When Emerald’s on the Case, the Riddler Starts the Chase

“Man, that’s gonna leave a stain,” lamented 19-year old college co-ed Jennifer Jade. “I should know better than to eat buttered popcorn while wearing a silk top.” Grabbing a bathrobe off the hook, she made her way to the laundry room of her apartment and placed her blouse in the dry cleaning pile. After a moment’s thought, she also took off her plaid skirt as well, leaving her wearing only her bra and tan pantyhose under the robe.

Walking back to the living room to continue watching her rented DVD, Jennifer enjoyed the sensation of walking across the carpet in her nylon-encased feet. Ever since she was old enough to wear them, she had loved the look and feel of pantyhose and tights. Ruefully she thought how the past year had given her many more opportunities to show off her legs in tights than she could’ve imagined.

Like a graceful cat, she curled her shapely legs beneath her as she resumed her seat on the sofa. The sounds of the movie faded into the background as she thought about her many adventures as the superheroine Emerald. The most memorable of these involved her encounter with a powerful and beautiful arch-villainess known as Sheer.

Jennifer trembled a bit as she recalled her feelings of utter helplessness as Sheer’s captive. Struggling against Sheer and her henchgirls, Taupe and Suntan, had been the most dangerous mission of her career as a superheroine. After battling Sheer one-on-one, being held magnetized by the Particle Polarizer, knocked out by Sheer’s treacherous sleeping gas, she had been questioned by the powerful villainess. Sheer had even used Jennifer’s enjoyment of tights against her, caressing her legs while persuading the weakened heroine to reveal her vulnerability at having her belt removed. Emerald had been so powerless that she had even been made to reveal her secret identity to the dastardly Sheer.

“Boy, that’s an evening I hope never to repeat,” muttered Jennifer as she absently played her fingers lightly over her pantyhose-clad legs. She still shuddered when she thought how close she had come to final defeat. If not for the timely intervention of Lilac Lass, she could still be in the arch-villainess’ clutches. Even after Lilac Lass arrived, both she and Emerald almost wound up prisoners of Sheer’s diabolical devices.

Jennifer remembered her tear-filled admission to a recovering Lilac Lass that Sheer had been able to learn the secret of her hyper-powers and even her true identity. After a moment, Lilac Lass had brightened. She used her utility belt communicator to contact “another superheroine friend of mine.”

“Whew,” thought Jennifer. “If it hadn’t been for that little visit Wonder Girl paid to them in their holding cell at City Jail… If not for the will-controlling effects of her magic lasso, my secrets would have been revealed, ending my ability to fight crime as a superheroine.” Emerald owed a debt she could never repay to Wonder Woman’s younger sister. But it couldn’t erase Jennifer’s embarrassment at having been helpless to resist the villain’s distractions.

Emerald had learned that night that the luxury she took in her tights and pantyhose could become a deadly weakness. It had allowed Sheer and her henchgirls to distract her more than once that night. She had discovered that the removal of her bright golden belt with its power-granting emerald stone was not her only vulnerability.

Her reverie was broken by the crackling sound of the police radio speaker she had in her bedroom. Standing up, she walked into the bedroom and adjusted the volume on the radio unit.

“Attention all available units; we have an automated alarm at the City Savings and Loan on Bleeker Street. Surveillance cameras indicate the presence of the arch-criminal The Riddler and other known accomplices. You are urged to use extreme caution and wait for multiple back up units before attempting to apprehend. Repeat, attention all available…”

The police dispatcher’s voice droned on as Jennifer considered the situation. The bank was located less than two blocks from her apartment; as Emerald she could be there before any police units. And while Riddler was certainly a formidable foe, he had no super-powers. If she could keep her mind focused and remain alert for his infamous tricks and traps, she should be able to capture him with not much effort.

