The Fastest Woman Alive

Supergirl stood on a street in Metro City. Thousands lined the sidewalks on each side taking photos and waiting for the main event. Dressed in her blue leotard with S symbol on the chest, yellow belt holding her red short skirt in place, red boots and cape, Linda was ready for action.

Although for once, she wasn’t busting a criminal or saving the city from a disaster. She was here for a race.


Four days earlier…

“So you’re going to do it?” Drew asked her old college roommate.

Linda busy making a salad picked her head up from the lettuce, tomatoes, and other items in the bowl, “Of course.”

“It’s a shameless publicity stunt, besides weren’t you the one who says we shouldn’t be in competition with each other.” Wondergirl pointed out getting up and refilling her wine glass.

“Drew it’s not a real competition, its all for show. Besides I get to meet another one of us without being lured into a trap or needing them to free me from some kryptonite.” Supergirl defended leaving the salad to check on her grilling chicken. Seeing it starting to cool down, she gave the pan a little warm up with her heat vision.

“But come on, ‘The Fastest Woman Alive’?” Drew pressed taking a seat on one of the stools at the kitchen island.

Both superheroines were inside Linda’s apartment. It was large and open with kitchen, dining area and living room all in the same area. Drew was visiting Linda for Spring Break, the two were having dinner then going to go out and patrol Chicago.

“Okay it’s a bit corny…but the sponsor giving 10 million to the Needy Children’s Charity. How could I say no?” Supergirl had a soft spot for children. Especially those who were without parents, she herself had been an orphan. Ten million dollars to her favorite national charity was the cincher for her.

“I know, but what if she beats you?” Drew asked with a sly smile.

Linda replied with one of her own, “She won’t.”


Present Time…

Linda was standing under the starting point for the race. Everyone was here, the kids from the charity to start the race, the sponsors; all that was needed was the other racer. Supergirl heard the ripping of a slipstream and turned her head at the last minute to see the oncoming blur. It even surprised her at how fast the woman was. The Girl of Steel though held her ground as the blur came to prefect stop only a mere two feet from Supergirl. This caused the crowd to go wild with screams and shouts.

The new comer wore a royal blue leotard. It showed of her shapely curves and had a yellow lightning blot running down her chest. A yellow eye mask protected the woman’s identity, and went with her yellow gloves, belt and boots. Her legs reflected the light of the day with her taupe pantyhose. Like Supergirl she too was blonde with her hair a little longer than the Maiden of Might.

Thunder Woman, Metro City’s resident heroine accepted the shouts and praise of the people gathered to watch the start of the race. Lisa Conners was a 24 year old personal trainer. With her sister Lighting Lass, they used their superspeed to take down the crime of Metro City. Her powers came from the power bracelet she wore, it allowed her to communicate with her sister, and change into the spandex clad beauty that now had the crowd’s attention.

Turning to face Supergirl Lisa offered her yellow gloved hand, “Supergirl, nice to meet you I’m Thunder Woman.”

“It’s a pleasure Thunder Woman.” Linda accepted the handshake. The crowd cheered as the two heroines shook hands. Both then confidently strolled over to a small podium that was set up. A group of twenty kids, ten from Chicago, and ten from Metro City eagerly awaited the two heroines to approach. Behind the podium a middle aged woman with a few streaks of white hair stood, next to her was a man in a business suit.

Supergirl and Thunder Woman took their positions at either side of the podium with the respective kids of their cities. With that the middle age woman began.

“Thank you for that grand entrance, Supergirl and Thunder Woman. Today we are delighted to have a special race for charity between two of the finest heroines in the world.” She gestured to Thunder Woman and Supergirl. Continuing, “Today we will settle a little debate as to who the fastest woman alive is, the Maiden of Might from the Windy City, or the Blot in Blue our very own Thunder Woman. I would like to thank Net Corp for the generous donation of ten million dollars for today’s race.”

The businessman now took to the podium, “Thank you Mrs. Heart. I would also like to thank Supergirl and Thunder Woman for agreeing to participate in this event.” Michael Ross CEO of Net Corp shook both ladies hands, “Now here to present the rules for this race are Sally Wells and Timothy Moore. It was there idea on the rules for the race that was approved by Supergirl and Thunder Woman.”

Ross stepped away and two of the children from the groups came up getting more applause. Both twelve year olds shared a mike, “Thank you Mr. Ross”, Sally spoke first, “We wanted Supergirl and Thunder Woman to race around the world and see all the sights.”

Tim now took the mike, “So they will start here at Metro City, then head for San Francisco, go across the Pacific to Hawaii, then onto Japan through Tokyo.”

Sally now accepted the mike, “From Japan they will go down the Great Wall of China, and across the plains of Russia. Then it’s onto Moscow and Greece.”

“From Greece they head to Italy and across France to England. Finally after crossing the Atlantic they’ll cut through New York and Washington DC to Chicago then back to Metro City.” Tom finished.

Ross stepped back up to the podium and explained the rest, “Supergirl and Thunder Woman will be able to be followed thanks to these special Net Corp trackers.” Another pair of kids handed the small MP3 like device to the heroines who both accepted them, placing them into there belts.

“You’ll be able to track them on our website at” he explained.

“Supergirl, Thunder Woman do you understand the rules?” Asked Sally.

“We do Sally.” They answered.

Thunder Woman then smiled, “Hey kid’s who do you think going to win?”

A bunch of kids yelled her name, she smiled.

