SG&The Broker: Memory Hole

Selena is missing her Super-Toy a lot, time for a fantasy to tide her over. Some solo self-humiliation/self-bondage/  features which may not be to everyone’s liking.


This story forms part of a series, please see the recommended reading order.

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SG& The Broker
Memory Hole

Selena looked across the cityscape from the lofty heights of the penthouse suite of the hotel. No other view rivaled hers and she marveled at the workings of the city passing by. It had been several weeks since she had released the beautiful blond heroine, Kara, from yet another session of domination, her repayment for calling on Selena to help sow “Seeds of Deception” and end a terrorist plot.

Now was the rebuilding phase for both of them, Selena, who received, what she would call, ‘therapeutic attention’ from her prized possession now had some cooling off time while her nerve damage, sustained many years earlier, had a chance to respond to treatment. Simultaneously, exhausted from the sexual release only Selenas torments seemed to provide, Kara needed time to get over her regrets and her shame before she could begin to feel the hunger to return to her nemesis, the one she hated.

Selena had been in the city on business, though everything was business for her. Every person she met, every place she went she was studying or analyzing. Was ‘this’ person ‘good or bad’ , could ‘they’ be useful or not, could ‘this place’ serve a useful purpose for her in the future. It had been a long day and with tired eyes she had retired to bed, silk pyjamas on and ready to sleep. She longed to watch another of her recorded sessions with her plaything to help her find a little pleasure before drifting off, but her eyes desired darkness and rest.

Lights off, Selena slunk deeper into her luxurious bed and began to conjure up a fantasy, her hands finding a home on her breast and the other down below, her ever improving sense of touch signalling pleasure back to her brain. Selena moaned in delight as she tried to see it, one good fantasy before sleeping ……..

Selena slowly let the fantasy come to light ….

The heroine was at ease and way up high, the air cool, even for her, though for a mere human, deadly. She closed her eyes and listened to the earth below, the various layers of sound slowly coming through to her mind via her sensitive ears. Close by there was nothing, a little further off a jet wooshing through the sky, then she reached the birds, the gentle flapping mixed with their calls. Below that the insects buzzed and hummed along with all manner of other strange sounds. The blond winced as she intercepted the sound of a model plane which had just shot into life, launched by hand if she wasn’t mistaken. The sound of the air played across the grass as the young man who had let loose his little plane whooped in delight. The heroine was at one with the world and yet …

“Hmmm I know my little red and blue angel …. I know …” said Selena as she pinched her own nipple while her other hand teased herself through her pyjama bottoms.

The superheroine, Kara, her blond hair trailing off behind her wooshed down to the city below and into the slums that made up the poorer quarter of the city. Landing gracefully onto a fire escape stairway the heroine stepped out onto nothingness and hovered level with a window and used her vision to see inside.

Again, there was no one there and her eyes probed the front door of the vacant apartment and confirmed that the place still had several planks of wood nailed over the entrance. She didn’t know the motive for it but someone had boarded the place up good and tight, no one had returned in the many weeks she had found the place.

Giving the window a subtle push, Kara eased it open and stepped inside. Over time she had prepared this hidden secret space, she had tidied and cleaned, being careful not to arouse the suspicion of neighbors and slowly it had all come together. She had sneaked things in, new bedding, simple things like cups, plates, towels, and so in this humble, simple place she had been trying to switch off from the big big world outside. However, since Selena, it was now also a place to work off the echoes of her desires that had been stoked up during their encounter.

“Ooooh you’re hungry for it…. hungry for me” Selena moaned as she drove the fantasy on in her mind.

The heroine walked into the small kitchenette which was open plan with the adjoined living area, the bedroom and shower was in the partitioned area of the apartment. The heroine filled a glass of water and drank it down then turned to the fridge freezer combo clattering in the corner. It had been left in the apartment and it was wreck but it still worked. After a clean out of the penicillin that had been growing in the fridge and the excessive build up of ice in the freezer below it wasn’t so bad inside, just a bit beat up and at times noisy.

The heroine patted the fridge door, resting her head against the clattering machine, like she was resisting some temptation. Finally she walked away and headed to the bedroom and hopped onto the neatly made bed, lying back, head resting on the pillow. A nervous glance first and then she started, her eyes closed, a hand dropping to her thigh, the other reaching out to the metal railed headboard which she grasped firmly with her hand.

Karas hand teased with the hem of her skirt, and with a fleeting glance, one eye opened, she could see the outline of her hand through the skirt as it sneaked up between her legs. Her other hand tugged at the headboard feigning restraint and her eyes scrunched up as if she was trying to cram whatever fantasy she was having down through her body to where it mattered. Beneath her skirt her fingers stroked lightly down her blue cloth covered slit and began to rub circles on herself trying to coax excitement from her body.

“Hmmmm” moaned Selena as her fantasy Kara imagined being held captive again, wanting Selena to do what she does best but it wasn’t enough. Why wasn’t it enough ? It should be, surly ? Selena watched on as her fantasy heroine got as frustrated with her lack of progress as she did with her own.

