SG&The Broker: Seeds of Deception

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Chapter I
Boarding Farce

The bald headed man led the blond by her upper arm through the airbridge towards the cavernous aircraft . The blond resisted each step, but the powerful man kept her moving and the pain she suffered in her feet from the wicked boots prevented her from using her mortal leg power to overcome the mans efforts.

The airbridge led the pair into the front of what appeared to be business class, the part near the front on the upper deck of the plane. The blond glanced about the space which was well lit and populated by opulent leather seats, some were placed individually, some in pairs, and around each little island of luxury was a work space that a mere cubicle worker would envy.

“Ah finally ….”

Then the blond saw her, her legs crossed, clad in leather jeans, subtle high heel ankle boots and white wrap-around top.

“SELENA” the blond said firmly, her anger re-ignited.

“Bring her here ……” Selena said as she sipped from wine glass which she then set down beside her.

“No … I don’t want ..” the blonde dug her heels in but a firm shove from her escort set her in motion and the blond took one painful faltering step after another. Selena allowed a feint smile to appear on her face, the boots, designed by her, were evidently punishing but it was the punishment suit that pleased her most and of course her captives powerless situation. The girl was normally so powerful, so strong, and yet next to her mortal escort in her current state she was merely ordinary.

The bald man dragged the blond up to Selena, his hand wrapped round the muscular arm of the blond.

“Knees …..” Selena clicked her fingers and pointed at a spot in front of her.

The bald man pulled the blond downwards by her arm, but only by taking a handful of her hair and aiding her down did the blond finally make it down to the ground. The sensation of the ceramic discs embedded in the suit around her knees made themselves known and Selena knew it.

The blond snarled and tried to turn her head and free her hair, her hands of course still pinned to her sides by the restraint belt.

“When I get out of this Selena ….” protested the blond firmly, wincing as she tried to adjust her weight on her knees.

“When”, stressed Selena, “when you get out, … then you can do all those noble proud justice type things that you like to do.” Selena cut in, then let out a subtle smile.

The blond frowned very slightly in confusion

Selena subtly offered out her stretched leg and her ankle booted foot. “Kiss”

The bald man roughly presented the blonds face toward the boot and just as her lips approached the shiny black leather the captive spat in defiance. The bald man dragged the blond back by her hair, releasing her forearm and prepared to deliver a back handed strike against his charge.

“No … Mr Shephard ….. No ……its ok ….” smiled Selena as she wiped the spittle from her boot with a napkin then dragged it over the blonds cheek. The blond turned her face away her eyes stinging from the pain in her knees and the pulling of her hair.

“Why am I here, Selena ……why are you doing this …. I thought …..” the blond asked.

“We had a truce ….. oh ….. we still do ……. this isn’t about you and I ….. this is about you and the people .. the people back there …” Selena motioned with her head towards the bulkhead behind them and whatever lay beyond.

“What ? …. What people ….?” the blond asked a little confused, her belt and cuffs clanking gently as she shuffled around to try and see what lay beyond.

A stewardess emerged from the small galley area just ahead of the business class section, raised a hand for attention and gave a nod that seemed to indicate something, but the blond didn’t know what.

Selena looked down on her prisoner “Kiss my boot …. and you can sit beside me while we taxi out and get into the air …..and I will tell you everything you need to know…. or … can just live in ignorance”

The blond scowled, it was a tiny niggling annoyance, but she wanted to know more and having to kiss the boot of the woman that had so completely crushed her on their first meeting …. it was ….

Selena’s eyes lit up as she read the face of the twenty something woman in front of her. Selena glanced up at the bald man and smiled gently, giving a nod. The man felt the blond lean forward and supported her as she give a symbolic yet reluctant peck on the tip of her captors boot.

“Good …. now sit with me ….. lets talk …” Selena said almost business like. Inside, Selena was ecstatic, that one tiny little peck of her boot was
electrifying for her.

The bald man hoisted the blond back onto her feet and their painful boots. She faltered a moment but the bald man helped her stay on her feet and guided her into her seat. Immediately she felt the ceramic studded discs covering her behind and down the backs of her thighs and she tried to brace herself using her legs to alleviate the pain.

“Could you have made this any more uncomf……..” she winced as she tried to snatch her arm away from the bald man, the metalwork of her restraints jangling.

“Yes …..” Selena replied coldly. The bald man leant in towards the blond, drew her lap belt closed and tightened it over her thighs.

The blond shot Selena a glance, their eyes met, they both knew that Selena could have done much worse. During their first encounter, The Brokers Revenge, Inside the Suppression Chamber the blonds fears had been unlocked, revealed, laid bare, as too were the desires that even the blond had never dared to know, and now they had been mapped out, listed, like some kind of menu at a restaurant and Selena loved to dine there.

Selena glanced up at the bald man and motioned with her eyes, “Leave” they said.

The blond tested her bonds again, her hands unable to reach the buckle of the safety belt, the back of her thighs burned with the studded discs attention and she shuffled her feet trying to get comfortable.

“So … where shall I begin…” Selena said, almost to herself as she picked up her wine glass, taking another sip. “Well, I guess I should start with a certain Mr Gold”

“GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I’M FIRST OFFICER ANDY MATTHEWS HERE WITH YOUR CAPTAIN JO STEVENson on the flight deck ……”. The stewardess in the forward galley winced and dialed down the volume of the voice from the cockpit until it could barely be heard. She bit her bottom lip and made an apologetic nod towards Selena then returned to her work.

Not all things that glitter ….

“…..that’s right Tina, this area is mainly a mix of warehouses and old textile factories but the fire is believed to have started inside or adjacent to the old MILLS & FIELDS warehouse, of course, they were bought out a long time ago by GOOD SAINT BIO FARMS in the…..”

The old man, sitting at the conference table on his own, hit the red button on his TV remote and the screen went black, but the voice of the reporter and the images of the roaring warehouse fire whirled through his mind . His hand trembled as it reached into his inside top pocket of his suit and pulled out a little metal tin. His hands shaking, he fumbled at the lid and took out a little white pill and popped it into his mouth and paused a moment as he felt the effects of the medication take hold. He dabbed his forehead with his handkerchief, mopping up the sweat from his distress and then built up the courage to pick up the phone.

“Gold ? ……. Listen …..I …..Ive got a problem ….…..a big problem ….”


The blond heroine looked quizzically at Selena and shook her head, wincing a moment as the plane received a nudge while it was hooked up to the tractor that would push the plane back from the gate.

“Gold … Good Saint …. who are they !?” protested the blond.

Selena glanced at her captive with annoyance …. “Perhaps if you listened you would find out … now where was I ….”

Selena snapped the menu closed and uttered her choice of wine to the water while her eyes made contact with the man speaking with the maître d’ near the entrance to the restaurant. She read the lips of the man as he introduced himself, “Mr Gold” she said to herself. The Maitre d’ turned elegantly to a waiter who then escorted the man to Selena’s table. Gold, tall, lean, distinguished looking with his immaculately kept hair and hand tailored suit took in the sight of the young red headed woman as he arrived at the table.

The waiter pulled the chair away from the table, Gold sat down and shuffled himself forward, laying a napkin down onto his lap as he did so. The waiter produced the wine list but Gold just offered out the palm of his hand. “Oh, no, I don’t …. Ill just have water, thank you”.

The waiter withdrew and the pair of dinner companions felt comfortable to begin.

“Im sorry I am late …..” Gold began, though his face didn’t convey the same message.

“It is of no consequence, you know my billing began when you contacted me …” Selena said, but a little warmly. Gold was her employer now and all her clinical information mining skills were his to command.

“Indeed …” Gold acknowledged .. “I trust you have received my retainer already …”

“Yes, all is in order …… so …… tell me Mr Gold …….”

There was a pause as the waiter returned with a bottle of wine, a cooler quickly following in attendance. The waiter acted out the usual steps of decorum, the opening of the bottle, the pouring of a part glass for testing. Selena sampled the bouquet, took a small approving sip and quickly the waiter was gone again after topping off her glass.

“To cut it down to the short version, industrial espionage”, Gold said.

“Oh, and will we be committing that or ….” Selena teased as she took the tiniest sip of her wine as she considered her main course.
Gold sensed his younger companion was merely teasing him, many people wouldn’t dare, but she was a new up and comer in the world of ‘troubleshooters’ and she was good. Anyway, he knew his reputation usually preceded him and her allusion of misdeeds was well founded.

“My client …….. is the victim….” Gold said …. “this time”.

The little postscript caused Selenas lip to curl ever so slightly.

“And what do you wish me to do about it ?” asked Selena as she summonsed the waiter.

“Well ….” Gold began, his eyes tracking the waiters approach.

There was a pause as Selena requested her meal ….. “And the gentleman will have the steak … well done …..”

The waiter retired again and the conversation resumed.

“You know me well ….” Gold said smiling.

“If I didn’t know how you have your steak would I really be talking with you now ?” Selena replied dryly …. “So …. tell me …..”

“At the moment we don’t even know who attacked my clients company….that’s what we need to know first …” Gold said.

“And why do you think I know anything about this espionage … this is ridiculous …. your Mr Gold friend is going to be pretty disappointed …” the blond said gesturing with her head towards the rear of the plane.

“I think Mr Gold is already far beyond the stage of disappointment, but anyway, it is not Mr Gold who wants to talk to you …”

“Then who ….” began the blond, frustrated more than ever as the punishing ceramic studs bit at her skin as the wheels of the plane bumped lightly over the seams in the concrete surface of the taxiway.

Selena stood at the entrance to the restaurant, glancing occasionally at the beautiful silver strapped wrist watch on her bare forearm, her black mini dress politely understating the beauty of the woman who wore it. This was her second meeting with Gold and now it was he who was waiting for her to deliver the information he had employed her to find. Who was it who had destroyed his employers old warehouse ?

“Yes, Mr Gold is still here …” said the returning Maitre d’ … “I will have someone escort you to his table …”

“Oh no, its quite alright, I see it, just there …” Selena indicated the table in the distance with a feminine hand gesture.

The Maitre d’ glanced back .. “Indeed … and he has taken the liberty to order ….”

Selena was aware she was late and didn’t wish to keep Gold waiting any longer, especially as she was now aware of who had been responsible for the arson at the warehouse.

The maitre d’ beckoned with his arm and Selena entered the restaurant making her way towards the distant table. Gold, his back to her, seemed to raise a glass of red wine to his nose, a waiter looking on for approval. Selena’s pace slowed, the large domed plate cover rose from over the meal below, the succulent steak stood in its own reddish pink juices, the red flesh evident as Mr Gold cut into it.

