SG&The Broker: Reap As You Sow

Hi all, this story fits into a series, the recommended reading order is below.

SG&The Broker: Recommended Reading Order


Chapter I


The slate grey BMW waited patiently in the car park, no one was inside. Reflected across the bonnet was the cloudy sky, tiny points of light reflecting off the spots of water that had accumulated from the autumn drizzle of rain that had fallen. The car had been emitting the occasional TINK TINK TINK as the engine and exhaust had cooled but now, in the cold light of day had fallen silent. Then the approaching footsteps could be heard, one mans footfalls … closer, closer closer.


The remote doors unlocked, the four indicators flashing briefly as the interior lights slowly increased the interior illumination. The approaching man, suit jacket slung over his shoulder opened the rear door and tossed in his briefcase and jacket before entering the drivers side door. Mr CrewCut sighed in thought then reaching into his trouser pocket pulled out his mobile phone, tapped away at his contacts and hit the dial button.


The ringing tone was just audible from the phone clenched to CrewCuts ear before being answered by a voice.

“It’s me” said CrewCut before listening intently.

“Yes, I’ve just met the manufacturer now, they went over the logs…..basically it was a set up as we thought” CrewCut confirmed to his paymaster.

“uh huh..yes, they’re of the opinion she thought it was the truth too…that’s what spoofed the detector so…look, I’m going to give our source the once over..we got screwed over bad on this……..uh huh.”

“Uh uh, I know….uh huh….. what does the client want us to do ?” CrewCut looked into the distance as he listened intently before his face betrayed his annoyance.

“The escrow money? Fuck….. What else?” Mr CrewCut paused while he listened.

“Fine…..if they want their gesture of good faith then it’ll be our e-tech…it’s her fuck up anyway……… ” CrewCut said angrily before disconnecting the call.

“Right..!!” CrewCut grunted resolutely as he began to run through his contact list on his phone again.


Far away Mr Africa was peering through the spy hole of the apartment front door, silenced pistol in hand as he watched the old lady ascend the stairway as she muttered under her breath about the elevator which was out of order.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Mr Nordic and Mr Hispania drank coffee as they played a simple card game, killing time, waiting news of their next contract and to learn the fallout from their previous job.


A mobile phone did its slow motion pirouette as it rang on vibrate, crawling slowly towards the edge of the table. The men paused and looked to each other….the unspoken question in their eyes…..who was it….and who had the balls to answer?

Mr Hispania reached for the phone reluctantly, saw the caller ID and flipped open the phone.

“Si? Dime…what’s going on?” Hispania asked, pausing as he listened.

“Si…… Si………….hijo de…….vale…. Ok… I do eet ……hasta luego” Mr Hispania closed the mobile and placed it onto the table again.

“What’s happening?” asked Mr Nordic concerned as Hispania reached to his holster.

“Amigo… TELL ME…..what are you doing?” Mr Nordic insisted as he saw Hispania reach into his pocket and pull out a silencer which he screwed onto the muzzle of his sidearm.

“Thee escrow for thee last jub iz gone….client needs a gesture” said Hispania quietly.

“Shit….who?” Whispered Nordic as he saw Hispania squint down the sight of his weapon checking his handiwork with the silencer.

Mr Hispania glanced sideways with his eyes to the other room, implying its occupant, the rookie of their team, Miss Asia.

Nordic nodded with reluctant acceptance and begun to reach for his weapon too. She had been the one responsible for running the electronics package for their previous contract and if anyone was going to take the fall…..well……better for it to be her than one of his long standing colleagues. Their pay, which had been held in escrow, had been taken from the team and returned to the client to never be seen again once it transpired that the information they had extracted had led to disaster for their client.

Hispania, pistol in hand opened the door to the slightly darkened dining room next door. The room was bathed in the glow of some monitors and assorted LEDs on various radio scanners, modems, wifi receivers and electronics. In this room the pretty Asian had been monitoring news wires, gathering intel and keeping tabs on the local police. At the other doorway Hispania caught sight of Miss Asia giving a frightened glance back before slamming the door, passing into the corridor.

“Joder!” Hispania swore as he gave chase…. “Stop her! She knows!”

“Fuck” exclaimed Nordic as he followed his comrade toward the corridor.

In the corridor beyond the doorway a series of thumps and bangs began as a struggle broke out. Hispania burst into the passageway and looked toward the front door not expecting to see what lay ahead.

“Guys…… WHAT …. THE…..FUCK ?” said Mr Africa slowly, confused and somewhat stressed, Miss Asia had him trapped in a painful armlock, his own pistol now prodded under his jaw line into his throat.

“Back off…or he dies…..” the hot Asian said as she glanced nervously between her hostage and the gunmen in the narrow apartment corridor.

In the stairwell outside there was silence while beyond the apartment front door the drama unfolded.





The heroine let the memory guide her as she saw the pale blue circle grow larger and larger in her field of view. Slowly the detail of clouds, land masses, the snaking rivers, the snow covered glaciers, the green forests and dusty plains became more and more apparent, she was home, Earth was below.

Kara adjusted her course and turned towards the green landmass, the tide of daylight just starting to wash away the darkness, the sun barely peeking over the ever broadening horizon.

Lower and lower she flew feeling the atmosphere thicken around her, a hint of resistance to her flight. Air filled her lungs and she felt the warmth of the breeze contrast against the void of space as lower and lower she flew, her red cloak and skirt fluttering against the blue sky above her.

Now she could see it, a city, and her memory drew her to it. The modern outer suburbs led to the older quarters, the remnants of an old city wall, the gothic cathedral in the middle distance, and then she saw them, the signs for the metro stations. The dawn light continued to creep closer and life in the city began to awaken, the first wave, the dumpster trucks, began gobbling up the contents of the garbage containers in the streets and alleyways before the next wave came.

Kara let her senses guide her until finally she saw the name of the station she sought, it’s name proudly emblazoned against the metro logo above the stairway that led down to the turnstiles below. Kara touched down unseen and glanced about her, a small gasp escaping from her mouth when she saw the name plate of the side street. Taking a breath for courage the young heroine walked on studying the shop fronts one by one until she saw what she was looking for.

The name over the door was different but it was the shop she had seen in her fantasy turned memory. With a hint of guilt she focused her vision and peered inside beyond the lowered security shutters. Inside where clothes once hung were now shoes and boots, obviously the last owner, The Tailor, had since moved on. With a tiny bit more effort she could see the office beyond, the walls, door and window were the only remnants of The Tailors tenure, the traditional furniture now replaced by more modern equivalents. Gone was the solid wood table with key locked draws, little pigeon holes and hand written index card ordered records. This was a palace of plastic, and of the modular, a home of de-cluttered orderly business keeping.

The heroine didn’t know if she was disappointed or relieved that The Tailor wasn’t there. What would she have said or done anyway? Would The Tailor have been kind or cruel, proud or scared, and would the heroine have been able to conduct herself well when meeting the architect of her prior suffering?

On the external wall Kara noted a fading, torn and weathered poster for the ancient Roman baths and with a skip in her step she took to the air once again.

The attendant, mop in hand was slowly preparing the public foyer of the Roman bath house. He whistled an old tune as he made his way closer and closer to the locked entrance, the new days light streaming through casting shadows of the barred doorway. Then the light dimmed as a new shadow loomed, a person at the door perhaps?


“We’re closed….” Uttered the old man, not looking up from the head of the mop as it swirled in a figure of eight along the floor.


“I said …. we’re ………….oh……..” The old man faltered as he looked up to see the smiling blond heroine, her vibrant red and blue costume fluttering slightly on the light breeze.

Inside the attendant led the heroine to the spot where the secretive red head used to enjoy the healing baths.

“She was a kind woman…..quiet, but kind, and polite…..she wanted privacy….she was covered up head to toe ..I think she had some problem with her skin .. I let her in….but she paid me….you know, for the trouble” the old man explained as he followed Kara to the corner of the baths where the red head used to rest.

The blond focused on the memory she had and remembered something. “She had a locker here, didn’t she ?”

Mop in hand the old attendant stood in the doorway as Kara slowly walked down an aisle of lockers towards the end as her gut guided her to the right spot. She didn’t know why but as she approached the locker she had an unpleasant feeling but it helped her find the right one.

This locker was a slightly different colour from its neighbours but she didn’t think too much of it however the old man could see in her expression something wasn’t right.

“Of course, we repainted that one in case you were wondering, just to cover it up, probably kids you know, they can be cruel but they don’t understand …”

The blond studied the locker, her penetrating vision taking just a quick peek inside though she didn’t see anything of interest hidden within. As her vision pulled back though she then saw the secret of the locker which was somehow spooking her.

“That’s the one” confirmed the man as he twirled the mop slowly in his hand.

“Would you leave me…..please?” the heroine asked and so the attendant nodded and moved away.

Hidden beneath the newly painted surface of the locker, scraped into the metal door, the wicked words had been etched by cruel uncaring people which no doubt Selena had at some point read.

The Thing!

“Oh Selena….I’m so sorry…..” whispered Kara. The Selena she was referring to wasn’t the vengeful woman who broke her but the wide eyed naive late teen who had been manipulated by others, delivered to justice by the heroine herself then betrayed by her country.

“No wonder she did what she did to me ….having to live this life …….” thought Kara as her finger traced the hateful etched words.

Kara rested her forehead against the locker door as a solitary tear ran down her cheek “Selena, I forgive you” she whispered.




Mr CrewCut walked down the grey path through the trees of the park and settled himself on the park bench, laying his briefcase down beside him. His hand clenched itself around the case handle while the other brushed down the lapel of his suit jacket while carefully checking his pistol had settled into a quickly accessible position.

Then he saw his contact, wearing blue jeans, red t-shirt, black baseball cap and shades he was keeping a low profile. Slung over his shoulder was a small backpack which Mr CrewCut was hoping held what he needed.

BlackCap, his reflective shades glinting settled himself down on the bench, pulled out his mobile phone and pretended to read messages, ignoring his colleague at the other end of the long wooden seat.

“Do you have them ……” asked CrewCut.

“You have a badge, swipe card, the latest door codes, and network access logon and your cover is you are a new transfer from another office working an anti gun trafficking task force which they are setting up, so no one should expect to know you.” BlackCap explained.

“And my clearance level is …..” CrewCut asked. He knew what was needed to pull this off.

“You are good up to level three….DONT try and get smart with just that” BlackCap cautioned. “Get to the office on the documents I gave you, it’s a single office and the guy is on leave for two weeks, his terminal will let you into their hardwired network”

“Ok, sounds good, the money is here as agreed, but if you know……” CrewCut paused, letting the moment linger.

“Ah yes, your tech … I’m sorry , we dug deep but she’s off grid…. What the fuck happened?” BlackCap asked as he slid his backpack toward CrewCut.

“My guys dropped the ball, now I’ve got two bitches to deal with, it’s a mess. My guys are going to track down the little princess while I deal with The Broker. That was some shit sandwich she sold us there…” CrewCut said bitterly.

“Your guys ok? I heard it got …. heated” BlackCap probed.

“I’m one guy down but on the mend, she used him as a walking vest while my clowns popped him. He’s got ribs like a jigsaw puzzle at the moment, one of the others took a flesh wound but he’ll be ok…..and she got clean away. They are tracking her down while I work on getting to The Broker” CrewCut explained.

Normally he didn’t air dirty laundry in front of other assets but by being loose with information it meant that the network of operators and freelancers would be aware of his missing Asian technician. Anyone with an interest of making money would be on the lookout.

“The Broker is hard to find but like I told you before, rumour is she has assets, maybe a guy on the inside…find out who they are and you might have a route back to her.” BlackCap explained as he took possession of the briefcase and its cash.

“Well, to do that I need to get inside the local fed office…hence this lot ….” CrewCut patted the backpack.

“Well, good luck, and it’s been good doing business with you….err just out interest…what is the name of your crew, my handler didn’t say?”BlackCap said as he hugged the briefcase on his lap.

CrewCut smiled “My lot….we are one of the teams from The Resolution”.




Selena stretched out in the back seat of the modest sedan as Shepherd glanced at his GPS, waiting for his next instruction as he drove.

“This area looks more promising Mr Shepherd, commence your grid search from here” suggested Selena.