The heroine, still gripping the headboard, yanked one more time causing the bed to shake. No matter how hard she tried though she couldn’t mimic the bound and helpless situations she had found herself in before.

“Dammit …..” protested the heroine before slapping the bed in anger and rising up again. Something was gnawing away at her and then after some thought she snapped. Sharply she rose to her feet and dragged the duvet cover off the bed letting it fall to the floor, pillows too, revealing a perimeter of chain around the upper edge of the black pvc covered mattress.

“Ngh….oh …….” moaned Selena as she felt a hint of tingling down below, her fantasy heroine now getting a little more serious in her efforts.

The heroine opened the top draw of her bedside table and pulled out some clanking metal, a roll of tape and handful of red and blue cloth. She threw four pairs of handcuffs and tape onto the bed and then walked out the room and to the bathroom shower, setting it to full on cold and at full flow while placing the red and blue heap of material in the sink which she plugged.

“Ngh ….. what are you doing ….?” moaned Selena as her fantasy seemed to lose its way.

Kara walked onto the kitchen and stooped into the freezer and pulled out a litre bottle and two smaller half litre companions, their contents shrouded in frost. She studied them for a second then rested her head on the freezer, eyes closed as she contemplated what was next. Kara returned to the bathroom, unscrewed the cap of the bottle, its contents frozen and just lay the bottle on its side in the sink over the red and blue material inside.

The shower continued to roar, the cold water getting colder as the warmer water that had been trapped within the buildings archaic plumbing had been flushed out. The heroine stripped, tossing her cape first, then her boots and then her one piece. Immediately once naked she opened the half litre bottles, and stood them upside down, one in each of her boots and stepped into the shower.

The temperature of the icy water didn’t bother her at all, she was superpowered after all. Slowly though, she began to will her body temperature to climb. Slowly but surely her temperature rose, the water began to evaporate from her body, barely lingering on her skin before it climbed into the air like a fog. The cubicle soon filled with a mist as the battle between the cooling water flooding the confined space was heated by the blond. After a while the water started to sizzle near her feet, the water simmered and recycled in the fog around her body until it was almost raining, water dripping off the underside of the cubicle roof. Kara continued to burn through energy, hot water running down the drain, just as her own energy levels were going down the drain.

“Thats right …. de-power yourself …drain your energy….make yourself weak for me..” Selena egged on the Kara in her fantasy.

Kara, frustrated with her progress twisted off the head of the shower and let the jet of water flow on her in one continuous stream and she let herself hover slightly realising she might damage the tiled floor beneath her feet. The water fizzed on contact with her and she tried to keep her body turning as she used the water as a heatsink, slowly wasting her superpower away.

Selena imagined the process lasting hours as the heroine tried to run herself down, the mini nuclear powerstation in the shower cubicle sometimes generating steam, the walls of the cubicle getting hot, the metal frame of the glass sliding door distorting slightly as expansion took place. And then it happened, she could feel the cold of the water, and while she was still hot to the touch it seemed her superpowers were ebbing.

“Yes …… thats right ……” moaned Selena as her fingers began to test her slit through her pyjamas.

The blond panted through exhaustion and the sense of cold. She hoped that by forcing the energy from her body like that she might require time to recharge but to be sure she endured the cold water for as long as she could before she started to shake. She hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body, glancing in the sink before returning to the kitchen. Inside the freezer she started to pull our more bottles, these ones each had a coil of clear tubing plugged into the screwcaps and she scooped them up in her arms and placed them by the bed.

“What are you doing…little one ?” moaned Selena, her hands abusing her own body, a pair of fingers just pushing past her outer defences before encountering her excitement.

Kara returned to the bathroom and quickly towel dried herself and then contemplated the next step. She looked in the sink, the red and blue fabric now drenched in the defrosted liquids. Her heart fluttered, did she want to do this?

She reached into the sink and pulled out the clothing which dripped and the blond instantly recognized the odour as hers, she couldnt describe the emotions in her whirling mind. One hand burrowing into her crotch she finally sensed the arousal she had only experienced at the hands of Selena.

“Oh god …. do it …..” Selena moaned as her fingers slowly pumped into her body, her thumb teasing her clit.

The heroine held out the piss drenched zentai suit, a parody of her own costume, and pulled it onto herself. She immediately recalled those days of torture in Selenas chamber but couldn’t break the spell that the sensations made her feel and she pulled the fabric onto her body, zipping herself in. Next she retrieved her beautiful deep red coloured red boots and recovered the two upturned bottles from inside. She grimaced a moment as she understood how she had begun to degrade herself for own perverse pleasure but right now her body longed for anything resembling the only time she had experienced the impossible to obtain orgasm. She slid her legs into her boots knowing she had flooded them for her desire for humiliation and felt the degrading truth between her toes.

“That’s right … take it….you’re mine ..” urged Selena to the fantasy heroine as she began to gain traction on the slope taking her towards those rare orgasms.