Chapter III

“What …. so it wasnt him, Mr Gold I mean” the blond said, her frustration evaporating as she began to soak up the story.

“Of course it wasn’t him ……. some of my best work and now I wasn’t going to get paid”

“So who was it ? At the table …..” the blond blurted.

“An assassin of course …. he had a lovely silenced pistol tucked away too ….” Selena said matter of factly.

“But why would Gold try to have you killed” frowned the heroine.

“Oh you are so simple sometimes, not Gold, the competition !”

“But you escaped .. evidently ….. so ….” the blond began to calm herself as she was trying map out how the story would eventually lead to her.

“I merely made my excuses to the maitre d’ then left, suffice to say that later I learned Mr Gold had become a bit more like Mr Lead, slumped over the wheel of his Mercedes two blocks away.” Selena said calmly.

“This is sounding more dangerous all the time …. I cant help you while I am like this ….I …” the blond heroine looked down at her own powerless body encased inside the wicked power suppressing material.

“Oh shush …. you’re so dramatic with your power poses and speeches, look, you’re on a plane, you’re not going to get shot in here” Selena said.

The heroine was highly skeptical of everything right now, she was on a plane, but it seemed the whole security process for getting aboard had been compromised, she couldn’t really be confident of anything.

The blond fiddled with her restraints a little more and shuffled slightly to relieve pressure from her burning buttocks, every breath, every movement incurring the wrath of the rough discs covering strategic points over her body.

“Its a bitch, isn’t it ..” Selena said flatly, referring to the latex prison holding the blond prisoner.

“I hate you ….” the blond replied …. “ and my feet are killing me …..”

Selena sensed an almost childish protest in the heroines voice. Selena leant across to the heroine and spoke firmly at her “That was the idea …knowing that every step is torture for you….”. Selena drew a lazy finger over the blonds breasts feeling the ceramic studs beneath the see through latex, and trailed down to the heroines groin feeling the base of the dildo embedded into the woman’s pussy.

The blond felt her body betray her, becoming aroused by the knowledge that the woman who held her like a possession, a thing, a plaything even, had designed every aspect of her confinement right down to the soles of the cruel boots. Now Selenas touch taunted her, hurting her, yet caressing her all at once, the blond silently hated that her body enjoyed the sensation.

The blond gasped a little as the red head glided her hand over her prisoners body, squeezing, caressing, stroking and teasing the blond while her other fell lazily into her own lap, her forefinger gently rubbing on her leather clad crotch.

“Please … stop…” the blond asked weakly.

“Burns ….. does it …?” the red head asserted.

“Fuck you…” retorted the blond. The tiny spiked ceramic discs did indeed induce quite a fiery sensation to her skin.

“So it does …. what would you have instead …..” teased the red head.

“You, out of my life ….” the blond replied as she tensed up against the red heads touch.

“You know … I can have your restraints tightened some more ….the belt .. the collar … perhaps your boots …..”

“What do you want …?” asked the blond, annoyance returning to her tone.

“Answer my question …. what would you have, instead of this …” the red head probed while continuing to play with herself and the blonds breasts.

“Fine … the cold shower … that would make this feel much better ……. satisfied?” the blond replied. She remembered how, when the broker had exacted her cruel revenge on her how the daily sessions began with an ice cold shower and enemas.

“Oh now that would be a relief wouldn’t it …. but no …pick something else” the red head insisted.

“I’m not going to pick one form of pain over another …” the blond snapped back.

“If not pain …..then choose a humiliation instead” the red head said in her seductive voice.

The blond locked her eyes onto the red heads, her breathing no longer under her control. Her memories flooded back again, how the young woman opposite her had taken away all control over her own body and used it in terrible ways until she was broken.

“Do you miss her voice ….?” Teased the red head. “You know … ‘The Voice’..of the little black box”

A chill went through the blond, the voice Selena referred to, an automated voice, conveyed messages and the status of the torture device she had been strapped to. Whenever she heard it or anything like it, it felt like an ice dagger to her heart.

“Fine …. the video session ..” the blond snapped.

“Oh ….” The red head was taken aback … “really now?”

The pair remembered from their own perspectives how the superheroine had been forced to watch all manner of deviant material while her responses had been tracked, measured and analyzed, her cum pooling into a clear plastic diaper. The superheroine didn’t know all the secrets that Selena had unlocked from that one session alone, all she knew was that afterwards the humiliation was promptly doubled.

Selena had made her watch the time lapse recording from the camera that had been monitoring her diapered crotch from the session. The clear plastic diaper she had been wearing filled drop by drop with her liquid excitement and it was well known what material had generated the response. Worse, she had obediently licked Selena’s fingers clean as she was fed the very same juices she had just watched being collected knowing full well that even this was also being recorded.

Selena snapped back to the present, as she glanced at the overhead monitors as they began to show the safety briefing, the animation playing out how to open and close the seatbelts coming first. Selena removed her hand from the blonds body and took another sip from her wine.

The blond shook her head to recompose herself, the humiliating memory fading just as quickly as the discomfort of her torturous clothing re-emerged…. “so ….. what happened next”

“So, there I was, target for assassination, and a folder full of information for a dead man for which I wasn’t going to get paid. Of course I could have gone direct to Mr Golds employer but then ….. strange things happen in the world of an Information Broker like myself …” Selena explained.

“What happened ?” asked the blond, cocking her head.

“Well, I discovered that the organization that killed Mr Gold didn’t know who it was that was obtaining the information for him. But what I REALLY hadn’t been expecting was that they then employed ME to find out!”

“You mean, the people, back there, they don’t know it was you, all along ?” the blond was aghast.

“Certainly, and being paid to look for myself has been a very lucrative enterprise”

“Are you ….” the blond began then realised the level of her voice and fell to a whisper … “are you crazy, what are you going to do when you cant give them ……….. oh…..” the blond began to recoil back in her seat away from Selena.

“That’s right Superbitch, I’m sorry, but you’re taking the fall for this one …”

The blonds eyes burned with anger.

“Now stay calm ….and listen … I don’t know what they are going to ask you for sure, but all you have to do is tell them you used your super this, and your super that, jumped to some conclusions and got lucky, just confess you did the digging …. just make it look convincing and it will be fine”


Outside the right hand windows, heading in the opposite direction, a Boeing 747 roared into life and began to thunder its way from the black and white “piano key” stripes of the runway threshold down the tarmac alongside the taxiway and take to the air.

“But what can I tell them …. I don’t even know what it is I am meant to know …or how I even know about what it is that I don’t actually know….what was in the warehouse ….? What was so special….?” protested the heroine.

The giant airliner slowly made its turn on to the threshold of the runway and paused for a moment and then the engines went from a gentle whine to a loud roar, the acceleration pushing the traveling companions back into their seats. The blond winced as she was forced onto the dildo buried within her body and the rough ceramic discs burrowed slightly into her back.

“Just simple seeds ……” Selena said over the sound of the engines.


Chapter IV
Upwards and Onwards

The cabin was filled with the hum of the engines as it took the aircraft ever higher. Occasionally the plane would bank over, turning away from the airport and towards its destination and Selena glanced out through the row of windows taking in the view of the terrain below before the wings snapped back to the horizon again.

Meanwhile the blond mulled over what Selena had been telling her.

“So, this company, Good Saint employed a Mr Gold who in turn hired Selena, and the organisation who had attacked Good Saints warehouse then killed Gold. And now they think that I was the one Gold asked to investigate the fire, and not Selena”

The blond frowned perceptibly to the red head who raised an eyebrow.

“I imagine you may be wondering where you were during all of this ……” she hinted.

“Thats a point …” the blond began as her frown was wiped from her face.

“You remember the tank ….. don’t you …. ?” Selena teased.
For a split second the memory invoked by the red head dragged the blond back to ‘the tank’. She was stood up in a tank of cool water in a dry suit and a snorkel. The narrow column of water, about ten foot deep and only a few feet across had been her prison for a few days, kept in a weightless darkness and practical solitude with only the sound of her own heartbeat to keep her company.


Both the blond and the red head glanced upwards again, the seatbelt light had been extinguished. The mere change in state put a hint of fear into the heroine, she felt like a child at the first day of attending a new school and the bell had just called her to class.

“That’s right my little plaything, they will be coming for you soon enough …” teased the red head.

The blond wiggled into her seat again, the dildo buried into her most intimate spot while the itchy studs burned away at her.

“What is to stop me just telling them it was you all along who found them out?” the heroine retorted knowing full well that every agonising moment of her previous defeat would be revealed to the world.

“You would like that, would you” smiled Selena “…. that my employer would run me through with whatever sharp tool came to hand …. that you would be free …..that the pain would end …and…”

The heroine closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like for her to not have Selena in her life any more and suddenly felt like a bird who forgot how to fly, or a fish who couldn’t breathe under water.

“Stop …” the blond said sharply.

The red head flinched ever so slightly in surprise but her grin returned once more, she understood exactly why the powerless superheroine didn’t want to hear any more.

Then, an ominous shadow passed over the two women, Mr Shepherd had returned to the forward cabin. The superheroine looked up at him but his eyes only met Selena’s.

“They are preparing for the interrogation now, they will take take possession of the asset” Shepherd said , glancing at the blond.

“Asset!?” protested the blond but was promptly ignored. She recalled how only a few days before at some gala she had been lauded as a heroine, a symbol of hope, a guardian angel, applauded, and now she was a mere ‘asset’.

“Very well, and I take it that our precautions are in place ?” Selena eyed Shepherd intently as he nodded, “there is only you, and the asset left”. From his suit pocket he produced two wrist band type items and gave one to Selena.

Selena smiled and put the band onto the wrist and drew it tight until it made an ominous beep.

“Now her …..” Selena motioned with her head.

Shepherd walked around to the bound superheroine and worked the band onto the young woman’s wrist until “Beep … Bip Bip”

“Bip Bip” replied the band on Selena’s wrist, Shepherds too.

“That’s all of them, the system is armed now” Shepherd confirmed.

“What the hell is this ?!” protested the blond. She cocked her head trying to make out what had been put onto her wrist which in turn was held tightly by the manacle fixed to the metal belt around her middle.

“My … insurance policy …if anyone wearing one of these dies …. we ALL die” the red head said ominously .. “and I assure you, in your state the poison that would be injected into you would kill you just as easily as anyone else”

“It’s time” urged the burly bald man announced and with a strong muscular arm reached in between the Super-Assets body and upperarm and pulled her to her feet.

