Satan Girl

“No way are you getting to the basket, Danvers.” She huffed.

Her opponent dribbled the ball between her hands, “Oh yeah? Watch me.”

Linda went left and accelerated to a blur, she was countered though by a blur just as fast as her. Drew got in front of her friend and stopped another attempt to get to the basket. Linda was ready to change plans though she stepped back and jumped straight up. It was over her friends head and right towards the basket. With a satisfying dunk Linda scored the final point needed and floated victoriously over Drew.

“Hey, no flying I don’t have that advantage.” Drew said placing her hands on her hips and looking skyward.

Linda smiled and descended, “Sorry but if I remember the bet, one on one, best of three games, and no limits on powers.”

“All right, all right I surrendered please, bring the documents.” Drew laughed as she collected the ball. They played this superpowered version of basket ball a few times every month. It was fun and gave them both a great workout. The two heroines left the basket ball court and headed back to the lockers to change. Minutes later both of them were changed and heading back to the dorm.

“What’s on your plate for today Linda?” Drew asked.

“Usual, math, science, and history I will be fast asleep.” Linda joked.

“You could sleep through all those and still get straight A’s.” Drew pointed out, Linda’s supermemory allowed her to process, store data easier than anyone else.

“Well, maybe just math.”

The two entered the dorm, while Linda gather up her trig books, Drew saw they had a message beeping. Pressing the play button the message began to play.

“Hi, Linda, this Dr. Carter at Star Labs, I’ve accepted your offer to do an interview for your school paper.” Drew looked at Linda.

“That’s a code phrase; it’s to let me know if she needs me. Guess I better get going.” Linda explained. She grabbed her Supergirl costume from her chest under her bed. Linda slipped into the blue skin tight leotard and kept her skirt in place with a yellow belt. Finally she zipped up a pair of skin tight red boots, she was ready as Supergirl. She lifted the window open and flew out.

A few minutes later Supergirl was inside Dr. Patricia Carter’s office at Star Labs. Linda grabbed a seat in Dr. C’s guest chair. Another scientist was there as well, Linda thought his name was Williams. Both looked quite worried.

“Thanks for coming so quickly Supergirl.” Dr. C said.

“No problem doc, what is this all about?” Supergirl asked.

“Dr. Williams can fill you in, Dave?”

“Supergirl my crew here tracks near earth asteroids”, Dr. Williams began, “and this early morning I found one way to close to Earth. It popped out of nowhere, and its heading right for the city.”

“How big is it and how much time do we have?” Supergirl asked worried.

“It’s not big at all only fifty feet across except it is supposed to arrive in an hour.”

Supergirl knew she would try and stop it but, “Have you guys called the Air Force or whoever you call if this happens?”

Dr. C handled that, “We called the Air Force and the Pentagon Supergirl, there is nothing they can due about it and we suggested that we ask you.”

“Okay, call them back and let them know I’m going to smash it.” With that Supergirl got the right spot to go in space and headed off to stop the asteroid.

The Air Force was on the ball waiting for Supergirl to come up. NORAD was tracking Supergirl as she headed for orbit. The yellow circle in the center of her belt gave off an IFF signal that told American, Russian and Chinese radar that it was her and not an inbound ballistic missile. The controllers at NORAD watched as a SG flashed on their radar screens and headed for orbit.

Supergirl felt the warmth of the atmosphere leave as she entered the blackness of space. Along the way she passed by the International Space Station, two astronauts were doing an EVA, and they passed on a confirmation to Houston that they had spotted the Girl of Steel. Supergirl was deciding on how to deal with the asteroid. Linda decided that she would hit the rock and shatter it into a thousand smaller pieces, those small pieces would then burn up. Supergirl was now far enough away from the Earth to see that it was now much smaller behind her. Scanning with her eagle eyes she picked up the asteroid quickly, with a burst of speed she headed straight for the asteroid.

Supergirl accelerated faster and faster, her plan was to smash the rock to bits. The grey brown asteroid was filling her vision. As she got closer she began to fell strange. Linda felt like she had a splitting headache. What if its kryptonite? She thought. Supergirl shrugged that thought off; if it was kryptonite you would be dead from the vacuum of space, she decided.

What Supergirl didn’t know was at the center of the asteroid was a glowing chunk of red crystal. As Linda closed the distance, her headache got worse. She was about to break off her attack when she and the asteroid collided. The rock exploded into a thousands bits of rock and dirt as she plowed through it. Supergirl also went through the red crystal at the center. Passing through the crystal in the center she felt the pain in her head explode. It was powerful enough to knock her right out. Trapped in the remains of the red crystal, something strange happened. Supergirl was glowing red and the crystal around her body began to dim, after a minute of this the Girl of Steel’s body fell from the red crystal. Pulled by Earth’s gravity she fell back towards the planet unconscious.


Janet Miles was checking the International Space Station’s robotic arm. It had been acting up. She was on hour one oh a three hour EVA when she spotted the explosion of the inbound asteroid.

“Houston, confirm she smashed that rock.” She radioed.

“Roger that, Jan we’ve got a good view from an observatory and NORAD. Give that girl a wave on the way back.” Houston replied.

She went back to checking the arm; it wasn’t but another second later that she spotted the red and blue heroine. Janet began to wave but saw that the Maiden of Might wasn’t moving; in fact she was drifting back towards the Earth.

