The Skye is Falling, the Skye is Falling!

Success! She had done it! Finally after all those months of research and effort, Dr. Jordan Lake, known to the world as the diabolical villainess Element, had completed the final stage of her nefarious scheme. “At last I have found the secret that all these do-gooding superheroines share. I now have the chemical formula for their supposedly indestructible tights. And using my Molecular Manipulator set to that particular frequency, I think it’s time to have a real-world demonstration. And I know just the place…”


Wearing her trademark uniform of a long-sleeved light blue leotard, dark blue belt and flesh-tone sheer tights, Skye flew above the city on her usual evening patrol. A former gymnast, Cassie Leigh had an athletic, lithe physique topped with a short pixie cut of strawberry blonde. The belt fastened around her trim waist provided for her superpowers, including flight, limited invulnerability and a modestly enhanced super strength.

Having been one of the city’s retinue of superheroines for only a few months, the lovely 18-year old had enjoyed 2 recent victories over menacing criminals and had the city’s attention and gratitude. She also took advantage of the caring mentorship of fellow heroines such as Emerald and Ice. She was ever wary of the countless traps evil supervillians always seemed to have at their disposal. Little did she or other heroines suspect, but many of their activities, including their customary patrol routes, had been observed and plotted by various criminal organizations in an effort to avoid heroine activity. And such information could always be had… for a price.

Hearing the screech of tires skidding along asphalt, the lovely young heroine looked down to see a nondescript white van careening out of control down the street in a deserted-looking neighborhood. Before she could ever react Skye saw the van suddenly race over the sidewalk and crash through loading dock door of a dilapidated warehouse.

In a burst of speed the nylon-clad heroine swooped down and followed the van disasterous route. Inside the dim warehouse Skye hovered a few meters off the cement floor as the van’s crumpled front end rested against a large support pillar. She quickly flew to the vehicle’s side door to assist the most certainly injured driver.

To her surprise, the vehicle was empty. “What on earth…?” she exclaimed. “There’s no way anyone could’ve gotten out of here that fast.”

“That’s absolutely correct my dear young friend” said a sultry female voice as its owner emerged from the rear of the large dimly-lit bay. Dressed in a shimmering nylon bodystocking which seemed to subtly shift shades of color as she moved she walked toward the now suspicious van accident. “I do so appreciate your rather predictable intervention. It took a bit of planning to create an incident that would garner your attention but not prompt you to call for assistance from your super-powered friends.”

The baffled young woman stared at the woman, finally realizing the intent of the situation. “So, if it isn’t Element. I’m must say I’m surprised to see you in such run down surroundings,” taunted the confident heroine. Still floating a bit above the floor, she continued, “Your reputation usually places you in a bit more ambitious surroundings.”

Standing several meters from the airborne heroine, Element let her eyes roam over the curvy young girl’s skintight form. While not surprised, she was pleased to note that Skye was wearing her trademark tan tights over her beautiful legs, and was indeed not wearing any type of shoes or boots. Yes, this little experiment should work out nicely she thought.

“Oh ambition is definitely the theme this evening my dear” said the striking villainess. “Your foolish ambition has brought you here. And it is my ambition which will allow me to make you my captive!” And without warning the vile mastermind pressed a button on a small control unit she had hidden in her hand.

Instantly on alert, the wary young heroine looked up as she heard the sound of some mechanism operating above her. Knowing some nefarious trap had just been sprung she quickly began to fly backwards. But her reaction wasn’t fast enough to escape the rapidly falling cargo net that dropped over her, the rough fibers of the snare instantly draping all over the startled light young heroine’s body. The heavy net, weighted down by heavy metal blocks affixed to its corners, brought the struggling young girl crashing down to the cold cement warehouse floor.