“Arrgh” winced the blond as the torturous boots made reacquainted themselves with the blonds feet.

“Oh, Mr Shepherd …. don’t forget …you know ..” the red head hinted as she picked up her wine and took another little sip.

Shepherd almost sighed, he didn’t understand it himself but apparently his paymaster seemed to be thrilled with the idea of …..

Shepherd dipped into his pocket and rummaged for a second before trailing out a fine metal chain and clipped into on the clear rubber collar around the blonds neck. Roughly he took hold of the leather strap on the other end of the chain and began to tug at the tall blond.

“Bitch ….” glared the blond before wincing again as she was dragged into taking another step forward by her leash.

“Bite me …SuperToy” the red head said coolly back.

The blond resented every torturous step and she could only look back somewhat longingly at the space alongside Selena and wished she could stay there. Although the redhead was her torturer, her tormentor, her dominant ‘other’ the blond suddenly realised that it was also safety, security, a known.

Ahead lie mystery yet she knew it probably wasn’t going to be pleasant.

Swooosh …

The curtain separating the forward cabin from the one behind was tugged open and the blond was dragged step by torturous step, her stressed feet still visible through the clear boots save for the tightened metal cables that gripped her firmly.

Swoosh …. the curtain drew together again and the pair were gone.

Selena sipped from her wine once more, sighed and gathered her laptop and opened it up in front of her.

“Time for some other forms of entertainment” the red head thought to herself

“Ah …”

With a lazy hand she cupped her leather clad crotch again and began to play gently with herself as her laptop clicked away loading the media file. A matrix of 20 camera views came to life, each a unique position situated around the naked and spreadeagled superheroine during a previous session.

The metal box of the fucking machine whirred as it drove the piston and its dildo headed metal shaft deeply into the blondes body over and over.

DWER … DWER……DWER…..DWER….DWER hummed the motor as it pumped away.

Into shot the read head appeared, trailing her hand seductively along the the prone blondes thigh until her hand settled on the girls lower abdomen, feeling the slight rise of her flesh as the metal intruder entered.

The blond lifted her head, her face straining as tried to toss her sweat drenched hair from her face, exhausted from the relentless steady pounding from the machine..

“You remember my special irritation cream don’t you ?”

“You’ll regret this …don’t ……please don’t ……..” murmured the blond.

Selena , watching the video, felt her clit rise as she heard the voice of the blond beg, she never tired of hearing it. Every session the blond seemed to start from fresh, strong, resistant, only failing as her de-powered mortal body let her down.

Selenas recorded self took a small squeezy bottle and squirted a load of the cream onto a latex gloved hand then carefully cupped the dildo as it emerged from the blonds pussy, giving a small twist with the wrist, coating the lower part of the shaft before drawing smearing a little circle on the blonds clit.

One of the blondes legs trembled as the cream began to make itself known …

“Another hour and then I will change the dildo for the cone” teased the red head, tapping the tip of an ominously broad ribbed cone shaped dildo.

Selena smiled with delight as the video continued to play on.

First Class Seat

The superheroine eyed the people in the room, smart dressed people, but they seemed unconcerned at her arrival, some not even glancing at her as she entered.

“Sit here” said Shepherd gruffly as he gathered up the length of chain leash in his hand until his closed hand was at the blonds throat and firmly drew her down onto a seat. Shepherd unclipped the leash and placing a hand on the prisoners shoulder encouraged her to sit back.

A man with military style crew cut hair in a black suit looked back at the blond finally, his piercing grey eyes taking in the beauty for just a second, looking her up and down in her clear coated prison.

“OK, lets do the bio-metrics please ….” said Mr CrewCut dryly before turning back to a large sheet of paper, a blueprint of some kind. A stunning Asian looking woman gathered up two small black cases , each about the size of a modest tool kit case and approached the blond.

“OK, she’s all yours, I will join The Broker up front” Shepherd said as he passed the coiled up leash to the Asian woman before leaving.

Miss Asia, dressed in tight white trousers with black heels and a smart jacket stooped down alongside the blond placing the cases she had carried onto the seat next to the prisoner. Popping open the first box she revealed what looked like a screen, a mini keyboard and a detachable pad attached by a spiraled cable.

“Who are you ?” asked the superheroine quietly.

“Please, your fingers ….. open your hands.” Miss Asia said calmly, holding the little pad close to the blonds restrained hands.

“But …. who are you ….?” asked the superheroine fractionally more intently but with innocence all over her face..

There was a look of confident realisation on the Asian woman’s face. There was a balance of power at work and the blond was on the losing side yet she didn’t seem to understand it.

“Please … ahead of you lay many many questions …” Miss Asia said as she placed a hand on the blonds knee, her thumb resting on just on the inside of the heroines leg. The palm of her hand rested gently on the area concealing the torturous discs.

The blond whimpered at the threat, only able to look down at herself as Miss Asia touched her.

“If I were you ….” Miss Asia whispered … “I would save yourself …..” her hand drifted slowly up the blonds thigh … “for the real challenges later”…as her thumb circled over the base of the dildo buried within the blond. “Now … fingers …. please don’t make me hurt you”.

The blond reluctantly opened her hands and Miss Asia began to scan the fingers of the blond, one by one.

“Why do you want my fingerprints ?” the superheroine asked.

“Why do you desire to be hurt ?” Miss Asia retorted.

The blond snatched at her wrist restraint again, testing it, but only confirming what she already knew, it certainly wasn’t going to break any time soon.

Miss Asia sensed the blonds frustration and softened. “I know this is difficult but it will all be over soon if you answer all our questions quickly….” she said as she finished scanning the last of the heroines digits.

Miss Asia put the first case to one side then produced the second. Similar to the first she pulled out a scanning pad, this time more the size of a tablet and held it in front of the heroines face about a foot away.

“Look into the blue point of light please ….” Miss Asia asked politely.

The blond looked suspiciously at Miss Asia.

“I promise, it wont hurt you, it will only hurt you if you don’t do as I ask” cautioned the black haired beauty, her dark eyes hiding either the innocence or danger of the personality hidden behind them.

The blond was hesitant but stared into the blue light on the blue pad for a moment.


“OK … we are done …” Miss Asia said as she began to pack away her things then looked over her shoulder to Mr CrewCut. “We have them ……”

“Good ….. prepare the E package while we prepare the chair” he replied.

Miss Asia looked at the prisoner “Stay here …. and don’t cause trouble”

The blond glared at her new tormentor as they left and joined the others who were starting to pull out their hand luggage from the overhead lockers. There were many people on board, some white, some asian, some black, it was a mixed cast of villains.

“OK …. the anchor points are ….. there…there…there and there for each panel” said Mr CrewCut as he jabbed the blueprint with his fingers then pointed to a section of paneling that formed an island in the middle of the sumptuous cabin.

Two men, one a large burly black African and an equally tall blond haired Nordic type man opened up what looked like a regular briefcase and pulled out some wrenches.

The superheroine looked on as the team of people began to transform the plane while Miss Asia began to gather up all of the tablet computers of her companions. Mr Africa and Mr Nordic were ratcheting away with their spanner set and the carefully wiggled a cream coloured plastic wall panel from its anchoring points.

“1 …2….3…..lift” Mr Africa said as they finally wiggled the panel free and stepped to one side. The blond lent forward with curiosity to see what lay beyond and saw what looked something like a dental chair.

A slightly dark skinned man, had started to gather the luggage of the other passengers and began his work.

“Thee ret wohns fuhrst ….for thee steerops” he said, his Spanish slant evident and the heroine mentally labelled him Mr Hispania. The pair of red cases were passed over to Mr Hispania and he pressed a catch and released the handle. Drawing up the handle and giving a firm last tug he pulled the metal extending rails free from the case, topped by the plastic hand grip.

The blond didnt know it but the plastic handle of the suitcase, like its twin, had been designed to fit snugly around the heel of her boots and soon would be part of her next bondage.

The preparations continued, Mr CrewCut directed as Mr Africa and Mr Nordic removed the paneled wall from around the chair and now Mr Hispania was dismantling other hard bodied ABS plastic style hand luggage. Soon he had a selection of corner sections, panels and bases and begun to modify the chair that had been in the some kind of decadent salon.

Miss Asia, utilizing sections of the luggage had begun to create an array of screens with all the tablets and concentrated as she started to sync them up by Bluetooth and plug in headphones into their jacks. With much focus written on her face she began to detach the earbuds off of the end of all the headphone cables and started to clip on little square pads that she seemed to have had in her makeup bag.

Mr CrewCut began to seek out something in the floor and finally, after consulting the blue print found what he was after and lifted a small floor panel.

“The conduit tap-in point is here ….” said Mr CrewCut as he snapped his finger, pointing to the floor.

Miss Asia glanced up at him, then to the floor and nodded.The heroine could only look on with concern, these people were organized and had come very well prepared.

Mr Africa, Mr Nordic and Mr Hispania worked away feverishly and started to remove components from the treatment chair in what had been the salon and soon what was left was quite skeletal. Mr Hispania studied a diagram and then step by step worked on rebuilding the chair to his design.

“Back plate thair … no … awun slot hiyur… up …. yes…. bedda” Mr Hispania instructed as the two burly men began ratcheting away again with their tools.

“Theees are for support …under the knee ” he uttered, frowning in concentration looking over his diagram as he produced two curved corner pieces from a suitcase.

They had been taken from the interior side of some luggage and so the curves and contours were set the wrong way but with some forcing were made to ‘pop’ around.

The heroine looked on with dread, she had seen something like this before, the reclined posture, the supports behind the knees and …..

“OK .. steerops ….” Mr Hispania said as he passed the pair of red handles that he had pulled out of the red suitcases along with their telescopic rails.

With effort the two burly men found the corresponding channels, slid the rails in, and integrated the stirrup like footrests into the now modified interrogation chair.

Miss Asia, with what looked like a long charging cable trailed it along the floor tidily and began to work with the electronics panel revealed in the airliners floor.

“OK …. I should be in …” Miss Asia announced and returned to the array of screens she had mounted on her assembled frame.

“Good …… interface with the sat phone and begin the upload …” Mr CrewCut ordered.

Miss Asia hooked up her two small toolcase style boxes to her mini control center and began dabbing away at the touchscreens.

Miss Asia looked up at Mr CrewCut “OK … its started …. the retina scans contain more data than we had anticip …”

“How much more ?” he snapped back.

“About fifteen percent more ….. but we will still have it uploaded before we arrive …” Miss Asia said confidently.