Shouldering out of her robe, Jennifer revealed her lithe, shapely young body. Reaching for her hidden crime-fighting uniform, she began a quick transformation into the young heroine known as Emerald. Almost instantly, she was clad in her form-fitting costume of dark green long-sleeve leotard, flesh-tone footed tights without footwear, short yellow gloves, a small Robin-style mask, and encircling her trim waist was a bright gold belt with a large emerald stone affixed in the center.

“All right you puzzling purveyor of petty pilfering,” Emerald smirked. “Let’s see how you like meeting me.”


Going down the elevator in her midtown apartment building, Emerald smirked at her reflection in the mirrored doors. As always, she used a large tan overcoat and pumps to conceal her superheroine identity. “At least I remembered to remove my mask this time,” she thought wryly. Leaving the elevator in her building’s parking deck, she made her way to her white Saturn sedan. “Maybe I should just paint my car green,” she thought for the thousandth time.

As she drove the short distance to the bank’s Bleeker Street address, she pondered this latest set of developments. The Riddler had been on somewhat of a crime spree in recent months. Not enough to really attract more than usual attention, but his crimes had been all of one theme; it seemed as if he was operating within some type of nursery rhyme motif.

A few months ago, Riddler and his gang had knocked over a PayDay Check Cashing branch. The three lovely female members of his gang had been dressed in skintight nylon costumes, complete with large round mouse ears, dark eyeglasses, and white canes. It was an obvious play on Three Blind Mice. The poor customers and staff of the branch were shocked to discover that the white canes contained special vision-blinding smoke, which their dark glasses could apparently see through.

Next came The Riddler’s version of Sing A Song of Sixpence. “He sure got away with a lot more than that,” Emerald thought, remembering how he and his trio of beautiful bakers had released ‘four-and-twenty’ blackbirds from their diabolical dessert. The staff at the Annual City Orphanage Fundraiser was so overwhelmed that the maniacal mischief maker got away with over $100,000.

After other rhyme-crimes, it seemed that now his target was the City Savings and Loan. Parking her decidedly non-superheroine vehicle around the corner and removing her coat and pumps, Emerald replaced her mask and was ready for action. Coming around the front of the bank building, Emerald used her hyper-senses and found the hole the villains had cut in the window glass was still hot. Glad that she had arrived so quickly, Emerald silently made her way through the hole and into the darkened bank.

Creeping forward on nylon-covered feet, the beautiful young heroine crouched and used her hyper-vision to avoid running into anything in the gloom. Pausing, she reached out with her hyper-hearing and detected muffled sounds coming from the rear of the main bank area. It was then she saw a telltale crack of light coming from underneath what could only be the partially opened vault door.

Without a sound the shapely teen crimefighter made her way to the vault and carefully peered inside. There she saw the infamous arch-criminal Riddler, clad in his signature green spandex leotard and tights, festooned all over with miniature question marks. As he was busy placing stacks of currency into canvas sacks, he was assisted by two of his henchgirls. Clad in body-hugging black nylon bodystockings and no footwear, the young women appeared to be identical twins. They both had short strawberry blonde hair, and the only apparent difference was that one of the curvaceous criminals had the word “Dish” emblazoned onto the front of her costume, while the other girl was wearing the word “Spoon.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” thought Emerald as she prepared to apprehend the oblivious bandits. She stepped up onto the circular rim that formed the seal between the vault’s circular door and the reinforced wall. Placing her gloved hands on her shapely hips, she spoke aloud, “OK Riddler, it’s time to end your evil storybook.”

Caught completely off guard, Riddler and his assistants whirled to face the new arrival. Recovering, the arch-villain replied, “Well, if it isn’t the new kid on the block. Emerald, if I’m not mistaken? And what a lovely little jewel you are.” His gaze was not something the nylon-clad heroine cared to suffer for long.

“That’s right, Riddler,” she replied. “And if you know who I am, you know that, as they say in Star Trek, ‘Resistance is futile.’ So, you tell me, easy way, or hard way?”

With a flourish, Riddler smiled and said, “Dear Emerald, riddle me this: When are three and one equal? Answer: When it’s my three against your one. Dish, Spoon, get her!” With that, Riddler and the two beautiful henchgirls sprang forward toward the teen heroine.

