SG&The Broker: McGee’s Story

Lucy, as a reward, or as the spoils of blackmail, for saving McGee’s life, gets shown how McGee and Selena came to meet and why he helps her when he can.


Over in the story “United We Stand” there is a chapter 42 where Lucy has an opportunity to learn more about McGee’s ability …….. this is what she sees.

Please see “SG&The Broker: Recommended Reading Order”

SG&The Broker: Recommended Reading Order



Agent McGee’s day had started easily enough, a junior agent, he had been processing paperwork from a case that he had been working on. Sat at his desk he had noted the earlier rush of activity as other agents in other sections had grabbed their jackets, checked their weapons and dashed off but his section boss had merely shook his head when McGee had begun to rise from his desk.

“Not us this time” thought McGee, this was another teams problem, whatever it was.

Time went on and McGee noticed that agents and section chiefs well above his pay grade were prowling about, something was happening, and it seemed to be a big deal. Quiet whispers in cubicles, dropped blinds in windowed offices and the arrival of the area director who was ushered to the comms office only heightened McGee’s awareness to what was going on.

Eventually McGee’s section chief passed nearby, summonsed to some quick meeting.

“Hey boss, what’s going on?” asked McGee.

“Chaos, newbie, frikking chaos, some hacker is fucking with the city infrastructure, something big is happening…” replied the agent before glancing towards his destination, a meeting room that was still empty of people.

McGee of course had sensed the carnage that was going on out in the city from the other agents thoughts as he responded to the question. All he had to do was ask the question and his targets mind would light up like a Christmas tree with the truth before they even spoke.

“Do you need me for anything ?” McGee asked hopefully. Cyber terrorism sounded more fun than processing case files.

“Maybe… we’ll see… at the moment we’re keeping some men back here just in case. I’ll know more after this meeting…” replied the chief before heading off. Others head begun to enter the meeting room ahead and he didn’t want to miss anything.

McGee sensed the truth behind the words, the agency was being stretched by this emerging crisis, even newbies like McGee might have to get their hands dirty on this one.

Time went on, the meeting ended and McGee was told no more. With a sigh he resumed his work all the while wondering how the battle, whatever it was, raged on outside.

An hour went by, then another and then the phone rang, it was his boss.


“Newbie you’re up! Get down to interview 1, I’ll brief you there”

“Sure boss” McGee responded with a smile.

In the observation room next to interview room 1 McGee met with his boss. The darkened room held the recording equipment and showed feeds from the cameras inside the interview room though of course the one way glass revealed the scene beyond.

Then suddenly a prisoner was led in to the interview room, her hands cuffed in front of her, her upper arm held by…

McGee’s eyes went wide as Supergirl led her prisoner into the room followed by an agent who restrained the young woman at the interview table.

“Eyes on the prize newbie, the girl, she’s the hacker” the section chief said as he noted McGee tracking the heroine like she was some goddess.


“Sorry …..ummm so who is she?” McGee asked naively as he snapped back onto the woman now cuffed to the interview desk in the room beyond the mirrored glass.

“Ah newbie …. that is on a long shopping list of questions … listen, Johnson my best interviewer is out ….. I’m not expecting you to get a confession from the kid but do the opening round will you ?” the chief said, he sounded almost resigned to the idea that McGee would get nothing.

“OK boss …. are you going to monitor this or ….” McGee asked. Normally a full on interview session would be backed by an observer team who would be prompting questions and double checking statements and so on in the background.

“The gear is recording the session … but look …. to be honest it looks like she was running diversions .. the real battle is still going on out there …” the chief replied as he turned to move away.

McGee saw a flash of a memory as the chief spoke, there had been some sort of epic robbery, a gunfight, a chase, and all the while some hacker had been mis-directing police, fire crews, and ambulances to cause chaos. CCTV systems sent old video on loop while the criminals escaped unseen and streets became rivers as the city fresh water system was sent into chaos making pursuit difficult.