“Oh yeah? Who thinks I’m going to win?” Supergirl asked playing her part. A bunch of the kids yelled her name. The two heroines then took high fives from the kids and headed for the starting line.

“So you know those kids are wrong, I’m going to win.” Lisa joked with Supergirl.

Linda smiled and struck a smile of her own, “Oh, I’ll make sure I remembered you said that when I’m at the finish line.”

Both of them got set at the starting line. The final part of the event was the beginning of the race. Jennifer Neals won this honor; she came up to the podium while Mr. Ross held a starter pistol, “Okay Supergirl, Thunder Woman ready?” Both heroines gave a thumbs up.

“All right, ready…” she said watching both women get into runner positions.

Waiting for the nod from Mr. Ross, which she got she yelled, “START!!!” the starter pistol fired and the two superheroines disappeared into blurs, one red and blue, the other yellow and blue.

The race was on.


Captain Scott Mitchell had his F/A-18 cursing with his wingman 500 miles south of Hawaii. The two navy strike planes had finished their wargames and were on their way to Pearl Harbor.

“So I think it was my move when we get back.” Scott offered over the radio.

Lt. Jean Simmons answered back, “Oh, so you can complete your domination of Eastern Europe?” referring to their game of Risk.

“Yeah…and you should watch your…”

Both planes were shook by a shock wave that came from the water.

“Shit! Jean you alright?” He called after he stabilized the Hornet.

“Yeah, oh man, there are two streaks going across the ocean, fast plus Mach definitely.” She answered seeing the disappearing streaks.

“Oh, that race between Supergirl and Thunder Woman was today, I’ve got Twenty on the good olde Girl of Steel.” He smiled under his oxygen mask.

She rolled her eyes, “You only like that short skirt, besides twenty on Thunder Woman, she’ll beat Supergirl by two minutes.”

“You’re on!”


Supergirl and Thunder Woman were literally walking on water; at the speeds they traveled they weren’t breaking the surface tension of the water.

Linda looked over to Thunder Woman who didn’t even seem to be breaking a sweat; they were both about even with each other.

“So you’ve always been this fast?” she asked.

“Yep, ever since I’ve had this. It great to be able to slip by everything, moving so quick no one can even see ya.” Lisa responded.

“Nah, I always going to be a fan of flight.” Supergirl shook her head. The two blondes were nearly halfway across the Pacific when Linda’s hearing picked it up.

“Mayday! We are being attack by…help please someone help us!” Screamed a radio transmission that crossed Supergirl’s hearing, she quickly looked for the source. Linda’s telescopic vision revealed a smoking ship about a hundred miles distance.

“Thunder Woman, there’s a ship in distress about a hundred miles that way.” She pointed.

Lisa looked out into the distance, trying to spot it, “Want to head that way?”

“We have to, the race can wait…” Supergirl was shocked as Lisa took off in the direction she pointed.

“Damn!” Linda was surprised by the speed the Metro City heroine possessed. She began to think she might not be as fast as Thunder Woman.


“There the transmission is sent, they should be here soon.” The brunet haired woman wearing a black swimsuit said. Claire Sanders turned away from the radio and looked at her partner. April Bond, wearing a green swimsuit with her goggles nodded.

“Good I have been waiting for this!” the woman better know as Gizmo Girl said. It was very recently her father had been thrown in prison by the dynamic duo of Thunder Woman and Lighting Lass. She waited for the chance to make Thunder Woman pay for her father’s commitment to an insane asylum.

“Patience my friend, we’ll have them soon enough.” Claire Sanders spoke. She two had a bone to pick. Supergirl had been the target of a plan by Intergang to eliminate the pesky kryptonian with kryptonite. Claire had worked everything out, the bait, the kryptonite tights, getting rid of Wondergirl leaving Supergirl on her own, only to have it collapse. She soon brought down Intergang in Metropolis thanks to Wondergirl’s magic lasso. Now after spending her time in prison, she too wanted pay back.

That’s were she found Gizmo Girl. The young woman was ten years younger than herself, but had the skills required for this trap. Claire had set up the race by becoming Alley Slone of Net Corp industries. Her PR plan to have a race between Supergirl and Thunder Woman for charity easily went through Net Corp’s leadership. Thus the bait for the two blonde heroines was set. Gizmo Girl readied this ship for Supergirl and Thunder Woman’s arrival. Now months of planning were coming to this moment.

“All right let’s get below, time for the heroines to arrive.” Claire spoke.

Gizmo Girl nodded, “Right. Besides I want to get back in my costume.” April wanted to have the satisfaction of destroying Thunder Woman in her green leotard and tights. Claire nodded and the two women went below.

Supergirl spotted the ship she saw earlier. It was a large pleasure yacht, and much to her surprise there was no smoke. Linda landed on the bow of the ship to find no smoke, and Thunder Woman tapping her yellow boot on the deck, “There you are.”

“Sorry, kept ya waiting?” Supergirl joked back.

“Well you gave me enough time to find a smoke emitter, and no one manning the bridge, but I can’t get to the lower levels.” Lisa explained.

Supergirl raised an eyebrow. Thunder Woman motioned her to follow; Supergirl did and came upon a large steel door covering the door from the bridge. Lisa then explained that all other access to the ship’s lower levels was the same.

“Well I know I way to get through.” With that Linda brought her fist right into the door and collapsed the steel. It fell inwards, opening the way for the two heroines.

“Okay, that was interesting. Bet leaving your keys in your car doesn’t slow ya down?” Lisa joked.

“It doesn’t.” Linda smiled.

With that, the two heroines entered the ship.

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