered Daisy into her cell phone. “You’re not going to believe this, but Keri May just kidnapped Amber Moore and Duchess, Rosamond, and Kit are working for her….

Yes, I’m serious….Get over here as London Ffogg and I’ll be waiting as Rose….I keep my costume in my purse, that’s how….They’re in the lab wherever that is….”


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