The first guy had knocked out the armored car with an RPG. The Russian made rocket had been made to kill tanks, the armored car was easy picking. The six thugs were armed with AKs, carrying 50 round drums of armored piercing bullets and wearing body armor. The Metropolis police were forced back in minutes. Two burning cop cars were testament to that. In all the thugs thought they had done well, and then she showed up.

The first thug was thrown to ground and his gun was snapped in half. He had been hit by a blue red blur. His buddy turned and sprayed the area with bullets. The blur stopped in front of him. It had gone from a blue red blur to a woman dressed in a blue leotard, yellow belt, red skirt boots and cape. Her blonde hair went down to her shoulders. Although her body was slim and her arms didn’t seem all that strong she could rip the AK in half and toss this guy to the moon.

“Hi there, I know the assault ban is lifted but still, RPGs?” she asked. Supergirl punched the guy in the chest and he landed in a heap next to the bank wall. Linda turned to deal with the next two thugs. One fired were she had been, but she was gone. To him she reached him in seconds, to Linda she just ran at him whom seemed frozen in time. Another thug down, his friend had been unloading the armored car. Supergirl grabbed him by his bullet proof vest. She yanked him out of the back and knocked him out with a punch.

The last two thugs gathered next to each other. “Hey Jim use the RPG on the bitch.” Dale suggested. Jim aimed the round. Supergirl saw the two and was going to charge them. Jim fired, with a blast of fire the RPG flew at Supergirl. Once again things slowed down for her, she could have dodged it but then it might fly into the bank which was still populated. Linda stopped and prepared for the hit. The RPG hit her in the chest. Supergirl grunted and was sent flying backwards into bank wall.

Dale smiled, “Shit I think that did it!” Supergirl hadn’t emerged from the smoke, “Ready another round I’ll finish her off.” Dale walked over to the hole in the wall. At first he couldn’t see Supergirl then he spotted her. Supergirl lay on her back in a pile of bricks. A burn where the RPG had hit was across her S symbol on her chest. The Girl of Steel was unconscious. Dale smiled, nice face bitch, sorry to ruin it. He aimed the AK right at her face. Dale didn’t know what happened next. Linda did, a red boot slammed into his nether regions, while recovering from that pain, Supergirl kicked him sending him flying.

Linda climbed out of her hole in the wall. She looked at the stain on her costume, “Damn! How do I get this out?” Then she remembered the RPG guy! Linda turned to see him aiming another round, when a red blur hit the guy. When it was done the RPG tube was bent in half and Jim, koed on the street.

“What the?” Supergirl began only to be cut off.

“Supergirl I see you still get in trouble often enough.” A girl her age and height was standing next to her in a red sleeveless unitard that showed her cleavage slightly, Wondergirl.

“I was doing fine”, Linda smiled, “It just would have sucked to get another RPG in the chest, thanks.”

With the immediate danger passed the cops returned to the crime scene. They thanked the supergirls who made their exit. Supergirl and Wonder Woman both walked out of sight then Linda gave Wondergirl a lift onto the nearest roof.

“Drew, it’s good to see you, what are you doing in town?” Supergirl asked.

“Visiting the area then I saw the news, headed down here but then saw you had everything under control till you were hit with the RPG.” Wondergirl, who went under the guise Drew Prince in everyday life, answered.

“I was all right but thanks for your concern. You were visiting why?” Linda asked as she walked over to where she hid her bag.

“Checking out your school. I decided that I wanted to get off the island for a while.” She referred to Paradise Island.

Linda raised an eyebrow while she put her street clothes back on, “How did your Mom and Diana take that?”

“Not well”, Drew said leaning against the roof’s rallying, “There were quite a few shouting matches but I won my way. Diana set the precedent I reminded them.”

“Bet I’ll hear about that, even more when Diana finds out…” Linda stopped in mid sentence, “Hey I need a roommate for next year! If you’re going to come to the school might as well bunk out with me. I don’t recommend trying to hide this little secret from someone who you live with.” Linda had a roommate for a little bit, being Supergirl and hiding it from her roommate had been hard. Linda wasn’t too sad when her roommate moved into an apartment with her boyfriend.

Drew thought that one over, “Sure, if you don’t mind living with a girl who shall be coming and going at all hours of the night.”

“Only, if you don’t mind living with an alien from another planet?” Linda smiled.


While the two superheroines chatted, miles away, another woman was turning off her TV.

Another operation wrecked by that blue and red bitch, she thought. That robbery was going to fund another Intergang project! But not with her around!