“Perhaps if you told me what I was looking for ….” Shepherd began.

“Unfortunately I’ll only recognise it when I see it…” Selena replied glancing up at the frontier between the freeway and the rough neighbourhood that began just after the off ramp.

“Ok, we’ll start from here” Shepherd reached forward and prodded the GPS touchscreen and it generated a grid search pattern.

Selena glanced down at her small laptop and slid one of the little headphone earbuds into one ear to listen to the video she was about to watch, a hint of a smile appearing on her face. Recorded weeks ago after their successful mission to plant false information into the plans of some terrorist plot, it captured a moment of self indulgence with Kara.

On her knees wearing her own deep red coloured boots, the otherwise naked and de powered superheroine was leaning backwards and resting on one hand behind her while the other was circling roughly over her pussy. The blondes long hair sat over her shoulders a few strands covering her full breasts as she looked intently into the lens.

“Tell us who you are ………” said Selenas voice from behind the handheld camera.

The blond glanced between Selenas eyes and the lens of the camera, her eyes fluttering a moment in hesitation.

“Ah-aah” chastised Selena gently “keep your eyes on the lens…tell us who you are”

The blond focused her attention back on the lens but some reluctance was evident. “The people of earth …they call me Superg…” the blond begin.

“No, your given name….” Selena corrected her.

“My name ….nghhh……. is Kara…..” Struggled the heroine, her fingers working furiously.

The camera panned down a moment capturing the blondes efforts between her legs.

“And, what are you doing….Kara?” teased Selena from behind the camera as she returned focus to Kara’s face.

“I’m ……I’m ….masturbating …..” Confessed Kara, her efforts doubling to stay focused on the lens in front of her.

“Why?” Selena queried fully knowing why.

You could see the answer on Kara’s face, she had been told to, and she was still bound by her word to be subservient to the beautiful dominant red head in front of her. The heroine had been tested many times but never felt pushed to the point of refusing the instructions of her mistress and that’s exactly how their truce seemed to be holding together.

“You told me to…….” the blond glanced down the length of her body as she abused herself for her tormentor.

“Are you wet?” Teased Selena

The blonde bit her bottom lip as she struggled to keep her composure but managed to nod, her eyes closing as she started to drift.

“Ah, no, stay with me…and the camera” urged the unseen red head, snatching the blond back from her momentary escape….”show us”

The blondes eyes flashed in a moment of hatred for this in close and personal humiliation but her body was oozing its excitement over her fingers. Her ragged breathing betrayed how turned on she was but it was more evident as between her eyes and the lens of the camera her hand appeared, fine strands of stickiness drawn out between her fingers.

“Taste yourself” ordered Selena.

In the Sedan the red head glanced up a moment and she noted how some of the styles of building were starting to look familiar. That’s when, as she often does, noticed the small little V shape of slightly mismatched colour of skin on the back of her hand. She recalled that she had at some point been given a small piece of special medical type latex, purple in colour, that she had tested on her scarred flesh. She had started with the back of one of her hands and the V shape was where the corner of the square bit of material had sat.

On screen the blond drew her fingers into her mouth and began to suck them clean.

“Good girl” Selena said in a patronising tone which seemed to touch a nerve hotwired into the submissive part of the blond’s brain. During their very first encounter when Selena had been detained by the heroine, she had been a late teen, and the Superheroine with her early twenty something appearance had been her more “grown up” adversary. More mature and physically superior, the balance of power had lain firmly with the heroine.

Now, with the passage of years, Selena had blossomed and matured, and she had the power to rob the blond of the gifts their sun bestowed on her body. Meanwhile the heroine was still trapped at the apparent age she was the moment they had first met. No more older or mature, the heroine could sense how in some ways the red head had surpassed her and so to hear those words “good girl” just reinforced the domination she was secretly enjoying yet had to deny.

“Hold this” commanded Selena’s voice as she rotated the camera and passed it to the blond.

The red head was revealed, black spandex catsuit unzipped at the crotch and knee high boots evident.

“Let’s get this on you.” Said Selena as the camera aimed down to her crotch.

Around Selena’s waist was a leather belt, a length of leather dropping down to her crotch with a buckle on her lower abdomen. Selena began to unbuckle this strap which allowed the strap to dangle from the back. The crotch strap was actually the leather part of a ballgag, the red sphere of which had been nestled into her pussy between the opened crotch zip of her catsuit.

Selena rotated the belt round her waist to get access to the other buckle and raised the gag higher for the camera. What would be the outward face of the ballgag had the appearance of a solid ball but the reverse side which had been embedded in her nether regions was more like a breathable ballgag, the interior being hollow.

“Open up Kara” said Selena as the camera aimed to the floor a moment catching sight on the blondes splayed knees and the toes of Selena’s boots. The autofocus struggled a moment as Selena gagged her playmate and then the red head appeared back in shot as she beamed in triumph, presumably as she saw the blond taste the red heads juices trapped inside the gag mingling with her own drool.

The red head stooped down and picked up another gag, an internal dildo gag, and buckled it up to her belt, easing the short penile shaft into her pussy before buckling the other end of the gag to the belt.

“Nghhooo” moaned the blonds voice from behind the camera knowing that at some point the dildo gag would be filling her mouth, coated with even more of her dominant adversary’s liquid arousal.

“STOP!” Ordered Selena as she saw a familiar sight out the window of the car which squealed to an abrupt halt.

Selena studied the alleyway and recognised the fire escape from her fantasy turned dream. “Make a left here” she instructed as she mentally noted the floor of the building to climb.

Parking by the building entrance Shepherd and Selena exited the car, Selena drawing some wolf whistles from youths sat on the steps of the apartment block opposite. Mr Shepherd however made his presence felt and the youths began to walk away, particularly when they saw him pulling a crowbar from the trunk of the car.

The pair climbed the stairway a few floors and then turned down a corridor until eventually Selena spotted the apartment she was interested in.

“This is the one, open it” Selena asked of her escort. In front of them was the plank covered doorway that Selena had seen in her memory, but oddly from the reverse side and she realised what she had seen was the effect of the X-ray like vision that Kara possessed.

Shepherd put the crowbar to good use and made light work of removing the planks and then with some effort drove the door open with a good shove from his shoulder. Shepherd peered inside the derelict apartment and saw the way was clear.

“I will take it from here …..” Selena said as she entered the apartment. “Go wait in the car, I will be fine”

“Ok…” Shepherd replied before heading away.

Selena walked in to the apartment and was surprised to see the place was quite messy. In her memory the place had been shaping up to be a little enclave of normality, humanity, but now it was in some disarray. Selena checked out the kitchen, the old fridge stood silent, perhaps finally broken, devoid of contents. Then she went on to the bedroom to find the bed stripped of the duvet and sheets and pillows. The PVC sheet and crude bondage setup was gone but on the floor was some familiar looking blue and red fabric.

Selena hesitated a moment but picked it up only to discover that it was a clean zentai parody of the blondes costume but it suffered some odd scorch marks across the front. Selena puzzled a moment as to what happened, had the heroine tried to burn it?
Selena didn’t know if she wanted to celebrate this twisting of the heroines purity, that she had truly resorted to self humiliation to gain some sexual pleasure, or if she felt disappointed that the heroine hadn’t returned to her for it.

Selena continued her tour and entered the bathroom noting the shower cubicle first. The metal frame of the shower cubicle had warped slightly, perhaps from repeated efforts by the blond to de power herself and one of the floor tiles seemed to have cracked from heat damage. Then she spun around and noted the sink and the mirror over it. The mirror seemed to be distorted from heat and Selena put herself square in front of the basin to study the damage further.

In her reflection she noted the wall behind her, some lines had been scorched into the tiled surface. Selena spun round and tried to make sense of the lines but couldn’t imagine how they had been burnt into the tiles or what they meant. Then she remembered the zentai costume and returned to the mirror, holding out the suit in front of her as if the heroine was stood where she was.

With some stretching and lining up with the scorch marks visible in the mirror from the wall behind her it finally made sense.


Facing the tiled walls, what little of the message that was visible was in reverse, it was only by using the mirror with the rest of the scorched lines on the suit did it make sense. Perhaps then, in a moment of self hate, Kara had blasted this heat ray message at herself in the mirror?

In that instant Selena felt a confusing wave of regret and guilt. During her revenge she had dragged the blond through a mirror image of her own suffering but this notion that Kara thought she was a monster was unsettling. People had once taunted Selena with words like Freak and Monster but she never fell into believing them, but now Kara seemed to have been battling with herself over the same cruel words

“What have I done?” wondered Selena.





Mr CrewCut glanced at himself in the rear view mirror of the car, his hair slicked back, his usual stubbled chin now smooth as glass. He looked fresh face and ready to take on his next step, entering the federal building as cool as ice, getting to office C86, using the hardline network terminal inside and hopefully stealing whatever Intel was available on The Broker and her associates.

“Right, let’s do this” he grunted to himself, stepping out of the car , his BMW clunking away as the central looking engaged, the momentary orange glow of the indicator lights flashing as the alarm became armed.

He walked casually to the elevator of the underground car park and selected the lobby situated several floors up. The journey up was short but their was a sudden stark contrast between the quiet car park below and the lobby of the federal building which had a sense of an airport about it.

Guards, metal detectors, plastic trays, and X-ray machines, all blocked his way, this was intense for CrewCut. Showing his ID to one of the guards he passed up to the metal detector putting his sidearm, badge, keys, mobile phone and belt along with other trivial items in a tray with his briefcase alongside and put them on the conveyor bound for the X-ray machine.

A guard beckoned him through the metal detector arch way and he passed through without the hint of a beep. CrewCut gathered up his things glancing up at the directory and then pushed on towards the elevators that led from the lobby up to the offices above. As he waited a small crowd of dark suited men and women began to form around them, the small talk filling the air.

CrewCut pretended to read his messages on his phone and without looking up stepped into the elevator as the door opened, ensuring he got to the back wall out of the line of sight. It was morning and the flow of foot traffic was distinctly upwards, the elevator had arrived empty at the ground floor.

There was a low murmur of chatter between colleagues and as the elevator climbed it began to empty but with CrewCut’s lowly level 3 clearance he was out and following the signs to his commandeered office before all the occupants had got off. He walked with confidence despite his nerves and pulled off the act of looking like he fit in excellently but here he was in the belly of the beast.

Office C86 awaited him empty, lights off, and with a nervous glance he used his swipe card and using the memorised code, opened the door and slicked inside. CrewCut ensured the door was closed then booted up the terminal in the office.

Being merely a terminal the bootup was fast and soon CrewCut was confronted with his next challenge, the login. With sweaty palms he tapped lightly at the keyboard and exhaled in relief as he made it in to the database.

“Right, let’s see what these Feds know that we don’t….” CrewCut wondered aloud as he typed into the search box.

Minutes passed by and progress was slow, some keywords pulled out a lot of non related hits but eventually came across The Broker. Logged into the system as ICEBREAKER, Selena probably would smile seeing that the Feds knew little more about her than the more shady side of the world of espionage and spies, no real name, no date of birth, nothing.


“Fine, but what about her, activities, buddies, what do we know about them” thought CrewCut as he pondered his next query. He paused a moment, laughter and chatter in the corridor pushing his heart rate higher again.


“Watershed…what’s that?” probed CrewCut.


Protested the terminal in a single bleep.

“Ok, let’s try this…….” The man uttered as he clacked away at the keys.


“And let me guess…..” he continued.


This need for clearances was getting old very fast, CrewCut was getting a hunger for an upgrade, but where and how? CrewCut looked up a directory for the building and began to scan for targets. Department directors and division chiefs looked like they had the clearance he needed but these were popular destinations for a lot of foot traffic. He needed someone who wasn’t too popular, Internal Affairs? Maybe. Who else? Well,there was the dull dull world of financial fraud and so that little 3 person task force on the floor above looked interesting.

“Chief K.Lyle D68” CrewCut noted before summoning the courage of leaving the office, powering down the terminal before he left.

On the move again he exited the elevator and followed the signs towards the offices of the task force and Chief Lyle, no doubt some characterless forensic accountant nerd. On he walked until he arrived at his destination, a cluster of offices with a small waiting area outside.

