Karen Hall was the Metro University’s star gymnast. She had medium length brown hair she kept in a bun most of the time. So far she had won several meets for her team and was well on her way to being part of the 2008 Olympic team. It was a late night at the gym. She had been practicing her floor routine with her partner. Dressed in her red leotard she was walking to the lockers. Jenny had already left to meet with her boyfriend, so Karen was alone.

She was about to enter the lockers when she was stopped by a young man. He was holding a backpack.

“Excuse me miss but, can you tell me where the men’s locker room is? I need to pick up my buddy and I’m already running late.” He asked. Karen looked him up and down, he looked harmless.

“Yeah, cut across the basket ball courts over there and they’re on the other side.”

He smiled, “Thanks.”

Karen walked the other way, and didn’t see the man reach into his back pack. As she entered the locker room, she felt a small prick on her behind. Looking down and feeling for the prick she found something on her lyrca covered behind. Pulling it out she saw it was a small dart, “What…is…oh…” Suddenly the gymnast felt very weak. Karen just wanted to go to sleep. Reaching for the locker door she sighed as her eyes closed. Falling backwards she landed in the arms of the man who just talked to her.

“That it Karen, sleep peacefully.” He stroked her hair and then felt her side. He laid her on the ground and then placed the tranq gun back in the backpack.

He then lifted her up and placed her over his shoulder. Karen’s red covered behind was near his face and he didn’t mind one bit. The two headed inside and got what was needed for the young woman, he was done in five minutes.


Susan Brown was in her final lap in the pool at the Metropolis University Fitness Center. Pushing against the wall she shot back down the lane and continued her run. She was a 5’10 dirty blonde. A veteran of the 2004 Olympics she was one of the most famous college swimmers out there. With her run done, Susan headed out of the pool. The only other person in the pool area was the janitor. He was going to another part of the MUFC.

Taking off her cap she revealed her short blonde hair, it was that way so it could fit more easily under a swim cap. Making the short walk to her stuff if anyone else had been in the room they would admire her form. Wearing a Nike dark blue swimsuit she was graced with a toned frame but still held her femmine form. Using her towel Susan dried off and took a sip from her water bottle. After she was dried off, Susan headed for the ladies locker room. A short while later she was in front of her locker.

Opening it up and getting ready to change into her normal clothes she began to fell tried. Bringing a hand up to her head she tried to figure out what was wrong. Her legs were becoming wobbly. Sitting on the bench she tried to stay awake. ‘What’s going on?’ she thought. Susan took another drink of her water and this made things worse. Now she felt weak and wanted to shut her eyes. Fighting to stay awake the whole time, she slowly slid to the ground. Susan ended up face down on the ground. The janitor that found her wasn’t the janitor. He lifted her up and laid her down this time on her back. Admiring her form he felt her face.

“Beautiful.” Lifting her up, he had Susan and her things in his van again in five minutes.


Sara Hayes was studying her Lit homework. She needed to have total concentration so she headed back to her apartment outside DC. Sure she liked hanging out with Allison and the gang, but sometimes they were just too damn loud. While she finished another chapter of the story, her door slowly opened. The figure walked inside and silently closed the door. Sara was sitting on her couch reading so she didn’t notice the intruder close on her and approach from behind. A pair of hands came down near her and Sara jumped.

“Sorry…you okay?” Shannon asked her sister.

“Yeah just don’t sneak up on people like that. What do you need?” Sara said going back to her book.

“Have you been followed or harassed lately?” Shannon began sitting on the couch.

She raised an eyebrow, “No, why?”

Shannon pulled out a newspaper article. Tossing it to her sister, Sara picked it up and read the headline, “Two College stars Kidnapped?”

The article described how both Karen Hall in gymnastics, then less than three days later, Susan Brown in swimming had been practicing and then disappeared. No one had been able to find them but there was some strange chemical in Susan Brown’s water bottle, suggesting abduction.

“Let me guess…”

“I’m worried my baby sister might be next? Yeah Sara I’m worried.”

Sara put her book and the article down, then took Shan’s hands, “Listen sis we know about this okay. I promise I’ll be on the look out, and I’m sure you’ll help me out right?”

“Right, but still Sara maybe you should stay low for awhile.”

