SG&The Broker: Memory Pile

Kara is shamefully in need of Selena’s mistreatment, can she conjure up a fantasy to keep her sexual hunger at bay ? If you want to read about how Selena obtained her wicked toys in Broker’s Revenge then this may be of interest.


This story sits within a series, please see the recommended reading order.

SG&The Broker: Recommended Reading Order


SG & The Broker
Memory Pile

Kara drifted down onto the ground, her boots making not a sound, the drab grey powdery surface giving way beneath her feet just ever so slightly. There was absolute silence, no birds, no insects, no traffic or planes, just total peace and quiet, it was perfect. Stepping up to a large rock she picked the sunny side and laid on the floor, propping herself up against the large rough stony monolith. It had been weeks now since she had last seen Selena and a hint of the hunger of addiction had started to be felt in her body.

Their last encounter had been a confusing one, first she thought Selena was the villain and then had turned out to be hero all along, Kara having pressed Selena into the service of ‘good’. Of course Kara had to pay Selena back, and she had done so in full, sowing “The Seeds of Deception” wasn’t cheap for Kara, but here she was free and safe again.

It was an odd truce that she and Selena had developed, for now they needed each other, but what Kara needed would be for forever, but Selena might one day totally recover from her ills to the point she may no longer require Kara’s services again. And then what? Did Selena still hate her enough to finally imprison her and throw away the key, or, would Selena just walk away with only the occasional criminal intrigue causing them to cross paths? All she knew for sure for was that the cycle of release, capture, torment and pleasure was addictive, and as it was for all addicts the craving was returning …..

Kara, her red booted legs drawn up to her blue spandex like top, its distinctive lettered shield glinting in the sun, placed her hand between her legs and felt her own touch. Perhaps today she could satisfy her hunger on her own even though she was superpowered. Perhaps with a strong enough fantasy she could reach the tipping point without Selena’s direct intervention.

Kara closed her eyes tightly and let the fantasy come to her ……

The red head, her wet locks of hair trailing on the tiled edge of the large steaming roman bath took a deep breath. The semi lit cavernous hall was filled with the steaming fog of water, the natural hot water radiating good health into the public baths. Selena’s heart thumped steadily as she inhaled and exhaled the vapors and willed herself to get better, her scarred mottled skin was a swirled marble-esque pattern of colours and the waters were allegedly a benefit for that.

It was very early in the morning, 5am, and fifty euros to the attendant had bought her a private 45 minutes during the time when the staff arrived but before the doors officially opened. Selena was damaged and tired and in hiding. She had a plan though, a plan to start over, a plan to use her skills and become powerful and respected, and more importantly she had a plan for revenge.

“Oh revenge …. plot against me … defeat me ….” the Superheroine thought to herself as she encouraged her fantasy villainess.

Selena kept her eyes closed, thinking, considering, plotting, but her breathing regular as she enjoyed the pleasing hot water around her body, occasionally dropping her shoulders into and out of the water. Then she heard the approach of some early twenty something, perhaps late teen woman giggling followed quickly by an embarrassed silence as they realised that they weren’t alone. Then the whispering started interspersed by low laughter. Selena grabbed her towel and decided to leave, it was probably just paranoia but she didn’t want to be a freak show, she had already had her fill of that.

“You hate me …. you have to hate me …..what are you going to do about it…?” Kara’s forehead furrowed up, her eyes closed as the fantasy advanced, the motivation of the villainess growing in force.

Now it was a little later, Selena emerged from the Metro Station exit, the life of the city building up for the rush hour. The shops were closed but the shutters were rising, the lights were coming on, and the preparations being made for the new day. Mannequins were being re-dressed, re-posed, jewellery was being restocked onto shelves in the window. A watch seller proudly passed his duster over his display cases, while next door the baker mopped their brow as she returned from the hot kitchen stoves from behind.

Selena glanced at the business card again, the little address in the corner featuring the nearest Metro Station. She glanced at a side street, saw the name plate on the corner and walked on, she was very much covered up, her raincoat reached down to her knees, her leather gloves hid her hands, the hat, shades and scarf concealed her face. Then she saw it, the shop which bore the name on the business card in her hand.