There it was, heart racing, D68, its door already opened. In a moment of clarity CrewCut picked up a small throw cushion from a sofa in the waiting area of the corridor, hiding it behind his back. Peering quickly into the office he saw the middle aged woman at her desk.

With a polite tap on the door CrewCut entered the small office.

“Hi, can I help you……” the lady asked peering at CrewCuts pinned on ID card.

“Hi, I’m with I.T, are you logged in?” asked CrewCut innocently as he approached.

“Oh…yes……..what’s wrong?” She replied as she turned to face her screen.

That’s when CrewCut pounced, closing the distance to his target, placing the muzzle of his pistol and the pillow against the woman’s chest.


The report of the gun had still been loud but severely deadened and with the closing of doors and the slamming of filing cabinets it didn’t stand out. Quickly CrewCut got to work, lowering the blinds of the office and closing the door firmly shut, re-engaging the lock.

“Now then…….” CrewCut uttered as he began his interrogation of the database.


Scanning the lines of text CrewCut read how a field Agent called Gold had recruited Guardian who in turn had turned to Icebreaker for help in order to foil a terrorist plot, an attempt to control the worlds non- genetically modified crop seeds.

“You treacherous bitch, you were on the inside from the start! So, who is Guardian?”


CrewCut studied the image of the blond heroine that appeared.

“Yes…of course, you, who else would it be….so you recruited The Broker… but how…..what were you paying her ? And to think I had you at my mercy and you were the one fucking us over…” CrewCut felt his blood starting to boil. Worse, he knew trying to get at The Broker via the heroine would be futile.


CrewCut read the basic description assigned to the code word, this was undoubtedly Shepherd though the Feds certainly didn’t know that. At least CrewCut knew something they didn’t but yet another “whereabouts unknown” hindered his progress.

“Last Chance ……”


Apollo was a mysterious and nebulous asset that intercepts had revealed to be working with The Broker. Their role was unknown but this asset had communicated with The Broker several times during Operation Watershed.

What CrewCut did notice was that there had been an effort to create a shortlist of suspects of who APOLLO actually was based on loose license plate analysis of cars, cell tower triangulations and other coincidental data sets that might point to an individual. There was quite a list but CrewCut had a thought…..

“What did my contact say….that The Broker might have a man on the inside?”

Furiously CrewCut laboured on creating a bulk search query of the suspect list then hit return.

One entry flashed back at him.


“We have a winner! ” grinned CrewCut



Miss Asia had been smart plotting her escape to the Far East, towards home and safety. She didn’t understand everything about why she had been betrayed but the bullets that Mr Africa’s bullet proof vest had sponged up on her behalf were very real and she knew the hunt was on.

Rather than risking a more direct line towards home she had charted a course to Spain, planning to cross into North Africa then eastward towards the Middle East before plotting her next move. She had taken the AVE , a high speed train and was heading towards Madrid, there she would hide out a day before securing a car and heading south, crossing to Ceuta in Africa.Her former employer, The Resolution were more at home in the US, Europe and the old eastern bloc so she hoped she would drop from their radar pretty soon.

Far away The Broker was back in one of her hideaways, she favoured old industrial environments of concrete and steel and she had several of these strongholds dotted around the globe. Here she was plying her trade, feeling out information, gaining a favour here, granting another there. Most of her work was routine, the juicy contracts less frequent, but sometimes personal interest was worth more than money and THIS was of interest.

The Resolution were seeking a rogue operative, an Asian female who was now on the run.

Selena recalled her adventure on the plane during the interrogation of Kara and how she tutored the hot Asian woman in how to extract the false memories from the de-powered superheroine. Even then she liked the idea of meeting that young lady again, perhaps this would be her chance. At any rate, that Mr CrewCut had obscenely mistreated her property, Kara, as she lay unconscious during the interrogation and she didn’t want Miss Asia to fall into his hands and suffer worse treatment.

Trading some favours Selena had begun to nail down her prey in Spain though she had been tipped off that others had also been enquiring after the fleeing woman. Selena considered her options, a hint of a smile forming as she decided what to do to capture the escaping woman.

Far away in Madrid a contractor known as The Abductor looked down at his phone as it buzzed yet again as a new message arrived. There had been a flurry of messages regarding the imminent arrival of a target, contracts offered, rewards dangled, all hoping to subcontract out the search for this elusive woman for The Resolution who would pay good money for results.

Now another player had entered the market, The Broker. Her offer wasn’t the best financially but the side deals, the intangibles, were pretty awesome and to be fair to his prospective client she had also suggested a good trap to lure the Asian in. While offers for work were good though it actually helped if he had the Asian in his possession first before deciding who to trade her to and so he considered his plan of action.

Selena was satisfied she had done what she could for now, she couldn’t be everywhere at once and so she had to rely on money, favours and information to trade for results, having Miss Asia in her possession wasn’t critical to any plan but…..

“Selena …….” A voice echoed in the cavernous underground hideout.

Selena paused then nodded to herself, she had been secretly hoping for the heroines return since she realised something had gone awry with McGee’s handiwork. Whilst she had an insight into the blonds world via the rogue memory she was sure that it was a two way street, Kara undoubtedly had seen something about her too. Quite how they would broach the subject remained to be seen.

“We…. we need to talk” Kara said meekly, stepping from the shadows, her vivd red and blue costume bringing colour to the drab concrete grey space.

“Oh?” replied Selena coyly. Better to let the heroine reveal her cards first reasoned Selena.

The blond approached the red head who rose to her feet from her terminal to face her nemesis and there they stood without words until the blond finally broke and stepped forward embracing the red head. There was a silence that seemed to last an eternity, the stunned Selena could only guess what the blond had see in her vision to provoke this moment. It felt like the most heartfelt apology she could have ever imagined to receive even after all she had done to the heroine.

Slowly Selena responded, she had driven the blond into thinking she was a monster, but she wasn’t , she was her victim. Selenas arms rose and the pair shared an embrace, a confusing moment for both of them, neither fully understanding or comprehending what it was that one had learnt about the other.

“You said we needed to talk” Selena said quietly.

“It’s McGee …. I think he’s made some kind of mistake”





McGee checked his reflection in the mirror, sure he wasn’t in great shape, sure he had pushed a little beyond his prime but he was free and single, solvent, respectable and on holiday!

“You’re looking good” said McGee as he turned away from his own reflection, patted his pocket to confirm he had his wallet then walked to his own hotel room door and out. In shorts, Hawaiian shirt and sandals he was ready to hit the beach which was seconds away from the lobby.

Minutes later he was sat at a table on the Hawaiian shore, cola bathed ice was in his glass, shades protected his eyes and he was all set. McGee was careful in how he spent the rewards from using his special ability, but this little Hawaiian trip was a worthy way to spend his payment from his latest extracurricular activity.

His ability, editing the memories of others came to him in his early twenties. It had been weird at first, accidents happened, but quickly he understood his power and the means to use it responsibly. By careful planning he could transfer the memories of one person to another, being careful to try and match up the quantity of time, or at least the perception of time. Leaving voids of time or trying to insert too much lead to some problems.

McGee could peek into memories without transferring them of course but usually the target had to be thinking of the memory for it to come forward into view, random rifling was out of the question. But now he had no interest to dabble, he was on holiday, and what a view. Raising his glass he acknowledged the two passing ladies who giggled and waved back playfully as they walked on by. Life was good!

Meanwhile across the globe Miss Asia had arrived in night time Madrid and had made her way to one of the more diverse quarters of the city. Rich with many cultures, the area was full of food shops that specialised in ingredients and styles of cooking from all over the world. Here she could lay low until she obtained a vehicle for the next leg of her trip.

An old lady who had been paid not to ask questions led Miss Asia to the small flat above an Indian food specialists set in a small side street off of a quiet little plaza. The flat had been organised by a trusted friend from far away, their own contacts doing the rest locally. One hundred euros paid for the old woman’s silence and some peace and quiet but Miss Asia found herself being thrust a hand written note as the old lady handed over the flat keys.

Miss Asia opened the note and read it, it had been written by the local person who had organised the room for her. Rumour was that The Broker was in town together with another person, a blond woman. The rumours said they were staying at one of the tall towers at the North end of the city but, surely it was too convenient that they would be there?

Miss Asia was in a quandary, should she stay focused on her plan to escape, or should she investigate this rumour. The Broker had introduced her blond asset to The Resolution and had poisoned their clients plans with false information which Miss Asia herself had validated,now she was on the run because of it.

The night was clear and Miss Asia could see the twinkling lights of the four great towers beckoning her, she wanted her revenge but the blond superheroine would easily take her out, yet The Broker seemed to have robbed her of her powers. If they were still together then perhaps that meant ….

Miss Asia wasn’t the action girl of her former team but she could look after herself and do some wet work, the cyber world was more her forte but she decided she should at least investigate the rumour. Without her field kit or much in the way of devices Miss Asia knew she would have to improvise but she still had her wits and good looks to help her.

Elsewhere Mr CrewCut was preparing to board a flight. He felt confident that his stab in the dark was correct. The Feds had ended up having a big list of maybes for the identity of the codenamed APOLLO but with the rumour of there being a man with a badge working with The Broker then Agent McGee looked the best candidate. A lucky hit of his car being spotted on a traffic camera in the same large triangular zone as an unintelligible encrypted call to The Broker had been the clue.

It had been a close call but by spoofing the internal phone extension number system CrewCut had pretended to be phoning as some pompous division chief and extracted McGees holiday plans from his supervisor over the phone. Then, during the lunchtime rush hour as people headed off for food CrewCut had made his escape, blending in with the hundreds of other black suited Feds who were on the move.

So now he had a printout of McGees basic details and a photo, courtesy of the printer in the now dead Chief K.Lyle who’s office he had decorated with her own blood. He was now sat at the boarding gate looking very non touristy watching as people began to gather nearby in gaudy shirts. A TV cycled some news which he watched calmly waiting for the murder he committed to become BREAKING but so far so good. The lead item seemed to be about some cop who had been reinstated after she had framed and ejected from the force….new evidence had come to light apparently.

“Great, one more cop…” muttered CrewCut





“I’m afraid that we won’t be seeing McGee for a while, he’s on holiday” quipped Selena “what makes you think something is wrong anyway?”

Selena was no fool, Kara was showing her cards while she revealed nothing. It seemed in their nature that Kara acted out of innocence and naivety while Selena was more guarded.

“I saw something in my mind, I thought it was just …. just my imagination but …. I discovered the places I had seen were real, they were from your past, not mine.” Confessed Kara.

“I see ….” said Selena thoughtfully. She understood from the start that what she saw had meant the superheroine also would be in possession of a memory, she understood the way McGee’s skill worked.

“Have you seen ….” began the heroine.

“No..not yet..” Lied Selena “what did you see …?”

“You met someone you called The Tailor ….it was the first time you met” Kara explained.

Selena frowned as she tried to recall the events surrounding The Tailor. She remembered being told of The Tailor, paying the Tailor , even passing on her carefully sourced sizings and dimensions to The Tailor yet…..

“What did we talk about .the Tailor and I….” Selena asked.

The blond shivered “My prison ..that suit….it’s design”

“That makes sense I guess, I didn’t realise I had lost that particular memory, strange….” Selena realised how seamless and unnoticeable the transfer process had been. “I trust I got what I ordered then” Selena asked though she didn’t recall disappointment when her order arrived.

“You will be glad to hear that what I recall experiencing was everything you desired” Kara said with difficulty.

“It must be odd, remembering ordering the suit that you were then imprisoned in” beamed the redhead.

“It’s difficult …. yes…..but I know that I deserved it…. everything you did to me…everything you will do to me, until you release me from my word …… I forgive you Selena.” The heroine said sounding even slightly confident.

“Well this has been a transforming experience hasn’t it?” Selena beamed.

“Well for one of us….” Kara retorted, sensing that Selena didn’t seem to have gained any meaningful insight to her life.

“It may be some time before I release you from your bond to me, you understand that, don’t you?” Selena teased the heroine.

“And you,understand that I will outlive you, don’t you? Surely you have seen it…?” The heroine smiled in reply.

