The Berlin Connection

Elena Borodin sighed for what seemed like the thousandth time. She had been ‘requested’ by Moscow to visit a new superhero team based in Germany. Formed in the last few months they made quite a splash across Europe. So always wanting to look good in the international stage, and to remind countries they were still around, Russia’s resident heroine would be attached to the team for a period of two weeks.

Freedom Star wasn’t happy though. She was missing two performances in the US, one in Washington that Allison and her friends were going to visit, but not now. So she was sitting in her hotel room pouting. For a moment she considered leaving for Washington but then knew if she slipped her SVR tail that they’d know she just went off assignment. With another sigh she went for her special suitcase.

Opening the secret compartment she removed her Freedom Star costume. The white, red, and blue leotard then her blue tights was stretched out and given a quick look over. Satisfied that her costume was in presentable condition she removed her shorts and tank top. First her tights were slipped on, then Elena’s leotard. Attaching her dark blue cape, Freedom Star was ready when her blue mask came on. Heading for the window she opened it and leapt out. Accelerating she headed towards central Berlin and the headquarters of the Freedom Force.

The five members of the Freedom Force waited for the Russian heroine. Each was from a different European country. Team leader was Crusader, real name Zoey Hastings. A former British SAS soldier she volunteered for the testing of a performance enhancer. As a result she became faster, stronger, and invulnerable. She was basically a Brit version of American Star. Next on the list was Multiple Maiden, Lacy Whitman. Born in Germany she had the ability to split into multiple copies of herself. The third member was Sonic, the most public of the heroines she was punk rocker Marie Jacques. She had an opinion on everything and came off as a ditz. But she was smarter than she looked; Marie was an expert in speakers and sound waves. Final member of the team was the youngest. Eighteen year old Phase, Jenny Klein. Her power was the ability to phase through solid objects.

Elena had studied each of them thanks to the files provided by the SVR. They seemed nice but some heroines could be pretty up tight and bitchy. She descended towards the Freedom Force’s HQ on top of the Polize building. Waiting there was a group of press and the European team. ‘Oh great, press’ she thought.

Landing she was almost blinded by the flashbulbs. But sure enough she was quickly rescued. Crusader stepped forwards and offered her hand.

“Welcome Freedom Star, I’m Crusader.” She answered in a polite British accent.

“Thank you, it’s nice to meet you.” Elena answered. She looked Crusader up and down. The British heroine wore a leotard that was covered in the Union Jack, the British flag. A pair of red tights and mask completed the outfit. She also had short brown hair and gray eyes.

Elena followed the team into their HQ. Here she saw all of the team in their costumes. Multiple Maiden wore a black body suit that covered her neck to toe. On her shoulder was a double MM in green that matched her dark sunglasses. Sonic wore a black leotard with a tattered black denim coat and skirt over it. A pair of suntan pantyhose was worn with black fishnets over them. Her hair had pink high lights and she carried her special guitar. Phase wore a black sleeveless leotard that graced her left shoulder and exposed the skin of her right. A pair of tan pantyhose graced her legs. Jenny’s reddish brown hair went to her shoulders.

Excitedly she walked up to Elena, “A pleasure to meet you Freedom Star!”

“Nice to meet you Phase.” She responded with a chuckle.

“Wow, you’re famous dealing with that Red Star character, terrorists, Poison….”

“Thanks Phase.” Elena answered ending the young girl’s sentence.

“Our newbie here is quite smitten with you.” Crusader said as she came up to the two heroines, “Phase why don’t you show Freedom Star around.”

“Sure!” Phase answered and led Elena away.

Multiple Maiden came over to Crusader, “So how long is she here?”

“Two weeks, don’t worry, I’ll keep her plenty busy.” Zoey answered.

“You better. If she catches onto our deal…” Sonic said stepping forwards next to her partners.

“She won’t, with Phase talking her ear off she’ll never have much time to question what’s going on here.”


“So then I was trapped in these chains right? So he laughs tells me there is no escape and…I just phase through them.” Jenny finished her story. Elena shook her head, not believing that Phase was this wound up.