Mr CrewCut looked annoyed, he didn’t seem to like that things were not going to go exactly as planned.

“Is it ready ?” he asked, hands on hips as he stood behind Mr Hispanias shoulder.

“Si, wey are don” Hispania said, as he compared his diagram with what he could see before him.

“OK ….. then we are set ….. bring her here …” Mr CrewCut ordered as he patted the hard plastic base of the interrogation chair.

The blond looked at the chair with dread …. it was time.


Chapter VI
In Flight Entertainment.

Mr Shepherd returned to the forward cabin, passed by the various islands of vacant seating that made up the opulent business class section and took a seat alongside Selena who guardedly eased her laptop closed. Her entertainment was for her eyes only, if the blond were to ever discover that their little sessions together were anything less than private the whole, well, lets call it an ‘understanding’ would be off.

Their ‘understanding’ of course was that the heroine longed quite deeply for the pleasure of the orgasm and only her repeated fall from grace, her descent from purity into the darkness was ever enough to help get her there during her powerless state. In return, the blond was to continue the magical therapy that only her hands could deliver to the redheads damaged body.

The red head had suffered a great injustice at the hands of the heroine and on her road to redemption she had endured terrible hardships along the way, ultimately ending with her trapped in a burned and nerve damaged body. It was only on her road to revenge did she repair her skin, the blond offering the final step to fully healing her.

“They are readying the salon now ….” Shepherd said quietly.

“Good … how long before I can unleash McGee…tidy up the loose ends so to speak” asked Selena.

Shepherd glanced at his watch, paused as he thought , then said ” 23 minutes ….. then we will be clear”

“Very well ….. now then ….. sit yourself over there … I have business to attend to” Selena said indicating one of the many empty seats in front.Mr Shepherd rose from his chair without thought and stepped over to an empty seat and settled down for the flight.

Meanwhile in 1st class the heroine was wincing with each step in the torture boots until the firm hands of Mr Africa spun her around and pushed her back into the interrogation chair.

“Oww ..” resisted the blond as the ceramic discs nipped at her back and behind.

Mr Africa and Mr Nordic grasped a thigh each and lifted the superheroines legs from the floor placing her legs in the curved supports just above her knees under her thighs and guided the heels of her boots through the hard red ABS plastic stirrups. With a wiggle the heels locked in place, she wasn’t going anywhere.

A pair of velcro straps made up from the velcro laces of a pair of redundant running shoes secured the prisoners legs to the two supports the chair.

“Who are you and what do you want ?!” protested the blond as she contemplated her position, legs splayed and restrained, her wrists still pinned to her side.

Mr CrewCut loomed as he drew up a stool , probably what the beautician would sit on while attending to a passenger in need of pampering. There would be no pampering now, of course.

“Why ….. why is it that the person in the chair always tries to ask the questions ?” a smirk escaping from his face, his hand gesturing at the prisoner like ‘can you believe this girl?’

“Very well, as you are new to this ….. I will let you have that one for free …… we are .. of course a syndicate of people with .. special interests. What we want is information …..” Mr CrewCut said firmly.

“What makes you think I will tell you anything ….” the blond resisted.

“Oh I’m sure you will talk, with some persuasion of course ….” smiled Mr CrewCut as he turned to Miss Asia ….. “hook her up ….”

Miss Asia nodded, she was already rifling through a collection of little clear bags, the ones you show your collection of ‘liquids’ to the airport security people as you pass by.

“OK …” she said as she walked up to the prone heroine. Little by little, the hot Asian woman began to use little drops of liquid from the tiny squeezy bottles onto various areas of the latex catsuit, applying the little square sticky pads now attached to the end of the former headphone cables. A pair of group of pads sat over the heroines breasts, a line down her abs, one squarely on the base of the dildo, more down the inside her thighs, some on the sole of her boots and forearms.

Miss Asia retired to her screens and studied what was being shown before nodding to Mr CrewCut.

“OK …now then …..Kara …… may I call you Kara ?” asked CrewCut with a thin veneer of sincerity.

“Call me what you want …..” she replied sharply.

“But your name is Kara … right ?” he probed.

“Yes … what of it …” she snapped back.

“And … you are what we call, a kryptonian, correct?” Mr CrewCuts eyes narrowed as he studied the blonds face.

“Yes …. is this what you are here for, to ask me stuff that ever person on the planet already knows?” the blond cocked her head, trying to get to terms with where this interrogation was heading.

“The Broker, Selena .. would you regard her as your superior…..?” CrewCut changed tack.

“NO” the blond answered firmly.

“You’ve never been …. even a little ….. subordinate to her …. not once” CrewCut continued to push.

“NO” the blond retorted.

CrewCut glanced back at Miss Asia who seemed mesmerized with her displays.

“Well ?” CrewCut asked of his pretty assistant.

“The results …. they are strange but …I can distinguish between the two .. ….” Miss Asia said with a gentle nod as she spoke.

“Good , now we can begin properly” Mr CrewCut said, turning to the prisoner.

“We know you were helping Gold … what did he tell you ?” CrewCut asked gently.

The blond merely smiled as she shook her head.

“Tits …” CrewCut said as he nodded to Miss Asia who dabbed at her screens …

The blonds body flinched in pain a moment as some kind of shock was delivered to her breasts.

In the business class cabin Selena was watching more of her favorite entertainment. A previous session with her favorite pain toy played out in HD. Naked, save for the skintight latex hood, impossibly restrictive tape that bound her hands into closed useless fists, and her favorite element, that the blonds feet were taped up with her toes slightly bent downwards making it pointless to try and walk.

Selena had kept the blond on the move on the coarse plastic doormat style matting, delivering the cane, the whip, the paddle , the crop ….. eventually leading to the girls surrender. Now, curled up on the red heads lap, sobbing into her hood, the blond was twitching after having her pussy spanked to orgasm and the red head was hugging her captive almost affectionately.

Then, it happened …..


Selena’s wrist strap emitted the odd musical scale as a series of 3 tiny LEDs flared up then faded. Selena smirked subtly knowing what happened, the blond was under duress, only a little duress but it seemed her clients were making use of ‘the asset’ already. Mr Shepherd could be seen shaking his head with annoyance from the distraction of his wristband while watching a movie on the flat screen in his little island of luxury.

In first class Mr Nordic glanced down at his wrist band nonchalantly, only 3 on the scale of pain to death didn’t concern him.

“What the fuck …..” snarled the blond as she snatched at her wrist restraints again. The pain had been quite severe and had penetrated her body via the ceramic discs.

“It’s on one of the lower settings ……” Miss Asia confirmed to the silent CrewCuts questioning facial expression. He had been surprised at the blonds lack of resistance to the initial shock.

“So ….let us try again …… Gold ….. what did he tell you?” CrewCut asked, looming over the blonds prone body.

“He said ….” the blond teased … “ you can .. GO! Fuck! Your! Self!” as she saw CrewCut about to lean in closer to listen.

“Cunt” CrewCut clicked his fingers at Miss Asia who touched at the screen causing the blond to go rigid as the dildo unleashed its shock. Miss Asia couldn’t bear to watch the reaction of the prisoner and her face revealed her distaste for CrewCut’s tone.

DOB DOB DUB DIP DEEB DIP DUB DOB DOB sang all the wristbands in the room.

“Is that ….. all…….you’ve…..” panted the blond as she tried to summons the words.

“Again” ordered CrewCut.

In business class upfront Selena glanced at her wristband once more.

“Amateurs …..” she said quietly to herself.

Meanwhile the video recorded heroine was confessing everything as her red headed mistress teased her blond captive in another session. With her cloak discarded, her skirt up about her waist, her onepiece had been pulled aside exposing her pussy.

“What are you ?” Selena heard herself ask the blond in the video.

“Please .. please … let me cum …” begged the blond, the buzzing spoon headed clit stimulator was literally vibrating the air over her clit it was tantalizingly close to her flesh yet denying her any pleasure. Her leg was twitching as her body edged between pleasure and pain and she so needed to orgasm.

“Then… tell me ……” Selena asked seductively.

“I am your whore ….. just …. please ……” the superheroine begged once more.

“Again ….” asked Selena.

“I am your whore !”

“Again…” ordered Selena.

Meanwhile in first class ………

“AGAIN” barked CrewCut.

“All of them ?” quizzed Miss Asia.

Mr CrewCut spun his head around and Miss Asia flinched, stabbing at her screens in panic almost. The blond clenched up once more and the spiders web like map of pain flooded over her body.

“ Good Saint …. Good Saint ….the warehouse ……” confessed the blond.

CrewCut glanced at Miss Asia who gave an approving nod.

“Finally …. so ….. did he tell you about the others …..?” probed CrewCut

“Whaa what others ?” the blond blinked.

CrewCut sighed ….. “Again!”

The journey continued.


Course Correction

The questions had continued on relentlessly and the blonds catsuit revealed copious amounts of stressed induced sweat forming mini lakes over her body.

“Ill ask you again …. ‘Lago Rojo’ …..or ‘Black Thorn’ ….” barked CrewCut

The blond just grimaced and shook her head before jolting once more and coaxing more musical bleeping from everyone’s wristbands.

“Thees is weevout use” Mr Hispania said angrily as the blonds head lazily flopped to the side, her reddening face swamped with sweat.

“Perhaps The Broker knows of another way …..” Miss Asia said out loud with averted eyes.

CrewCut glared at his colleagues but he knew that time was moving on and he needed answers.

“Fine, she looks totally out of it for the moment anyway ….” CrewCut said clutching the blonds face and turning her to face him.

“Go back to the other cabin, and take a break …… “ CrewCut gestured with his thumb towards the rear of the plane .. “and as for you ….. go to talk to our contractor ….. see if she knows what will press Super Blondies buttons.” he said, pointing directly at Miss Asia.

Mr Africa, Mr Hispania, and Mr Nordic gathered up their suit jackets and slung them over their shoulders and began to retire from the Salon area.

“And what about you ?” asked Mr Africa, glancing back.

“I will be with you shortly ……” said CrewCut, his steely eyes narrowing in on the dazed blond.

Miss Asia tilted her array of screens from her body and rose to her feet and forward towards the business class area.

CrewCut watched intently as everyone left and then was alone with the superheroine.

“Look at you ……, beautiful, powerful …….. and pathetic ….and you dare challenge ME? All you have to do is answer the God .. Damned … Questions ….” CrewCut growled quietly.

CrewCut placed a foot on one of the pneumatic pedals of the former beauty salon chair and the blond was slowly lowered closer to the ground.