“Woah ..” McGee said to himself as the vision of the memory faded. Now he found himself in the observation room looking at the angry red headed young woman. Eighteen, nineteen, twenty, McGee didn’t know, he didn’t know anything yet.

With a deep breath McGee grabbed notepad and a pen and left the room and moved to the interview room door and entered.

“Hey ….” McGee started subtly. “Can I get you anything , water , coffee ?”

The redhead in her black tight t-shirt, her long greasy red hair flowing over her shoulders glanced up, a mix of rage, fear and distress written all over her face.

“Why are you not looking for KYLE ! Please tell me she’s gone to look for Kyle … she wouldn’t even speak to me !! ” snarled the red head her eyes misting.

“Excuse me …..Kyle who ?” McGee blinked. The young woman, braces evident as she spoke, was more talkative than he was anticipating. The red head was taken back by her own ferocity a moment and she glanced down at her cuffs to confirm to herself the reality of the situation.

“Kyle …. they …. they have him ….they …..made me…is she looking for him, she wouldn’t speak to me ….I really wanted her to believe me … I ….” blubbed the redhead.

“She has rules …. stuff like this, she needs you to talk to us ..not her…. but, if it’s any consolation you know it’ll be on her mind …. your Kyle friend …” McGee said, trying to ease the young lady’s mind.

Selena yanked at her restraints in protest and scowled. “Why won’t anyone listen to me !”

“Wait …. I’m listening, so start again…… who are you, what is your name ?” McGee asked warmly as he drew up a chair opposite the teenager, her eyes misting as she fiddled with her restraints. A myriad of sounds hit McGee’s brain, not from real sound but the myriad of thoughts as the young woman processed the question before continuing on.


“Look … they have my friend …. Kyle ….. they kept him with them … they said ….” the red head continued, evading the question, or so she thought.

“You look like a …. a .. Sally … or Sal …..” McGee said as he sought to calm the red head down. Of course the redhead had screamed her actual name into McGee’s brain the moment he asked her for it but he couldn’t let her know he had seen it.


“If you are going to call me Sal you are going to be Twinkie” the redhead retorted. Obviously a stab at McGee’s large body size it was the red head just lashing out.

McGee made a light laugh as his pen made notes on the pad.

“You got me kid, so I like Twinkies …..” McGee continued “ok, so then, Sal, nice and slow, this Kyle …a friend of yours ?”

“Yes …..” Selena replied, desperately trying to maintain her patience.

McGee was instantly hit with a wave of sensations and feelings, from Selena. This Kyle had treated her like a goddess, well to her that was how she felt at least. Whatever it meant, the impression McGee had was that Kyle was as important to her as it seemed she was to him.

“So … you keep saying ‘they have him’ …… who are ‘they’ ?” McGee asked calmly.

“A gang ….they had guns ..” Selena said as her distress rose once more.

In McGee’s mind he could see it, the teen lovers Kyle and Selena being stormed in on while making out on a sofa, pizza and beer on the table in front of them. The men in balaclava’s with pistols zip tying the two lovers wrists behind their backs before being dragged away.

“When was this …..” McGee asked. He hated this part, having to play out to the camera the laborious Q and A session even though with vivid detail he had seen the whole event. He knew when, where, how, the clothes the others had been wearing, their accents as they barked their orders, everything and yet he was powerless to capitalize on his skill, for now anyway.

In the observation room the recording equipment churned on capturing every word and every move as the interview progressed. Of course McGee ended up with two sets of facts, those the red head spoke and those the red head thought. Selena had been impeccably truthful with her words when she used them but her silence screened many things that he had seen in her head but couldn’t commit to paper.

Eventually McGee’s time with Selena ended and she was then in the hands of other more senior men. The drama in the city had ended too although the manhunt continued and investigations went on trying to determine more about the mysterious Kyle.