Selena pushed the door open and entered ;

BIIiiiingBOOoonng sounded an electronic bell.

Nobody was visible inside at first, the dresses hung on racks, trousers neatly stacked in little pigeon holes organised by colour size and style, blouses and cardigans stood on mini carousels forming a circular rainbow of colour.

“Hello ?” Selena said, into the open ….

“I’m sorry , we’re closed, come back at 9 !” replied a female voice from the back.

“I’m here to see the tailor …” Selena replied with a concealed smile.

“You’re mistaken, there is no tailor here, we only sell ‘off the peg’ apparel here” affirmed the voice.

Selena understood the game but wanted to end it … “Not in the materials I am after you don’t”

“Ah … I see …then you must be …” the raven haired woman bobbed into view. Selena estimated her to be in her mid forties, attractive, yet, understatedly so. “…. dont tell me, it’s ….Sel …..yes …. Selena, do you have your card ?”

“Oh this …..?” Selena offered out the business card she had been given and handed it to the shopkeeper who studied intently for a second then promptly tore it in half and tossed it in the bin. Selena frowned at this odd ritual but before she could speak the shopkeeper went to the front of the shop, hit a button, and watched as she saw the front shutters begin to descend.

“Sooooo…… ?” started Selena as she noted that she was being locked in.

“Yes, I am ‘The Tailor’ ….. ” the raven haired lady said calmly.

“I am hoping we can do business …..” Selena said as she removed her shades making direct eye contact with The Tailor.

“As do I ….” The Tailor’s voice hinted her interest in her new customer who was mostly covered head to toe save for the beautiful eyes and slightly scarred skin just visible surrounding them.

The superheroine stretched out one leg and splayed it wider from the other giving her more access below as she imagined Selena plotting something evil with this mysterious ‘Tailor’.

The pair of women sat facing one another across divide that was The Tailor’s desk. With a key from about her neck The Tailor unlocked a draw and pulled out a broad hardback book and opened it to a fresh page. Selena noted how the previous pages had lost their stiffness but this new page, the next chapter in The Tailors career was clean, fresh and waiting for the ink from The Tailors pen which, with a quick CLICKCLICK was ready to go.

The Tailor, with the most gorgeous handwriting wrote the date in the top corner of the page glancing up at Selena’s eyes while the pen danced along the paper …. “It’s … Miss Walsh, is it not? ….” the pen hovering at the ready.

“I am sad to say Miss Walsh passed away …..” Selena said dryly.

“Oh, how tragic, what happened ?” The Tailor waited.

“She was erased …If you need a name, they are calling me The Broker in these parts …” Selena offered.

“Very well …” The Tailor continued, the pen making a pleasurable sound as it bled its ink along its elegant path on the paper …. “So …. tell me, Broker…. what can I do for you?”.

“I need something …… unique” Selena began.

“Oh, they ALL say that ….” The Tailor said, she had placed a bullet mark on the page, a little squiggle, but ‘unique’ wasn’t worthy of its bulletpoint, all her works were unique.

“I want her to ……” Selena took in an angry deep breath, checking herself.

The Tailor smiled …. CLICKCLICK went her pen, retracting the nib, before it was set back down on the table.

“This person, she has hurt you, yes ?” The Tailor queried seeing the eyes of the covered up Broker in front of her begin to redden as she nodded.

“Then … think about how she hurt you … THAT is what you should be asking me for.” The tailor said gently.

The heroines mouth opened in a silent gasp as she could sense it, the thrill of her fantasy Selena plotting to capture her and do wicked things to her powerless body.

Selena nodded in acceptance and tried to organise her thoughts, order and structure was normally her forte but her anger had left them in disarray.

“Pain….” Selena blurted.

CLICKCLICK sounded the pen. The Tailor now sensed that her customers inspiration was going to give her what she needed to make their ideas come to fruition.

“Yes, and delivery method …..?” the Tailor asked, un-phased at the proposition.