“Do you really think you are going to hold out against me … I’m going to raise the voltage again….until you cook if I have to …… don’t you DARE fuck this up for me …”

CrewCut lifted his leg and placed it over the far side of the chair so he was looking down at her unconscious body and unzipped his trousers, his cock now released.

“Now to do what Ive always wanted to do …..” he said, turning his head for a better view as he began to gently stroke away, his erection growing before his eyes.

In the business class cabin Miss Asia made a polite cough and Selena craned her neck around her wide seat and looked back to see her client. Selena beckoned her with a hand gesture and with a subtle nod Miss Asia approached.

“May I …” Miss Asia indicated the vacant seat next to Selena.

“Of course … I am at your disposal although ……” the red head began.

“Our arrangement was that you provide the asset …… you understand we are sensitive about what the asset may know” .. Miss Asia cut in.

“And yet …..” Selena teased.

Miss Asia looked down, with only the hint of a smile, she could tell Selena suspected their interrogation was going slowly, that perhaps she may need to get involved.

“And yet, here I am … yes … colleagues are of course time sensitive….we know that the Asset cannot be confined forever like this ….. we were wondering if perhaps ….. you knew of a shortcut?” Miss Asia with her dark eyes glanced upwards at Selena.

“Perhaps …….what have you tried so far ?” asked Selena innocently.

“I know it sounds crude, but electricity ….” Miss Asia confessed reluctantly.

Selena pulled a face… “Oh ?”

Miss Asia seemed defensive … “I can assure you that the method is quite well proven, and it is integrated with a DefWesTech T-229 Bio-terpreter – well a custom version anyway …. getting a standard version on a plane … impossible….. but broken down into half a dozen iPads ..”

“Oh a 229 … well …..I can see why you need that but ….. electricity ..for pain.” Selena shook her head.

“We thought that as pain was not a very familiar sensation for the asset that she would be more susceptible but …..” Miss Asia paused, admitting failure was uncomfortable.

“But …. she is a fighter, isn’t she ….. even when powerless” said Serena almost proudly provoking Miss Asia to nod in resignation.

“Well, as you have a 229, which luckily I am familiar with, let me into the customisation settings, I think I may be able to help you with something” Selena said.

“Thank you, but you understand you may not remain for the interrogation .. our questions and the secrets we secure from them are for us alone ..” cautioned the beautiful Asian.

In first class, CrewCut, one hand gripping the side of the chair by the blonds head, the other hand gripping his hard shaft began to reach the peak of his fantasy. The prone blond was out of costume but he could see it in his mind, her red cape draped over the chair, the blue of her one-piece, the unmistakable lettered shield on her chest.

“Nghhyes ….. take it bitch …..” he grunted through his gritted teeth as finally he could feel the release come, the twitching pulsing sensation as the white globules began to pump into the blonds slightly opened mouth.

The dazed moaning blond let out a small splutter, her face wincing in her sleeping nightmarish state then unknowingly slowly swallowed down the mans load.

“What have you done ?!”

CrewCut looked over his shoulder as he zipped himself up to see Miss Asia return then dismounted from above the heroine.

“Something Ive wanted to do for a long time” he tried to sound like he wasn’t bothered he had been caught in the act but he was.

“You are a disgrace ….when I …..” Miss Asia began.

“You’ll what ….. no one cares about your honour or your family name here… this is about the job” CrewCut said angrily.

“The JOB …” Miss Asia said sternly … “Is to get information from her … NOT to abuse her ..” Miss Asia walked up to the chair and glanced at the readings on the screen. The blond had blacked out once more but she was safe.

“Get out ….” growled Miss Asia, the usually quiet, compliant lady had turned.

“What are you doing ….. and what is SHE doing here ….” CrewCut asked angrily pointing at Selena

“The Broker is going to help me create something more ….. encouraging” Miss Asia replied.

“And how long will that take? We are not exactly time rich here” CrewCut said sarcastically.

Miss Asia glanced at Selena.

“About 30 minutes ….” Selena said confidently.

“Fine …do it…I’m taking a break” CrewCut waved a hand dismissively as he slinked out to the next cabin further back.

“To work then …” Miss Asia said as she sat at her array of screens.

Selena walked up to the prone blond, her legs restrained and spread in the interrogation chair, the myriad of white cables trailing back towards the pretty Asian. Selena trailed a lazy finger along the unresponsive blonds booted foot, up her thigh past the dildo and her stomach over her breasts and then combed the sweat matted hair away from her face.

“She is almost spent …but….” Selena said quietly to herself.

“Are you going to help me, or not?” Miss Asia snapped as she finished creating a blank custom program for Selena to play with.

Selena’s attention seemed to snap back, she had been in a small dreamworld with the blond, maybe something from the past, or something yet to be but now she was firmly in ‘the now’.

“Yes , of course ..” Selena took her seat alongside the Asian beauty and looked at the screens.

“I take it you have merely been using the system for pain delivery, yes …” Selena started.

Miss Asia looked at the screen, their outputs softly reflected in the dark pools of her eyes as she nodded.

“Ok….. set it up more …. like this …” Selena dabbed on the screen with her finger.

“Oh … really ?” Miss Asia cocked her head.

“Yes…. start it like waves … start from about ….here” Selena let a finger rest just on Miss Asias thigh, just above the knee.

“I …” Miss Asia started.

“Shhh” said Selena seductively …. “make the wave… travel up …slowly…..”

Miss Asia gulped lightly and blinked as she configured the program while Selena gently combed up the inside of Miss Asia’s thigh ..higher higher.

“The trick is …. just when she thinks …….” Selena kept one eye on the screen as Miss Asia programmed away while her mouth approached the young woman’s ear which had been revealed by Selena stroking her hair away.

“…when she thinks you are going to touch her …. you change ….”

The black haired beauty closed her eyes a moment, her breath faltering.

Selena’s hand rose from between Miss Asia’s thighs, she had been close to brushing against her white trouser clad pussy but now her hand rest on her sternum just above her breasts.

“If you do it right … you can almost ….imagine being able to …” Selena continued, whispering her evil deviations into the Asian woman’s ear.

“..being able to gently tug, and squeeze at her breasts as if it were done by your hand …” gently Selena let the flat palm of her hand descend onto one of Miss Asia’s breasts, slowly letting her hand massage the soft material clad flesh out to the tip of her nipple.

Miss Asia froze for a moment as she felt her body begin to desire more, her nipples betraying her first then quickly followed by surrender down below.

“Don’t stop coding ….” teased Selena.

“No .. YOU don’t stop …” gulped Miss Asia.

Selena let out an unseen smile as she glanced at the screen while Miss Asia continued to code.

“Work her breasts ….together or one at a time, it’s important ….” whispered Selena as she massaged Miss Asia’s breast …. “gently milk her ..”

“Oh god …” whispered the Asian.

“milk her of her resistance …. but make sure…..” Selena said with caution

“of ….. ?” the Asian whimpered.

“well …. you are building up to ….” Selena whispered as she released the breast of her young protege and let her hand fall back on her white trouser clad thigh …. “to make her want it ..”

“want what ?” moaned Miss Asia, Selena’s fingers seemingly spiraling in on the woman’s crotch without ever getting there.

“she will want that orgasm ….make her beg ……. just for a touch …” Selena teased.

Miss Asia bit her bottom lip as she converted Selena’s words, her wicked touch, into lines of innocent looking strings of code in a program.

“Do you want .. just a touch …?” Selena asked mischievously.

“Oh god, please please please …..” Miss Asia whispered as her head flopped forward for a second before composing herself.

“beg …. harder” teased Selena.

“Please … just touch me …..” whimpered the Asian.

Selena had transformed the young Asian woman into a panting hot mess and now she was going to underline her point. She lifted the asians leg over her own knee holding her legs apart then finally let a finger come to rest against the girls crotch, nestling it into the soft fleshy groove of her cameltoed trousers. Selena could feel the hot humid fire raging between the woman’s legs with a hint of wetness on her finger tip.

“Do you think you know what to do now ….?” Selena asked as she produced her finger, showing it before the dark eyes of Miss Asia.

Miss Asia nodded as she glanced between Selena and the finger, then clutched at Selena’s hand drawing the finger into her mouth then slowly out making a pop.

“Good girl ..” Selena said as she rose from her seat, surveying the code one last time before she walked past the blond. She placed a peck of a kiss onto the superheroines forehead then returned to her own little private world in business class.


Selena swept back into the business class suite and took her seat once more. She flipped open her laptop again glancing at Mr Shepherd who seemed locked intently on whatever film he had selected to see.

Lazily Selena leant back in her seat exhilarated with her little confrontation with the young hot Asian woman and she lifted her hand to her face to smell the scent of the woman on her fingers.

“One to maybe get my claws into another time ….” Selena thought to herself. She tried to embed the image of Miss Asia into her memory, perhaps she could learn more about her in the future. Cameras, video and recording equipment had been forbidden as part of the whole arrangement for the trip and so she would have to rely on her recollections alone.

Miss Asia, in first class, continued to tweak her code.

“Nghhh …..ugh ……..” said the blond flinching awake. “Ugh … what the hell ….” the heroine groaned as she came to terms with the taste in her mouth.

Miss Asia rose from her chair, poured a glass water from a decanter and offered the glass to her prisoner.

“Here … drink this ….” Miss Asia said compassionately as she held the glass to the woman’s lips.

The heroine eyed the water suspiciously for a moment and Miss Asia felt hurt by the other woman’s distrust.

“It is only water … please ….. drink …… it will make the bad taste go away …” Miss Asia said reassuringly.

The blond relented, placed her lips to the glass and took a preliminary sip, then gulped mouthfuls of water, spilling some down her chest.

“Thank you ……… what was that taste…..” frowned the blond.

Miss Asia was too ashamed to confess what her colleague had done but she felt compelled to say something. “Something to encourage you to awaken …. I am sorry”

“Aaaah so shes awake …..” CrewCut said gruffly, returning to the cabin. “… and are we ready to continue now ?”

“Yes, it is ready …. but ….” Miss Asia began cautiously.

“BUT?” CrewCut responded angrily “Your 30 minutes are up”

“Yes, its ready, however this new method will not be a regular Q and A session , I think I should run it, not you”Miss Asia explained, trying to sound confident.

Mr Nordic, Mr Africa, and Mr Hispania who had already returned mid way into the conversation listened to the merits Miss Asia’s plan.