Selena understood, she remembered how as a little girl she had learnt about this heroine from another world and marvelled at how she never seemed to age a day. On the fateful day they first met they seemed similar in age, the heroine slightly older perhaps but now Selena had blossomed in her maturity. Kara would no doubt remain the same for a thousand years, she would outlive Selena

“Certainly…. I know…. once I was a little girl, and you were like this, then there was parity, now I’m like your older sister……” Selena walked a slow circle around the heroine, studying her. “What will it be like for you, seeing me age while you are frozen in time?” Selena dragged a finger over the blonds cape covered shoulder.

The blond tracked the red head who was studying her, arms folded, confident.

“When I am older, perhaps old enough to be your mother ….” Selena said seductively.

The blonds breath faltered a moment, imagining what that would mean, being dominated merely by the red heads superiority in age.

“Oh, didn’t you know I could see you respond to being a ‘good girl’…Kara? I do know you….so….like I said, one day, when I could pass as your mother, while you, trapped as this … beautiful … what could we say, 19 year old……?……It will make for an interesting dynamic, like I had regressed you to a teen to be disciplined.” Selena said calmly.

“Nothing lasts forever Selena…” Kara said trying to use calm words. The idea of this long term fate, slowly transitioning from her current servitude to becoming a teen dominated by an ever ageing step-mother figure was taking its toll in her head and below.

“No, but do you think I am fearing the future Kara?” Selena asked as she put herself face to face with the heroine.

“No….”The heroine shook her head lightly as Selena leant in putting her mouth close to the heroines ear, her chin almost resting on her cape, a hand resting on the blonds chest feeling her breathing. Kara wouldn’t accept this invasion of personal space from anybody but Selena.

“Good………little girl” Selena whispered into the blonds ear sensing the blonds breathing collapse under her hand.

Kara could merely whimper as Selena’s free hand drifted under the heroines skirt and settled onto her crotch confirming her words had achieved the desired effect.

“I sense you are going to enjoy your future with me, Kara” Selena said proudly.



The Abductor slid the hotel room key card into the door lock, paused for the green light then entered the room. He had been on the dark madrid streets planting false Intel into the grid and now all he could do was wait. He still hadn’t decided what he would do if the rogue Asian fell into his hands, maybe her conduct would help him decide.

Slung over his shoulder was a black duffle bag with his gear inside and in the bathroom he made the first step in his preparations. Out came a small egg speaker and an iPod first and started an ambient sound track of voices talking indistinctly, sometimes laughing or giggling. He then started the shower amplifying the illusion of a presence in the room.

Moving to the bedroom he draped a copy of Karas red and blue costume over the bed and placed some red boots, freshly bought from the Gran Via, and left them just in view. The boots weren’t exact copies but we’re close enough to pass a cursory glance.

Bait set it was time to hide, the wardrobe looked cramped, the Abductor didn’t like it so it was time to take cover underneath the bed. Bag hidden and pistol in hand it was going to be a heck of an evening.

Eventually Miss Asia arrived at the tower and after quickly casing the lobby area concluded that the young night reception worker could be taken care of. Approaching the lobby desk she seemed confident but inside she was nervous yet determined.

“Hello…can I help you?” Asked the young man at the desk.

“Hi, I’m with the immigration department of the Guardia Civil” Miss Asia responded as she put her Air Miles card down on the counter in front of him.

Confusion filled his face, a hot Asian woman, perfect English, no Spanish accent and what was this card she had put down in front of him? He bent forward to peer down at the confusing card.



In the blink of an eye the mans lights were out, a delicate martial arts blow to the neck had put him under, he was going to be sleeping like a baby for hours and with the slow night traffic he probably wouldn’t be missed.

Carefully Miss Asia slid the sleeping man to the adjoining room where the photocopier and printer resided and then returned to the reception computer and searched for her targets. An entry for a K. Zorel looked the best hit and so she grabbed a blank plastic entry key and used the card programmer to set it up for that room.

Taking the card she walked to the elevator and selected the floor she needed, hands pumping into fists. She had decided her confrontation would be conducted in her traditional style, bare handed. She had concluded the The Broker was the cause of her predicament and she wanted to confront her, if the blond was depowered or not let the fates decide the outcome.

The elevator PINGED as it arrived on the desired floor and Miss Asia followed the signs towards the target room and paused placing her ear to the door. Hotel room doors are thick and heavy but she listened carefully and decided to risk entry. The key card entered the slot followed by a pause then a click with a green light.

Inside, The Abductor heard the click and took aim with his pistol observing Miss Asia enter the room. Miss Asia saw the distinctive red and blue costume and boots , and could hear the shower running, voices inside. For her this was ideal, perhaps they were naked in there, unarmed, unsuspecting.


Miss Asia heard the report of the silenced pistol and clutched her leg in pain, slowly falling to the floor.

“Got you!” smiled The Abductor from his hiding place.





McGee had spent the day by the beach just chilling out. Occasionally he had chatted with strangers, his infectious funny tales and good humour helped him make friends and he found himself the unlikely center of attention as the day wore on.

As the day began to drift to night he had moved on to the bar of his hotel, a mini party of people forming around him together with a cluster of women who seemed fascinated by the enigma that was McGee. Little did he know that CrewCut watched on with envious eyes, alarm bells tended to resonate in women when they were around him and rightly so.

CrewCut watched as McGee recanted another of his fishing tales to the sound of giggles and laughter but as time went by it was evident McGee was ready to hit the sack. Attempting to pay off his tab which he discovered had been covered McGee found two ladies latched to his sides and being a gentlemen he offered to escort them to the doors of their rooms.

CrewCut followed at a safe distance and tracked the trio as they made they way up to the fifth floor in an elevator, not an easy feat. One guest safely escorted to her room McGee, lady on his arm, continued on to the seventh floor to leave her safely at her door but, sensing McGees chivalrous soft spot the unscrupulous CrewCut decided to strike.

Closing the gap CrewCut blindsided the pair and drawing his pistol at the last second forced the pair into the room. Pistol whipping McGee to the floor the shrieking woman was becoming an annoyance and a rough backhanded slap took the air out of her lungs before CrewCut, hands over her nose and mouth, rendered her unconscious.

“Time for an interrogation old school style” CrewCut grunted.

Meanwhile across the globe a sore headed Miss Asia began to stir. At first as her mind began to clear she noticed the slightly cool air on her skin then the strange sensations on her body, around her neck and her wrists and ….

“What?!” she flinched and tried to push herself up.

“Hello….” said a voice.

Miss Asia realised she was pretty much naked and restrained. Her wrists were chained to her collar and padlocked onto her body was something resembling a leather thong, a large intruder deep inside her pussy. Attached to the waistband was small numeric keypad with a digital screen which had the figure 120 displayed.

“HELLO” insisted the voice.

Miss Asia flung herself around and saw that the tv showed the image of a man in his thirties or forties,with a short trimmed beard and shades. She noticed that above the TV was a webcam, no doubt sending a feed to the mans room.

In a nearby room the Abductor admired Miss Asia’s body once more having stripped her and prepared her earlier. What followed prompted him to turn down the volume of his TV as a tirade of abuse began to flow in some far off language from the speakers. The Abductor was stunned at first then impressed she could sustain so many words without taking a breath.

Rumour was the Asian was of royal birth, of noble lineage, so to see her protest so enthusiastically was a surprise but The Abductor placed a finger to his lips and waited for her protests to subside.

She began to tire and realised that her efforts were for nothing. There was a shrug as she seemed to gesture “fine, what do you want?”

“Are you done?” Asked The Abductor.

“What do you want?” Asked Miss Asia.

“Well, first I want to apologise, you are a pro like me and I didn’t mean to be so cheap by tranq darting you like that…but a job is a job…you understand?” The Abductor said.

Miss Asia studied her predicament and remembered the ‘boys talk’ during the downtime between jobs.

“You …. you’re The Abductor…aren’t you?! Oh god….you are…” Miss Asia panicked.

“Yes, yes I am…..ok in case you don’t know the drill, that dildo you can feel in your pussy is Semtex clad in silicone” explained the man on the TV

Miss Asia clutched at the waistband of the leather thong in panic. She had heard of The Abductor during the idle talk on the grid or with the guys in her crew, she recognised the M.O, an explosive incentive buried in her nether regions.

“What are you going to do?” Asked the stunning Miss Asia.

“Currently my mobile phone is ringing off the hook with people trying to recruit me to capture you…..which I have……and hand you over to them.” explained The Abductor.

“Which people ?” asked Miss Asia nervously , testing her bonds.

“Well, first we have The Resolution, they have offered the most money…they have their pride to consider…. we have the Chinese secret service….. then the MeiLing Syndicate….. and The Broker…..there are some more but their offers are laughable.”

“Please, let me go…my family….” Implored the pretty Asian.

“Sadly, no bids from them… look, I’m going to be totally honest here, I like you, and so I’m going to let you choose who gets you, but…..if you’ve not chosen after 2 minutes I’m sorry but you…are going to go boom boom….understand….time starts …NOW” The Abductor said coldly.

Miss Asia was in panic as she saw the 120 on the little display on her waist begin counting down.

“You want me to choose one death for another, is that it?!” yelled the Asian, her rage and distress merging into one messed up emotion.

“The Resolution are going to just kill me….the Chinese will just torture me for Intel, no one survives that…. MeiLing …. they want revenge, I’ll be lucky to live as a sex slave if they have me …. and as for The Broker …” The rant subsided as The Asian thought about her predicament.

The timer continued to countdown passing 90 seconds to go.

“Choose someone and I get paid…, don’t and , well at least you get the satisfaction of having the release of death, having not fallen into their hands but.. regardless of the money I’d rather you walk out alive…” Urged The Abductor.

“Why The Broker… I can understand the rest but…her…..hasn’t she hurt me enough already?” protested Miss Asia as she saw time ticking away.

“I won’t tell you what to do but of all the options….hers is perhaps the more interesting?” The Abductor said calmly.

Miss Asia couldn’t understand why The Broker wanted her, but…..there had been that, oh gosh, those moments on the plane…..but, wasn’t that just a self serving effort to plant that false information. Wasn’t that it?

“Times almost up, what will it be?” asked The Abductor.

“The Broker…..” Miss Asia said forlornly only to see the timer come to a halt.

“Ok, I’ll let her know….. The explosive is now on a proximity trigger, you can roam freely up to 10 meters from where you are as you wish. There is an orange jumpsuit in the wardrobe, put it on and then I’ll come over and release your cuffs.” The Abductor said before his face webcam cut out.

Far away Selena smiled as her mobile buzzed, a text had arrived.


“Oh yes , very fast collection” said Selena.





Selena, having goaded liquid excitement from Karas nether regions had fetched a new toy, a length of rubber like material thick and with almost a blunt like saw blade edge, broad and undulating with curved, not pointed edges. With a series of straps she buckled this odd piece of rubber to her knee length boot, the front centreline now consisting of this rubbery spine.

It was on this stimulating surface she had commanded Kara to grind herself on. Selena sat on a chair, booted leg planted a little ahead of herself, the angle not to steep or too flat. Kara reluctantly had dropped to her knees, even in her super powered state and had obediently began to rise and fall along the wavey rubber edge. Selena had leant forward and carefully drawn the fine blond hair back into a pony tail and retained a firm grip, tilting Karas head sideways a little to keep eye contact.

Kara, being super powered got more stimulation out of the significance of the situation than from the ride her crotch could barely perceive. It was rare that Selena sought to use Kara in her fully charged state and although that meant the direct physical contact had less impact the psychological side was all that more stronger. Like this she was only bound by her word, her own enforced mental bondage, so to be used like this, fully powered, fully clothed it only added to the……

Selena paused tugging at Karas hair as she consulted her mobile phone.

“Kara…..I ask of you a favour…” Selena said thoughtfully glancing into the heroines eyes which were burning with emotion.

“What do you want ?” Kara replied, a hint of resistance in her voice.

“There is someone I would like you to fetch for me…you would be doing them and me a great favour….” Selena said seductively.

“Oh….and if this is a favour what would I get in return? Release from my word wouldn’t be out of the question, would it?” Kara asked knowing full well that wasn’t likely.