“I want her to burn …..” Selena said bitterly.

“Like, with fire ?” The Tailor asked surprised, her pen pausing. That would be an almost impossible proposition to handle, both technically and, ironically, ethically.

“No …. just …. hot ….” Selena struggled for how to translate her vengeful feelings to words.

“I have been asked to do this before, anything between itching powder to special creams …” The Tailor asked as she flicked back through her book at previous orders.

“Which is easiest to control ….I want to be…. hands off…” Selena asked as she peered at the book and its dark past.

“I would suggest the creams, they are easily deliverable and coat well, you can be very specific with them and of course they can be neutralized with other agents .. powders, they have their niche but they clog filters, collect in nooks and crannies …” The Tailor explained.

“No, the cream sounds good ….. I trust I can deliver that internally too …”

“Anally, vaginally, yes ….. but not by mou…” The Tailor began to caution.

“Yes yes …not by mouth.. I don’t intend to poison the creature” Selena said almost curtly.

The superheroines fingers disappeared inside herself finding the g-spot causing her to spasm back as she remembered how helpless she felt being attacked by the irritation cream, not being able to get any relief. It had been beautiful agony that she had never known before but had now become so addictive to her.

The Tailor glanced up, inside she acknowledged the sophistication of her new client.

“Anything else on this front ?” The Tailor asked, her tone almost implying there was a million more things to consider.

“No, I have my own plans regarding augmenting the heat treatment …..” Selena said slightly cryptically.

“Next …. ?” The tailor asked looking at a still relatively blank page.

“I want to control everything ….. her ….. I want to be able to control her ….” Selena said, her voice almost that of an angry child wanting to ‘get her own back’.

“Like …. movement or something, please be specific” The Tailor said as she began to write in her book.

Selena’s memory flashed away at her, all her suffering playing back in a slideshow of horror.

“I want to control her breathing …when…how much.. how little…I want to make it almost like a conscious effort to have to breathe every single moment..”

“Even, ‘what’ she breaths? …” The Tailor managed to say, her tongue out in thought, pen scribbling away.

“Yes…. if such a choice exists” Selena answered coldly.

“There can be be some interesting options….what else …..?” The Tailor asked, her pen burrowing a fresh bulletpoint in the slowly enlarging list of requirements.

“Food …. water ……..she is to have no choice ……” Selena said a little more confidently, a hint of focused revenge appearing in her tone.

The Tailor glanced up, her customer was sounding more worthy of her efforts by the moment and she fed off her enthusiasm.

“I can achieve force feeding as you wish …..liquids, mashed food stuffs, modest flowrates of course .. tubing becomes an issue otherwise” The Tailor added cautiously … “I should add that …. inherent in my designs I incorporate measures to keep the ‘subject’ alive”

“Oh don’t worry, I have EVERY intention of keeping this one alive …” Selena said vengefully.

“Ohhh….god, you’re going to enslave me forever…..” the blond’s thoughts raced as she felt the arousal below start to consume her.

“As you are going for a long term type confinement with creams and so on may I suggest incorporating some form of cleaning ?” The Tailor asked as she leant back, thumb gently squeezing at the spring loaded clicky toggle of her pen.

“Yes, that is a good idea I hadn’t considered, how effective would it be ?” Selena asked, unsure what was technically possible.

“I have a chemical rinse formula which has many useful properties. It is effective at whatever temperature you desire …. within reason ….it disinfects, is dermatologically safe, and up to certain concentrations which you need not be concerned with is not toxic, cross contamination wouldn’t be a problem even if it were to happen ……. a shower in this and she would be good as new” The Tailor explained.

“Its really that good … ?”

“I will tell you how good it is, during tests … after one enema, cleaned areas were devoid of any contamination, viruses, DEAD, germs, DEAD,there was ZERO trace matter, all gone, pristine ….. you could eat your dinner from it…”

“Well….then, so can the subject…..” Selena said coldly.

The Tailor paused, this was new, edging her comfort zone, could it be done? She wasn’t sure.