Unfortunately for Selena the escaping thieves, under the cover of her hacking efforts had caused the death of a police officer and so she was in the frame, an accessory, a death penalty target.

McGee pushed and probed at the fringe of the case, he being given only lesser leads to work on and he wasn’t really ever able to speak to Selena again. Then, one day something happened that would cast a shadow over everything that was to come next.

“Hey, McGee, you busy ?” asked McGee’s section chief.

“I was just wrapping up some stuff but it can wait ……what’s up ?” McGee asked looking up from his cubicle desk.

“We are just dotting some I’s on the “Big One” case … can you go over some evidence boxes … just see if we missed something …. ”

“Oh ?”

“Yeah .. it’s stuff from the Walsh place ….” The chief replied, hands in suit trouser pockets.

McGee soon found himself in the evidence room at a large metal examination bench, a few cardboard boxes on top marked with case numbers and WALSH, S,J

McGee began to carefully pick through the contents one by one.

“Look again for anything about this Kyle guy … he’s a ghost !” McGee had been told and so he did.

There were the usual teen things, a portable CD player, her music collection of CD’s, books and so on and then McGee popped open a poster tube and drew the contents out. The image side had been rolled towards the inside and so, carefully, respectfully, McGee slowly unfurled the poster.

He half expected to see a rock band or some acting idol, perhaps something goth that he would never understand or perhaps a film poster but as he slowly rolled out the image he was confronted by an image of the sky, then, clouds, and a trail of smoke, then the tail of a jetliner and then ……

Caught in mid flight, a red and blue streak was captured as it approached the stricken plane. Beneath the powerful image the iconic S, the shield, and with it the message ..

Supergirl : Day One

It was the first image ever of the girl of steel and it was as she was doing something heroic, saving a plane.

McGee went on popping open more posters and fanning them open, one by one.
Supergirl, Supergirl, Supergirl, Supergirl, Supergirl ……..

McGee planted his hands down on the big metal table and wanted to sob. Selena was innocent, with his gift he could see it and Supergirl had just swept her up and placed her into custody. Worse, Selena seemed to idolise the superheroine and so the sting of being caught red handed by her during her crime probably hurt a great deal.

McGee’s thoughts turned to Selena herself, she seemd to have been an unruly awkward teen, prettier than she probably realised, rebellious and alone and yet beneath the greasy hair and braces there was going to be a beautiful woman in no time.Perhaps this Kyle guy could see it too, McGee had seen in Selena’s eyes how Kyle had treated her so much better than anyone else, no wonder she was prepared to do anything to prot….

“Hmmm … perhaps if ….”

McGee paused a moment and looked at the collection of evidence and realised it was pointless.

“We haven’t found anything, not because he doesn’t exist, it’s because he wanted to not be found ..” he reasoned.


Days passed, McGee pushed the theory to his bosses but failed to get through. Real or not Kyle was becoming less relevant, Selena was tainted by her association with her acts and the death of a cop and it was that that was pulling her towards her fate.
McGee tried to sneakily keep himself in the information loop, dumping his theories into side conversations when he could, by the water cooler, near the shared printer, around the coffee machine but he failed to make his point.

“My gut says she was duped …. set up …… ” he would say, trying to hint at what he couldn’t actually reveal directly. He had seen into her her head and she wasn’t responsible for what happened.

Then, the day came, Selena was led off, deals were done, bargains made and she was gone, destined for “a special program”, that is what McGee managed to suck out the mind of one military officer who had come to collect their gifted hacker prisoner.

The accusing eyes of the young woman as she looked McGee in the eye on her way out of the building haunted McGee every day. Usually the scum that had passed in front of him in his line of work had secrets he could uncover with his gift, but proving her innocence had been shown to be impossible.

Days turned into a weeks then months and years and every now and then McGee would inquire “about that Walsh girl”, hoping some new little piece of information what leak out. What he hadn’t anticipated was the day he stumbled upon the man he had seen in a memory, Selena’s memory.