Selena twisted the blonds head cruelly although she knew it wouldn’t hurt and the blond didn’t resist. “Don’t be smart… won’t get that but……how about I get us an audience with our friend McGee”

Selena didn’t wish for the heroine to know that she was still intrigued by the memory mix up that McGee had performed but was keeping what she had learnt secret.

The blonds eyes were still locked onto Selena’s as she thought a moment.

“Very well, who, and where is this person?” Kara said decisively.

“Go to Madrid, at the northern edge of the city there are four towers, on the roof of one will be a male and female, bring the female to me…” Selena instructed.

“Who is she…. .?”Kara asked firmly.

“Someone you know, she needs a friend right now, be that friend” Selena said cryptically as she released the blond ponytail hair from her grasp.

“Ok, getting there will be quick, getting her here more slowly” Kara warned. She could fly fast but humans wouldn’t survive the speeds she was capable of. G forces, air pressures and temperatures would all take their toll.

“Do what you must, but you WILL deliver her to me, understand? I have plans.” Insisted Selena.

“Don’t worry, I will bring them here, BUT I won’t let you harm them, no matter what you threaten me with” Kara said defiantly.

“I didn’t pay good money to have her killed….now go…go fetch my….no…OUR prize” Selena ordered.

Kara’s face gave away a hint of a scowl before she walked back into the shadows, taking to the skies once she was outside the hidden lair. Selena dabbed at her mobile phone, it was time to confirm arrangements with The Abductor.

The Abductor was sorting the wheat from the chaff, his mobile buzzing every other moment, “have seen target?” asked one contact , “will double your best offer if you find her” said another. And then he saw the message he wanted ” Funds cleared to your account IBAN ….”.

“Well, it’s done, I’m sorry it has to be like this but…. look, these guys want to pay me stupid money to hand you over…..but…” The Abductor explained to the unrestrained beauty sat opposite him at the small table in the hotel room.

“You think I am better off with the broker..?” a hint of trust appeared in Miss Asia’s tone.

“Look, I can only hope ok, but I’m sure the other options are far less acceptable, but I’m just doing my job…like you would…..”The Abductor said matter of factly before seeing another text. “Oh, we are to go to the roof”

The heroine who had been circling at a safe distance finally saw two people walk calmly towards the edge of the rooftop of one of the towers and she flew down to meet them.

“Shit, it’s you!” exclaimed The Abductor, reaching to grip the arm of Miss Asia, a hollow gesture in reality.

Miss Asia didn’t know if she was doomed or saved, the confusion written on her face was easy to read. Was she about to be freed or, dragged off to face justice?

“Oh, it’s you…..” Kara said , blinking with surprise in recognition of the woman who had so gently tortured her for information on the plane. ” Relax…both of you…..The Broker sent, no, asked me, to collect you.”

The Abductor consulted his phone again and broke out into a smile.

“Ok,then you’ll be needing this…..” Said The Abductor, tossing a small black metal cube at the heroine which she caught without even trying. “Don’t let her more than about 20 meters from that or….well, it won’t be good…..the release code has been sent to The Broker.”

“Release Code?” Kara queried.

“Don’t worry , she understands” The Abductor motioned with a hand at the pretty Asian.

“Let’s go and get this over with” Miss Asia said despondently as she advanced towards the heroine feeling the Semtex formed dildo pushing into her with every step.

Soon the women were in the air, Kara supporting Miss Asia who was sat on one of the blonds thighs, almost like a seat. Kara was more used to flying laying out flat but this was no more difficult a position to fly in.

At first there was stony silence but eventually the Asian broke.

” I don’t understand…are you working for The Broker or….is she dealing with the darker parts of the hidden world for you ….or what?” Queried Miss Asia as she tried to make sense of the scenery passing below her.

“It’s complicated….” Kara said with a weak smile.

“Come on, what’s the deal here, busting our clients operation is your style but… she had you handed to us on a leash….and powerless….if I knew then what I know now I’d….” the anger grew in Miss Asia’s voice.

“You’d what…..? You couldn’t kill me thanks to those wrist straps and… ” began Kara.

“I put myself in the firing line for you and you don’t even know it” retorted Miss Asia. She knew that Mr CrewCut had defiled the unconscious heroine and had protested as much which only served as a source of friction later.

“I don’t understand …..” Kara replied, a puzzled look on her face.

“Well ask your best friend, The Broker…she knows” Miss Asia said curtly.

“She is not my friend” Kara said calmly, trying to take the edge off the argument.

“Well what then …. why are you of all people….in league with her?” Protested Miss Asia.

“Fine, I will show you…..” Kara said, resigned to doing anything to satiate Miss Asia’s hunger.

Soon the pair stood together in what had been the suppression chamber, now bare concrete with a few tell tale signs of its former past. Pallets which had stored elements of her confinement, metal stands that once held heat lamps, hoses that had linked her latex prison to air and water lay neglected on the floor.

“What is this place?” Asked Miss Asia, a cold shiver running through her as she sensed the rooms sinister past.

“A long time ago I dealt a young woman a grave injustice…she had been pure, innocent, deceived and betrayed and I let her down” Kara explained.

“And….what happened?” Miss Asia asked, curiosity in her tone.

“She….more or less died, but like a Phoenix she rose to become The Broker” Kara continued.

“What…..what happened here?” Miss Asia asked nervously. Suddenly she felt afraid of this Pandora’s box she had opened and the answers she would find inside.

“Here? This is where the woman you think I am, died” Kara said forlornly.

“What the hell happened to you? What did she do ?” Miss Asia was in a panic, if the heroine couldn’t defeat the broker who could? The concrete walls, the hoses and the metal stands seemed to all be speaking to her and her imagination started to fill in some very frightening gaps.

“All you need to know is that we discovered we needed each other….now we let each other have free reins ….up to a point, but I won’t let her harm you……” Kara said firmly. This place, while chilling was also a place of self discovery, her memories weren’t all negative, this is where Selena had inadvertently taught her true sexual pleasure.

“I’m scared….let’s go…..” Miss Asia said, her discomfort of being in the chamber rising.

“Ok…..this way” Kara said warmly.





Slowly McGee began to stir, his head a searing fire of pain, his body registering the surroundings as his senses rebooted.

“Wakey wakey fat boy” said a voice before what felt like a hand slapped McGee on his cheek.

McGee opened his eyes and flinched bolt upright realising he was bound to a chair in the hotel room.

“Who the fuck are you?” Protested McGee as he caught sight of CrewCut standing between him and the bed which now had an unconscious and spread eagled young lady on it, crudely tied off to the corners using pillow cases.

“I ask the questions … Where can I find The Broker?” demanded CrewCut.

“Who?” McGee protested innocently.


CrewCut delivered a blow into McGee’s stomach then flexed his hand to ease up the mild pain from delivering the blow.

“Now don’t get smart with me….or things will get pretty ugly, ugly as in I remodel your face” grunted CrewCut.

“Who the fuck is this Broker, you mean like a stock broker or something?” McGee scrambled, he didn’t know how the man in front of him knew his secret but he was going to find out.

“No, I mean an information broker….you’re her contact!” Insisted CrewCut

“What the hell makes you think I know this broker person…it’s a woman you’re after, right?”McGee baited CrewCut.

As CrewCut inevitably used his mind to access his memory which held his exploits to match The Broker to anyone he could find the restrained McGee could tap in and see the memory in detail. Now he understood, sure the lead to him was tenuous, it could be fixed, but right now his interrogator was convinced he had the right man and McGee knew he was right.

“I’ve got Intel that links you to this woman, you called her, during Watershed” CrewCut insisted not realising he had been played. So far McGee had learnt more than his interrogator had.

“Watershed, what the hell is that?!” McGee responded innocently.


The wind was forced out of McGees body and he wheezed in pain.

“No more questions out of you fat boy, time to start talking or me and my gang of hotel room appliances will get to work on your face, understand?”

“Please you have to believe me, I don’t know who this stock, no wait, information person is!” McGee continued to bluff. Perhaps if he could hold out CrewCut would think he was chasing a false lead, after all there was a big list of names which CrewCut had filtered through.

“We’ll see” replied CrewCut gruffly as he began to wrap the cable of the rooms mini kettle around his fist.

Across the globe Kara and Miss Asia touched down at Selenas lair and made their way inside. Miss Asia was noticeably scared and Kara kept a protective hand on her shoulder.

“Ah there you are, princess….” Selena said from within her nest like circle of screens.

“Broker..” acknowledged Miss Asia reluctantly.

“Come here…..” Selena said, it sounded just barely like an order.

Miss Asia looked at her blond companion for help and Selena let out a small smile seeing that her new acquisition seemed to be getting on with the heroine.

“Oh don’t be ridiculous, I’m not going to harm you, let’s get that wonderful toy out of your body” taunted Selena.

Miss Asia was reluctant but sensing the release of the heroines hand from her body she decided to step forward. Selena closed the gap, mobile phone in hand and read the message on the screen.

“Hmmm, ok…..” Selena muttered to herself before popping open the orange overalls at Miss Asia’s mid drift revealing the digital lock.

“Ok…..the code is…..” Selena began to dab at the lock…”1…2,…3…. and 4… what a comedian”

There was an ominous beep which started to repeat, slowly at first but it seemed to slowly quicken. Deep inside Miss Asia a buzzing started and she immediately flopped into Selenas arms.

“Oh my god…it’s going to go off…. ” whimpered Miss Asia.

Kara was by Miss Asias side in an instant and immediately her vision burrowed into the woman’s body to see what she could do. She then could see the moulded Semtex, a detonator and at the top of the shaft on a separate circuit a small bullet vibe which worked furiously. The waistband seemed to contain a cold inactive circuit and the heroine began to realise that this was just a joke, a cruel prank.

“It’s ok, it’s not going to explode….it’s ..” Kara began just as the panting wreck of Miss Asia orgasmed where she stood, one continuous Beep emanating from the wicked death trap.

Selena slow clapped “oh you should see your faces…..”

“It’s not funny, Selena…can’t you see she’s already petrified.” Kara said angrily as she supported Miss Asia.

“Forgive me” smiled Selena “Don’t you get it yet, I’m not going to kill you….I want you to work for me”

“Great recruitment skills Selena” Kara snarled as she embraced Miss Asia who was recovering from her moment of terrified ecstasy.

“Work for you?” panted Miss Asia.

“Yes…don’t you see? I .. I would like you on my team….” Selena said.

The heroine frowned “What team? Since when have you been a team player?” she said as she held the young woman.

“Who put you on the plane, who…” Selena guarded herself a moment ….”who helped me from that tank of water…who helped you get through the airport…yes, they’ve all been fragments until now but….I would like us to be a team” Selena said, she sounded positive, inspired almost.

“And what if I ….” began Miss Asia. She felt that perhaps her best interests laid at home.

“Want to go home?” Selena cut in “Do you not think I’ve been researching your royal family history….? Do you want to tell our blue and red heroine your little family secret or shall I?”

Miss Asia scowled at Selena knowing she had been found out.

“Very well” continued Selena “Kara, our friend here is the fifth in line in the royal house of The Dragons Tears…..and do you know their traditions , Kara?”

“No….what of them?” asked Kara as she protectively held Miss Asia.

“Fine….she wishes to humiliate me but I shall tell you” said Miss Asia, summoning the courage to speak up. “The first born, they are placed with the military, their place is to defend our lands. The second is placed with the noble professions, the doctors, the sciences, engineering. The third is placed with the lesser professions the police, nursing, for example. The fourth is sent abroad to learn of the world and the fifth…..”

“Ah yes and the fifth…..” Selena said almost mockingly.

“The fifth is placed with the clans of the fallen, essentially what you would consider the Mafia or the Triad. All this is done so that the royal blood is sewn throughout all levels of our society” Miss Asia explained.

“Yes, so of course while her family would want her well she would need to go back to her more native criminal hosts and…well she outgrew them once … so” said Selena cryptically.

“You’re saying she can’t go back?” Kara asked in surprise.

“Exactly…not yet at least” Selena replied, a hint of a smile on her face.”on the plus side, her parents are still young themselves and her siblings, well they face the perils of being royalty in public positions…the one advantage our friend here has is her low profile existence”

“What do you want with me?” Miss Asia asked, worry written over her face.

