SG&The Broker: Divide and Conquer

Eventually a heroine is going to be told one way or another the story of how their powers were taken from them. There is some consensual BDSM play which some may not enjoy, together with some de-powering scenes.


This story sits within a series and you should check out the recommended reading order.

SG&The Broker: Recommended Reading Order


Kara walked confidently to the center of the concrete chamber and stood beneath the metal square shaped arch. Dangling just in from the upper corners two heavy gauge chains dangled freely and with outstretched arms the heroine could just reach them. She grasped at them a moment at full stretch and realised that with ankles bound too she would be left incredibly taught.

She imagined what this was going to be like, restrained like this, and in this place, in the hands of Selena. How cruel and how vicious was she going to be? She wasn’t sure, all she knew was that here, now, under this metal arch she was trading a day of pain for a slice of Selena’s story.

How was it that….


Kara flinched, she had been in deep thought in her feigned bondage position and Selena’s arrival into the chamber before sliding the large door closed had gone unnoticed. Kara heard Selena’s heeled footsteps approaching from the shadows until she stepped into the lit center. Dressed in riding boots, plain tight white jodphurs, close fitting white short sleeved shirt, her red hair in a ponytail she looked …….

Karas’s heart was racing as the woman who claimed to love her looked not only absolutely amazing, but even better, in total control.

Selena approached, arms behind her back until she was up close to the heroine, the bold red and blue alongside the pure white.

“So you wish me to tell you a story, Kara?” Selena said seductively, glancing up at the chains.

Kara nodded nervously and Selena could only brush her cheek with her hand to comfort her.

“Surely you have had darker times, harder times? I’m going to hurt you without a doubt but…I’m going to carry you back into the sunlight myself….” Selena said gently.

“I understand….” Kara mustered, eyes closing under Selena’s gentle touch.

Selena sensed Kara’s momentary weakness and leant forward until their lips met and with a deft move with her arms reached around the heroine. In Selena’s hand, hidden behind her back had been a coiled bullwhip which she now firmly grasped with both hands behind the heroines caped back.

Selena tugged lightly only causing herself to pull more to the heroine who was rock solid set on her spot. Kara managed a light smile beneath the kiss, a hint of resistance, but Selena didn’t mind the token resistance, it just made what was to come more delicious. The pair locked lips for a little longer and then Selena broke away.

“I thought it would be nice if you would be so kind as to restrain yourself….” Selena said as she walked to one side of the frame and dragged a large water filled bucket back to the heroine.

Laying in the bucket were four thick strips of iron, maybe a centimeter thick with an eyelet protruding from them.

“Mould them to your wrists and ankles please, eyelets outwards.”

The heroine picked up one of the longer strips and guessed it was for her booted ankle. With little effort she began to bend the metal and gradually enclosed herself in the restraint. Super powered, this was easy, but once de-powered they weren’t coming off so easily.

“Now weld it closed…” Selena said coldly.

Kara glanced nervously at Selena, she was going full on at this.

“You’ve thought about this I see…” Kara said as she looked down at her booted leg.

“I think we’ve worked past this but it should be suffice to say that this was a rejected version of our first encounter…” Selena said as the heroine worked to restrain herself, quenching the irons in the bucket of water after welding them shut with her heat vision.

“Rejected, why?” Kara asked as she stood confidently, shackled arms by her side, waiting.

“As I lay in hiding, plotting, as my anger and suffering turned to hatred I lost my way Kara, and lashing out was the easiest, more alluring path to exact my revenge. It was only later that I realised a more….’just’ response was to exact on you what I had suffered myself. You have seen my memory of The Tailor so you can understand that, surely?” Selena explained.

“Yes….I guess…..I am ready, Selena, Broker…..Mistress……are you?” Kara asked innocently.

Selena approached the blond and guided her wrists and ankles to the chains and clipped them together using carabiners.

“Very well……” Selena said gathering up her coiled bullwhip, letting the long tail unfurl to the floor.

Selena flicked her wrist, bringing the whip to life. “Today I shall tell you about how I learnt to take away your powers”


Selena planted herself several meters behind the heroine, the long bullwhip tail drawn out behind her. She dropped her head a moment, clearing her mind. What was to come was part of a transaction, her story for the blonds submission and if Selena knew anything about the blond it was that she loved suffering at Selena’s hands.

Selena began to circle the whip handle over her head, the long single tail starting to climb from the ground….


The tip of the tail was now passing just behind the blond and with a simple step forward the tail began to brush over the blonds shoulder blades, scattering her hair and tugging her cape to one side.

She had at one time dreamed of destroying the heroines costume this way while she was still in it, then the heroine herself just as easily as the red cloak was starting to suffer right now. Selena could already sense her own excitement forming below but she restrained herself, the blond was delivering her side of the bargain, now it was her turn.

“My efforts to figure out how to de-talon you, clip your wings began once I was on the mend, after The Tailor, after I obtained the skin restoring fabric. I had setup a safe house and………………..”


Selena had gone old school on the problem at hand. Usually her world was of the cyber, the digital, the virtual, but now she had decided to take the traditional approach to her investigations. On a large board in front of her she had mapped out photos, news paper clippings, graphs and charts from science journals, all forms of old media were present.

To the left was the older stuff, the newspaper clippings now faded and orange bore all the hallmarks of their age, the fonts, the grainy low detail photos, this was the fifties. As Selena’s gaze tracked from left to right the newspaper grew whiter and whiter, print was better resolution, magazine covers more glossy, fonts were more modern until on the far right the 21st century was evident in full colour high dpi glory.

“Now then, Superbitch, there must be something here which will tell me how you really work”

Selena began her sweep from the left first taking in the photos that lept out at her. It was obvious as Selena made her way through the decades that ….