His name though wasn’t Kyle, it was Geoff, or Gary or Micheal, or whatever he wanted it to be. McGee had happened across the mystery man on a different case many years after Selena had been led away for her new career but McGee had never forgotten “him” or the woman he had seemingly wronged.

Working Selena’s case in his free time, McGee happened upon a photo of Kyle and recognised him from Selena’s memory of the young man. He had been caught by the lens of the camera when a surveillance team spotted him interacting with an identity theft gang. Kyle himself was a low level target and slipped through the net of any official investigations but McGee had other plans.

Then, during the passage of one fateful week, McGee took leave from his post and sought out the man he only knew from a stolen thought, Kyle. Living modestly, Kyle, for want of his real name, had been living off his ill gotten gains, hidden in plain sight from the authorities. Little did he know that although his was invisible to those who had sought him out, his face that Selena knew well was now well known to McGee too.


Kyle looked back at the closing door of his double garage, his new gleaming black mustang reflecting the spot lamps above. Smiling he entered the side door into his kitchen and tossed his keys onto a marble counter top and from a rack popped out a small capsule which he placed into his coffee maker and ….


Kyle never saw his attacker, and to be honest, being attacked never crossed his mind. The pain, the paralysis, the falling sensation as the floor loomed closer and closer were the only fleeting sensations he had before he lost consciousness.


McGee, tazer in hand gave Kyle a modest kick to confirm he was out cold and then hauled him to the living room down the hall. Kyle wasn’t that heavy, he was trim and soon a groggy Kyle found himself bound to a chair in front a camera in his very own home.

“Who the fuck are you …….” Kyle groaned upon his slow awakening.

“I’m the fucking avenging angel …..” McGee quipped, mask over his face.

“What .. what is this about …….?” Kyle asked nervously as McGee produced a pistol.

“This …. is about you, a robbery, a dead cop ….. and a girl …..and lots of money ..” McGee said calmly as he sat himself down in front the bound Kyle.

Kyle glanced between McGee and the camera and decided to resist.

“What robbery, what cop ….. what money ? ” Kyle asked.

“Oh, didn’t you know …. Selena told me all about you ……KYLE” McGee said firmly emphasizing the false name.

“But … I’m not Kyle ….honestly …. check my wallet ….. my drivers license …. I …..” Kyle blubbed.

“Then what is your real name ?” McGee probed.


“My name is Micheal …… Micheal Williams …. I …. I ……” Kyle insisted.

“Bullshit … Micheal my ass …….. your real name is David …..” McGee said with confidence. Born with the name David, it had been Kyle while with Selena, Micheal now and who knows what before and after, this guy was a chameleon. Now, McGee was no longer restricted from using his power, he was free to exert every advantage from having it.

“So where are your gang members, the ones who did the ‘Big One’, the ones that so convincingly had you as hostage so you could get her to hack for you ….” McGee continued.


“Who – what are you talking about ?” Kyle said defensively.

“You know …. Sam, Mikey and Paul …… how they doing ?” McGee said twisting his knife into Kyle’s secrets.

“How… how do you know them ?” Kyle blurted without thinking.

McGee smirked as he glanced at the camera and then at Kyle, which made the prisoner realise he had just confessed to knowing them.

“Wait . you can’t rely on that … this is torture ……. hold on …… are you …… are you a cop ?” Kyle said, floundering between fear and false bravado.

“I met Selena inside prison ….. we shared a bus ride …….she told me all about you …… how you must be rich now …… so … how is the money situation, Kyle, David, or is it Micheal…..?”


“I ….. I have a modest trust fund, it pays me a fixed income ….I don’t get to touch it ..” Kyle explained with an obligatory lie.