“Well if you choose to join us I would erase your identity first, like I did my own, then put you to work in New York, I , no we, have an asset there, she needs an ally, someone like you” explained Selena.

“Who?” Demanded Kara

“I can see you are still very sceptical Kara but fine, I will tell you. There was a cop, a very good cop who had been set up and kicked off her force. I helped her prove her innocence and in return she helped me get a certain someone aboard a plane in her new capacity as an airport security worker. It was a role far beneath someone of her talent but she did it and now that she has been reinstated as a detective it’s time she had someone help give her career a boost.” Selena confessed.

“Wait, you mean the agent at the x-ray machine and the metal detectors…..her?!” Kara blubbed.

“Yes. Her. She was there to smooth your passage onto the plane. Now the princess here has an opportunity to have a fresh start doing her thing as an informant for my detective friend. It will be perfect, I will have contacts on either side of the law, each shielding and aiding the other while being in the financial heart of The United States” Selena bragged.

Miss Asia considered her options carefully. There would be a sort of safety at home but Selena was right, the criminal elements which had been her surrogate family might not be so welcoming. She had indeed outgrown them and was becoming a threat to the embedded male dominated hierarchy. Left to her own devices The Resolution might catch up with her, The Abductor was proof alone that she was much sought after. Perhaps this fresh start with a new identity and an erased past might be what she needed, at least until there were developments at home.

“I’ll do it…” Miss Asia said decisively.

“Good ….. I’m sure you won’t regret it …. Well not too much…” Selena smirked, raising an eyebrow at Kara’s expression.

“Wait….are you sure you….” Kara cut in. She wasn’t sure she wanted Selena to get her claws into the young woman.

“YES, I’m sure…..” retorted Miss Asia.

Selena glanced between the pair of women and decided that she wanted to end their moment of brief conflict.

“KARA….Kara…..please….she has decided, don’t make it harder for her. have matters to attend to, remember? McGee?” Selena asked as she prodded at her mobile phone.






“Wrong answer McGee….” grunted CrewCut as he glanced at the back of his bloodied hand. The kettle cable which had been kind of a beige colour was now stained red with McGees blood.

McGee groaned, his left eye was swollen and puffy to the point he couldn’t see from it and his face was bloodied.

“Mayb…..maybe……..I know her…….some other way……..what does she look like?” mumbled McGee through his swollen lips.

“A red head, hot….now stop screwing with me” urged CrewCut.

McGee began to muster a laugh through the pain. “You should… should have said…….I know plenty of those.”


“Wise ass” Snarled CrewCut “The Broker….where is she”

McGee exhaled as he tugged at his bonds causing a small mist of blood to form around his mouth.

“Fuck you….asshole… can I tell you what I don’t know….” McGee flexed his jaw to hear it click a little as it locked back in place, CrewCut was playing for keeps.


“Who the fuck is that, insistent bastards….that’s the third time….” CrewCut noted, glancing at the source of the noise, a mobile phone on vibrate in McGee’s pocket.

“My Ex….she’ll be wanting her alimony…don’t worry about it….” teased McGee knowing that by trivialising the message CrewCut would get curious to check. With luck it would be Selena, The Broker but he knew it didn’t matter too much.

“Let’s take a look shall we…..” CrewCut stepped behind McGee and reached into the pocket and pulled out the phone.


CrewCut, glaring at the screen slid away the padlock and pulled up the messages.

“Where is my alimony !! You are overdue!” read the last message.

“Well, look at that…. you were telling the truth. I don’t know if to feel sorry for you because of her …. or because of me….” CrewCut let out a light laugh as he tossed the phone onto the bed between the spread limbs of the still unconscious woman.

Far away, unknown to CrewCut, Selena studied the face of the man who had been captured by the phone camera, the secret security software designed to image the person who unlocked it each and every time.

“Kara…….we have a problem” Selena said with concern as she turned the screen to face the heroine.

“CrewCut….” Kara said angrily.

“Who?” Miss Asia asked before setting eyes on the man in the photo. “Oh is that what you call him….it was him who ordered my death…..I know him as Joseph Cornell…”

“Well Mr Cornell has one of our number……but how or why…..” Selena wondered.

“If he has someone you know he must be trying to get to you….after….’the incident’ with the seed vault there was a lot of heat from above….” Miss Asia explained.

“I can resolve this easily….just tell me where they are and I can ….” started Kara, her cape flowing as she was about to turn away.

“No….wait…..if we play this smart we can kill several birds with one stone” uttered Selena…”but first we are going to arrange a prisoner swap” she continued as she glanced at Miss Asia, a wicked smile on her face.

“What? ” protested Miss Asia. She didn’t like the idea of being traded away so soon and to her former colleague at that.

“No, it’s ok ….. I think I know what she may have in mind” the heroine said reassuringly. She was a squeaky clean heroine but she had learnt how to pull off a sting and her previous collaborative work with Selena had been very enlightening.

“That’s the spirit……now then…” Selena gathered a separate phone and began to dial out, it was time to speak to Mr Cornell.

VWUUUUUUR-VWUUUUUUR danced McGees phone to the rhythm of the buzzing.

“Jeezus…..will she ever let up……” Joked CrewCut as he glanced at the phone. In his hand was the hotel room mini steam iron which was starting to generate vapour from the nozzles in the base. McGee could only look on nervously with one eye wide open as the iron hissed.

CrewCut reached down and grasped the phone and saw the contact name above the red and green ‘Answer’ or ‘Deny’ icons. The contact name was merely ‘ZZ’.

“Who the fuck is this…double zee? Eh? ” CrewCut asked McGee

“Answer and see….” said McGee shakily, still watching the iron with some fear.


Finally CrewCrewCut relented and answered, his thumb over the mic of the phone as he listened intently to the silence at the other end of the line.

“Mr Cornell, I presume” said a voice.

“Where are you….we need to have a chat….” threatened CrewCut.

“I propose something better….how about a chat and a trade….we each have something the other wants….. I presume McGee is alive.”

“Yeah….he’s alive and……what do you have that I could possibly want?” CrewCut said doubtfully.

“Your little lost Dragon… I was going to make use of her myself but…if I can swap for McGee and save myself the trouble of making a mess on my floor…..then so be it” said Selena coldly.

“KILL ME NOW BITCH, YOU FUCKING COWARD, IM NOT GOING TO ….” Screamed Miss Asia in the background before being cut off.

“OK, I’m interested…. when do you get here? ” smiled CrewCut

Selena let out a small smile and a nod to Kara and Miss Asia, their first mission together was a ‘go’.





Through the night Kara had ferried Miss Asia, Selena and their gear into position nearer to the rendezvous point that Selena had arranged with CrewCut, or Cornell which was his real name. Miss Asia by now was exhausted, two long flights and multiple time zones in 24 hours had taken their toll and now she slept soundly on the hastily organized hotel room bed.

Selena rummaged through a black holdall nearby, she had put together the contents while Kara had deposited Miss Asia in Hawaii before returning to collect her.

“No guns, I won’t be a party to killing” Kara protested.

“This is just an insurance policy….” Selena said calmly as she checked the cocking mechanism.” Besides, you think CrewCut won’t be carrying? He will only be suspicious if I don’t have a weapon.”

“Are you sure that….” Kara began to ask.

“If he doesn’t shoot first I will be very surprised…no doubt the girl first, me next…he will be quite objective focused and our friend here is higher on the ‘to do’ list I’m sure.” Selena said confidently.

“What about McGee…?” Kara asked concerned. She quite liked this fun, larger than life man and didn’t want to see him hurt.

“I think after you he is the safest of all, Mr Cornell thinks he is just a pawn to use to get to me, he won’t be in anyone’s sights, at first at least.” reasoned Selena as she continued to pull out gear from her bag.

“How long until the meeting?” Asked Kara.

“Ninety minutes…. go do your reconnaissance as I told you…. I will wake up our friend here while you are gone, Hertz will deliver our vehicle in 45 minutes….” Selena said as she looked at the face of her wristwatch, checking her timings were right. It had been a while she had done her last bit of field work and she was looking forward to what lay ahead.

“Well don’t forget to get full coverage….” quipped Kara, she knew things would probably get ugly.

Meanwhile CrewCut was duct taping McGee’s mouth as he groaned in protest. CrewCut had spent his spare time amongst other things rigging up some kind of booby trap to the woman who was still restrained on the bed. Utilising the wake up alarm feature of the TV, at the appointed moment the poor woman would be electrocuted by the high tension circuit of the old style tube when the TV turned on. Now she was shrieking into the cloth gag made from the hem of her dress but a threatened back hand quietened her to a whimper.

“Now don’t you fret, I’ll be back in time to release you but..if anything were to happen to me…..well………let’s hope that doesn’t happen.” grinned CrewCut

“Come on piggy….Let’s go kill a princess…maybe the broker and I will have threesome later, too!” CrewCut goaded as he winked at the gagged woman on the bed before snatching away at the restraints holding McGee to the chair.

Dragging McGee up onto his feet CrewCut kicked away the chair and led his prisoner to the door, checking the way was clear to the elevator. McGee was groggy on his feet and was relieved when the escalator arrived, being able to support his body on a handrail inside.

CrewCut studied the makers mark on the serial number plate and you could see his mind whirring as he recalled what he needed to do. Holding down a sequence of buttons put the elevator into express mode and soon the elevator was speeding non stop to the basement parking area.

“Now get in and behave, it’ll all be over soon….” Joked CrewCut as he guided McGee into a car.

“Ok, lay down on the back, I’ll hood you when we get nearer” said Selena reassuringly to Miss Asia as she helped her onto the back seat of a car.

“I’m not sure I like this plan at all..” she replied as she struggled to get comfortable in her handcuffs linked to her chain belt and the chunky ankle restraints.

“You love it really..” Teased Selena, provoking a sort of ‘how can you tell?’ look of surprise.

“Hmm, Lisa will love you …” Selena said to herself.

Soon both pairs of cars were making their own way to the meeting point, a dockside area and turned broadside to one another a hundred yards apart, preparing to make the exchange. Selena exited her car first and from the sheltered side of the car pulled out the hooded Miss Asia and shuffled her round to the front of the car, behind the cover of the hood.

Seeing the pair of women emerge CrewCut aided the beaten McGee onto his feet and dragged him to the side of his car.

“Are you packing?” called Selena across the gulf between the quartet.

CrewCut did a slow pirouette, arms above his white shirted torso. If he did have a weapon he hid it well.

“And you…?” Yelled CrewCut in reply.

Selena let out a small smile and with her left hand clumsily drew out a pistol, muzzle in hand and placed it on the floor, kicking it away from her slightly.

“What is this all about ? Why have you come after my man?” Asked Selena.

“I don’t know what arrangement you and blondie had but that was one hell of a setup we got put through…..what was it, was she fucking you better than we were paying you? Or does she own your ass?” Yelled CrewCut.

“All I did was provide the goods you asked for…… I’m sorry……now do you want the girl or not?” Selena asked firmly, the hooded Miss Asia still in her grasp.

“Show me it’s her ” called back CrewCut.

Selena rolled her eyes and peeled back the hood, revealing the bitter faced Miss Asia.

“Excellent….” clapped CrewCut as he gave McGee a shove forward. “Go…slowly…”

“Ok… Go…. and good luck” whispered Selena.

“This is Ice…. tango one clean shot, tango two clean shot, tango three no shot” said the radio chatter from a sniper high up on a crane overlooking the dock provoking a mere twitch from the corner of CrewCuts mouth.

A man with a mono scope peered down to the dockside alongside the sniper, the oversize barrel tracking Miss Asia.

“Ok range THREE TWO ZERO wind DECIMAL 5 LIMA ROMEO , humid NO CHANGE.” said Monoscope.

Sniper waited for orders as he tweaked his aim to adjust with the evolving situation.

Slowly Miss Asia and McGee advanced towards one another, neither hurrying too much, playing it cool neither one really recognising the other.

“This is Ice…all tangos, clean shot….” Sniper said crackling into CrewCuts ear piece.

CrewCut took a deep breath then slowly let the air out of his lungs. “Go” he said quietly.

The sniper team saw the flash of the muzzle and the report of the rifle first, the recoil lifting the barrel on its tripod a split second before it settled, Sniper starting to cycle the straight pull action of the weapon for his next shot.