“If I were to construct an element such as this, I would need to integrate safeguards, to satisfy my own moral code…. they may be expensive” The Tailor tapped her pen on the page stressing her point.

“Such as …. ?” Selena queried, she wouldn’t mind paying the money if she could inflict this cutting edge psychological terror on Kara.

“I would need to integrate a high rate bio-scanner for contamination, any food stuffs would have to be pristine or Id have the system reject it …..” The Tailor said as she flicked back through the order book, confirming what she suspected…… “That item alone is seven hundred and fifty thousand euros”.

“DO IT ….” Selena insisted.

“Oh god … do it do it do it ……” moaned the blond heroine as her two fingers slid back and forth either side of her clit.

“Anything else …. ?” The Tailor asked as she began to work on the next page.

“There is one feature I would like … but I don’t know if it is possible ….I want to be able to get feedback….”

“Ah, you want to know…perhaps if she is.. turned on…. scared….in pain..” The Tailor asked, her pen hovering, waiting for details.

“Turned on, yes, scared, especially” Selena stated

“Yes we can do that, and for a modest upgrade we can put a feedback loop A.I, which can optimise timings and delivery to enhance or diminish fear, arousal, there are several bio-readings you can key off of..” The Tailor said, as she slowly scrawled in her book.

“Very well … add that in …” Selena nodded, this could be a very useful item.

“That’s how you’ll do it .. my body will betray me …… you’ll learn all my secrets …. I cant stop you” thought the blond as she continued to alternate directions on her clit before plunging her fingers back inside.

“Her ‘other’ functions ….” implied Selena.

“Ah yes ….” The Tailor said thoughtfully, the key problem of any such design.

“I want control of when, and where it goes ……” Selena coldly.

“Her urine, NOT a problem….BUT I WILL NOT make a design that makes her eat her own…” The Tailor’s was saying firmly before being interrupted.

“NO, I don’t want that either” cut in Selena … “ABSOLUTELY NOT …. I …… I wont do that to her” a hint of regret in her voice.

“Good, well the best I can offer you is forced urine drinking, and work around the FBD concept…” The tailor said as she scrawled in her book.

“FBD?” Selena queried.

“Sorry, terminology fills my life …… Full Body Diaper.” The tailor said as she scrawled FBD against a squiggle bulletpoint.

“Oh god, the worst humiliation of my life …..” The superheroines head flopped forward taking in the view of her fingers as she continued her playful abuse of her own body.

Selena’s heart fluttered at the term and shuffled slightly in her seat….“I like the sound of that … tell me more ….”

“With a combination of special high efficiency laxative compounds your subject can be made to suffer a rapid loss of self control. Catheter , anal plug, tubing and isolated micropumps can deliver a very demeaning neck down shower experience for the subject.” The Tailor explained in cold detail.

“Trapped in a latex sewer……EXACTLY how I want to keep her …….” Selena barely could contain the malice in her voice.

The superheroine doubled her efforts hearing Selena’s words, her feet scrabbling in the dust as she sought to find a better position, double handedly working herself below seeking a sweetspot which would normally be so easy to achieve powerless. The wicked design the fantasy Selena was creating just for her was working its evil magic. “Oh she wants to totally destroy me …..”

“You have indicated you wish to be …… hands off ……” The Tailor began.

“If at all possible.” Selena stated.

“Well, Wi-fi and bluetooth control are all standard, were you thinking of sensory deprivation or …” The Tailor offered as she tried to recall what others had done in the past.

“I merely wish for the subject to NOT know who it is in control, to leave them wondering during the torment, but I don’t mind her hearing and seeing the instruments of her misery as it does its work” Selena let a small smile escape, still hidden behind her scarf.

“Oh, you would like the subject to know what is going on ?” The Tailor smiled.

“Yes, why . do you have something in mind …..?” Selena leant forward inquisitively.

“Well, sitting here now, it is apparent that I will need to go down the backpack route, a black box of tricks you might say, housing the pumps, valves, that bio scanner, all of which is going to be computer controlled …. it is a simple thing to assign a digital voice to that…. you can even create messages to be read to the prisoner….” The Tailor explained.