“I think we should try …. we will break her eventually but it may be too late …. we need to mix things up” Mr Nordic said folding his arms as he spoke.

“And you …… what do you think ?” CrewCut asked of Mr Africa.

“I agree …… you have had your chance …try something else…..” Mr Africa said as he sat himself down draping his jacket over the neighboring seat.

“Fine ……. do it ……..” CrewCut said, reluctance still evident in his body language.

Miss Asia sat herself down and tapped at the keys on screens bringing her new interrogation procedure to life.

“OK…. lets test drive this ” Miss Asia said then rose from her chair and set herself down alongside the blond on the stool.

“Ungh ….. what ……… what are you ………” the blond said in slight confusion.

Miss Asia combed the blonds hair with her fingers for a moment, watching the prisoner come to terms with her subtle torment. This was bliss for her, the gentle tingling touch on her thighs, higher, higher. Then she felt it, that tingle below as her body responded, lubricating the dildo, waiting for that sensation on her clit. The wave approached, closer, closer, any moment …… but …. where was it …?

“Uhgnnnnn no ….. why ….. ?” the blond whimpered.

“Because …. we want you to tell us … we get something, you get something ….” the pretty Asian said quietly.

“No … wont …….” panted the blond.

“Zap the bitch …” demanded CrewCut but instantly drew a scowl from Miss Asia and Mr Nordic who merely gestured with his hand raised which urged patience.

The blond felt the gentle twitching of her breasts like she was being fondled, one hand then the other, from the widest reaches narrowing down to her nipples.She squirmed while she moaned involuntarily, the pulsing wave returning to her thighs again, threatening to rise up and abuse her clit. Closer, closer, closer approached the wave.

“H h h hhow are you …….” moaned the blond as she felt the wave dissipate as it was about to give her the pleasure she wanted.

Miss Asia seemed pleased with the effect she was having, so far no answers had been sought or obtained but on the mildest of settings the prisoner seemed at least possibly susceptible to this evil torment.

Miss Asia dialed up the intensity ever so slightly and watched on.

“Oh yes yes yes yes .. thank you thank you thank you …..” panted the blond, the approaching wave surging higher than the last, surely this one would crash over her crotch and begin to give her the pleasure that it seemed to be promising.

Miss Asia shook her head, a smile across her face. “No .. Kara …. now … Black Thorn … Lago Rojo ….. River Mist ……. Copper Point …… did Gold mention any of those names ?”

“Unnnnnghhh fuck …..” the blonds clit protested its lack of attention. The blond tried to bury her inner thigh against the dildo but the restraints held, her legs pinned to their supports, the boots still locked into the stirrups.

“Well …….?” Miss Asia asked as she leant forward.

“Please …. please …….. do something …… hurt me ….. spank it ….. anything ..” begged the heroine.

Miss Asia just mouthed the word ‘No’ right back at her.

“Bitch ….” convulsed the heroine as she watched Miss Asia dial in level 3 on her program.

Miss Asia knew that the stronger the attention became on her subject’s thighs and breasts that her clit would get insanely jealous and drive the blond into irrational places.

A fresh wave approached like a wall of water flowing up between her thighs, closer again, the cool refreshing feeling as the the emotion was cresting, toppling over to come smashing down on her pussy but ….

“Please stoooop” sobbed the blond as she yanked on her wrist restraints.

“So …. did Gold mention those names to you …. did you investigate those places too …”

“No no no no noooooooo” protested the blond angrily as she felt the invisible hands abusing her breasts.

Miss Asia peered at her screens then glanced at the men and nodded.

“Give her some reward …” CrewCut said dejectedly, Miss Asia had succeeded where he had failed but ahead lay the important questions.

“They obviously don’t know, they stayed silent ….” Mr Africa concluded.

“Yes, it seems only the custodian of Good Saint was prepared to ask questions, stupid fool, then we had Gold …. and now THIS” CrewCut spat his words angrily as he gestured at the superheroine in the chair.

Miss Asia in the meantime permitted the lightest of charges to be activated over the prone blonds crotch. The prisoner moaned in gratitude, it was a pleasurable sensation yet not powerful enough to reach anything like an orgasm.

“So awee can tell the otors dat it iyis safe …” Mr Hispania asked quietly.

“I think that is a fair assessment ….” Mr Africa said in his deep voice.

Mr Nordic nodded in agreement “Then all we need are the codes ……”

“OK …. reset it …… we want the rest …” CrewCut urged Miss Asia giving a sharp clap with his hands… “reset it ….. do it again”


Memento of The Brokers Revenge

Selena glanced at her phone, linked into the sat-phone system it would be ready to take her call from McGee. By now he would be tidying up the loose ends of their forced march of the blond heroine through the airport, people at check-in, security, the boarding gate, all could be potential witnesses to what transpired and had to be, let’s say, fixed.

In the meantime the suns passage through the sky had been accelerated by the planes route through the air and now the sky was turning reddish as it begun to get lower to the horizon.

Selena glanced over at Shepherd who had taken a broadsheet newspaper from the rack holding the various international editions and now it was flung open on the desk like workstation being read intently by the bald headed man. Selena let out a smile and teased open her laptop once more and opened the file browser. She slunk slightly lower into her seat, her leather jeans riding just slightly up into her crotch which she lightly brushed with her finger. Her other hand on the track pad swirled and swirled across the many media files and picked one kicking the harddrive into a clicking chuntering noise fest as the video software came to life. Then she saw herself…..

The purple clad Selena was in the suppression chamber urgently stacking some boxes onto a pallet which held the metal bondage chair frame. Time was running out, both Selena’s knew it, the one in the recording and herself watching what was to come. The CCTV feed continued, the little time stamp in the corner marching on relentlessly.

“Hurry Selena” said Selena with a smile as she could see herself putting the dolly truck under the pallet, jacking it up and pushing with all her adrenaline fueled might out the sliding metal doorway.

Then, the purple clad Selena, red hair flowing froze for a second just as she was going through the sliding metal door. Watching herself freeze like that in fear made her stomach fall as she remembered what it was like in that instant, the heroine was coming closer to her downfall, yet, she was still powerful, still dangerous. The moment of fear had been triggered by the gut wrenching sound of twisting metal in the distance.

With a click of the mouse, the feed switched, and there she was, the heroine, standing on what had been a metal security door, now twisted and broken.

“That’s right ….. closer ……” urged Selena to the heroine. Even though she knew how this movie played out she wanted to see it again.

The blond walked slowly down the corridor, her long muscular thighs elegantly reaching out at each step, her red cape flowing behind her. She looked so confident and assured, nothing had ever come close to harming her and yet at the end of the corridor lay the room where all that would end.
Selena clicked her mouse and saw herself reach her control room. Selena smiled as she even considered the term, control room, it wasn’t where she controlled things, this is where she would be controlling the young woman who was walking straight into her trap. She would be controlling everything, her breathing, her sleeping, eating and drinking, even her most intimate bodily functions would be under her control.

The blond reached the end of the corridor and entered the chamber. Above, Selena glanced down through the security shutters of the observation window and saw her foe who was glancing around the cavernous space.

“Do it …” urged Selena to her recorded self who was in her mind, dallying.

The purple latex clad Selena punched a button and then the shutters clanked shut. Below, the heroine, looked up, just as she heard the shutters and the corridor she entered by shut closed.

Selena loved to see that priceless expression of shock, or fear, on the girls face.

“That’s right ….. welcome to your prison …Superbitch” Selena smirked.

The blond with gritted teeth started to take flight, looking intently at the security shutters above her. Her x-ray vision started to burrow into the metal shutters seeking out who was concealed beyond and then ….


The images from all the feeds grained over with interference a moment and began to return to normal.

“And there you are ….and that’s how you came to be mine” Selena said as she watched herself open the shutters again with relief to see the beautiful blond below, powerless, unconscious and very very vulnerable laying prone on the floor.

The Selena of the here and now felt her clit almost somersault with joy in excitement reliving the moment again, something that her purple clad self would never have imagined being possible. Who could have known the sudden change in fortune for both women ?


Chapter X
The Get-Away Redux

Miss Asia had been slowly weaning the prone superheroine off of her pleasurable clitoral stimulation and was preparing to torture the prisoner again with a new session of denial.

“See, I knew she could be made to talk …” CrewCut bragged.

“Screw you …” fumed the blond as she yanked with her feet and wrists once more.

“Oh please … where do you think you would go if you escaped ?” CrewCut goaded.

The heroine knew it was a hollow gesture but she wasnt going to just sit there and do nothing. Miss Asia dabbed at her screens some more, the sensors could detect that the prone blond was reaching her baseline levels of sensitivity. The tormentor knew she could begin again at abusing the restrained woman, teasing her till she begged for relief. Miss Asia hadnt let on before, but had she been able to she would have happily spanked the blonds clit till she came, after all she had begged for it just to be able to be free of the torment.

“OK, are we ready?” asked CrewCut.

Miss Asia nodded and started the next session. The blond wriggled in her confinement as she felt her breasts being gently kneaded like dough with the electrical stimulation, from the outer edge of each hemisphere of her breasts down to the tip of her nipple.

“Fuuuck” moaned the blond as she sensed the new attack commencing.

“Tell us about …. Snowy Cavern” CrewCut asked confidently.

The blonds eyes lit up, snatched back to the moment. Up until then she had been asked about things only Selena had managed to tell her about, but now….

“It’s a cavern … with snow …” the blond quipped.

Mr CrewCut made a subtle nod at Miss Asia who adjusted her program. Now, the gentle wave of pleasure was unleashed along the prisoners thighs.

“Just for the record” smiled Miss Asia .. “she was telling the truth ….” which prompted smiles from the other men in the room.

“Ohhh .. not again ….” the blond whimpered.

“Its ok … we can stay on this as long as you like …” CrewCut said ominously.

The blond woman thought back to when she was shown Operation Snowy Cavern. She had met the group of Generals high up in the frozen wastes of the arctic circle, it was important they told her, and so she went.

There was a General Bakersfield from the US, General Katislov of the Russian Federation, General Davoux of NATO not to mention a load of others from other regions of the world.

“This is Snowy Cavern …” they announced proudly … “this is our emergency back up copy of Planet Earth as it more or less is today”

Within Snowy Cavern lay a mix of digitally and physically stored resources from Earth. There were digital copies of DNA sequences, images, knowledge. Vials of liquids, blood, tissue, vaults with samples of rocks and ores, tanks with rare noble gases, the vault contained everything.