“Aww come on kid …. you are breaking my balls here …. you’re drawing it down from the UNI BANK account …. you know ….. in the Cayman islands ….” McGee retorted. Kyle was defenseless, McGee’s questions merely forced Kyle to spill the truth inside his mind.

“What do you want …..?” Kyle asked nervously.

“Well … let’s see now …..” McGee said sinisterly, his gun still aimed at Kyle.


A few years later and ironically it was McGee’s turn at playing victim. After a hard day working a case the tired large man returned to his home to find it cast in darkness. He cursed under his breath and prepared to get a torch so he could check the breakers in the utility room. That was when …..

“Well hello TWINKIE ….” said a voice in the shadows, the emphasis on the mildly offensive nickname.

McGee froze in his tracks knowing there was an intruder in his living room lurking in the corner, obscured by the darkness. McGee’s right hand instinctively began to edge from his waist towards his left shoulder where his holstered weapon resided.

“DON’T” urged the voice.

“Sorry … just …… instinctive …… how ……. how have you been, Sal?” McGee quipped nervously into the ether. Selena was barely visible but her instruction to not go for his gun sounded like it was backed with a weapon of her own.

“You remember ….” Selena replied. She was slightly taken aback by the fact that not only had he recalled her voice or what she had named him, but he had retorted with his little pet name he had given her when they first met.

“Why are you here ….Sal ?” McGee asked, his hands adopting a sort of angled away from his sides posture. He wasn’t surrendering as such but rather just trying to show he wasn’t a threat.


“Why do you think , TWINKIE ?” Selena snarled back from the corner.

“If it’s about the case … I … I believed you Sal ….. I …. I never gave up on you ….” McGee stammered. Right now he really wished he had no powers at all, the aura of venom pouring out the young woman who was hidden in the room was terrifying.

“Really, TWINKIE ? And what good did that do me ?” asked the angry woman.

“Sal ….. I …. I tried to make it right …… I know we failed you but …. but perhaps .. I can give you closure …..?” McGee said, trying to regain some composure.


“Closure ? Nothing can bring closure to this …..!” snarled the woman.

McGee gulped and tried again to exlpain himself.

“Behind the painting, there …. there is a safe ……. pincode …..21-80-36 …. I … I kept something for you …. please …. ” McGee pleaded.

Obscured by darkness Selena found the safe and opened it, pulling out a small camcorder cassette tape and an envelope which McGee prompted her to take. It was then, a passing car, its headlights on full beam cast a vertical slice of light which cut through the room revealing Selena to McGee.

“Oh my god what ….. what happened to you ?” asked McGee into the returning darkness.

McGee had witnessed Selena in her damaged state, the way “the program” had left her. Scarred by the inferno of the dessert her visible forearms, neck and parts of her face made for a sad image. The lovely young woman who was on the edge of blossoming had taken a bad turn for the worse and now she was back and for ……



In a moment of searing pain all went fuzzy and black as he drifted away. He wasn’t scared nor brave, not concerned or confident either, nothing crossed into his mind until he began to wake up. The cold reboot of the brain started with basic thoughts.

Where am I? Why do I hurt? What day is it? What time is it ?

Then McGee began remembering and then he realised ….

“Oh …. I’m alive ?”


Selena had left and had not taken McGee’s life, for now at least. McGee hoped that what the angry Selena would find on the video would be enough, that she could begin to heal, mentally at least. The enraged woman was a stranger to him and he was saddened she had become that way.

Time passed, a year almost and when again McGee was ambushed at home, the MO was similar yet with the lights on.

“Hello ….. Agent McGee …..” said the voice from the corner of his living room, this time in full view. Long sleeves and a scarf hid most Selena from sight but McGee knew it was her.

“Selena …” McGee answered cautiously.

McGee noted Selena had a pistol, but it was placed on her thigh, within instant useable range of her hand, yet it signified a hint of trust. Twinkie was no more, as was Sal, something was new, different.

“I came back to thank you ….. McGee” Selena said sincerely.

