Solar Flare

Supergirl thought, this was the life. She was cursing high above Metropolis enjoying her view. Linda loved flying; of all her abilities it was the one she enjoyed the most. The feel of the wind passing over her body, the freedom of flight, she loved it. So far it had been a quiet night. Two break-ins, one runaway train and a little girl who decided to follow her doll the twenty stories to the ground. Linda had caught the little girl when she was halfway down. The girl’s mother had been relieved to say the least.

She checked her watch on her wrist. 2:00AM flashed as she depressed the glow feature on the watch. Okay, Linda/Supergirl thought, another fifteen minutes but not much longer. Even though she only needed a few hours of sleep each night she still needed some. The Girl of Steel was about to turn for home when she heard it. Not audible to the normal human ear, a quick ringing alarm. Supergirl recognized it as the silent alarm from the First Metro Bank in downtown. Damn, she thought, all right this is it for the night. Supergirl speeded up and headed for the alarm.


Focusing her eyes on the edge of steel rounding the vault door, two powerful sets of high temperature rays poured out and began to melt through the foot of armor plating on the door. She traced her eyes around the steel door till she had gone 360 degrees back to her starting point. Walking forward she places her hand on the door and pushes forward. The super heavy door collapsed backwards and fell onto the marble floor inside the vault.

“Easy money” she jibbed to herself. Walking into the vault she began to go through the various safe deposit boxes grabbing jewels, money and valuable items. The girl was happy with herself till she heard a voice behind her.

“Excuse me miss, can I see your withdrawal slip?” the woman turned and saw the origin of the voice. The origin had on a tight blue leotard with a yellow belt and red skirt that ended a few inches above the knees. A red cape hung off her neck and went down her back and ended where the skirt did. Supergirl had arrived.

“Ohh well I forgot it?” the girl tried. She then focused her eyes onto Supergirl and fired a blast of energy right at the Maiden of Might. The blast hit Supergirl right in the chest and sent her flying backwards into a parked truck across the street. Linda shook her head and could feel the heat from the blast on her breasts and chest.

The source of the energy blast now stood a few feet from Supergirl. She had a golden yellow mask that covered her eyes. A quick attempt to look through it proved useless due to the fact her mask had lead lined in it. She wore a golden yellow leotard. A black nylon sash and belt was across her waist. Completing the ensemble was a pair of gold boots than ran up to her knees.

“So I’m Supergirl you’d be?” Supergirl asked sarcastically.

“Name is Solar Flare, Supes. I was doing just fine till you interrupted me.” Solar Flare answered.

Supergirl pulled herself out of the wreckage of the truck’s cab and brushed off the remains of some car parts melted onto her outfit. She then assumed her powerstance with her hands on her hips, “And now you’re coming with me.”

“I don’t think so Supes.” Solar Flare lifted her body off the ground with her ability of flight. She pulled one of her arms back as if to throw a punch and the other forward. Then with a coy little smile imitated the Matrix’s come and get me signal. Supergirl flew straight at the villain and landed a punch right across Solar Flare’s face. The supervillain flew backwards and steadied herself and shot straight up above the skyscrapers around her. Linda followed.

Once she had a lead on Supergirl, Solar Flare turned around and sent twin blasts of thermal plasma at Supergirl. Oh Shi…was all Supergirl was able to think before it hit her. The Girl of Steel took the blast head on and was sent down by it. Linda landed and put a crater shaped like her into the ground. Her head rang from the blasts and was still recovering.

Solar Flare smiled and was about to send another blast right at the Girl of Steel to finish her off when her beeper went off. Damn, she thought. Solar Flare took one last look at the recovering Supergirl and flew off.

Linda finally stood up and out of her crater. She saw Solar Flare getting away. Flying up into the air she reached the spot Flare had occupied but couldn’t see the villainess anywhere. Even using her excellent vision, better than that of America’s spy satellites, she couldn’t see the villain. Where did she go? Supergirl thought. Her quries were interrupted by the sounds of the police arriving. Linda decided she shouldn’t waste time chasing a ghost. She floated down to explain the scene to the arriving officers.