“Houston, I have Supergirl she’s not moving and heading for the atmosphere. I’m going to get her.” Without waiting for a reply, she fired the thrusters on the back of her suit. Her EVA pack brought her closer and closer. Thomas called her over the radio to say she was going too fast. She tuned him out; she needed to be just right. Heroine and Astronaut met with a bump.

Jan fired her retro rockets to balance out the force Supergirl had caused when they met. With a few more quick bursts Janet had stopped the movement of the two towards Earth.

“Tom! Get Segri to open up the airlock, I’m going to bring Supergirl in got it?”

“Roger that Jan”, Thomas said, “Want Segri to open up any of the medical stuff?”


Minutes later Supergirl was resting on Janet’s bunk inside the ISS. They had strapped down the Girl of Steel so she wouldn’t float around in the zero G. Sergi Zukov a Russian cosmonaut, was the three man team’s doctor. He was checking Supergirl’s pulse and other items of information Dr. Carter of Star Labs radioed up as important.

“So is she okay?” asked Janet.

“I think so, strong pulse, no physical signs of injury except she is asleep.” The Russian answered, “She seems to have REM sleep though.”

Jan looked as Segri lifted one of Supergirl’s eyelids, her eyes were moving all over the place, a sign she was locked in REM sleep, or dream sleep.

While the Astronaut and Cosmonaut checked on Supergirl, the red crystal field was in the final stages of its evolution. When Supergirl had punched her way through, she had left some tissue and blood samples in the crystal field. Although those wounds healed instantly they had left the after results on the red crystal. Inside what one could describe as a cocoon something grew. As the life form grew the crystal dimmed for the final time, once the crystal cocoon was dark an arm punched its way through the top. With a few more kicks and punches the life form freed itself. Leaving the field of the crystal it flew towards the sun.


Jan was communicating with Houston when Supergirl began to awake. She stopped and floated over to the awaking heroine.

“Supergirl, are you okay?” Janet asked.

“Ohh man, I have a hell of a headache. You guys have any aspirin?” Supergirl asked in returned.

“You’re serious?” The heroine smiled a yes, “Okay just a second.”

Janet retrieved a bottle of the pain killer and gave it to Supergirl. She swallowed a few pills and got up. Linda thanked all them for all the help and few out of the airlock. Supergirl couldn’t shake that dream she had. In the dream she was spilt in half both mind and body. When the split was done she saw it was her and her again. Her double though was glowing with fiery red and used her heat vision to melt Linda. The dream had been way too weird. For a moment Linda thought about the headache she had received before smashing the asteroid, was that connected to her dream?


She was free, to do what she wanted when ever she wanted. As the girl flew through the corona of the sun she couldn’t believe how strong, powerful she felt. Soon everyone would know her power, including the one who had imprisoned her.

Enjoying the fly through the sun, she decided it was time to get down to business. Leaving the sun she flew back towards the third planet in the system. Russian and American radar officers were shocked to see something enter the atmosphere faster than anything they had seen. Except as soon as the object was on their screens it was gone again. Leaving both Russian and American Air Force officers wondering, what was that?

The object that baffled the two countries had now landed in an ally in Metropolis. She was naked as a jay bird, which would not do in this city. Luckily her sister’s memories provided her with a list of stores to visit. Which she was now going into, provided by her ripping the back off the door off the store. It was closed so she had free rain inside, checking out what she wanted to wear. Her sister was too conservative in her clothing, so she selected something that would get people’s attention. A lacey black bra with a mess top, followed by a leather skirt that ended above the knees with slits going down each side. Finally she had a pair black of knee high healed boots.

She decided also a name was in order. Her sister’s names would not do. After twenty three years of being her prisoner she wasn’t going to honor her sister by using her name. So how about, Kira, she thought, Kira, yes that will do just fine. Kira Zol El, sister to Kara Zol El. Although she was her sister it was not by choice, it wouldn’t be long before that was ended. Kira gathered up all the clothes she wanted, finally she took the few hundred dollars out of the safe. Finished she went back out of the ally and flew skyward again, looking for a hotel.


Linda Danvers was just finishing up a shower. The hot water ran down her back while she lathered up with a body wash. She couldn’t understand what had happened when she hit that rock in space. Linda couldn’t understand the dream she had, it was too real. The supergirl surged it off and finished up her shower. When she was back inside her room, Drew was packing up some clothes into a bag.

“Packing already?” Linda asked.

“Yeah, I’m going to run to Washington to meet Diana and she’d going to give me a ride back home. Mom calls.” Drew explained. She had promised her Mom and sister that she’d come back to Paradise Island for a visit.

“Have fun, I’m going to hang here.” Linda said pulling some jeans on.

“Linda go home see your parents get a free meal.” Drew suggested. The look that her friend gave her showed her feelings on that issue. Her mom and she weren’t on speaking terms. Their latest Supergirl fight had been too much for Linda, so she hadn’t phoned or emailed home to Leesburg in three weeks.

“Thanks for the, ‘I’m going to rip you in half look’, you know I’m right.” Drew defended walking out of the room. She patted Supergirl on the back, “Go home, and make up with your Mom.”

Linda gave her friend a send off hug and was left alone in the room. Maybe I should go home?, she thought. The Girl of Steel was left alone to her thoughts as she began to channel surf.


Kira had snagged the best room in the Metropolis Embassy. The room offered a great skyline view of the city. She was busy thinking of how to kill her sister. Although she just planned on ripping her sister’s throat out, it was more of a problem on how to reach that goal. Her ego didn’t allow her to just go and attack her sister. She wanted to make her pay.

After a few hours of thought she finally came up with a plan that satisfied her ego.

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