“No, that’s not going to help. Shannon if someone is kidnapping people, they could kidnap me here or when I go to the bathroom, hiding won’t help.”

“Besides, anyone tries anything funny, they have to deal with Ice.” Sara said putting on her best superheroine front. Laughing Shannon smiled.

“Okay, but still be careful, otherwise Fire will come pull your butt out of it.”


Spiking the volleyball, Julie Cunnings delivered the winning point in the scrimmage. Her teammates came up and hugged and exchanged high fives. She was dressed as usual, her red hair was pinned up to keep it out of the way, and Julie wore a tight tee shirt and short navy spandex volleyball shorts. Ten minutes later practice was done for the day, and the team began to go there separate ways.

“Hey Julie coming for dinner?” her teammate asked.

“Yeah…damn it…I left my ID in the locker, let me go back and get it.” Julie headed back to the locker. She had taken off her sneakers for a pair of flip flops but still wore her blue knee high socks.

Entering the locker room she saw the janitor. He was cleaning the floor, and Julie couldn’t quite recognize him at the moment.

“Excuse me, but are you new?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, forgot something?” He replied.

Julie nodded, “Yeah my ID.”

She went to open up the locker doing the combination. Once she had unlocked the door, Julie pulled it open. A stream of gas shot into her face. Coughing she tried clear some of the gas from her face. It was of little use, Julie had breathed in a full dose of the knock out gas. Stumbling backwards she dropped her bag and was caught by the janitor. He held her, watching as she passed out. Undoing her head, her shoulder length red hair came down. Stroking it he smiled, and for a third time in less than two weeks, he was gone within five minutes.


“Okay that’s three in two weeks.” Allison said. The girls were gathered in their studio apartment in DC. Serving as both a dorm and headquarters for the superheroines they hung out and lived their most of the time. Gathered together was Allison (American Star) the leader for their little band, Erin (Electron), Shannon (Fire) and Sara (Ice). Jenny and Carol (Phase and Wavelength) weren’t in DC. Jenny was still on the move from Germany, and Carol had gone to Star Labs in Metropolis for some medical tests.

“This time it was Julie Cunnings, I remember her. We played her a while ago, she goes to Harvard right?” Erin asked.

“Yeah, and this time the Police are certain that this was a kidnapping. They didn’t put it in the press, but I found out that they found some sort of gas releasing device in the locker.” Anne said. Bound to a wheelchair by a gymnastic accident, Anne was Allison’s sister. The only one of the group without a super power, she was an expert hacker.

“Sis, please stop breaking in the DC police’s computers for fun.” Allison pleaded even though it did bring helpful information.

“Well I real worried now.” Shannon said.

“You can’t protect me 24/7 guys.” Sara replied, “Shannon I’m concerned but not frightened who knows, maybe they don’t want an ice skater.”

“Or you’re the icing on the cake.” Erin warned.

“Hey, even if someone is after me, they aren’t ready to deal with a superheroine.” Ice said confidently.

“Or they are…” Anne said quietly. Everyone looked at her, “Hey its not that hard to find out who you guys are, I did it.”

“Back to the point, how do we protect Sara?” Shannon asked.

“I don’t need….” Sara said.

“Sorry Sara, I’m pulling rank on you. You have a practice with Lena in couple days right?” Sara nodded yes to Allison, “Okay then well be there undercover that way we can be there in case anything happens, who knows maybe we can catch the guy?”

“Okay Allison, but I don’t want you guys to worry too much.” Sara said looking at Shannon.

“Alright then, let’s work out a plan…”


American Star was sitting on a building outside the skate rink keeping an eye on the perimeter. Her keen vision looking for any sign of trouble, so far nothing had happened. Erin was on the inside with Shannon. Electron and Fire weren’t in there costumes, but had them on under their street clothes. Each of the girls was linked by a radio set.

“Star how’s the outside?” Shannon asked.

“It’s clear, and still is since you asked me five minutes ago.” Allison answered.

Erin nudged Shan, “Hey its okay we’ve got the exits covered don’t we?”

“Yeah…I’m still worried.” Fire said. She was a little affected by the cold of the rink but not enough to really weaken her powers.