“Uhhh…!” cried a trapped Skye as the impact of her fall forced the air from her lungs. “What are… you doing?” gasped the dazed heroine as she tried to rise beneath the net’s crushing weight. “I’ll break… free of your… evil trap!” she said defiantly. Struggling to her knees, the athletic girl began pulling at the heavy rope strands.

Element watched excitedly as the young heroine valiantly struggled against her snare. As Skye’s enhanced strength began to pull at the trap, several of the net’s strands began breaking under the young superheroine’s might. The lovely young girl quickly ripped away the ensnaring bonds and stood upright as the net fell around her tights-clad feet.

“You really didn’t think that could hold me, did you?” asked the freed young heroine as she glared menacingly at Element’s confident pose. Something was wrong here she thought. “What’s your game you evil woman?”

“No game” replied the dark-clad villainess. “I just wanted to bring the little birdie down to earth for a moment. Tell me Skye, does the word Nylodexlar mean anything to you?”

Her eyes narrowing in confusion, the lovely girl answered, “No, but you’re the scientist here. Enough of your riddles, Element. It’s time we wrapped this up!” Skye’s nylon-clad feet then stepped out of the net completely and moved toward the unmoving villainess.

“Oh I’m all for getting wrapped up.” And with that Element quickly raised her right hand and made a curious waving motion, much like a conjuring illusionist.

Instantly it was as if Skye’s entire lower body were coated in molasses. “What…?” gasped the beautiful young heroine as she suddenly encountered a heavy sluggishness in her nylon-clad legs. She looked down to see what evil new trap had been sprung but was unable to see anything that might be affecting her.

“Wrapped up, as in the way your lovely young legs are wrapped in those luscious flesh-colored tights” purred the smiling villainess. “All wrapped up in a material we scientists would call Nylodexlar.”

The young heroine’s face betrayed the first signs of fear as she struggled in vain to make her legs obey her will. “What have you… done to me?” she breathed. “Why can’t I…. move my legs? What evil… trap is this?” As she spoke she also tried to summon her power of flight, hoping to escape this vile peril. To her shock she discovered that something was interfering with her ability to utilize her powers. “I can’t… break free… of your… evil trap!”

With a confident smile, Element walked nearer to her struggling captive. “My sweet young heroine” she taunted. “You are simply my first prize, delivered to me courtesy of my Molecular Manipulator. Simply put, it’s a device which provides me the ability to control all aspects of any particular substance I desire. In this instance, I’m focused on the specific combination of nylon, spandex and Kevlar that comprise your all-too-alluring tights.” And again she motioned with the gloved hand obviously containing the miniaturized controls for her nefarious device.

Responding to Element’s hand motion, the tights encasing all of Skye’s lower body seemed to grow incredibly heavy. “Uhhhh…!” the frightened young captive gasped as she was drawn irresistibly to the cold warehouse floor. “It’s like… I can’t control… the muscles and… nerves in my legs!” She lay on her arching back, unable to control her legs as they slowly bent and stretched seductively, against her will. With a growing horror she realized that with such a loss of control, she would never be able to focus her energies enough to make use of her belt’s powers. “Please… you can’t… do this to me!” she pleaded. “I’m helpless within this… monstrous grip! You’ve got to… release this… fiendish trap!”

“Release you?” asked the powerful villainess as she stood above Skye’s struggling young form, made all the more enticing by the invisible nature of her bondage. “I’m just getting started my powerless young heroine. You’re my first experiment to explore all the possibilities of my new power.” She then subtly moved her gloved hand, altering the position of her long fingers.

A powerful gasp exploded from Skye’s trapped body as a new set of sensations began coursing across all parts of her body covered by her tights. “Oh… no… you… can’t.” Beginning at her waist, waves feeling like a stroking, pleasant sensation slowly travelled down between her legs, then encircling her thighs, moving across her lithe young calves, then down her ankles, ending feeling as if light fingertips were being drawn against her toes and the bottom of her feet.