“I never gave up on you Selena …. I tried so hard …. that …that tape …” McGee stammered.

“That confession tape is too late to help undo what has happened to me but it will help me in other ways …” Selena said with a slightly sinister edge.

“And the money ?” McGee wondered aloud.


“Ah yes … that … that was ….. ” Selena had found herself at a loss when she realised the young FBI agent had gifted her the money stolen that been in Kyle’s possession.

“Justice …..” McGee filled in Selena’s words. “The insurance would have paid out, you were wronged…… I thought it was …. in this case …. the right thing to do. Anyway, you only got half …. the other half ….. it’s with the widow …. you know, of the cop who was killed.”

“And the money is most welcome, it will help me achieve total justice …. ” Selena said coldly.

“What do you mean ?” McGee asked, cocking his head.


“Well …. I too found Kyle …. and his three sidekicks … right now they are all serving as gimps in some seedy cheap BDSM sex club …….” Selena said.

“What did you do ?!!?” McGee exclaimed in surprise.


“The made the mistake of dealing in drugs, they failed to deliver a shipment, someone had hacked the shipping container tracking details …. oopsie!! One shipping container of sardines later and one pissed off drug baron had the boys bound up and sent them to some club . El Infierno …..” Selena said with a hint of malice in her tone.

“So ….. your revenge is complete …. you are free, you have clean money ….” McGee began, he hoped to encourage Selena onto a new path.

“No, it is NOT ….” Selena bit back.

“Selena ….. please let it go …… who else is there to punish …… you got them …. you can get me too apparently….. or the guys at the agency I guess……so what else is there ?” McGee shrugged.

“No, not them …… I have a bigger score to settle than them …. and as for you , my dear, dear McGee …… you will never have anything to fear from me, I swear it …” Selena replied guardedly.

“Then who ?” McGee asked, he wondered who it could possibly be that would be next in line for her wrath.


“That goddamned flying bitch …. Supergirl …… if only she had listened to me .. she is so fucking special, flying her and there, laser beam fucking eyes , unimaginable strength …… and she did nothing to help me …..” ranted Selena.

McGee felt relief, revenge against Supergirl, that would be a pointless, impossible, unfullfillable mission.

“How do you even begin to think you could do that ?” quipped McGee not thinking of the consequences of asking. Suddenly McGee was overcome by the sensation of cold, calculating, vicious hatred and with it the accompanying imagery of wickedness.


Kara lay face down on the massage table naked and relaxed her head resting through the circular hole in the table. Scented candles filled the room with their soothing smells and the subtle lighting added to the relaxing mood.
The masseuse gently dropped a few spots of oil onto the base of Kara’s neck and let it begin to cascade gently down the subtle channel of the girl of steel’s spine. The gentle tingle that accompanied the liquid was soothing and Kara felt her body grow heavier as she relaxed.

With her thumbs the masseuse rubbed tight little circles into the oiled neck and pursued the gently flowing river of oil down the canal of Kara’s back, firmly massaging the oil into her spine.

“Oh .. this is so ..good ..” Kara moaned as she felt herself melting into the plush massage table.

Down and down the masseuse worked, rubbing in her tight circular pattern, feeling the pebble like undulations of Kara’s spine beneath her thumbs until she reached the blond’s tailbone.

“Just relax …..” whispered the masseuse as Kara felt an arm being carefully slid under her tummy to hold her up while a round cushion slid underneath to support her which left her behind presenting upwards a little.

Kara seemed taken aback a moment as she found herself being posed in such a way but her limbs were so heavy, so relaxed, she barely felt able to protest.

“This isn’t like the normal routine ..” Kara frowned as she looked down at the floor but accepted the pleasurable attention.

There was only silence as the masseuse continued to work for several more minutes until it seemed her efforts had paused.

“Owww what was THAT !” shrieked Kara as she suddenly felt something like a pin jab just above the base of her neck.