Sara was on the ice spinning and moving across the frozen surface. She was watching the crowd as well. Most were kids and their parents waiting for their lessons going on at other sections of the ice. Some were spectators watching her, and a possible kidnapper. Sara didn’t think it was a major concern. If she was encountered she could use her powers and then have the preps memory erased.

She began her finishing moves, which caused Erin and Shan to move. “Alright I’ll cover the south exit; you follow Sara to the lockers.”

“Right.” Shannon said as they got up.

American Star was still watching the outside exits when she heard the sound of a slipstream moving. Turning behind her, Allison couldn’t see anything. Dismissing it as the wind she just concentrated on watching the stadium. Erin took her position at the south exit. It was pretty disserted so this was a nice place to enter the rink, thus one of the heroines was deployed here. Taking a place in the shadows, Erin looked for anything suspicious. Only thing out of the ordinary was a continuous drip of water from a pipe in the corner.

Shan and Sara walked to the lockers, “Sis its okay you don’t need to follow me in there.”

“Yeah I do, besides I’ve seen you naked so don’t give me that excuse.”

Sara rolled her eyes, “No, but there is only one way in, one way out.”

Shannon looked at her sister who was giving her puppy dog eyes, “Please…”

“Oh god, I can’t believe that works, fine, I’ll wait out here. But you scream if there is any trouble!” Shannon ordered.

“You got it sis.” Sara saluted as she entered the locker room. Immediately she took off her skates, revealing her tights covered feet. Walking over to her locker she opened it up and got ready to change.


Allison was still watching the outside of the rink so she didn’t pay too much attention to her six o’clock. American Star was struck from behind with significant force. Falling forwards Allison hit hard. Getting back up, she saw her attacker. It was a girl about her age, burnet, wearing a skin tight costume. A red leotard with a triangle window over her breasts hugged her body. Her legs were encased in pinkish red nylons. The same material covered her picture window over her breast. A pair of matching goggles protected her identity.

“Who would you be?” Allison asked.

She didn’t get a response. So American Star tried to raise the team on her radio, only to get a sharp hiss, jamming. Taking it out of her ear, she stood up and readied for a fight.

“Listen I don’t want to fight you.” She said.

“Too bad, I want to.” Replied her attacker. The woman in red did a gymnast flip forward. Her feet connected with American Star’s head, knocking her back.

Allison felt her chin, ‘she has super-strength…”

“Who are you?” Allison asked. Walking forward the girl grabbed the front of Allison’s leotard, pulling Star close she brought her face close to Allison’s.


She then lifted American Star up into the air. Throwing her over her shoulder, Allison landed hard again on the roof top. Using a series of flips Dynamo moved closer to Star and then nailed her with a kick. Star struck out with her foot, only to find that the girl wasn’t there.

“Oh yeah I also have speed.” Dynamo taunted, now behind the young superheroine. A split-second later she punched Allison across the face.

Allison recovered this time, and struck back using her own strength. Dynamo went back and crashed into a air conditioner, getting up she leapt into the air and brought her feet together. Both pink nylon covered soles landed on American Star’s chest. She and Dynamo went right through the roof, landing on the next floor. Luckily the apartment was deserted so no one was hurt, besides Allison. Groaning on the floor she was helpless as Dynamo walked over to her.


Sara, meanwhile, had her own problems to deal with. Right after opening up her locker and preparing to change, she noticed someone else in the room.

“Hey!” she cried.

A man was inside the room, he was as shocked as her, “Oh my god…I’m sorry.”

“Yeah well it says LADIES.” Sara responded still shocked. He walked towards her.

“I’m sorry; I don’t quite know this place. That’s the exit?”

“Yes.” She answered, watching him moving towards the exit, she turned back to her locker. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind. Screaming her cries was cut off by the application of a chloroform cloth over her face. Sara tried to use her powers but the chloroform was unbelievable. It was so strong she couldn’t fight it. Struggling she was quickly weakening. Looking up at her attacker she saw him smiling.

“Don’t worry dear…I’m not the one who wants you.” Sara’s eyes closed, her body slumped into the arms of her attacker.

Sara was whisked away in the confusion of the fight. Hidden in a towel cart she was taken to a waiting van. It took only five minutes.

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