Supergirl had been a thorn in the crime syndicate’s side for too long. Her very existence put them all at risk. But killing Supergirl was an even riskier proposition. One of Intergang’s rivals had tried last year. They hired a professional hitwoman to do it, and that hitwoman and the gang landed in jail.

Well, I’ll just have to do a better job.


Linda was reading a book on her bed when her new roommate came in, “How was the dance?”

Drew was dressed in her black leotard and athletic pants, her typical dance attire, “My dance teacher needs to lighten up. ‘I don’t care how they do things at your old school Ms. Prince, its how we do them here that matters’, she needs to lighten up.”

Drew collapsed into her folding chair. She picked up the remote for their TV and began channel flipping. As she passed a few different channels she settled on the news, good thing. Live coverage was being shown of a robbery. Armed men had stormed the First Metropolis Bank. Police had been forced back by some woman who was shooting lighting at them. Drew turned to look at Linda who was already changing into Supergirl.

“Want me to come with?” Drew asked.

“No, just keep a watch on what’s going on. I recognize this hit and that lightning lady.” Supergirl said, “I’ll be fine.”

Drew watched as she pulled her last boot on and flew out the window. She hoped her friend would be safe. Supergirl flew towards the bank. The outside was being guarded by two men with automatic rifles. She dispatched these two guys quick then made her way inside. Another two leaved their rifles and opened fire. The rounds bounced off Linda’s body. She grabbed both of their rifles and crushed the barrels. Supergirl then knocked the two’s heads together. Both went out like lights. Linda was about to search for the girl when lighting struck her in the back. Thousands of volts of electricity went through her body.

Supergirl fell forward and the bolts cut off. Linda got back up and turned to face her attacker. She wore tight black leotard with a lighting cut down the center showing off her breast. A pair of knee high boots toped it off the look. “Well, well, well if it isn’t Superchump.”

Supergirl shot back, “Nice to see you Livewire. I see your still in the petty theft business.”

“Not today, today I settle an old score with you Supergirl.” Livewire was charged with millions of volts of electricity. She could turn into it, shoot it and use it any way she pleased. Linda had put the electric charged villainess in jail. Livewire sent a blast of lighting at Supergirl. The Girl of Steel dodged left, and grabbed the villainess and sent her flying into the street with a throw.

Livewire landed and fired another blast off. This one missed as well. Supergirl eyed what she wanted, a fire hydrant. If she could get Livewire wet she could short out the woman. With a burst of superspeed Linda arrived at the hydrant. She was about to uncap the lid when a blast of lighting hit her. Supergirl grunted as the volts surged threw her once again. She collapsed onto the ground except this time she couldn’t get up as fast.

“With that hit Supergirl I opened up a link to the electrical current inside your body. I began to play hell with you huh?” Livewire laughed.

Supergirl began to get up only to have Livewire land on top of her. The villainess placed her hands Supergirl’s chest and began a new current of electricity flowing into Supergirl’s body. The two women were incased in a blue electric glow. Linda screamed! It felt like her heart was on fire.

“Like that Supergirl? How does it feel to make your heart beat faster, slower or let’s try stopped?” Livewire smiled as she began to work on stopping the kryptonian’s heart. Next thing she knew though was rope or something was wrapped around her waist. She went flying backwards. Landing on her side she saw another superheroine.

“Your that Wonderchick.” She grunted.

“That’s Wondergirl but yeah close enough. Don’t take kindly to crazy wackos trying to fry my good friends.” Drew replied. She eyed were Linda lay, Supergirl seemed to be getting up. Wondergirl was about finish off the villainess when Livewire turned into pure electricity and slipped out of her lasso. Drew thought to herself, that’s neat trick. The lighting bolt lanced out at her. Raising her bracelet on her left wrist she blocked the blast. It bounced off and she breathed a shy of relief, good thing these things work against more than bullets. She saw that her arm was white with a first degree burn.

Livewire reformed into her normal form. “Liked that, try this.” She sent bursts off lighting at the young Amazon. Drew blocked the shots or dodged them. Wondergirl did this for a few more minutes till she caught one of the blasts in her chest. Drew collapsed on the ground. Livewire walked over.

“Well, I guess I’ll finish you off. Seems they don’t build Amazons as well as aliens. Supergirl though is next, night, night.” Livewire readied her powers to cook Drew when, Supergirl yelled, “Hey bitch!”

Livewire turned to see Supergirl holding a fire hose. A fireman turned the right levers on his truck and water shot out of the tube. Drew rolled out of the way. Livewire screamed as she shorted out from the water. The villainess collapsed in the street. Linda ran over to Wondergirl.