Never before had the trapped young heroine experienced anything even approaching the all-consuming waves that now undulated around her. “Please…” she whispered. “Don’t… do this. I can’t… uhhhh…! resist your… uhhh…! power!” Ashamed at her own body’s seeming betrayal, tears formed in her eyes as the helpless young heroine tried to control her reactions to the overwhelming forces being brought to bear against her. “Cant… think straight. Can’t fight… uhhh…! how good… it feels.” Her shapely young legs slowly writhed as the struggled in vain.

“Oh my precious captive” said the voice of Skye’s delighted captor. “You’re only just beginning to experience all I have in store for you. Now let’s see just how much control I exert over you. Tell me my little birdie, what is the source of your marvelous powers?”

“No… please!” moaned Skye as she lay beneath Element’s all-seeing gaze.

“You show a remarkable strength of will my pet” cooed her evil nemesis. “But we both know how useless it is for you to resist. The sensations rippling across your body are as effective in breaking that will as would be Wonder Woman’s golden lasso of truth. I own your every thought and action my caged little birdie. Now, where do you get your superpowers?”

“My powers… No…! come from… the mechanisms embedded… in my belt.” gasped the defeated young heroine, completely unable to overcome the powerful forces dominating her mind and body. “Please… don’t do this. By focusing… my thoughts… I control the… uhhh…! energy field… the belt produces. But your… evil powers have… made me… ohhh…! helpless to… focus my powers.”

“Well then dear young Skye, I must relieve you of that device. Kindly deactivate and remove your belt” instructed the evil scientist.

Against her will, the captive young girl’s arms slowly began moving downward, her hands reaching for the belt’s hidden release. “Can’t… resist… you” gasped Skye as she manipulated the power belt’s micro-sized control. “No… please” she begged as she felt the always-comforting weight of her belt suddenly drop free of her trim waist. Her belt pulled away by the villianess’ nylon-clad fingers, now she knew she was truly helpless, held fast within the merciless clutches of Element’s irresistible power. “Always loved… the look and feeling… uhhh! of my tights… against my legs” she helplessly confessed. “So… powerless to… feel them… no…! used against me.. like this.” Gasping like a fish out of water, the beautiful teenager slowly began reaching her arms toward her tights-clad legs in an effort to try to possibly pull at them to make some type of difference.

Element looked at the struggling young girl with almost pity. “Yes my poor young heroine, you have fallen captive to your very own passions. Many are often surprised to learn their own secret weaknesses.”

With a last effort, Skye grasped at the tights covering the front of her upper legs. As she did so, she instantly discovered her grave mistake. She was so vulnerable due to the sensations ruling her body, she never realized that the stunning effect of her now-betraying tan tights would not just be limited to inside their silken embrace. As her fingertips made contact with her writhing legs, her fingers and hands suddenly became electrified with the hypnotically irresistible waves emanating from her tights.

Almost magnetically her hands found themselves adhered to her bending and stretching legs, unable to resist the overwhelming impulses dominating her very being. “Ohhh… yes” she gasped as her hands began to roam all over her legs and their now-dasdardly sheath, her fingers grasping and caressing as her hands moved slowly and inexorably up her legs. “Please Element… you can’t do this… to me” she pleaded. “So weak. I’m helpless… uhhh…! in your grasp. Don’t let… no…! this evil trap… continue.”

Unable to stop her hands from working their way up her captive legs, Skye moans softly as her fingers begin probing their way ever upward, under the tight material of the light blue leotard covering her lower body, stretching taut as it encased the heroine between her legs. “Oh God…!Please… no. Please Element… please stop.” But her whispered pleas fell upon deaf ears as the evil scientist gazed lovingly at her weakened young prey.

Careful not to make contact with the young girl’s slowly writhing legs, Element laid her hand gently on Skye’s forehead, absently smoothing the girl’s short hair. “I’m so sorry my precious little birdie” she said soothingly. “But I have plans for you my pet. And this is just the beginning.”

The End

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