“hmmm….” Selena thought to herself as she plucked a photo of the blond from 2012 and held it side by side a similar posed shot from 1951. “She really hasn’t aged a day….a power, DNA…good skin?”

Selena made notes as she considered the significance of the blond’s timeless appearance. If it were an aspect of her super abilities, would she age out of existence when powerless? Looking 19 ish in 1955 plus 60 years. If she were to instantly transform upon losing her power….

“That would be a cruel end… immediately flip to an 80 year old….who would believe you were who you claimed to be, a frail old woman with your silly little suit hanging off your weak body..”

Then again, what if all that were to happen was the clock would just begin ticking normally. The pretty blond, powerless, would have to fend for herself, sure she would still be special for a while …but who could say what curious scientists would like to do with a defenceless alien once the celebrity status wore off.

“Something to consider but it doesn’t help me de-power her….” Selena thought to herself.

Selena resumed her scan again looking for patterns or clues amongst the fragments of information.

“The Science of being Super” caught Selena’s eyes, it was emblazoned within the distinctive yellow framed front cover of a magazine. Selena had mentally noted it when she first pinned it to the board but it seemed to continually catch her eye so off it came to be read.

The 6 page center section of the magazine went in to lots of theoretical stuff about the Superheroine, nothing concrete though.

The Sun, they theorised was the source of her power but there seemed to be more to it than that. She seemed equally at home in darkness as the light, suggesting some manner of storage of energy and the calorific value of her exertions seemed to outweigh whatever amount her body seemed capable of carrying with her.

Theories about antigravity abounded, maybe she could make things become lighter by affecting gravity, maybe that’s how she flew too, except, strength was not just about lifting things, breaking things was also a good measure and she wouldn’t be capable of bending an iron girder by just making it lighter, other things were in play.

“Theories, maybes, and a bucket of ‘perhaps’…..60 years and no one knows anything!” grumbled Selena.The article had many ideas about the blond and her powers but there was nothing there that singularly would help her defeat the heroine.



The whip whirled around biting another strip of blue cloth from the heroines behind making a satisfying tearing sound.

“As you can imagine Kara, figuring out how to break you down was less easy than I hoped but I kept looking….


Selena resumed her search, pinning the magazine back in place as she toured her board of information.

“Ah yes….the….incident…..” thought Selena looking at an astronomy journal. In the mid 80’s there had been reports of a near miss of Earth by an object from deep space. The heroine had apparently destroyed the object but had disappeared for a week from the public scene afterwards.

Rumours abounded about her disappearance at the time, anything from death, sickness, weakness or merely being away on some adventure but there was some concern that the odd green glow and undeterminable elemental makeup of the space object was to blame.

Selena longed to get a hold of this mysterious green material, perhaps it was what she was looking for. Unfortunately though there had never been a sighting of any fallout from this mysterious space object and no explanation had ever come forward for the heroines brief leave off absence.

Selena made more notes, the green material may one day become known and she should keep her eyes and ears open if it in the event it ever came to light. If it could be harnessed then perhaps its inferred properties of causing weakness and sickness in the heroine could be translated into vengeful spite.

“Oh the things I’m going to do to you …..” Selena said angrily to herself.

She glanced back at the wall and the information pinned to it. It seemed that rather than helping her it merely functioned as a barrier to her goal, the defeat of her nemesis.

Selena opened her laptop and clicked open her email, she wanted, no yearned to feel the same emotion she did the first time she read the message from The Tailor.

Dear Broker,

Re: Ave Maria

My virtual work continues apace. I have received the staged payments as agreed and so of course I am happy to say the virtual design work is done for the suit, when you send the sizing details to me with your next stage payment I will commence construction.

Mechanically speaking I can confirm the backpack modules function as predicted but only once I receive sizing details of the subject can I finally commit to assembly. Unless your subject is particularly small though I’m happy to say that the latest in miniaturisation of valves and feed pumps will allow more, should I say, creative punishment options.

You will be pleased to hear that the bio-scanner element of the backpack is more than viable, recent advances make detection limits more than acceptable for this, all your design wishes can be accomplished to my satisfaction. Because of this the force feeding punishment cycles you have envisaged have been hard coded into the interface for your ease of use.

The remainder of the interface is pretty standard and won’t take me long to setup and of course as it is mostly PLC and software it will be easy to amend if you want to change anything. The system is already quite versatile though, you can for example, set the flow rate individually for each spray nozzle on the suit as well as the durations meaning you can be very specific, e.g the deployment of irritation creams that you are so interested in.

You showed much interest in being able to communicate indirectly with the prisoner and I have included a short message read by the voice module that will be integrated into the suit unless you wish to change it.

In short then everything is on schedule and so you can make your next stage payment when you have obtained the sizing details I require for suit construction. On a personal note I can hand on heart say that this has been my most enjoyable and challenging project for some time. I do hope your prisoner truly suffers the humiliation you feel they deserve during their long stay in their custom designed full body diaper punishment suit.

The Tailor

VEEEEWEEEEEEWEEEEWOOOOOOSHSelena had begun to deliver firm strikes across the spreadeagled blond. She didn’t have a mark on her yet but the back of her suit was slashed to ribbons. Her cloak had been torn in half exposing her back and diagonal tracts of skin were visible through the shredded blue material.Selena paused, coiling up the whip and walking around to the front of Kara who had been listening to Selena’s story. Selena had worked up a light sweat but the heroine seemed un phased.

“So….the green rock……” Selena began to ask as she nestled the edge of the coiled whip into the blondes crotch provocatively.

“If I told you….” Kara said slightly sternly tracing the line of Selena’s outstretched arm to the leather coil that teased her below.