The blond returned to the bedroom, her arms wrapped around her own chest defensively. If anyone were to see what she had done to herself she would die but that wasn’t going to happen. She edged herself on to the bed and began to work with the remaining bottles and duct tape after cuffing her ankles to the chains at the side of the bed. Making sure the frozen bottles were tipped onto their sides, she carefully trailed out the tubing across her already soaking spandex clad body. One pair of tubes she thread into her boots, one over each breast, another she terminated so it would drip onto her clit, hopefully to flow down the valley of her pussy, the last one she left loose on her chest. She tore at strips of duct tape and carefully secured the position of the tubing and then with difficulty, cuffed her wrists to the bed.

“Thats right whore, suffer within your own self enforced humiliation…” Selena snarled, eyes closed, fingers probing, her own clit begging for more.

The blond waited and waited, the frozen torments reluctant to flow until they were ready, and then they started. The blond felt the next wave of humiliation flow down onto her breasts first. She remembered how Selena, using her wicked torture suit had forced her to endure repeated showers like this and now Kara had recreated her own version not knowing if she could get what she wanted. The tube over her clit was next to deliver its torture, drip, drip, drip the liquid thudded on the heroines already wet body.

“oh ….” moaned the blond and her wrists snatched at her restraints, only to be prevented from touching herself, her semi de-powered condition sufficient to prevent her accidentally destroying the chains or the cuffs.

Selena watched her mental fantasy continue, she had corrupted the heroine, sent her packing and now she was so hungry for mistreatment she sought it on her own, her dirty little secret.

“Go on …. take it all …..Ive made you into a degraded whore ….. who owns you …??” moaned Selena as the peak of the crest approached.

“Oh Selena, I give you my word … Im your slave …. chain me ….use me ….. just let me cum … please …. I want it …..” moaned Kara as she felt her boots begin to soak up the odorous golden liquid as it flowed from the defrosting bottles.

Drip , Drip, Drip beat the rhythm of the clit torture, the liquid teasing the blond as it ran down her crotch, the sensual humiliation of knowing what it was that was switching on her stirred emotions but she blocked all negativity from her mind, this was about getting to the big O.

“Suffer little one, like I suffered, now I have my revenge and you did this to yourself ….you bad little superwhore … now shut up and drink” Selena seemed to order.

The blond let her head flop back on the bed, it was time, the large 2 litre bottle had begun to release its contents through the loose tube on her chest and, straining at the neck, she gathered the tube between her teeth and took it into her mouth. In silence the blond slowly drank as the bottle defrosted, the barely perceptible amount rising to a drip, then to a slow steady stream.

Selena whimpered in the real world as did the heroine in her fantasy, both struggling with their impediments to orgasm, pushing onwards towards the imminent crest.

Time wore on for the heroine as she endured the mixture of humiliating yet pleasing feelings on her body and feeling the need to get more stimulation twisted her wrist, breaking the link holding her handcuffs on one of her wrists and begun playing with herself below.

Selena rubbed furiously, around and around her clit with her thumb as she sought her g-spot with her index finger and pushed on to the final few steps. “So close now, dont stop, dont stop ….” Selena panted.

The superheroine, laying in the humiliating bed of her own making carefully yanked at her remaining bonds, the need to make her restraint feel real utmost in her mind. Her freed hand had taken her almost to the top of her climb now, the big ‘O’ was coming she just needed one firm shove.

“Oh….please…it’s so bad ….….” she murmured as her free hand swung over her body and rummaged into a draw in her bedside table. Her movement refreshed the senses of her soaking wet costume she had subjected herself to but the last push was coming. Her hand came back out the draw, in her hand, the mobile phone that Selena had given her after their first confrontation. The blond thumbed at the phone and found what she was looking for ….


The fake shutter of the mobile phone camera fired.


And again.


The blond kept firing off the camera indiscriminately at her body and her face over and over.

“Selena …find these ….blackmail me ….own me ….. take me back ….” begged the blond before dropping the camera onto the floor and touched herself below again, her face scrunching up in ecstasy as her full bladder gave way in her excitement.

“Ooooooooh … yes yes yes ……” moaned the fantasy heroine and the villainess at the same moment.

Selena lay back in the darkness, her body exhausted, her heart racing at a gallop. She had achieved a small orgasm, a rare and fleeting gift, but impossible before the blond had begun to help her, but now, in her bed the fantasy seemed to push on in her mind just a little more.

The blond had orgasmed too, but nothing as intensely as what Selena had made her reach. The heroine looked around herself in shame knowing that she would die if anyone found out what she had done. The only way she could live with this torment was if someone else were to inflict it on her, she needed a proxy, someone who could be blamed, someone who could make her the victim, to take on some of the guilt for what she had experienced.


Popping the restraints free the blond reached over the side of the bed and Selena could vividly see the blond in her mind composing a text.

“I am sorry but now I am ready” the text said … >Recipient :Selena … >SEND


Selena sat bolt upright in her bed shaking as she fumbled for the light switch. She recognized the text from one she had seen some time ago.

What if …… what if this wasn’t a fantasy she just conjured up …. what if…..what if it was a memory?

“McGee … what have you done ?!” she said nervously


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