“In the event anything were to happen, something catastrophic, we don’t know what, then having access to this, an untainted repository of resources, may be the greatest gift we can leave to those left behind….the reason we show you this, is quite possibly you may be the only one left who will know about it.”

To that end, the superheroine was shown how to access the vault so that it might benefit humanity in the event of some tragic catastrophe.

“Tell us !” barked CrewCut.

The pleasure flowed up the heroines legs like a tsunami pushing into a harbour, the wave growing higher, more powerful as it was channeled between the prone woman’s thighs until…..

“Noooo no no….why!!!” begged the blond as the wave faded into nothingness.

“We know that you have the codes to get in …… now tell us” CrewCut growled.

Miss Asia dabbed on her screens raising the level of sensations that pleasured the blond into a frenzy save for that one, needy, hungry, desperate little spot, her clit. For every moment of teasing her body received her clit protested ten-fold and she writhed within her latex prison to find even a hint of contact to rub against.

A new wave approached as the humiliating feeling of having her breasts milked continued.

“Nooo puh puh please …… this time …..” hoped the heroine as her clit raged at her for the lack of attention.

“Give us the code !” barked CrewCut again.

Miss Asia adjusted the settings once more. She knew she was close to achieving the objective and reveled in the delight of knowing she was about to break the blond down into a convulsing babbling wreck.

Miss Asia swivelled her screens out the way and joined CrewCut at the blonds side.

“Please …. tell us the codes..” Miss Asia asked compassionately.

“I … musn’t ….please …..” moaned the blond.

“But you can … they will forgive you …. you are powerless ….and we have done terrible things to you ….” said the beautiful Asian.

A new wave began to approach and Miss Asia smiled as she mopped some sweat from the blonds face, tidying her hair as her fingers swept by.

“Its coming again …… isn’t it ….” teased Miss Asia.

The blond nodded as her legs trembled. “Please … let me …”

Miss Asia stepped aside, motioning to CrewCut to dismount the stool which she then dragged provocatively between the prisoners outstretched legs.

Miss Asia sat down and placed her hand ever so lightly on the latex clad stomach of the heroine and felt her warmth radiating through.

“Oh god …. do something …..” begged the blond as Miss Asia merely left her hand lightly on the blonds belly button.

The wave approached and the blond trembled but Miss Asia knew that it too would crash into nothingness against the blonds groin.

“Tell me when it is about to hit …. and I will help you ….” said Miss Asia said warmly.

“almooost ….. almoooost” the blond said, hoping Miss Asia would do something, anything to give relief and she nodded enthusiastically as Miss Asia raised the palm of her hand over the prisoners pussy preparing to give a firm spank.

“noooooow !!” begged the blond.

Miss Asias hand swatted down only to stop microscopically short of striking the blond, the palm of her light delicate hand merely cupping the form of her pussy under the latex.

“Noooo !! Whhyyyyyy” screamed the blond.

“Tell us the code and I will help you ….” Miss Asia teased as she placed her hand back on the blonds belly button.

In business class Selena paused a video, was that her little SuperToy whelping with pleasure or pain, happiness or misery? She wasn’t sure but it certainly sounded like progress, she doubted that her clients would need much more time to break her, which was just as well as it certainly seemed that the cruise phase of the flight would be coming to an end, ahead lay the long decent and landing and there was still much to do.

The blond shuddered as a new wave approached.

“Oh god oh god … do something …” the blond wrenched at her restraints as she snarled in fury at the Asian tormentor between her legs.

“The Code ….” asked Miss Asia gently as she raised her hand suggestively over the blonds pussy once again.

The blonds head smacked back against the chair.


Miss Asia with a firm hand swatted at the blonds crotch just as the unseen wave of pleasure broke into the blonds lap. As the simulated pleasure vanished the incredible sensation of her clit exploding with an erotic sting of pain hit the blond.

“Yes yes …..again !!” she begged ..

It was as if someone had tried one of those try-your-strength fairground games, swung the hammer and sent the little puck only halfway up the pole.

The bell hadn’t yet rung and the blond so badly needed to orgasm.

“Is there more to the code ?” Miss Asia asked as she glanced at CrewCut who had seen the myriad of screens glow green in the flood of “Truth” that the lie detector had registered.

The blonds face contorted as she nodded …. “yes… yes yes yes”

“Then tell us …..” Miss Asia teased.

“Oh god , its coming again …..” the blond whimpered.

“Good girl…. when it comes…tell me more ….. and … Ill help scratch that itch …” Miss Asia said calmly.

The wave rose higher and higher again as the blonds breasts continued to feel the virtual milking sensation.

“Oh please ….. hit me ….again ….” begged the blond.

“The CODE!” demanded Miss Asia.

“NINETY SIX, ZERO TWO ….. that’s it …… please ….hit me ……” snarled the blond.

Miss Asia glanced up at CrewCut who nodded approvingly and turned to the blond giving her a patronizing pat on the head.

“That’s a girl ..”

Miss Asia began to swat down on the crotch of the blond. The fairground game registered a stronger blow, rising closer to the bell, then again, the latex prison revealing the shockwave as it radiated out from the blonds pussy, higher again, and again, and again and then …

“Oh god oh god oh god …….thank you thank you thank you …..” screamed the prisoner as the orgasm was literally slapped out of her body until she convulsed, still a captive within her restraints. The blond panted, her head rolling to one side and then she was still once more, unconscious.

Miss Asia began to un pluck the white cables and sticky pads from the latex clad heroine, their job was done.

“Thees is a gud jyob, yes” smiled Mr Hispania as he worked to release the unconscious heroine from the seat.

“Hell yes ..” replied CrewCut. “Oh …”

Miss Asia felt the pat on the shoulder from CrewCut and she saw him point towards the front of the aircraft. Just inside the cabin where the curtain separated First from Business class stood Selena, wine glass raised in salute with a grin on her face her other hand grasping a phone while she talked.

Miss Asia gave a nod in acknowledgment while CrewCut gave the thumbs-up.

Selena turned and entered business class again, finishing her conversation with McGee.

“… is our Super friend doing ?” asked McGee

“Oh she’s singing like a canary ….. and as for the cat …..” the woman’s voice let the idea hang in the airwaves.

“I see ….. I hope I have done the right thing in helping you, Broker ….” McGee said with a slight hint of concern in his voice.

“You know, the life of a pawn is full of hazards, in its path lie many dangers, but you know what happens when a pawn makes it to the other end of the board Agent McGee, and I am very very good at Chess ……. now goodbye…..and enjoy your reward”

“Yes, Broker” McGee replied.


Chapter XI
Happy Landings

“Good morning from us here on the flight deck, this is your first officer speaking. We will be starting our decent shortly, arriving on the eastern runway which should give you a nice view of the city as we make our final approach. Local temperatures are about 25 degrees with light winds and no cloud so a nice day ahead. We’ll get back to you if there are any changes up here but otherwise we’d like to thank you for flying with us ……”

CrewCut stood over the shoulder of Miss Asia as the progress bar for the bio-metrics upload finished. As promised it was finished before they arrived, some unseen recipient no doubt happy to have secured the data.

“There, it’s done ….” Miss Asia confirmed as she saw the status message confirm the checksum data was ok.

“Good, upload the encrypted codes for Snowy Cavern then pack up your kit …” CrewCut patted Miss Asia lightly on the shoulder.

Mr Africa and Mr Nordic carefully wrestled the last partition wall back into place while Mr Hispania reassembled the luggage out of the pieces of the interrogation chair they had built. The blond superheroine was lying slumped in a reclined chair, arms folded on her lap completely out of it.

Mr Shepherd arrived and glanced around the room at the scurrying activity, Miss Asia with her electronics and cables, the others with their toolkits and CrewCut overseeing everything.

“Good, get her out, shes all yours ……” CrewCut pointed at the sleeping superheroine.

Shepherd gave a subtle nod in acknowledgement and walked over to the blond. Leaning down he butt up his shoulder into her waist, and rose to his feet draping her over his powerful upper body. Shepherd gave the blond a gentle tap on her behind then carried her out of first class into the next cabin.

Selena was stood waiting, a cup of hot coffee in her hand and she watched Shepherd gently place his load into a seat.

“Good, now the hard shell please …..” Selena asked as she took a sip of her drink looking admiringly at her captive, truly she was the gift that kept on giving.

Shepherd reached into one of the large overhead lockers and pulled down a hard shell suitcase. It looked like one of those light weight hard shell cases but it certainly wasn’t light. Shielded from excessive solar radiation this was going to be the home of Selena’s SuperToy for a little while longer.

The stewardess who had mostly stayed out of everyones way noted the stage of the mission and entered, a first aid kit in one hand and gas cylinder in the other and set them down. Inside the first aid kit there was a pre-loaded combi-pen style injection system and Selena took the opportunity to sedate the young blond while she was already sleeping. She barely let out a moan but her body relaxed notably.

Opening the hard shell case there was a respirator inside together with several layers of “outline of curled up superheroine” shaped foam layers. Soon Selena and Mr Shepherd were wrestling the heroine with the respirator and gas bottle into the confines of the case within her outline in the foam and firmly they closed the lid over the top.

“When she wakes up shes going to be ….upset ..” Shepherd said in his understated way.

“Hmmmm” Selena said nodding as she slurped more coffee “let me worry about that later … are they all done back there ?”

“Most of the heavy work yes, I think the lady is finishing off her comms work and most of the salon area seems to be reassembled ….. nobody will notice a thing” Shepherd reported.

“Good .. then we are set” Selena said confidently and re-took her place to prepare for landing. Already the scenery was getting bigger below and as the plane started to make its final turns before its approach people, cars, and buildings could be made out with ever greater detail.
Shepherd carefully lifted the hard shell case and placed it to one side of Selena and then prepared for the descent himself, soon his role in the mission at hand would be over.

Lower, lower, lower descended the plane, the whirr of servos as the flaps deployed, the reassuring CLUNK CLUNK as the undercarriage dropped down, the in built timer of the wrist-bands timing out rendering them inert ….

lower, lower, the runway threshold lights, the piano keys, lower, lower ……..

Touchdown !

Duty Free

Deep inside an abandoned factory facility Selena carefully popped open the hard shell case. It had been a breeze getting the blond through the airport at this end, no snooping xrays and relaxed customs, especially with the right arrangements in place.

Now Selena had to deal with the fallout that was about to happen.

The respirator hissed as the blond drew each breath having been confined in the tight space of the suitcase, still powerless and in the darkness. Layer by layer Selena removed the foam and with a guiding hand helped the superheroine on to her knees. Selena pulled off the respirator and the heroine gulped clean non bottled fresh air.