” Like every secret I’ve unearthed about you…..” Selena paused, glimpsing the damp spot between the blonds legs “….I will keep this one with me too…you are not for sale, Kara”

“…. If you do love me… would promise me you won’t ever seek it out, whatever it was…please?” Kara almost begged.

Selena sensed the seriousness and the fear in Kara’s voice, whatever it had been, Selena realised the encounter with the mysterious green object had almost been deadly.

“You have my word…no green rocks……at any rate… investigation took me on another road as you shall learn…..” Selena said as she dragged the coiled whip up the heroines taught stomach, dragging at the blue fabric.

Selena walked away a few meters and began to spin up the bullwhip, Kara wide eyed ahead of her. The heroine didn’t want to admit it but seeing the red head in front of her, dressed as she was, yearned for the moment she was going to be deprived of her power.

Selena looked at her target…..”I’m going rip that pretty S right off you…” she thought.


Kara never ceased to be amazed at the skill of the average human. She was Super for sure but Selena’s skill with that wicked bullwhip was…….

VWOOOOOSH groaned the bullwhip as it sailed by slicing through the center of the S,the symbol of Kara’s family, tearing it in two, freeing her breasts.

Selena paused as she took in the sight in front of her while Kara could only asses the damage. This was Selena’s fantasy but Kara was enjoying it just as much as her lover, or was it tormentor…..fuck, who cared as long as Selena would take her and use her eventually.

“So there I was, studying …..” Continued Selena, intent to tell her story.


Selena wondered, perhaps she could wear down her nemesis, how much could the heroine do before she was exhausted. Perhaps then she could snare the blond heroine while she was exhausted? But even so, no feat she read about had ever exhausted the heroine.

A few scientific papers had tried to measure her output and guess how much might be in the tank. Selena snatched down a few of the papers, rather than theoretical, these were solid mathematical studies of the heroines exploits.

“Lifting this object would required x Megawatts” said one, or “assuming zero heat loss then to to have cut through this metal beam required y Joules” said another. But one said something very interesting, very interesting indeed.

“Based on in house proprietary calculations, using energy multiplication theory, the quantity of energy expended ( and available for use) is consistent with the apparent mass of the subject estimated at 67kg +/- 3kg”, one study suggested.

“In house……that’s something worthy of more investigation” said Selena, making notes of the papers authors.


“You may be Super…..but never under estimate the ingenuity of mankind, Kara” Selena grunted as she exerted herself, swinging the bullwhip again, hacking the blue costume in two, right down the middle of the heroines torso.

Kara glanced down at herself and her ruined costume. She was unhurt but she imagined what it would have been like if Selena had her like this, playing for real, before she had learned to forgive, before she had learned to love or trust again. Kara wanted to break her bonds but this was Selena’s fantasy and she wanted to help her make it come to fruition.

“I did once, but then I met you…….my mistress…..but how…what was my undoing?” Kara asked.

“That, my sweet sweet thing, was the cruelest thing of all……what put you at my mercy ….. you betrayed yourself…” Selena goaded.


“Ordinary, at first” said the snippet.

Selena plucked it from the board and looked at it. From 1959 an 90 year old lady had recollections of a girl who had grown up to be, she was sure, the heroine. At first the girl said she seemed ordinary but only with time did she seem to develop her strength.

“Now that is interesting…. did the alien arrive with flat batteries?” Selena wondered.

Selena made a note of this interesting fact but it left her with doubts. Ordinarily it seemed the heroine could recharge her batteries in a few moments. Surely, living under the power giving sun she would have been tossing her toy building blocks to the moon in an instant?

Selena looked at the back of her scarred hand, a small diamond shape area of healed skin reminding her of what was, and what could be, given time to heal. The purple catsuit was without doubt restoring her yet it was just adding time to the jail sentence she had been given while the heroine lived without cares.

In a moment of rage Selena swept her arm across her table dragging notes and old papers across the surface to the floor, the air filling with whisps of paper until they settled where they fell.

Selena placed her palms on the table in an attempt to let her frustration subside while the chaotic cloud of paper settled. Eventually, calming herself, Selena could see the headline of a scrap of paper before her eyes.

“National debt continues to soar” read the bold type, a bar graph ponderously dropping further and further below the zero line.

Selena frowned a moment as she wondered why this shred of news was in her collection before realising that the actual bit of knowledge she was interested in was on the other side. Flipping over the paper she was reminded again that the heroine seemed quite ordinary initially upon arrival to earth.

“This again………wait ….. debt?……..” said Selena flipping the news clipping over again.


“And so that, my poor poor Kara, was how I began to understand what was to be your undoing” Selena said proudly as she walked up to heroine, bullwhip trailing behind her.

“I don’t follow….” said the heroine as she looked down at her shredded costume.

“Soon you will……..”Selena said as she gripped sections of the ripped cloth methodically transforming what was left into something like a slingshot bikini.

“Better….” Smiled Selena surveying her handiwork, the blond’s breasts bulging at the thin tracts of cloth barely covering them. Selena grasped Kara’s face with one hand and stole a deep kiss, she could tell it was a mental effort for the heroine to remain restrained and she appreciated it.


Selena had retrieved two rolls of broad black insulating tape and was stood in front of Kara. With one hand she supported one of the heroines beautiful breasts and begun to wrap it in tape.

Kara bit her bottom lip, not out of pain, but something else. Selena was in a way changing her body, reshaping her, her breast being compressed into a rigid tube, her nipple crowned dome of flesh exposed at one end, Kara didn’t have an adjective to describe what she felt only that what shred of costume that was left between her legs would betray her feelings.

Selena glanced at Kara’s face, she knew what was whirring behind those deep blue eyes and begun the constriction of the heroines other breast. Right now Kara wouldn’t notice much but when the time came to de-power her she would understand her bondage better.

