The Kiss of Ivy

Wonder Woman as her alter ego Diana Prince walked among the farmers’ market carts and displays. The Amazon had learned that a few young ladies recently reported missing had all visited the same farmers’ market in the city park then gone missing. So instead of the powerhouse that was Wonder Woman she decided to come as Diana Prince, who met all the characteristics of the missing women. Early to mid 20s, unattached and away from home, this she hoped would attract whatever or whoever was involved with the disappearances.

Each one of the markets seemed harmless. Here some fresh bread, over there a wine dealer. Her next stop was the produce cart when she was stopped by a lady who worked at the flower display.

“Excuse me would you like to try some of our flower fragrances?” asked a young brunet roughly her height and age.

“Well..”, Wonder Woman started but thought, hey why not check out some new perfume might get a few more head turns from the guys at the office, “Sure why not.”

The two made the short walk over to the display. There three other ladies worked the cart, there was something about them that Diana just couldn’t place. Once they were at the display the lady pulled out one of the bottles.

“Here, try this one I think you enjoy.” They lady smiled as she sprayed a bit of the bottle onto Wonder Woman’s neck but also got a bit on her face.

“Hey you got a little…of that…” Diana started but then began to feel strange. Her words came slowly her eyes fluttered. She felt drossy, weaker. The young woman smiled and carefully placed her arm under Diana’s helping her stand but still giving the impression of showing her around the display. The pair moved slowly towards the rear of the flower area. Once out of sight another of the employees came from the front and opened the rear doors on the small truck used to bring the flowers to the market.

The two then lifted the stunned Diana into the back. In the middle was an air mattress. The two laid her down onto the mattress as she connected with the bed her head moved left to right trying to shake the num feeling out of her body. She tried to make a noise as well but couldn’t do that either.

Her kidnappers grab some rope and began to tie her ankles, thighs and writs together. Diana needed to change into Wonder Woman before she was taken. Her struggling began to intensify. This amounted to more head turns but then grew to her body slowly awakening. Her captures knew this as well.

“Damn, she is waking up. This stuff kept us down for much longer.” The second woman said.

“It’s okay the boss planed for this, get the chloroform.” The woman who ambushed Diana ordered. The second lady went to the front of the cab and pulled the brown bottle labeled CHLOROFORM and brought it back with a white cloth. She pored the bottles contents into the cloth. Wonder Woman was beginning to arise from her drugging when the cloth came down on her face.

“MMHPPPPP!” was all she got out. Her lungs inhaled the sweet atheistic which took the fight out of her. Her struggles grew weaker just like her body. With one last glance at the attackers her eyes slowly closed and her head slumped to the side. The second girl removed the cloth.

“Wow that worked well.” She commented.

“Yes”, responded the first, “The chloroform will keep her asleep and just to be sure I’m going to leave the cloth under her face. The fumes she breaths in will keep her out even longer, plus keep her weaker when she awakens.”

The two left Diana tied and helpless in the back. They would keep working till closing then drive their find back to their boss.


The truck came to a stop at the Memorial Park greenhouse. The large dome structure was the home to many different plants and a lousy tourist site, which left it fairly empty during the day and deserted at night. This made it the prefect hideout. Turning of the lights and killing the engine the flower shop ladies went to unload their cargo.

Wonder Woman still disguised as Diana Prince lay in the back of the truck. The rag still smelling of chloroform rested near her face keeping her asleep. The first women who captured the Amazon went over to the sleeping superheroine and lifted her up by her arms. With a pull she brought Diana over her right shoulder. The other girls collected the chloroform and other items in the truck and headed inside.

The greenhouse was warm and humid. All of the girls except the one carrying Diana went to the gardener’s shack to change out of their clothes. Diana went to another location. Next to a series of jungle vines her kidnapper laid her into a chair. Next she undid Diana’s bonds. The heroine slumped to the side and lay helplessly in the chair. With that the woman walked to join her comrades.

A few minutes later…

Diana’s head ached…she shook her head. Her mind was clouded and body sluggish. The constant exposure to the chloroform left her in a weakened state. With each passing second though she grew more awake and coherent. Although with her awakens she now noticed she was flanked on all sides by her captors. Diana also noticed their change of clothes. Each woman now wore a sleeveless dark green leotard and a pair of bright green tights. Diana wondered why they were circling her in these outfits and standing in the dirt in their stocking feet with no shoes.

“Well, good work girls she should work out nicely.” A sexy feminine voice sounded from behind the girls. Wonder Woman looked to see who it was; she didn’t have to try hard. The figure walked out from behind her goons…

“POSION IVY!!” Diana cried in shock.

The famous villainess who loved the Earth and used its pants to get her means now stood in front of Wonder Woman who checked out the villainess. Ivy’s red hair went down to her shoulders. Her green eyes burned into Diana’s. Poison Ivy’s green halter top leotard was decorated with various leaves and small vines. Like her goons she wore pair of green tights but her’s was decorated with an Ivy plant running down her legs.

“She is the right age and type. She seems strong and she has some wonderful legs.” Ivy told her subornments.

“What do…you want with…me?” Diana asked in her best scared voice. Ivy smiled and walked the last few feet to the chair. Once their she bent over and ran a hand up Diana’s leg.

“Ohh nothing just to make you closer to me…” the deadly environmentalist responded. She then took off Diana’s shoe, and feeling her pantyhosed incased foot. Diana looked terrified but in reality she was thinking. Each second Ivy wasted she grew stronger, a testament to her Amazonian body. With her strength returned, she acted.

A swift kick from her leg Ivy stroked connected with the villainess chin. Poison Ivy went backwards into two of her henchwomen. The other two on the left of the falling two went for Diana. With a jump out of the chair she landed a quick kick to the first and nailed the second with an elbow in the face. Both went down, and she ran. Diana didn’t need to get away but she needed to get far enough away to change into Wonder Woman!

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