Solar Flare was pissed. She had failed to accomplish her mission and hadn’t had the chance to teach that Superbitch a lesson. The villain landed near the gymnasium at the University on the south side of town. Taking a look around she made sure the coast was clear. Solar Flare reached for her hidden backpack in the facade of the gym. Zipping it open she removed her mask. Solar Flare then pulled out her coat from the backpack and went through the open window at the ladies locker room. Once inside she checked again for anyone. With it being nearly 2:30 in the morning no one was around. She took off the coat and slipped out of her leotard. Next she unzipped the boots. Taking her costume she placed it in the backpack as she took out some normal clothes.

She pulled a pair of slacks on and then buttoned up her blouse. Solar Flare final acts were to take her hair and place it in her typical bun and put one a pair of contacts that changed her eye color from blue to brown. There, she was no longer Solar Flare but simple, Jessica Paterson.


Supergirl had explained what happened to the local officers and got a look at the security camera tape. It showed Solar Flare entering the bank by placing her hand on the front glass door then melting it. Linda thanked the officers and flew off. She headed for the university. Landing onto of the business building she reached into a old airshaft and pulled out her backpack.

The Girl of Steel took off her cape and boots. She placed these into her backpack and put on a new set of shoes. Linda then got her skirt on and a blouse, covering up her Supergirl outfit. She put her glasses on and was back to being Linda Danvers. A quick float down to ground level she began her walk back to her dorm. A few minutes later Linda was inside her dorm and unlocking her door when she noticed another girl down the hall coming out of the shower.

“Hey Jessica, how are you.” Linda asked.

“Just fine, what you doing up so late?” Jessica asked.

“Oh I was studying with Amy at her place”, Linda covered, “Have a nice night.”

“Thanks.” Both girls went into their rooms. Linda took off her clothes and her Supergirl outfit. After one last quick change into her sleepware she hit the sack.

Jessica swore to herself as the phone rang. It was the special cell phone related to her night job. She picked it up.

“Yes…No I wasn’t able to get the items…Supergirl showed up…We had a bit of a fight. She was slightly effected by my powers…No not really hurt…I’m fine…Yes…two in the afternoon tomorrow?..All right…call when it’s done.” With that Solar Flare/Jessica hung up the phone. The supervillainess hit the sack. Her last thoughts were about the coming day.


Linda went through her normal routine for the day. Class, food, class, studying, flying off to save a 747 that lost power over the city, class and more food. She was polishing off a ham sandwich when she heard it. Using her superhearing Linda eased dropped a CNN report that was on in someone’s office. A woman had signal handily stopped an armored car cold and then blew up a police car that had shown up on the scene. Solar Flare was back.

Linda left the deli shop as fast as she could and headed towards one of her usual changing spots. Once inside the business building she headed for the roof. Before going onto the roof Linda changed in the storage room next to the roof’s door. Off went her street close and she became Supergirl once again. She hit the roof hid her backpack and went airborne. Once in the sky she headed for the distressed armored car.


Solar Flare finished putting the rare collection of diamonds inside the backpack she had brought along. The doors of the armored car had been melted up and laid in the middle of the street. A Metropolis police cruiser was a burning hulk just a few feet away. The cop had tried to stop her. Jessica just focused her eyes on the officer’s pistol and watched it burn his hands. He decided to get the hell out of doge and she blew up the cop car with a blast of plasma from her hands. It kept the other cops out of the way and would bring Supergirl right to her and right on cue the heroine showed up.

Supergirl announced her arrival by yanking Solar Flare out of the armored car and throwing her into the pavement. Linda placed her hands on her hips and gave the usual give up now routines.

“Now Supergirl”, Flare smiled, “You think after all this trouble I went through you think I’m going to make it easy?” with that Solar Flare sent two blasts of energy from her hands right into Supergirl. The Girl of Steel crashed into the armored car landing on her ass. She shook her head and thought to herself, okay will so this the hard way. Linda threw herself at Solar Flare hit her dead on, sending the golden clad villainess right into the side of a building. Supergirl followed this up with two punches right into Solar Flare’s stomach.