“So……what happened next…..” Kara asked, wondering what discovery Selena made that fateful day, trying to mentally evade her feelings about what was being done to her in the here and now.

“I started to track down the scientists who wrote one of the papers I was interested in. One of them, a Dr Schneider was lecturing at one of the countries foremost universities…….”


Schneider continued to drag his chalk over the blackboard, the lecture theatre a hush as the complex formula fell into place. In his forties a few white hairs hinted at his true age yet the abundance of natural colour suggested he had many good years ahead, as did his lean body.

“And so….you can see that…the transfer effect is inversely proportional to y over the flow constant………..questions?…………..anyone?……… good then.” Smiled Schneider as the students sat in the banks of seats in a big arc around him scribbled the last of their notes.

“Very well, don’t forget I want all your assignments Wednesday, you will get the last ones back tomorrow as promised…BUT….a lucky two of you get a chance to tweak some things before I grade you…. Mr Winters….you have a slot at 5pm at my residence and Miss Matthews at 7pm….don’t be late!”

It was common for students, especially promising ones to get to explain or clarify some of their more theoretical offerings and most of his students at one time had had an opportunity for some one on one time with the good Doctor. Unknown to the students though, there was no young Mr Winters in their class. The students weren’t all socially active with each other , Winters? He was probably someone those other students knew.

For the young Miss Molly Matthews however, Mr Winters was the code word she longed to hear, was he really interested in her after all? Clutching her books to her chest Molly departed the lecture room taking a quick glance over her shoulder to look at the man she admired. He rubbed the blackboard clean but sensing eyes on his back looked around to take in the sight of Molly leaving.

Molly, shy yet smart, unknowingly pretty, hid her awesome looks behind a veil of self enforced ordinariness. Brought up “right” the brunette had found university life challenging but some aspects were now probing at the floodgates of her upbringing, she was evolving, sometimes in elegant steps, sometimes clumsily. Today though would be…. interesting.

5pm arrived at the Schneider residence on campus and the doorbell rang.

“Hey, Molly, isn’t it? Aren’t you supposed…..” Schneider asked in front of any potential audience.

“Oh…no it’s ok, Winters said he felt unwell and if I wanted to get in earlier to take his spot…is that ok?” Gushed Molly.

“Oh sure….. that’s fine come on in..I wanted to go over some of your…..” the conversation faded as Molly entered the mighty oak panelled door and it closed behind them.

Inside Molly pounced, pinning Schneider to the door, clasping their hands together, stealing a kiss for several seconds until it broke, Schneider looking stunned.

“Oh my god…we are really doing this then….” Schneider said surprised ” I had invited you over so we could talk about us ! Not to…..”

“You….you’re……ditching me?” Molly looked confused.

“No… Not that….I…….I’m just….frightened…… you and I shouldn’t….not yet….it’s not professional….or ethical… you understand? Molly…it’s corny I know, I do like you but….” Schneider scrambled.

“But?” Molly asked gently.

“It’s not long since I lost my wife…..I want to start again ….and with you…. I just think we should wait until you’re done with my classes…..I want you to do well…to grow….but I don’t want your academic work to ever get tainted if we get found out…. I promise you…. I won’t see anyone else…..just….be patient”

Molly was nodding in acceptance, there was wisdom in his words even though her soul was screaming to be with him.

“Would it be ok if….. well……just to show you what you are waiting for….” Molly asked quietly, her big brown eyes pleading.

“What…..?” Schneider asked Molly.

“It’ll be easier to show you…” Molly reached behind her back and struggled with the zip that closed her colourful floor length dress.

“What are you doing…..?” blubbed Schneider as he realised the brunette, the plain Jane was about to let her dress drop to the floor.

“It’s just I know you’ve been studying her for a long time and I wanted to give you the next best thing…..” Molly let the long spring floral dress drop over her shoulders the long sleeves unfurling down her arms as she slowly revealed the blue one piece, red skirt and red boots beneath.

Schneider took in the sight of Molly Matthews, Super Student, innocent, pure and wanting to be his. To say his erection was evident through his jeans was an understatement.

“Well? How do I look? I know I can’t fly …I’m totally….powerless but….” Molly said shyly.

“Powerless you say? I err ….. I think you should….come to my office……..for……….examination” stammered Schneider.

“Oh my Dr Schneider, what a predicament” Selena said as her telephoto lens captured the moment, the laser mic picking up the conversation.


“Oh my god… so, people really do play at…being me……but wait….you blackmailed him.?..” Kara asked in disappointment.

“Kara…..if I told you the number of times he span that…’oh my poor deceased wife’ sob story to each wide eyed bunny……” Selena retorted. She wondered for a split second why Kara often thought Ill of her …”oh yes, that!” she remembered.

Selena snapped back to the present, her hand running over Kara’s contorted breasts. Kara’s chest was a much envied asset so to have temporarily rendered them as spankable toys for her own amusement was thrilling. Her mind dwelled on when the moment de-powerment would come and she imagined torturing the breasts with a cane or a crop, maybe a hairdryer.

“So, what did you do with him, Schneider” Kara asked sucking Selena back out of her moment of wicked thoughts.

“After getting our heads together, he introduced me to Teresa…..” Selena said glancing back to the sliding door she had come through.

“Who?!” Kara exclaimed.

“Not who…what”…Selena replied.



Selena relented and decided it was time to rip off the last remnants of the blue fabric off of Kara’s spreadeagled body. A few firm tugs at the material left the blond naked save for her enclosed arms, the sleeves mostly intact.

Selena held the handful of blue lycra in one hand and placed it to her face, drawing in Kara’s scent. The odour told Selena all she needed to know of what was transpiring below, Kara was a hot mess of excitement.