Prepared for their attack, Emerald used her hyper-strength to wrap the three criminals in her outstretched arms and forcefully shove them backwards to trip and stumble over their piles of ill-gotten money. Remaining hyper-alert for any surprise tricks, she hyper-sped into the vault and deliverd rapid punches and kicks, quickly defeating the three would-be bank robbers.

Standing back a few paces from the stunned trio, Emerald admired her handiwork. She was proud that she had so easily taken down the arch-criminal that had so often confounded the legendary Batman and Robin. She thought to herself, “Maybe Riddler’s slowing down as he gets old.” Aloud she said, “Well it looks like you’ll be doing your next lullabyes at the state penitentiary.”

Suddenly, Emerald’s world exploded in a dazzling wall of painful sound. The high-pitched squealing was mind-numbing and completely obliterated any attempts to block it out. The shocked heroine collapsed to her knees as she tried in vain to block out the ear-splitting assault.

Since her hyper-abilities were dependant upon her ability to concentrate, Emerald was rendered powerless as the deafening cacophony seemed to smother her from all sides. She fell to her side, helplessly writhing in the invisible grip of the unseen attack.

She was completely unable to resist as she watched Riddler and his assistants shakily get to their feet. Regaining composure, the villains pulled on a heavy drawer in the wall directly above Emerald’s prone form. With a final pull they opened the drawer, releasing a flood of individual bills that rained down, effectively pinning the powerless young heroine under a heavy pile of tens and twenties.

As quickly as the offending noise had begun, it now ceased. Her head continued to echo and ring from the audible assault and Emerald knew it would be some time before she could must the concentration needed to bring her hyper powers to bear. Once again, she found herself at the mercy of a diabolical super-villain.

It was then she noticed a new arrival in the vault, as in walked the forgotten third member of Riddler’s beautiful entourage. “Make that identical triplets,” the woozy heroine thought as she watched the new young woman, who was holding what appeared to be a violin and bow, walk to stand beside her beaming employer. She was also wearing a neck-to-toe nylon bodystocking and no shoes or boots. But her outfit was colored in a swirl of soft browns and greys, and had the addition of a long cat-like tail.

As the three girls turned to the task of picking up their sacks of loot, Riddler faced the captive young superheroine. Removing a small device from his ears, he giggled insanely and said, “Hey diddle diddle, this is my cat and her fiddle. I thought some pesky spandex simpleton might show up, so we had this delightful young thing hiding behind the vault door. Her ultrasonic paralyzing violin combined with your amazing hyper-hearing was quite effective, don’t you think? Sorry I couldn’t enjoy the concert myself, courtesy of our ultrasonic paralyzing violin proof earplugs.”

“You’ll never… get away… with this,” said the weakened heroine as she struggled to regain her senses and break free of this devilish monetary morass. At that moment, she heard the sirens of approaching police.

The Riddler turned to his terrible trio and said, “Come on ladies, I think it’s time we made our exit.” As they all grabbed multiple sacks of money and headed for the vault entrance, the beautiful henchgirl clad in the cat-like bodystocking paused and turned her head toward the struggling heroine. With a sly grin she said, “We’ll see you later… I’m sure.”

Moments later, as the internal echo of Riddler’s insidious music subsided, Emerald was able to manifest enough of her hyper-strength to squirm out from under the pile of crushing currency. Pausing to catch her breath by the bank vault door, she noticed something lying on the floor.

Bending over, she picked up what appeared to be small child’s puzzle piece. Examining it she saw that it was a piece from a puzzle where children were supposed to assemble pieces shaped like all the different states in the country. This piece was in the shape of New York.

As she heard the police begin to swarm throughout the bank, she placed the puzzle piece in the wrist of her glove, so as not to alert the police that she was removing possible evidence. “Sorry boys,” the teen crimefighter thought to herself. “This one’s mine.”

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