In the blink of an eye Monoscope saw the slight distorted trail of the bullet from the rifle dissipate and Miss Asia flail to the floor like a rag doll in a red mist of blood.

“RUUUUN MCGEEEEEEEEE” screamed Selena as she dropped to her knees a moment hearing the report of the rifle finally get to her position.

“Tango one down” crackled CrewCut’s earpiece.

“Jeezus Christ!” Screamed McGee as he stumbled onwards.

Sniper held his breath and squeezed the trigger again, Selena firmly in his sights. The barrel did it’s shuffle again while Monoscope tried to resolve what had happened to the second round. Selena flinched as the second round, followed by a boom from the rifle arrived, a huge chunk of concrete dockside kicked up by the shot.

“Fuck, you missed idiots….” CrewCut protested…”take out the car … don’t let her escape.”

Selena scurried to the safe side of her car out of sight but Sniper knew that the sheet steel and plastic body of the car was no match for his heavy caliber rifle.

Monoscope checked the parameters of the shot again as Sniper lined up.

“Ok , range THREE THREE FOUR….” Monoscope began.

ZING PING CLANG ZONG TING….. sang the metal of the crane structure around the sniper team, sparks flying everywhere.

“Fuck, we’ve been made, bugging out….” screamed Sniper into CrewCuts ear.

CrewCut assessed the situation, at least the princess was dead, one screwup resolved, and even though Selena was going to escape now at least he had uncovered McGee….that would be a weak spot to work on from now on.

McGee zigzagged towards Selena and the shelter of the car not knowing that the snipers were done and collapsed in a heap nearby.

McGee panted like he was going to die but, guzzling in air he managed to squeeze out his words.

“Who the hell was that who got killed?!” McGee blubbed as he looked for the sniper.

“That other guys former colleague” Selena said as she weighed up the pros and cons of retrieving her discarded pistol.

“Did we do that or….?” McGee didn’t know what the hell was going on but snipers and murder wasn’t his scene at all.

Selena shot McGee a scowl before deciding she was heading for her pistol, the snipers seemed to have given up, as she had planned to have happen.

CrewCut dived into the drivers seat of his car and prepared to get away. He didn’t know how Selena had managed it but he had been out manoeuvred on the subcontracting side of the job. In Hawaii crews were limited….and he had bought what was available so who this other muscle was he didn’t know.

“Selena, listen he has a hostage….in the hotel….” McGee managed as he regained his breath.

“Where?” Selena demanded.

“Room 723, The Ambassador…” McGee said.

“Break his car then deal with it” said Selena into the air as she marched pistol in hand towards CrewCut’s car.


CrewCut’s windshield shattered into a billion pieces and then the bodywork began to get riddled with holes, the tyres exploding under the withering volley of fire from unseen gunmen.

Selena passed by Miss Asia’s blood soaked body and glanced downwards a brief second. Miss Asia was face up , her dead eyes wide open, unblinking, and then from nowhere a wink. Selena barely contained a smile but then her snarl resumed as she looked on to the disintegrating car ahead.


CrewCut flailed as he plopped out of the vehicle onto the debris of shattered glass, plastic and carparts then prepared to pick himself up. Perhaps if he could make it to the warehouses he …..


CrewCut saw the light fade into darkness, the searing pain in his head receding as all went quiet and dark.

“Got you ” beamed Selena, pistol butt firmly in her grip.

Not far away, hovering high up by a hotel window the blond heroine , her bold red and blue costume fluttering on the warm air, peered into a bedroom. The prone woman inside saw the heroine and relaxed, finally she felt safe, the nightmare for her was over.

“Everything is going to be ok” they both said to themselves.

Kara looked at the contents of her left hand, two intercepted sniper rounds were now splat like discs, trophies of her exploits. In her other hand remained a few small ball bearings which she so effectively used to mimic bullets, her throwing arm was strong and very very accurate. This had truly been a good deception.





McGee slipped through the doorway as best he could, a smile all over his face, his swollen face contorting uncomfortably for a moment.

“How did it go ?” Asked Selena, wanting to peer through the doorway like a kid wanting to see the presents under the Christmas tree.

“Great, I’ve erased the trail that lead him to me, his recollections will be filled with ….ummm….I normally write it down……..” McGee said patting his pocket. Usually his memory exchanges were planned but today was ad hoc, the memory now filling the void in CrewCuts head were his own, ‘were’ in the past sense that is, now they were CrewCuts.

“Let’s see……oh……ouch………” McGee chuckled until the pain got to him. “Our friend, Mr Cornell will remember my difficult 4 hour wisdom tooth extraction and double root canal instead of his time chasing me down.” McGee explained as he read from his notes.

“Remind me never to upset you…” Selena said with a faux shock expression on her face.

“What’s the news on our Asian friend?” McGee asked cryptically.

“Oh, the grid is absolutely alive with chatter, to the world she’s dead..the snipers have called it in to The Resolution for their bounty and MrCornell will corroborate it I’m sure. They never saw Kara intercept the bullet but I thought I’d overdone the blood pack a bit.” Selena explained.

“So I’m in the clear, she’s in the clear but you might be in Cornells sights after you let him go….perhaps you should think about…something permanent” hinted McGee. He had seen CrewCut’s handiwork first hand against women and he didn’t like his style.

“There is too much for you to erase, and Kara wouldn’t want me to kill him, at least not in cold blood besides, Mr Cornell has other worries now, you’ve seen his memory of the federal building, the murder of an agent…if there was a tip off, say when he landed on the mainland….then..?” Selena let the idea hang in the air.

“Now THAT I like!” grinned McGee. The idea of the woman beating thug getting pulled for a murder he would never recall committing was priceless. To feel the sense of injustice thinking he was innocent when in fact he really was guilty was icing on the cake for McGee.

“We’ll let him free soon and let justice take its course…..but in the meantime we need to talk.” Selena said coyly.

McGee sensed a change in tone and moved away from the door which led to the restrained CrewCut.

“What is it?” McGee asked, his one good eye visibly glancing at Selena.

“When you were doing your thing, switching my memories with Kara’s, you didn’t happen to notice anything else while you were rummaging around in our heads, did you?” Selena said sounding slightly ominous.

“Why? What has happened?” McGee answered innocently.

“Well, Kara told me of a memory……” Selena started to explain but McGee already begun to see in her mind exactly what had happened so far. Kara had explained to Selena some of the vision from her implanted memory but Selena had revealed nothing in return.

“But you didn’t tell her what you saw, did you?” Said McGee, disappointment in his voice.

“No I….” Selena began, she was going to justify her secrecy with some excuse and McGee could sense it.

“When are you going to forgive her Selena? When are you going to tell her the real reason she hurt you so much? She won’t stay crushed under your thumb forever, she is a fighter” McGee pleaded. Evidently the memory swap had been done deliberately and for a reason.

“When I escaped I vowed that …..” Selena began to scowl.

“Yes…revenge….you’ve had it….now you have your monster….and I know that deep down, if there truly is that decent innocent kid I recall inside, you’ll feel bad enough to…..” McGee said warmly, placing a hand on the red heads shoulder.

“OK OK…….ok…….. I’ll …..I’ll talk with her……now if you are done, get out of here, your lady friend has been enquiring about her big brave McGee, Kara has been babysitting her for you.” Selena said, changing the subject.

With his one good beady eye McGee studied Selena’s face to see she had softened again, perhaps she would do as he hoped.

” OK, I’m going…. and hopefully I can finish my vacation in peace.” Joked the large man, lightening the mood.

“Have fun, and stay out of trouble.” Replied Selena as she patted the man lightly on the shoulder as he left the hotel room.

Now she had the final touches of the operation to finish, release CrewCut back into the wild, get Miss Asia off to New York …. and as for Kara….hmmmmm. McGee’s words played on her mind.

Selena took in a deep breath, exhaled and then put herself to work.





Miss Asia stirred her coffee slowly in deep thought as she recalled all the events of the last few days, she had been all over the map, hunting or being hunted, used as bait then free again. Now here she was in some little New York diner watching the world go by waiting for her contact to show up.

Selena had told her that her contact was a cop, a detective, that she may have even seen her at the airport before interrogating Kara but she didn’t know how that was possible. Miss Asia didn’t know if this cop was going to be easy to get on with or not though Selena had seemed to suggest that they would be fine.

Miss Asia glanced up at the TV in the corner and became transfixed for a moment.


The news anchor man spoke in silence on mute as a video played of cops taping off the arrivals area at the airport, yellow numbered tags on the ground next to shell casings. Then she saw the body on a gurney under a sheet being wheeled to the coroners truck, a photo of Cornell appearing on screen.

“Oh my god, he’s dead….” murmured Miss Asia, she wouldn’t had thought it possible days before but now she was glad he was gone.

“Hi…” said a voice.

Miss Asia flinched then saw a tall young brunette in front of her in a smart dark blue jacket which was open revealing a close fitted white top underneath which was tucked into close fitting dark navy trousers. On her belt was her detectives badge , her holster and her cuff case.

Miss Asia rose to her feet and quickly determined that the detective in front of her stood taller than her.

“It’s …Lisa…..right?” Smiled Miss Asia offering her hand which was accepted confidently.

“Uh huh….” Smiled Lisa in reply. Selena had been right, they were going to get along just fine, her new friend oozed intelligence and sexiness all in one.

“Please…..” Miss Asia gestured with her hand to the chair opposite her.

Under Lisa’s arm was an A4 envelope and she set it down on the table as she gestured a C with her hand to a waitress nearby who nodded.

“Selena told me that I would remember you from the airport, and I think I do” MIss Asia started, breaking the ice.

“I feel bad about that, they….they somehow made me forget what happened that day but…..apparently I met… a super celebrity….” Lisa said.

“Oh, she was super alright” beamed Miss Asia.

Lisa cocked her head, intrigued, but this was a story for another time.

“I’ve got your things here…..” Lisa said as she slid the contents of the envelope onto the table.

“Who am I now….” Wondered Miss Asia aloud as she flipped open a US passport to her photo page. “Oh ok….I think I can be a Lucy……” she smiled.

Lisa nodded a thanks to the waitress as her coffee arrived and took a quick sip.

“Your social security number, drivers licence, credit card, bank details and so on are all there together with some education background….these are all solid, the only thing you mustn’t do is go to your school reunions, ok?” Explained Lisa.

Lucy laughed as she let it all settle in, she hadn’t really ever been put into a long term cover situation before.

“So……what is it I do…..I mean, for myself, for you….how will this work?” asked Lucy, when was the downside to this new world going to emerge?

“Oh, that’s the best part ….” grinned Lisa.

Lucy was wide eyed in trepidation at Lisa’s excitement.

The pair had drank their coffee and paid and now were walking around the corner of the block.

“Here…..find it” Lisa tossed a set of car keys at Lucy, envelope still clutched in one hand.

Without looking Lucy hit the unlock button on the fob and a small black Porsche responded, it’s indicators happily calling out “I’m here”.

“You’re kidding right?…..This….this is my ride?” Lucy walked onwards with enthusiasm up to the drivers door until she paused.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Lisa, hand on the passenger door handle, about to enter.

“What’s the catch? ” Lucy asked concerned. She could see her reflection in the window, the interior of the car calling her inside.

“Look, let’s get to your place and then I’ll tell you everything there, ok, then decide what you want to do?” Lisa said, trying to let Lucy’s new reality come together gradually.

Lucy reluctantly opened the door as did Lisa and the pair found themselves inside, next to one another.

Lucy exhaled, her hands settling on the steering wheel.

“THIS, is nice….is this really mine?” asked Lucy as she glanced over the dials and buttons and took in the new car smell. She then checked her mirrors a moment as she placed her seat closer to the pedals, evidently Lisa had driven the car there.

“Well, technically it goes with the job but….yes, your name is on the pink slip”cautioned Lisa….”So are you going to fire her up?”

Lucy looked down, it was stick shift, just how she liked cars to be, she checked for neutral and then ……. START.


The Porsche growled into life as the ladies glanced at each other with wide grins.

“So, where am I going ?” Lucy asked, hand ready to engage first gear.