“Ok, what is Teresa ?” asked Kara, correcting herself.

“You will see soon, you may even remember it……” Selena crouched between Kara’s outstretched thighs and got to work. Before Kara’s official introduction to Teresa Selena wanted Kara vulnerable to its ways.

“Anyway….you’re getting ahead of yourself…..” Selena said as she placed her hand against Kara’s crotch, splaying her labia with her fingers.


“So….it’s blackmail, is it?” Schneider said looking at the incriminating photos of himself and Matthews together at his residence.

“Think of it more as an incentive…..besides, I’m merely trying to accelerate your work” Selena said coldly.

“If I find you were in on this ……” Schneider said threateningly as Molly clutched herself around her chest defensively.

“No , I swear I didn’t know a thing…..” pleaded Matthews. She knew that this could mean the death of her academic efforts, the scandal of extracurricular activities with a lecturer would be devastating.

“Are you always so ‘me me me’ , I’m giving you an opportunity to further your own personal studies… does the meddling blue bird work…..” Selena said bitterly.


Kara glanced down at herself and Selena between her legs. Slowly Selena had placed a collection of small rubber tipped crocodile clips along both sides of her labia and, with the aid of a plastic ring and some cord, began to tug those clips, stretching the blonds pussy apart, revealing her clit. Kara’s head lolled slightly in mild ecstasy as she felt herself being splayed out and exposed.


“So …. tell me, this theory, your in house calculation you did…” Selena asked. This was the first after class session of her secret club and she needed to get a crash course in Super powers.

“Ok, so first we calculated the mass displacement differential comp….” began Schneider.

“STOP……” Selena bellowed “In English……..”

“Ummm…. well……..” Schneider mumbled, he was out of his depth, how would he explain this to someone not of his field.

Molly remembered the work from Schneider’s papers and summonsed the courage to speak.

“It’s like….the grains of rice……on the chessboard…..the story……do you know it?” Molly began.

Selena shook her head, she hadn’t but was puzzled as she loved chess as a game.Molly took to a whiteboard and roughly drew out a grid as she began to explain what she meant.

“Well, basically, as a reward to the man who brought the game of chess to his court, a King offered him whatever he desired. The man asked for rice, he wanted a grain of rice for the first square of the chessboard, then double that for the next and double that for the next and so on….one, two, four, eight, sixteen…….”

Molly continued her illustration, writing in the grid until the numbers were enormous. Schneider nodded in agreement, he could see how this simplified things no end and he could see even the red head starting to comprehend the significance of this doubling in the story.

“I can’t recall but I think by the 64th square you’d have more rice than has ever existed or something like that, anyway, it would be more than any man could give. You see, we think that like the chess board, the energy in the cells of the subject don’t add together, they multiply up.” Molly explained.

“If…if you look at her size and what her normal strength should be, her apparent strength seems to have grown in a similar manner to the rice , it makes much more sense that her energy density works like that.” Schneider managed.

“Basically there is a lot of energy, a lot of strength, and imagine for each unit of energy she obtains from the sun into her cells, they get leveraged up billions of times over!” Molly said, seemingly in awe and rightly so.

“Basically it’s impossible to draw that power to zero….no task has ever been too great….” Schneider agreed.

Selena looked at the grid, imagining a ponderously growing heap of rice or energy then remembered the debt chart rom the news paper clipping.

“What if……what if one of these squares could be made to flip…… what if… made it multiply by minus two….not plus 2…..” Selena probed, gauging the reaction of her assembled smart club.

“The king would be very happy indeed….” Molly quipped.

“And the man would become his slave…….” Schneider said ominously.


Selena slid the foot operated jack stand into position between Kara’s splayed legs and began to work the mechanism, slowly elevating the metal headed dildo closer to Kara’s splayed pussy, leaving the tip tantalisingly close to the blonds flesh.

Selena planted herself in front of the heroine, her breasts in their tight confinement, her nether regions splayed taught and on the edge of being penetrated by the cold steel intruder.

“And so, Kara, the idea was planted in those scientific brains……to them….your body was a sea of squares on an infinite chess board and all they had to do was to figure out how to change the rules for one of them…Teresa would help them find out how.”

Selena gently patted down on Kara’s restrained breasts while the index finger of her other hand delighted in exploring the gaping channel between her taught labia.

Kara’s eyes burned, Selena who had been her enemy had overcome the heroines overwhelming muscle with just her mind. Whenever she thought her defeat had been total she only went on to discover that she had been conquered in even more ways than she thought possible.


Selena retired to the sliding door, the spreadeagled Kara admiring her sexy walk in her riding boots and jodhpurs. Her red ponytailed hair swayed across her back as she walked to the doorway and slid it open. She vanished a second then returned crouched behind a wheeled wooden platform about a meter square, a foot high, on it under a dust cloth a mystery item.

Selena parked the platform a few meters away from Kara and whipped off the cover, almost like a magician. A box of electronics housed in a large shoebox shaped housing was revealed together with something akin to a futuristic rifle barrel. Kara shuffled nervously in front of the weapon like monstrosity, her outstretched labia just touching either side of the looming intruder between her legs.

“What the hell is that!” Kara managed to say suddenly feeling more vulnerable than ever.


“So thanks to your cash infusion to our physics department they kindly came up with this…..” Schneider said, nodding to Matthews who drew back a pure white cover and plastic wrapping beneath.

Selena stood, arms folded studying the almost futuristic sniper rifle like contraption. She was quietly impressed as she walked around what her money had bought while Schneider prayed for approval. Having this Damocles sword of blackmail hanging over him had been stressful although it had been countered by progress in his pet subject, the Superheroine.