“So, what’s with the American accent?” Elena asked desperate to change the subject.

“Oh my parents were in the CIA, so I was born in the US but grew up here in Berlin.” Phase answered.

“How long have you been on Freedom Force?”

Jenny smiled, “About three months now. Zoey is great you can see all those years in the SAS in her thinking. Marie is a bit stuck up but hey she’s French, and Lacy keeps to herself for the most part.”

“And you guys have cleaned up Germany evidently.” Freedom Star complimented.

Phase beamed, “Thanks it’s all the work of this great team!”

Suddenly an alarm rang out. Phase’s eyes went wide and she grabbed Freedom Star by the arm, “Come on that’s the alert signal!”

Elena was dragged along as Jenny ran towards a wall she was about to question it when both of them went right through the wall and into the command center. To Phase that was normal, but for poor Elena was pretty shocked.

Jenny realized her mistake, “Oops sorry about that.”

“That’s alright…just a little more warning next time.” Freedom Star answered.

They finished the distance to the computer where Crusader was sitting. She was in the final moments of reading something then turned to face the group.

“Alright we have a bank robbery three blocks away. It’s a couple of armed men with automatic weapons. So Phase, and Lacy go…”

“Wait, Zoey can Freedom Star accompany us?” Jenny asked. The three ladies looked at each other and Lacy nodded her head.

Crusader tensed slightly, almost not even noticeable but Elena’s intelligence training saw the tension there, “Okay, if you’d like to go Freedom Star?”

“Of course what is a liaison for?” she smiled back, but she still wondered, ‘why is she worried about me going with?’


Elena gave Jenny a ride as she flew towards the bank that was under assault. Multiple Maiden traveled on a motorcycle bearing her name sake. Two minutes later the three superheroines arrived at the bank. Elena landed and saw the thugs. They were covered in black and body armor. Each was armed with a G36 Assault Rifle. Three were staying guard outside the bank and turned to see the superheroines.

“Well taking an early withdrawal?” Freedom Star asked.

“Crap! Take them.” One of the gunmen ordered. They opened fire and the heroines scattered. Elena took to the air and Phase dropped through the ground. Lacy ducked and attacked the thugs, while she rolled at one of them she split into three. Each one had the same costume, features, and moves. With some well placed kicks and punches the Multiple Maidens defeated the gunmen.

Inside the bank four men armed and dressed the same as outside were emptying the bank’s vault. As one of them stood guard he didn’t notice someone sliding up from the ground. Phase appeared right behind the gunman.

“Hi!” she said cheerily. He turned only to receive a spin kick from the young heroine. Falling to the ground he collapsed and drew the attention of another gunman.

“Eat this!” he fired off his G36.

Phase instinctively made herself permeable and let the bullets fly through her. The man firing was to busy trying to kill Phase and didn’t notice the thin blue beams that hit his gun. Made from plastics and light weight metal the gun began to melt in his hand. Screaming he dropped it only to have Freedom Star land in front of him.

“Sorry for that but shooting a young lady, how ungentlemanly.” She knocked him out flat with a punch.

The ring leader hid in the vault trying to finish his job. He places a large number of bills into a deposit box and closed it. Turning he came face to face with a copy of Multiple Maiden. A quick judo chop knocks the man out. Looking over her shoulder, Lacy reached into the box the man had just fooled with. Removing the money she counted it then put it back.

“Good boy.” She said tapping the koed guard on the head.


Outside Freedom Star, Phase, and the real Multiple Maiden cleaned up. Elena was surprised by the robbery. There was no get away car, no real hurry of the men when they showed up, and their weapons were to fancy for bank robbers.

“Cosmic thoughts?” Phase asked walking up to Elena.

“Just about the robbery.” She shared her thoughts and Phase just shook her head.

“Their criminals probably didn’t think it out to far.”

“I guess…” Elena said, but she had a feeling in her gut. It was the one she got when something fishy was going on.

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