Lisa leant forward towards a small screen in the console, pressed a key and then said “just say a destination”

Lucy thought a second..”Home !”


Twenty minutes later and the Porsche stood idle in a garage and the ladies were making their way up in an elevator inside a converted wool mill which now served as large up market apartments.

inside the well appointed open plan area the sound of a key turning in a lock could be heard and then the door swung open.

“Oh my god,,,,,this is…..” Lucy was gobsmacked as she entered the apartment, it’s wide spaces, timber floors, timber columns, the large LCD screen in the corner, a view of the bay, the city lights twinkling across the water.

“Expensive….” Joked Lisa.

“Is this rented or…….” Lucy wondered.

“Ok, like the Porsche, this goes with job, but it’s owned…….but don’t go putting it down as collateral, right?!” Lisa said jokingly.

“Selena is going to want my soul for this …….what do I have to do for all this…..I ….” Lucy didn’t know what she had let herself in for.

“It’s not all that bad…. The plus side is your cover … You are a trust fund kid, you don’t work, you socialise, you are a party girl…..your objective is simple….over there….” Lisa pointed to the financial heart of the city “over there is a den of crime, corruption, drugs, and money….. , you are going to help me clean that up…and if anything like, say for example, juicy intelligence or a big sack of money comes our way, we pass it up to Selena.” Lisa explained.

“So, I’m basically going to drink, dance, and party my way into the high class sleaze fest” Lucy said, finally understanding the truth.

“Listen, I’ve got to be truthful…..there may be times when… may have to end up in bed with someone to get what you need, sometimes you may have to betray someone you may actually like……that’s the real problem here…..that’s the only downside” Lisa confessed.

“I understand…..that’s nothing I’ve not been prepared to do in the past….” Lucy nodded as she stared at the city sky line.

Lisa sought to change the mood a little. “So, you remember me at the airport ..?”

Lucy slipped back to the moment, her attention snatched away from the hypnotic city lights.

“Yes, you were by the metal detector arch, don’t you remember?” Insisted Lucy as she turned to Lisa imagining her in her airport security uniform.

“No, what happened, did we talk or anything? I saw so many people” Lisa wondered as she studied the young lady in front of her. Surely she should remember her?

“Well… I walked through and …. It bleeped and so… like everyone does …” Lucy stepped closer to Lisa, and raised her arms out from her side.

Lisa blinked and then understood Lucy’s game. “So….I would have started like this” Lisa said, hands running first over her Lucy’s arms to her wrists, then sweeping lightly along the underside to her armpits before the palms settled on Lucy’s collarbones.

“Uh huh..then…my legs..” Moaned Lucy as she looked up into Lisa’s unblinking eyes, Lisa letting her palms sweep slowly down over Lucy’s breasts , the edge of her fingers catching each hardening nipple under Lucy’s top.

Lucy panted lightly as Lisa continued to frisk her, the searching hands running down the outside of Lucy’s legs to her ankles.

“Then what?”

“Back up, the other side” Lucy said, glancing down,

A gentle tap provoked Lucy to part her legs as the hands on the insides of her legs ran up, higher, higher to her knees,and then her thighs.

“Like this?” Teased Lisa.

“You went higher…” Lucy moaned at Lisa’s touch until a hand settled between her legs.

Lisa looked into the hot Asians eyes which fluttered in ecstasy.

“So, what did I find……I don’t remember..” Lisa said seductively, one hand resting still between the young woman’s legs.

“Nghh…” Struggled the hot Asian a moment…”you found out i liked how you do your job”

Lisa’s eyes widened as she could see at point blank range the effect she was having in the beautiful eyes of her companion.

Lucy glanced down at Lisa’s belt, her badge, her gun, her cuffs, all of which were screaming sexy authority at her.

“Why don’t you cuff me and read me my rights……detective” whimpered Lucy.

Lisa glanced at the bed, the raven haired beauty in front of her and the view of the city beyond. This was going to be the start of a beautiful relationship.

“You….have the right to get naked…..” Lisa teased, one hand taking a handful of black hair as she eased Lucy back against one of the timber columns, her other hand still groping Lucy’s pussy through her trousers.

“Anything you moan in ecstasy as I go down on you….” Lisa continued as Lucy tugged at Lisa’s belt, undoing her pants.

“….will be mentally noted for the next time……and used ….repeatedly…..against you…” Lisa said as she grasped Lucy’s top and drew it up over her head. Lisa noted the metal splat of a bullet now mounted on a chain about Lucy’s neck.

“It’s the bullet that killed me… don’t stop…” moaned Lucy as she began to unbutton Lisa’s white top.

“You have the right to call me mistress, as you don’t have one I’ve been appointed to you….” Lisa teased as she let Lucy’s pants drop to the floor.

“Do you understand these rights that I’ve read to you?” Lisa said as the two were practically naked and forced together.

“Yes….” Lucy replied in excitement….”cuff me?”

“Yes?” Beamed Lisa, handcuffs now glinting before her eyes.

“Fuck, yes mistress” giggled Lucy.

“Good girl” Lisa said before biting her bottom lip “now get on that bed and assume the position….you’re under arrest.”





Selena should have felt triumphant, McGee was safe, she was safe, Lisa and the newly created Lucy were apparently getting on as well as she hoped and the unsavory CrewCut, Mr Cornell had died trying to escape police. Better still, he had done so after reporting that Miss Asia had died from sniper fire. Already the Feds were celebrating the death of the man who had murdered one of their agents, everything seemed resolved except one last matter.

The blond super heroine.

Selena no longer knew where she stood with her, she had totally crushed her then brought her back to life, the two had danced on the edge of danger, neither willing to finish with the other. Kara could just drag her to the authorities and declare “Here she is, Selena Walsh, former criminal, former spy, now criminal again….” and that would be that, someone was bound to have a record of her somewhere in some filing cabinet. But Kara didn’t, the heroine knew her mistake and had even wiped Selenas slate clean. Everything Selena had done to the heroine or would do in the future was already forgiven.

On the other hand, Selena could have killed the powerless heroine long ago, but she didn’t. Her malice hadn’t been enough for murder, she had just been trying to get justice of sorts. Running Kara through a mirror image hell that she had endured herself had changed the heroine and she had seen from the vision that she had brought the blond woman to the edge of self hate. Yet for some reason Selena hadn’t shared her experience of the vision. She could have gloated and taunted as she revelled in the self induced humiliation the heroine had put herself through in that seedy apartment but……

Now the heroine lay prone asleep and naked on the deep fur covered floor of the circular playroom that Selena had created. She had done many things to the heroine in there, mostly self humiliation, it made Selena’s mouth draw into a weak smile thinking about it. The body writing, the face slapping, the gags she had forced into the blonds mouth, the nose hook, that time she made her bark like a dog or be zapped with a cattle prod all the while holding a camcorder in her face recording everything.

“It’s time” the naked Selena thought as she picked up a folded up duvet and some pillows. She entered the chamber and placed the duvet down and fanned it out covering the slumbering blond and then climbed in under with her.

Selena thought for a moment then reached for the blond and pulled herself in closer, spooning from behind.

“UH!” shook the blond, as she woke, the effect of the initial blast from the depowering field had wore off.

“Shhh it’s ok….” Selena said, pulling the blond nearer again.

“What is ..going on…?” Asked the blond confused.

“It’s ok, nothing is happening….I just wanted to talk” Selena said quietly.

“What about” said the blond her frowning unseen by Selena.

“The memory, the vision….” Selena started, her voice low.

“What did you see?” Kara asked intrigued, almost a little frightened.

“I saw you, an apartment….a bed…..a shower…a freezer……” Selena said gently, she didn’t revel in the moment.

The heroine closed her eyes, she remembered preparing for a day when she would return to the freezer just to help herself put off the need to go back to Selena but not the day itself.

“Are you satisfied with what I did ? I remember planning for the day but….” Kara said slightly bitterly.

“At first I was but….. I found the apartment….I found what you burnt in the wall…’s important to me that you know you’re not a monster” Selena said warmly.

The heroine thought through what they both had done, tracking down the locations they had seen in their memory, the little invasions of privacy they had both engaged in.

“Do you think….maybe we should return these memories? I’m not sure but….I think the memory that was given to me is better off staying in my head….it helps me understand what you went through.” Kara whispered back.

“I think that’s why McGee did what he did….so we could forgive…and like you did for me, I have to forgive you too…” Selena explained.

“But….” Kara said with a mild hint of protest.

“Yes Kara, you can take back your word…..” Selena said hesitantly. She could barely believe she was letting her go. She didn’t want to but she suddenly felt compelled.

“But…your plan……and I can’t just stop now…..I need you……” Kara stammered in panic.

Selena frowned as the heroine flipped over to face her, her blue eyes misting.

“Whatever is wrong?” asked Selena mystified.

“Can’t you tell? My word, it’s the lie I tell myself to let you keep me, I need you ! I was so unbound, so free, I was lost, out of control… you give me order, structure, discipline. I want more…..” Kara begged.

“Kara..I won’t let your word bind you to me any longer …” Selena said calmly.

“But…what if I want to stay….?” Kara answered innocently.

“If you stay then….what holds us together must be something else” Selena said.

“Then what is it?” Kara asked desperately,

“Trust?…” Guessed Selena.

Trust seemed to fit well, Selena was living in the criminal sphere yet Kara had learnt to differentiate the shades of crime, Selena was a dark force who seemed to be working for good. Kara had been compromised by extreme acts of depravity by the red head and yet everything had been locked away, a secret, personal….as if ……!

Selena gazed at the heroine and realised the two were now bound more strongly than ever.


“Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh” whimpered the blond. Selena was above her and had wrapped her arms under the blonds shoulders, their heads side by side. The strap on harness was the only shred of clothing either had on and Selena was slowly pumping in and out of the heroines body. Wrapped around the red heads waist were the blonds legs as she desperately wanted to pull Selena deeper into her body.

Selena, using her arm strength pulled Kara upright, and using her legs rose to her feet, the heroine still riding on the strap on. Kara’s legs were still wrapped around Selena’s waist and the red head drove Kara’s back to a wall. “Don’t stop….” begged Kara inducing Selena to pound at the blond trapped between her and the wall behind.

Kara could only bounce slightly on the toy buried inside her , her arms wrapped around the red heads neck as Selena thrust up at her over and over again.”yes yes yes yes yes” repeated Kara as Selena found the right spot. Selena pulled her head back slightly and the pair looked intently at each other before Selena leant forward and shared a magical kiss as she slowly slid out of the blond.

Kara was in shock, how did they get to this mo…

Before she could think any more Selena had urged her to turn around, the blond planting the palms of her hands, leaning onto the wall. Crouching at the knee Selena guided herself back into the blond from behind, and began again.

“Oh god…..uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh” the blond could only pant with every thrust into her body from Selena’s efforts. Selena reached forward and found a handful of the blonds hair, and the heroine arched her back in response.

Selena could only smile seeing how the heroine was taking everything she could give. After all the pain, shame, humiliation and torture she had inflicted she never realised that this could be as equally satisfying.


Selena delivered a firm blow to Karas behind with her freehand before using it to grasp one of the blondes breasts. The blow sent a wave of pleasure through the heroines brain and she felt her body respond below again.

Karas right leg was now twitching, stood on tiptoes, straining to hold position, Selena could tell she was going to cum soon.


Kara began to buck as Selena drove Kara over the edge and Selena forced one last strong thrust into the blond as Karas palms walked down the wall to the floor, her legs starting to buckle. Selena let the blond slide off the shaft that was inside of her but kept her hair in custody.

Kara fell to her knees, her face a sweaty mess, her breath ragged as she looked submissively up at Selena, spinning to face the red head. The cum soaked strap on dripped and mere eye movement between the women led the blond to rise onto her knees, arms behind her back, her mouth closing on the shaft.

Selena gently combed the blonds hair back away from her face then planted her hands on her hips letting the blond carefully clean the dildo that had pounded her. A few moments passed and Selena began to unbuckle the strap on then tossed it to one side. Kara wrapped her arms around one of Selena’s thighs and rested her head against it.

“Why…..why haven’t we done this before……” struggled Kara searching for air.

“Because…… I’ve only just realised that…. I…I love you” confessed Selena.


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