“When I get my power back…..” grunted the blond.

Selena stood looking down at the weakened creature. “Yes, like I said …. WHEN you get your power back THEN you can do your noble superhero act …”

“Get this suit off me …. I have to stop those people ….. Snowy Cavern ……we mustn’t let them have it.” Grunted the blond as she tried to flex her stiff limbs.

“Mustn’t we ?” Selena said cryptically.

“You don’t understand what it is …..” the Superheroine groaned as she tried to raise herself to her feet only to realise that the torturous boots still bit at her.

“Of course I do my pet … there is a lot I know …. Black Thorn … Lago Rojo ….. River Mist ……. Copper Point and of course the juiciest of them all …..Snowy Cavern” Selena said as she produced a small hand tool and began to manually undo the cruel restraints that held the blond.

“I don’t …. I don’t understand …..that’s what the others were asking me about …..” the blond said wearily.

“When I asked you …. where were you while I was finding all this stuff out …. what did you say?” asked Selena.

The blond immediately felt a chill as her memory took her back to ‘the tank’. The shadowy figure visible through the hazy glass looking in on her as she hovered with neutral buoyancy in the confined water tank, only the sound of her breathing through the snorkel giving any sensory feedback.

Selena smiled, “Yes ….that’s right ….. the tank … but what if …. what if you weren’t there at all …?”

The blond shook her head “How can that be … I remember the tank ….I was there for days …. I think ….” a moment of doubt hit her.

“And how did you get there ?….Who was there to let you out ?” probed Selena.

The blond could be seen to be contemplating these minor questions then gave up. “Please, I need to recover my strength …. the repository …… its in danger of being lost …”

“I can see you aren’t going to listen to me …. just as we thought …..” Selena rolled her eyes at the young Superheroine.

“We?” the heroine asked, surprised.

“Yes, you and I , when we …..” Selena paused and let out a sigh.

“Selena, what is going on ?!” demanded the heroine, her wrists now free from their cuffs.

“Here … undo the rest while I get you the video ….” Selena said as she placed a small hand tool in the blonds hand and turned away.

The blond grasped around her waist and found the locking point of the belt she had been cruelly restrained in and began to loosen it.

“Great, now to get rid of these damned boots” she muttered as she began to find a way to get the vicious footwear off her body. Selena returned,
iPad in hand and passed it to the blond who was sat on the floor trying to release her boot imprisoned feet.

“Give!” beckoned Selena to the heroine and the pair traded the iPad for the tool and Selena continued to release the blonds feet while her prisoner tapped on the screen, commencing a video.

The image came to life, it was herself !

“Hey Kara, its me, Kara ….. jeez .. can I start this again ….” started the video.

“Keep going ….” said a mans voice off screen gruffly.

The blond was agog, she didn’t recall making this video at all and Selena just let out a tiny smile.

“No talking, keep watching ….” Selena said as she finished loosening off one of the boots.

“Listen, its really really important that you follow Selena’s instructions ….. you mustn’t …. you mustn’t go to Snowy Cavern …. I know you’ll want to but you must NOT go.” the video said.

“I don’t understand …..” the superheroine looked dumbfounded.

“Keep listening dummy ….” Selena sighed as she began working on the other boot.

“Several days ago a CIA front company called Good Saint suffered an arson attack at a warehouse. The custodian of the warehouse believed the contents of the warehouse had been stolen and the fire set to cover up the theft. An agent, known only to me as Agent Gold came to me and asked to investigate what had happened. During my investigation I learnt that during the 1970s, worried by the risk of upcoming DNA technologies, many governments and organisations had created a range of independent safe locations to preserve a library of pure, unaltered crop seeds.”

“Let me guess ….. Lago Rojo …..” began the heroine just as she winced at Selenas efforts to loosen the next boot.

“What I, errrr you, learned was that there were other reserves, other front company warehouses in other countries, they had names like River Mist, Black Thorn, Lago Rojo …over time they have all been picked off, one by one. Worse, there has been no co-ordination, no realisation by anyone as to what has happened.” the video continued.

“So wait …. if I was investigating all this ….. why is it I can only remember the tank ?” asked the blond as she began to massage one of her freed feet.

“Keep watching !” beamed Selena.

“I concluded that this was some kind of plot to take control of these pure stocks of crops. I was going to report this information to Agent Gold when he was discovered murdered. I can only assume that my investigation has been blown and so, reluctantly I have turned to Selena for help …” the video continued.

“Oh no …..why did I …..” the heroine glanced at Selena, her tormentor, who merely admired the torture boots she had designed for her nemesis.

“Using her resources she has learned of a team of mercenaries who are trying to determine if their employers plot has been uncovered. They already have all the seeds, if someone were to release an invasive GM crop into the wild we could be at the mercy of those who hold the only chance of recreating untainted crops…we need to make them think they haven’t completed this step of their plan.”

“All the seeds ?…. But … Snowy Cavern ….. ?” the blond asked her video copy.

“Oh that’s the brilliant part ….” Selena grinned.

“In order to try and trace the whereabouts of the stolen seed supply the CIA has created a false history for another seed vault. It will be called Snowy Cavern, its located high up in the arctic circle, a former weapons storage facility, this will be the bait. Our plan is for the thieves to steal a traceable container of seeds and lead us to the conspirators.” the superheroine paused the video.

“False history …… but …. I was there …. I remember it …..” the heroine faltered … “don’t … don’t I ? I mean, the generals ….. the code …”

“All false … memories implanted by my talented friend, McGee …..” Selena said as she rose to her feet, boots in hand.

The superheroine looked down at the iPad and hit play.

“Selena has arranged that I be interrogated by the mercenaries, we have to make them believe that no one knows of the plot, that I discovered nothing and no one has linked the thefts, and I have to make them know that Snowy Cavern is real. By making an artificial memory we can pass whatever lie detector test they throw at me…. McGee has a way to do it ….” the recorded heroine continued.

“That’s me ….!” said the male voice off camera.

“The reason I have to record this message is because McGee is going to swap my memories for something else and implant the fake information about Snowy Cavern.” the heroine explained.

“They told me that it will make sense if you see this …..” The camera rotated around, briefly catching a fleeting glimpse of the large framed McGee before settling on what looked like a fogged up porthole.

“She is sleeping now … she has been in here for five days ….. in this … tank …. enough time to substitute the memories of my investigations…..” the camera cautiously approached the glass.

“Woah … it was you … in the tank the whole time ….?” the superheroine gasped as she saw the sleeping Selena in the video sleeping submersed in the cool tank of water , weightless, breathing through the snorkel, her red hair eerily floating about her.

“That’s right …. me …..” smiled Selena.

“Later you, umm, we…. fuck, I …..will be de-powered using Selena’s bitch-ray, McGee will switch my memories of the investigation with Selena’s time in the tank and McGee has already got a mock scene of me getting the Snowy Cavern codes inside his head.”

“Its going to be great …” uttered McGee off camera .. “I got some good actors, did some dress rehearsals, did everything on a good location …. you’ll love it ….. its like Total Recall … Im gonna put a great mini spy movie scene in your head” bragged the man enthusiastically.

“Now I have to go, we don’t have much time and Selena mustn’t see me …. if I see myself in my own memory the whole deception might come crashing down.. and I don’t want that in the middle of a lie detector test …… ok . Good luck ….. well .. unless you’re watching this, in which case we are ok …..jeez this is weird ….” the recorded heroine glanced at McGee and nodded and then the video finished.

“Well …. what do I do now ?” the blond heroine asked as she let everything sink in.

“Don’t you understand, your role is over ? The authorities will track the containers, then they will move in and the real seeds will be recovered…..” Selena said as her eyes danced up and down the latex clad prisoner. By now the poor blond was awash in her own sweat with copious evidence of her own cum around her groin and thighs.

“But I should ….” the blond began.

“You should… NOTHING…… part of my agreement with your interrogators was to keep you under wraps ….so then ….as you cannot be seen out and about you may as well start to pay off your debt to me for helping you” Selena said slyly.

The heroine looked dejected. She was already a sweat soaked aching wreck from her bondage and the transit to this new hideout had taken its toll. Even if she wanted to take part in whatever nightmare Selena had planned she couldn’t muster the strength for it.

“Oh, do you think me so cruel …?” Selena said reading the heroines face.

“I’m done, Selena … I hurt …I’m exhausted…” The heroine said dejectedly.

“Don’t you think I knew this is what would happen to you ? No what I have in store for you is a little more laid back” Selena said calmly as she picked up a pair of scissors “…..but first … lets get you out of that delightful outfit”


The tall lean lightly muscled blond was at peace. She had been freed of the painful latex suit and had taken a hot shower which, in her de-powered state had been heavenly.

Selena had led taken the blond to a circular chamber lit with a subtle red warming light. The floor was divided in half, one side entirely covered with a faux fur like carpet, the other half a slightly spongy yet firm black vinyl covering and now the blond lay curled up in the deep warm fur, naked and free, her pure blond hair lying in a puddle behind her.

Selena entered and walked across the chamber barefoot carrying a small bag and stooped down beside her blond prisoner. Selena combed the blond hair back revealing her perfectly formed ear and whispered.

“Do you hear me down there …?” Selena asked gently into the heroines ear.

The blond nodded gently but with her eyes firmly shut, a contented smile on her face as she stretched out a moment in the deep fluffy surface. In the moments of being powerless everything felt so much more real, and right now she was in heaven, though she suspected that Selena was rebuilding her only to make it more thrilling to take her back down into the abyss again.

“ You don’t have to get up yet …. but you are to wear these …. don’t move …just relax” Selena said quietly.

Selena produced the shiny chrome finished magnetic pin locked cuffs from the bag and gently affixed them to the wrists and and ankles of her pet and then finally worked a matching collar on to the blond before guiding her head back to the floor.

“When you have rested …” Selena began in her whispered tone, a lazy finger tracing the little pock marks inflicted by the discs down the heroines back “you will start to repay me …. ok?”

The blond barely nodded , her face half buried in the fur , the smile still evident.

“I have many humiliations planned for you, Kara, but first you will be to masturbate until you orgasm, on the vinyl, and you’ll commentate on what you’re getting off to, while you do it….” Selena whispered gently then began to rise to her feet.

“Yes …. mistress….. and thank you ….” the heroine barely murmured as she twitched and drifted to sleep. The red head who had begun to walk away paused and glanced back, struck by the blonds words, and her eyes flashed in exhilaration .. “Mistress ?!”


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