“What does it do….. ” Selena started then sensed Schneider was about to unleash a flood of science at her….”….in English….” she added.

Schneider smirked, he knew Molly was better than this than he was and he gestured to her to explain.

“Well, this is what we’ve called Teresa…..Tomographic energy resonance echo scanner…. ” Molly started as Selena shot her a glare.

“Don’t worry about the name though….basically all those little chessboard squares we talked about….they are all bound together, right?” Molly continued.

Selena nodded listening intently to Molly who spoke with enthusiasm.

“Well, to get one of those squares free we need to stimulate it at some frequency then give it a good kick to become polarised, reversed.”

“And that is what Teresa does?” Selena asked hopefully, imagining having the heroine in her sights, shooting the heroines powers away.

“Well, not yet…” Molly replied triggering another scowl from Selena. Molly looked to Schneider to share the heat.

“What Teresa is good at is to get the resonance frequency….we need to do 3 good passes….find the upper boundary, the lower boundary and then a verifying shot…”Schneider explained.

“What is the range like on this….I hardly think she is going to let us waltz up to her and point this at her.” Selena said wondering if the “smart” nerds had considered this problem.

“Actually that’s the good part, this is actually quite a low energy affair, and the effects of distance on measurement are almost irrelevant for several miles, you need line of sight of course however” Schneider said matter of factly.

“So all I need to do is point, shoot and…..” Selena started enthusiastically.

“And wait……..” Molly butt in, tempering Selena’s evident delight. “It takes a little time, minutes perhaps, to run through the frequencies but once you’ve got it locked in, say the upper boundary, it’s done.”

“So I may need a couple of sessions ….” Selena realised.

“Yes but…. she makes public appearances, there are posted dates…… And she won’t know anything at least not the first two times. This is a silent, non visible, non heating nano scanning beam…..she will be stood there, a sitting duck while you map out the frequency” Molly said proudly, appeasing her blackmailer.


“So I waited Kara…. and then came the day you opened the new harbour suspension bridge and you stood there, smiling and waving, extolling the skill of mankind’s engineering while I had you in my sights….” Selena said , flicking on a switch.

There was nothing, no sound, no sensation, the beam seemed undetectable. Kara cocked her head put perceived nothing.

“Beautiful, isn’t it….that silence is the beam burrowing right through your clit…..” Selena said, glancing through the sighting scope, confirming her aim. “As well as the readouts here they installed an audio representation of the scanning…” Selena said hitting the audio channel on.

The audio squeaked into life, starting at a high pitch seeking lower and lower.


“What does it mean…?” Panted Kara, the audible process bringing the reality of how her weakness had been exposed

“It means it’s finding the spot…the moment of resistance one side of resonance frequency, it repeats the cycle, refining, probing, correcting and refining again, all the while you stand there…being ‘Super’…..”

Kara’s clit voluntarily tingled realising that she had just stood there on the bridge that day while Selena had begun the process of learning to strip her powers away.

Selena smiled and approached the blond, and placed a testing finger on the steel penile intruder at the entrance of the heroines taught labia. It was wet, liquid excitement oozing down its sides. It was time, Selena thought as she jacked the shaft up slightly more, the curved point of the tip slipping into the blond.

“Nghh ” moaned the heroine in reply, now definitely sensing she had been penetrated.

Kara could only flex her fists as the TERESa unit cycled onwards confirming what Selena had already discovered, the frequencies that would help de-power her.

Selena walked behind the heroine and wrapped her arms around her victims naked waist, her mouth to the blonds ear..

“Of course….finding the boundaries was exciting….but the verification ..the testing…that was…exquisite….as you’ll remember…” Selena whispered, patting the heroine on her behind.

Selena released her prey…. “Now where is it…..” Wondered Selena, looking for her next instrument of torment.



Selena glanced at the TERESa unit as it was seeking up through the frequencies, finding the lower boundary, the other side of the frontier beyond which lay the vulnerable weak spot.

Selena was stood carefully just to one side of the blond knowing the scanning beam was passing just behind, burrowing at Kara’s clit. It of course wasn’t perceptible to the heroine and it wouldn’t harm Selena but she liked the psychological impact it had on the blond. She was still stood there, her willing plaything, still powered, but to look at her face, it was submissive ecstasy that was written there.

Selena drew a waist cincher tighter and tighter around the heroine, closing it up at the front, totally exaggerating the blonds figure. Selena let out a feint smile, the tightly bound breasts, her punished waist, they would all have a tale to tell the heroine when she finally was de-powered.

BLIP BLIP BLIP sounded TERESa, it’s cycle complete. Selena remembered the first few times she heard that sound, establishing the weak spot , that chink in the blonds armour that Mother Nature had sewn into the physics that defined her.

“It was…as simple as that….?” moaned Kara.

“Yes…” Selena replied in delight as she delivered another swipe to the blonds bound breasts. “It was as simple as that…frequency locked in… we had to wait for your next special guest appearance…” Selena glanced down at the jack stand and carefully elevated the intruder deeper into the blonds gaping hole.

The heroine rose easily to her toes to accommodate the invader more easily, Selena knew she would pay for that manoeuvre eventually.

“You may even remember what happened next .. once the resonance frequency is dialled in…” Selena said provocatively as she prepared the next step. Verification.


Started the signal as Selena dialled down the volume, neither needed to hear the established tone…it was only an artificial aid anyway. What mattered was that right there and then the tiniest tract of the heroines flesh was being pierced by the colourless invisible beam.

Unknown to her even as she wiggled in her restraint, the taught clips restraining her labia apart, the intruder assisting, meant her clitoris was being dissected at the most basic level. An energy bearing cell within her body began to quiver, just the one, tugging at it its bonds.