“Oh and now you feel it …. good …. it’s working ….” the Masseuse said sinisterly.

“What ?” Kara protested as she tried to push herself up from the table only to discover she was numb throughout most of her body.

“Don’t bother trying to get up …… that oil ….. that I worked into your spine ….it disrupts those wonderful powers of yours…from the neck down you felt nothing though the pin went in !” the masseuse said coldly.

“What .. what are you going to do ?!” Kara asked in panic looking down at the floor.

“Going ? …..Done, more like ! You don’t feel it do you but while you have been paralyzed these few minutes I have already performed an enema with an ionic compound that has robbed you of your powers ….” the Masseuse said with malice as she spanked the prone heroine with a firm thwack.

“Oh my god ..who are you …… why are you doing this …..” stuttered the heroine.

“My name …..” whispered the masseuse into the heroine’s ear “is Selena …. J ……Walsh……”

“But you ….. you are ……” stammered the heroine.

Selena let out a chuckle as she carefully rolled the paralyzed heroine over onto her back.

“No … no I’m not in prison, nor working for that spy program ….I am here, destroying you ……” continued Selena.

“But . why ….. why ……” Kara whimpered, as she looked up, powerless to stop Selena.

Selena slowly drew up the sleeves of her scrubs to reveal the scarred flesh of her body, destroyed by the desert sun.

“Oh my god, what… what happened to you?” Kara said, aghast at the condition of the young woman hidden beneath her clothes.

“YOU happened ……” Selena replied with venom as she reached underneath Kara’s knees with one arm and wiggled her other under Kara’s shoulders.

“I …. I don’t understand …… I ….I ….” stammered Kara.
“I am talented, gifted, you said, they should use me, you said, and they DID” grunted Selena as she lifted the helpless heroine from the massage bed and carried her to the tanning bed and lay her inside.

“Please .. Selena …. what ….. what are you doing ………?” Kara said in a panic.

“I walked for what seemed days in the desert, abandoned, alone, dying, and with only my will did I survive ….. you, you are going to endure a mere fraction of that time all while I watch you suffer …..” Selena said as she began to configure the tanning bed.

“Bu .. but …. without my powers…..oh god …..please ….. don’t do this to me …” Kara begged.

“Ironic, isn’t it, for a being given so much power by the sun, that you will suffer when truly touched by it …..and I promise you, you may have entered here Super but you will be leaving in a wheelchair ….but don’t worry, it’s not forever, I estimate you will recover in about fifteen to twenty ……” Selena let the point linger.

“Hours……days ?” Kara hoped.


“When you’ve been left a freak and rotting in Git’mo being processed as an enemy combatant because your ‘super secret’ spy program is so secret no one realised which side you were really on …. you get time to think, McGee …” Selena said bitterly from behind her head scarf.

McGee shook his head, the Selena that he had cared about had become a twisted, vicious monster. Luckily though she was going after the impossible, or so McGee thought.

“Magic oils – bullshit !” thought McGee to himself though the vicious fantasy left him almost terrified, it was horrific.

“I . I’ve no words to tell you how sorry I am .. for everything … but …. until … until you’ve found yourself ….. your real self ….. and I mean the person inside, the one I met years ago ….until she comes back … I …. don’t want anything to do with the person who has replaced her ….” McGee said sadly.


McGee slowly turned his back to Selena and closed his eyes.

“I ..I would like you to go now Selena …… please just let it go …. let Supergirl go …. or your hate will destroy you …..” McGee said quietly.

With a silence that lasted an eternity the door to the room made a gentle click and when McGee looked around Selena had gone.


Time passed and McGee was not troubled by Selena again but one day he became troubled by unfolding events. An earthquake, a fire, a collapsing dam, all had occurred around the world and Supergirl hadn’t appeared.