“Oh the voice ….. oh god ….. please ….” mouthed the Superheroine as she recalled how it would read out loud her imminent punishments in intimate detail and the idea just sent her ever onwards towards the crest that would take her to her desired orgasm.

“That sounds exquisite …..” Selena beamed

“I have a voice module in mind ….do you mind that it is female ?” The Tailor asked.

“No, it only matters that it sounds good” Selena said, liking the idea of this unconsidered feature.

The Tailor looked down at her order book and glanced across the pages filled with The Brokers requirements. It was quite a list and had some interesting technical challenges, but nothing impossible.

“Is that all … ?” The Tailor queried.

“Nothing will be ever enough, but this will be close …” Selena said satisfied.

“Very well ….. materials then …..” The Tailor said reaching into her desk draw … “Here is my swatch book ….” she said as she slid it across the table.

Selena opened it up and thumbed through it carefully, thoughtfully. She did initially have ideas of what it should be like but there were refreshing alternatives within the book.

“Hmmm, this one looks interesting …..” Selena said as she carefully held a square of clear latex, prickly ceramic studs embedded in one side.

“Ah … I’m afraid I cant do that with FBD …. broken skin…too risky it cant be easily laminated.”

“Oh god, the plane interrogation …” The superheroine was confused as her fantasy wobbled off course.

“Hmmm, ok …… well then this …. or this one…… are interesting……” Selena held the latex pages apart.

“That one …. perfect …. it laminates well and as what you want requires a lot of fine tubing, we can build them in …….colour ?”

“CLEAR ….. I want to see EVERYTHING …. and for the cameras …” Selena said, confident in what she wanted.

“So many cameras…… recording everything” moaned the heroine in her thoughts as the fantasy re-ignited taking her onto the edge.

The Tailor scrawled in her book the choices that had been made and drew a line under everything.

“What name would you like to give to this project, it will be like a reference ….” The Tailor asked.

Selena though for a moment …. “Call it ….. Ave Maria …. my plaything will be hearing it for a long time, trapped, confined, imprisoned in her own latex sewer, her own personal, customised, full body diaper”

“Ave Maria ….” replied the women, her pen finishing its elegant dance on the paper.

In slow motion the blond superheroine could see The Tailor smile, one hand drawing the cover of the book up and over and slammed it shut. The heroines fate had been sealed in those handwritten pages and now she was a slave to Selena’s words and her own sexual hungers. The orgasm, tiny as it was, was an epic achievement for her and her hunger was, for now, was made to retreat by maybe just a few more days.

Now, as the last waves of the orgasm faded the fantasy insisted to play out its last scene.

“Selena … Broker …… I can see that you are driven by whoever has wronged you ….. don’t let it consume you…..” The Tailor said compassionately.

“But I have already been consumed ….” The broker said removing a glove, revealing some healed over scarred skin.

“Try this …..I came across it at a medical conference .. its experimental…rare and incredibly expensive …” The Tailor said as she produced a small 1cmx1cm purple square of latex like material.

“If its about the money I ….” Selena started.

“Even for YOU …. EVEN for ME … it’s expensive ….. try it ……. I don’t know anyone in need of it … except for you now ..” The Tailor explained.

Selena studied the little patch of material intently.

“If it helps you, perhaps you can save yourself …” The Tailor said a little sadly.

“Save myself ?” Selena sounded surprised.

“I am afraid that once you have your revenge …” The Tailor said, tapping her hardback book .. “there will be nothing of you left ……..”

“Very well .. Ill try it …”

The superheroine, her mind riding on the ecstasy of her little orgasm was in a whirl. Was that really a fantasy she had been having or something else …. it had been so vivid… so real…just like …. like ‘the tank’ !!

“Oh my god …. did McGee accidentally switch more than just my cover story for the interrogation? Fuck ! If I’ve got one of her memories then that must mean Selena has one of mine !” the heroine thought.

She rose to her feet and looked upwards to the heavens. She was on the moon, very isolated and alone, in the distance, Earth.

“Time to go home”

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