BLIP responded TERESa quietly, firing a kicking charge into the resonating cell.

The cell spun in its polarity for a moment shredding the supply line of invulnerability in her clit prompting it to respond to the bondage around it, the clips and the cool steel shaft nearby.

“Oh….oh…………it………….that………” Kara looked imploringly at Selena but realised that the redhead in front of her was not the same as the angry vengeful woman of before.

“That’s right….. now you remember…..” Selena said, arms folded, the heroine splayed, displayed and suffering freely for her. TERESa began again, exciting more cells in the heroines body.


Far away from the heroine at the new rail unification ceremony Selena set up TERESa. The high vantage spot was perfect as she looked down the sighting scope towards the platform and the podium. The magnification was impressive and the accuracy was too, zeroed in on a test reticule at the university, the line of sight was directly down the barrel. With no “bullet drop” to contend with, so long as she could see something in her sight, Selena could hit it.

Selena dialled in her frequency and lined up her shot as the dignitaries began to take their positions. Kara was sat in a chair in amongst a row of police in their best blue but Selena from her vantage point could get access to parts of her body. Selena burned with fury inside seeing the beautiful blond smiling and happy while she had endured misery.

“Let’s do this” she said, laying prone, ear bud in, ready to listen to the audible tone of TERESa begin its work.

Her cross hair drifted, choosing….choosing………there.

The crosshairs settled on the blonds bicep of her right arm, and …”ON”

Deep within the heroines mighty bicep the chaos ensued, a cell began to vibrate, steadily at first until the bonds holding it to its neighbour started to protest. The resonance intensified ripping the the cell off its mooring bit by bit, it’s instability finally echoing a signal back up the beam to the TERESa unit which fired a pulse.

BLIP said the unit into Selena’s ear….it was working. Selena kept the pressure on, imagining her own vengeance was being channeled into the blonds body.

BLIP… she heard again. Steadily she swept the upper arm of the blond, slowly destroying the intricate network of mutually reinforcing, power multiplying bonds. Back and forth, she maintained that one muscle in her sight….BLIP

The blond glanced about her a second, a moment of unease, a sixth sense maybe. Selena didn’t care, she was intent and her venomous thoughts poured from her mind and down the scope willing the machine to signal to move on.



Kara moaned as TERESa signalled again that another cell had been twisted into surrendering her invulnerability. Her clit was now throbbing, not from the machine, but from her bondage and now as she rocked on tip toes she felt the steel intruder burying itself into her body.

“That….was you…………you were destroying me up there ……… and…………” Kara was torn, the emotions were crippling almost, being destroyed by her enemy in the past, being dominated by her lover in the present.

“You wanted to know Kara… was it possible……..I was cruel….I was angry…..but now…I’m ….. different…” Selena said warmly as she gathered up the clit stimulator.

She was going to juice the heroine for all she was worth on that wicked impaling metal shaft before finally ending her story.

BLIP reported TERESa again, another cascading failure of resistance had commenced in her clitoris and now Selena stood victorious in front of her bound lover.

“I was so….scaaared……you…..dismantled me in front of all those people…….” sobbed the blond, her body twitching with her clits protests.

Selena hadn’t know the effect she had had on the heroine but she knew it was of a different time, a different version of herself.


“That’s right ….. come on come on …..” Selena grunted through angry teeth waiting for the TERESa unit once more.

BLIP it sounded in her headphone.

Selena had systematically scanned over the blonds right bicep and shoulder, celebrating with malice as she heard the sound confirming yet another cell had been subverted. Selena imagined all those little grains of rice, the huge mountain of white being divided in half, over and over again as the chess board was shattered into pieces. Now she was intent on another target……

“That’s right, keep talking to the cop……”

BLIP she heard the sound again.

“Good whore…..keep smiling……don’t blink……..”

BLIP sounded the tone again.

Burrowing into one of the blondes bright blue eyes Selena was stripping the heroine of her heat vision, maybe more. She was hoping to disable both of those shiny happy blue eyes before…..

“Dammit……” Selena snarled as the audience began to applaud and her target rose to her feet.

There was no way she was going to be able maintain a reasonable focus on the target now.


Selena stood with the clit stimulator precariously close to Kara’s splayed flesh.

“I…was trapped….on that stage……the band played and……you had destroyed my arm…..I had to use my left to lift the commemorative section of rail then……..” Selena placed a kiss on Kara’s cheek as she delivered the stimulator onto the proud swollen clit of the heroine, the only vulnerable part of her body.

Kara’s head flopped onto Selena’s shoulder as she fell from tiptoes a moment, the steel dildo delving deeply into her body.

“That’s right…then………..”teased Selena.

“I….had to do the rail cutting ceremony…..with one eye….it was you……you were disabling me…piece by piece….at will………oh god……..please may I cum…………….” Kara begged, she was a twitching mess.

“Yes….but you stay right up there…..” Selena said warmly, planting a kiss on Kara’s cheek as she reached the orgasm she so wanted. Kara panted as her legs gave way forcing her more onto the dildo and adding strain to the chains at her wrists.

Selena broke away from the blond and let her rest a moment, finally turning off the TERESa unit , it’s part in the story over with.

“That’s right little one, rest….” Selena said quietly as she wheeled TERESa away.



Selena noted how Kara had composed herself again, it had been emotionally challenging for the heroine to relive the memory of the disturbing day when, for a fleeting moment she thought her power was failing. She had completed the ceremony then made her excuses and left only to find that she was perfectly fine within minutes of leaving.

Selena returned to the prone heroine and stood before her admiring the taught, mostly naked body. Behind her back, Selena held the next objects of her psychological game.

“I won’t lie to you Kara, what happened that day… well let’s just say that what I did then was nothing less than vindictive, hateful, spite….but it IS what happened ..” Selena said sounding just a little apologetic.

