SG&The Broker: Recommended Reading Order

Hi all,

this is not a story but a mere recommended reading order for my series of stories.


1)The Brokers Revenge

The Broker’s Revenge features quite hard BDSM style content and is not for the weak hearted. I don’t think any of my stories will return to this level of hardness again. This story also features audio which may or may not be to some people’s liking.

2)The Get-Away

Our superheroine is being forced onto a plane against her will. Latex and steel will be her attire for the flight, but to what end?

3)Seeds of Deception

Supergirl’s plane ride begins and she is left trying to unravel the mystery of what Selena, The Broker is up to this time ! Share the ride and meet new characters, some who will appear a little later in the series.

4)Memory Hole

Selena is missing her Super-Toy a lot, time for a fantasy to tide her over. Some solo self-humiliation/self-bondage/  features which may not be to everyone’s liking.

5)Memory Pile

Kara is shamefully in need of Selena’s mistreatment, can she conjure up a fantasy to keep her sexual hunger at bay ? If you want to read about how Selena obtained her wicked toys in Broker’s Revenge then this may be of interest.

6)Reap As You Sow

When you plant Seeds of Deception you are left with a wicked crop at the end of it. Can Selena, Supergirl and friends survive the backlash of their prior deeds?

7)Divide And Conquer

Eventually a heroine is going to be told one way or another the story of how their powers were taken from them. There is some consensual BDSM play which some may not enjoy, together with some de-powering scenes.

8)United We Stand

Actions from decades ago bring a fresh danger for our Superheroine to face and a new mystery for Selena and her team to solve, but will they figure it out in time? The world financial system is threatened to collapse if they don’t !!!

9)McGee’s Story

Lucy, as a reward, or as the spoils of blackmail, for saving McGee’s life, gets shown how McGee and Selena came to meet and why he helps her when he can.


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