“That…was good…Supergirl, but now my turn.” Flare kicked Supergirl in the stomach and sent her flying back. Landing against a lamp post Supergirl swore under her breath. She hadn’t considered the villainess to be that strong. Although not as strong as Supergirl, Flare still packed a punch. Linda grabbed the lamp post and used it as a baseball bat, hitting Solar Flare as she flew at Supergirl. The other superpowered lady went flying, Linda gave chase.

Solar Flare steadied her body in the air. Supergirl was coming right at her like a blue and red missile. Flare fired off a blast of energy from her eyes. Twin firey red blasts reached out for the Girl of Steel. Linda dodged left and saw the blast strike the side of building sending concrete and debris down wards.

Linda thought to herself. She needed to take this fight away from a populated area. Supergirl went as fast as she could west towards the ocean. Solar Flare gave chase. Linda dodged blast after blast of energy and plasma as she headed for the coast.

A minute later the Girl of Steel could see ocean. Good. Linda turned and gave her foe a blast of her heat vision. Solar Flare at first seemed effected by the lasers coming out of Supergirl’s eyes, but then Solar Flare just stopped and put her hands behind her head, playing with her burnet hair.

“Ummm thanks Supergirl that feels wonderful. Try mine.” With that Solar Flare used her own deadly eyes on Supergirl. Linda screamed as the powerful blasts slammed into her. Supergirl began to fall till she recovered. Only to find herself caught in Solar Flare’s grasp. The villain’s arms held onto Supergirl’s.

“Didn’t like it? Ohh well, How about we hug and make up.” Solar Flare then locked Linda into a bearhug. Squeezing with all her strength Solar Flare was going to crush the Maiden of Might. Except this time it was Supergirl’s chance to smile.

“You don’t seem as strong as me Solar Flare let’s see.” Supergirl flexed her arms and broke Solar Flare’s hold. She then landed a left hook across the villainess’s face. Supergirl went to press her advantage only to have Solar Flare kick her in the face. Linda grabbed the girl’s leg and sent her flying across the harbor.

Jessica was pissed, she wasn’t as strong as Supergirl, but her powers seemed to be more effective than Supergirl’s. She looked at a clock near the harbor. Damn, it was almost one. Solar Flare needed to drop her plunder off to her boss. Jessica needed to slow the superheroine down. Than she saw the public bus leaving the docks, Solar Flare dived down.

Supergirl was speeding towards Solar Flare when she saw the supervillain lift up a City bus. Solar Flare yelled to Supergirl, “Catch!” the villainess threw the bus towards the ocean and headed back towards the scene of her crime. Supergirl couldn’t chase her down; she needed to catch the bus.

Jessica left Supergirl behind to deal with the bus and headed back to the car. Metropolis Police had secured the area, oh well. She landed among a few officers.

“Hello boys don’t mind me, needed to get my bag. She elbowed each officer in the face. While not as strong as Supergirl, she was more than a match for the two cops, who both went down. Solar Flare then melted the door off the officer’s police car. She reached in and took her backpack. She put it on and shot upwards.

Linda eased the bus onto the pavement. The riders thanked her for the resuce and Supergirl smiled and took off. She searched the skies for Solar Flare.

“Damn it Linda! She got away again!” Supergirl yelled at herself. Linda searched for another hour finding nothing.


Solar Flare entered the upper floors of Tyler Industries. Her contact was waiting there. The woman turned and stared at the superwoman who just entered.

“Did you get the items.” The woman asked.

“Yes”, Solar Flare answered, “But Supergirl showed up again! If I’m going to get what you guys want done here…”

“Jessica relax. We knew she would be a problem”, the woman said, trying to calm Solar Flare, “I see you’ve handled her twice and got away each time.”

“Yes, but still she is cramping my style.” Jessica complained.

“Don’t worry I’ll meet you in a few days. Then will discuss the next mission you’ll have, killing Supergirl.”

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