Kara looked at her equestrian themed tormentor, her knee length boots contrasted by her pure white jodhpurs and shirt. Her emotions were in a mess, evil Selena, dominant Selena, at times even good Selena, they all seemed to be reaching at her, there and then and from memories of the past.

“But that……that isn’t what finally……finally got me….is it?” Kara reasoned. The cruel probing dissection performed on her on the podium stage was nothing like the one knockout blow she received, the one that put her in the fruit of The Tailor’s efforts, The Brokers Revenge.

“In a moment…I’ll introduce you….. But first lets got those delightful clips off you and remove that steel visitor….I need to make way for these….” Selena said, revealing the matching solid see through dildo and buttplug.


Schneider dropped the blinds of the small meeting room windows and locked the door. Selena’s smart club had reunited again, possibly for the last time. Schneider at least seemed relieved to know he would soon be rid of his blackmailer whilst Molly still had vain hopes of maintaining her bridge to Schneider.

Molly tapped the top of the package that sat on the meeting room table.

“This is it…..the…REAPER….that’s what the engineers nicknamed it.” Molly gushed.

Selena knew she would regret it but, liking the name, had to ask…”which stands for….?”

“Rapid Resonance and Energy Polarity Reversal…” Molly explained.

“And what does REAPER do that TERESa doesn’t?” Selena enquired, glancing at the box, wondering what her money, no funding, no….bribery, had bought her. Call it what you want, the funds she had supplied had kept some talented engineers employed, even though they didn’t know what it was all for.

“Well, after your demonstration with TERESa a few things were obvious, one, the theory worked, two, it was effective but slow and three, the effects were only short lived.” Schneider said quite analytically.

“Basically you were using a scalpel to do butchery, a figurine painters finest brush to paint a wall. REAPER is like standing on a land mine, or a shotgun blast compared to the slow one by one popping of cells with TERESa” Molly added as she lightly tapped at the box.

“REAPER will commence by pushing out a field of resonating energy. This is quite low power stuff, the subject will be totally unaware of this part of the cycle but once REAPER detects resonance occurring ….. ” Molly continued.


Molly brought her hands together, causing Schneider to flinch.

“The pulse, thank you Molly, will be quite bright but over quickly…” cautioned Schneider.

“Very dramatic but…..what about effect duration….” Queried Selena. If the blond Superheroine recovered quickly this was no use to her at all.

“She recovered quickly because so few cells were eventually they naturally want to twist right way up…. How many pings did you get while you were using TERESa …. thirty….forty…..fifty…..?” Molly asked with a slight frown.

“Something like that….” confessed Selena. She had lost count as she had criss crossed the heroines blue clad bicep, shredding up the latticework of invulnerability and strength of her arm.

She had wanted to manually carve out every facet of the blonds abilities, her strength, her incredible hearing, the ability to fly, she had even begun to rob her of her heat vision before she was interrupted.

“Well, imagine millions of pings….. all at once, every cell’s charge working like a lead weight, sucking the energy from all its neighbours…” Molly enthused.

“The last advantage REAPER has over TERESa….. after the initial field….and….after the pulse….restarting the field will inhibit natural cell reversion…she can be suppressed for a considerable amount of time.” Schneider said coldly, it all seemed to be just science to him, for Selena it was much much more.


“And this…..” Selena started with a slight grunt…..”is REAPER”

Kara watched with trepidation as Selena approached, in her arms the device that she had used so many times to disable her powers.

In Selena’s arms was something in shape akin to a set of modern bath scales, a thin black metal top plate with a smaller but deeper metal square housing beneath containing the workings of the device.

“As you can imagine ….” Selena said with a slight struggle as she set REAPER down between the heroines spread legs”…this is easily disguised, it can be mounted like a ceiling panel or a wall panel, it can look like part of a light fitting…. I like REAPER a lot….” Selena said, rising upright.

“What…what happened to Matthews, Schneider……if they know about this then…” Began Kara knowing that her powers were about to be taken once again.

“I kept the frequencies secret but knowing that they could just start to seek them out for themselves I had McGee pay them a visit. Oh those egg heads and their engineers, how they blabbed, and McGee sucked them dry of all knowledge of me, the devices and our little experiments.”

Selena reached between the heroines legs and felt for the flared bases of the solid clear toys inside the heroine provoking a moment of realisation on Kara’s face. From below the REAPER device reflected the view above, Kara’s intimate inner flesh visibly exposed.

“Oh ….” whimpered the heroine as the situation sunk in.

Selena felt elated, her psychological trick obviously impacting the heroine. Of course the effects of the REAPER device weren’t troubled by mere flesh, but for Kara to feel specifically targeted this way was arousing.

Kara watched as Selena went to retrieve some things, eyes opening widely upon her return. Selena strode back, her heels clinking from the blunt metal spurs she had put on each foot. Slung over her shoulder, held in her fingerless riding gloved hand some brown leather straps, the riding crop in her other hand looking dangerous.

Kara tracked Selena until she was behind her, her eyes flashing wildly as the head harness was presented to her face. The Bit gag, some curved cylindrical black rubber, was presented to her mouth, the reins clipped on at each end. Selena buckled up the harness firmly and held the reins in one gloved hand as she ran the head of the crop down the blonds spine to the edge of the cincher at her waist which unknown to Kara was more like a saddle on her back.

“When you wake up I’m going to take you down from there and ride you like an animal to the playroom……then fuck you like one……” Selena whispered.

Kara snorted as she took in the moment. Selena was her mistress and owner and soon the heroine would be reduced to an animal for her pleasure….and she loved it.

“REAPER ….. Now!” Selena commanded.



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