“All right I decided to come.” Drew said as Supergirl helped her up.

“Glad you did”, Linda then saw the burns on her friend’s arms, “Ohh god you okay?”

“Yeah I got a healing cream at home take care of this. How about you?”

Supergirl sighed in relief, “I’m fine, she did mess with my heart pretty good. I’ll pay visit to Dr. C just to make sure. You sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine Linda. Now I have some math homework to get to.” Drew smiled she ran off at superspeed back to the dorm. Linda smiled and walked over to the koed Livewire. She bent some parking meters around the villainess to make sure she didn’t give the cops any trouble. Supergirl couldn’t wonder though about the robbery. It seemed more like an attempt to get her, after all when had Livewire worked with Intergang? Supergirl thought about it some more as she flew towards Star Labs to get checked out by Dr. Carter.


Intergang’s four main kingpins met for their weekly meeting. The four men where quite disheveled by recent events. Supergirl and now Wondergirl who popped out of no where had killed almost every Intergang project in the last two months. Even before the Amazon got here, Intergang had tried using one of its clean business, Tyler Industries, to make their own superpowered woman to take on Supergirl. That didn’t work, nor had the last attempts.

“Well that electric bitch got arrested.” The first one mumbled.

“It was a good idea, last time she nearly killed Supergirl.” The second answered. It had been his idea to use Livewire.

“Nearly killed, not good enough.” A woman remarked from the back. The men turned to see her. Claire Sanders second in command to one of the men there had made the remark.

Her boss spoke, “This is Sanders, she has a plan to deal with these supergirls.”

Claire informed the bosses on her plan. At the end of it only the second guy was skeptical.

“I don’t like it; she’ll know its us.”

“She already knows, once we split the two ladies they will be easy to take down. In fact I’ll take care of Supergirl myself.” Claire answered.

“You can?” asked the first.

“She will.” Her boss answered, “Remember what she said, once we have what we need Supergirl could be finished off by my grandmother. Go ahead with your plan Claire.”

Claire walked off. It would take two weeks to get everything ready, but when it was over Supergirl would be dead, and operations in Metropolis could really be profitable and she would be in charge of them. Claire smiled thinking about soon becoming the newest boss of Metropolis.


“Okay, love ya too.” Linda hung up the phone.

Mom you have to calm down, she thought to herself. Her Mom had freaked when she saw the footage of Supergirl being shocked. Mrs. Danvers had hit her daughter with a barrage of questions; it took Linda a good ten minutes to calm her Mom down.

“Jezz, mom needs to calm down. How many times do I have to tell her I’m fine?” Linda asked her roommate.

Drew was sitting at her computer and just smiled. At least Diana only called once, Wondergirl smiled, “Helps when only your sister lives on the continent.” Drew laughed

Two weeks had passed since the robbery at First Metropolis. The two heroines still didn’t know what the objective had been at the bank. Kill them? Or was it a robbery. Linda was convinced it was an attempt against the superheroines’ lives.

“Well I’m going out for some flying.” Linda said.

“That’s the second time today. Do you ever do any work?” Drew asked.

“Helps me think, and no.” Linda joked. She changed into Supergirl and flew out the window. Supergirl darted between the buildings around campus. After Solar Flare had followed Linda to her dorm and discovered her identity, she had made her exit and arrival from school as random as possible, soon though she was in orbit above the city. Little know to the Maiden of Might, she was watched.

Intergang had sent up a radar site on top of one of their skyscrapers. As soon as Supergirl appeared on its screens they began the plan. Claire received the first phone call. After a short conversation she gave the go ahead for the first phase.

Supergirl was flying smoothly when a sharp ringing hit her. Linda clutched her head trying to cover her ears. Seconds after it started though it stopped and a mechanical voice came through.


Linda shook her head. What the hell? Was it true? Supergirl decided she couldn’t take the chance and put her arms out forwards and speeded towards the newspaper. She landed next to the large metal globe. Looking around she saw a large satchel on the roof. Walking over she saw a digital timer counting down to zero, it was at 00:10 seconds and the bag was filled with C4. Linda grabbed the bomb and threw it skyward into the night. As the bomb reached 00:00 it was already a mile above the city. The explosion lit up the night sky. Supergirl was wondering what was up when another screeching sound went through her head. The voice was back.


Supergirl had little choice. Though she’d love to get Drew in on this for help, she didn’t have the time or a cell phone. Linda took off and flew off towards the designated building.

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