It had been several days since her previous sighting and the various “fan” websites which all mapped out sightings of the heroine fell silent. Pings on maps decayed and failed to be replaced with new sightings and the throbbing pulses of recent Supergirl activity slowly faded to a pale dot as the days went on.

The press mentioned it but weren’t too concerned …. yet for McGee he was certain that if anyone could have pulled off an event like taking Supergirl out of the picture it was Selena. She had been angry and determined and unfortunately McGee had left her well financed too.

Weeks passed but for McGee it seemed forever, guilt had kept him awake most nights and each morning he had prayed before checking the fan websites and the news for any sightings of the heroine . Little did he know that the next appearence of Selena would herald the return of the heroine from her absence.

McGee entered his living room and jumped in fright as the head scarf wearing woman came into view, sat in the chair in the corner.

“Jeezus …. you’ve got to stop with this …. why don’t I just give you a key ?” McGee said sarcastically.


“I … needed to tell you McGee ….. I …. I’m at peace now …. I …..needed you to know …” Selena said sadly from behind her sunglasses.

“I .. I am scared to ask …… she .. she has been missing for weeks now ….. what … what have you done?” McGee’s heart raced. Not only was he afraid for the Superheroine he was afraid of what it meant for Selena and her soul, if she had …….


“OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE …..” McGee stomped over to Selena who had felt so safe, calm and relaxed with the gentle giant, the man she thought she had twisted around her finger. McGee reached with an arm and gripped Selena by her throat pinning her into the chair while his free arm swiped away the pistol that Selena had fumbled for at the last second.

“PLghhes” gasped Selena, the force of the big mans grip crushing the words from her voice box.

“What have you done you monster ! What do you mean LEFT FOR DEAD …. what sort of fucking device was THAT that THING !! ” McGee blinked as the horror of The Tailor’s creation flooded into his mind, tubes, piping, a backpack, and a haunting sinister voice. McGee continued to rant as he pulled Selena from her chair and flung her to the floor causing her glasses to spill from her face and the scarf revealed her unscarred cheek.


Selena lay sobbing on the floor, she had transformed her beloved McGee, the only person in the world who had faith in her. No longer was he caring and patient and kind, he was angry and disillusioned with her and it hurt.


“I .. I tried to destroy her ..but all she wants to do is help me …..” murmured Selena as she slowly unwrapped her head.

“What do you mean ?” McGee asked ….. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?”


“I thought I could destroy her …and in the end it was only her who can fix me …. she .. she can fix my body ….”

“You’re blackmailing her ?” McGee asked.


“No .. I …… we think we can …. help each other ….” Selena said with confusion.

“Is she your prisoner ….. is THAT why she has been a no show for so long ?” McGee asked, changing the subject.


“No . I let her go six weeks ago …… but … today ….. she let me know ….. she is coming”

“To do what ?” McGee asked calmly, his head cocking to one side as he looked down on Selena.


“She … she needs something ….. I can give it to her …..and I need something, she can give it to me …. that is our arrangement from now on …..” Selena said as she looked up at the gradually calming giant.

“So it is …. over …your revenge ……?” McGee asked.


“Oh …!” said McGee out loud.

Selena, her face now healed and exposed to McGee, as beautiful as he had imagined she would become had an expression that told the man that he had been found out. He had said aloud the thoughts in her head and knew of the ‘device’ that had held the superheroine prisoner.

McGee and Selena shared a bed, side by side, on top, fully clothed, their hands entwined.

“OK . so just a random day in the future – right ?” Selena asked again.

“Uh-huh … and I will show you …. the day I made Kyle piss his pants he made the confession tape….as he signed over his stolen money ….. it will be like you were there yourself …. I won’t remember but to you it will be as if you had been there” McGee said.


Miss Asia, Lucy Wuan sat bolt upright panting, the relaxed McGee next to her, “That … that is how you met and that’s why Supergirl knows Selena……oh my god…….that’s what she meant……that …. that was the place she showed me where it happened!” she gasped.



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