When Evil Plants A Seed, Gotham Is Truly In Need

A layer of sludge and slime floats atop the slowly moving waters of a secluded section of the Gotham East River. Following this polluted trail upstream we find its origin, an old cement pipe extending out from a muddy hillside. Following this murky passage leads to the innards of the Plasti-Chem industrial site.

As it has for over three decades, Plasti-Chem dumps its noxious waste by-products into the once thriving Gotham East River, effectively eliminating many species of waterside flora and fauna. While cited many times by Gotham City’s understaffed Environmental Affairs Office, Plasti-Chem has been more than willing to pay the paltry slap-on-the-wrist fines and continue their abuses.

A cloudless night’s full moon reveals a lithe figure making its way across Plasti-Chem’s inadequate security perimeter. Within seconds an opaque green bodystocking-clad brunette intruder gains access into the main processing plant. Upon entering she inadvertently triggers an infrared motion detector which silently summons plant security and local law enforcement.

The alluring interloper makes her way deeper into the facility. Her face, a study in focus and concentration, relaxes momentarily into a slight smile as she catches her reflection in a polished processing tank. She is costumed in an opaque light green long sleeved and gloved bodystocking with a growing plant emblem on her chest. She wears a small green eyemask and multi-pouched belt around her trim waist and no footwear. Her bodystocking is made of her newest and greatest creation, an incredible new living fabric, a Nylonic Symbiont.

While clinging to her every curve, the symbiont possesses the ability to truly enmesh with her thoughts and feelings. In addition to heightening her own natural athletic abilities, the living garment can replicate and dispense any type of biological material, such as seeds, vapors, etc.

She is jolted from her reverie by the glare of a flashlight beam wavering through the chamber. She spins as two Plasti-Chem security guards enter behind her, spotting her in the low light. “Hey, you, what are you doing in here?” asked one of the guards.

“Geez, she’s probably one of those protestors we keep throwing off the property,” sneered the other officer. “But she sure is a lot prettier than most of those other hippie weirdoes.” He gazed at her nylon-encased form with poorly disguised interest. Her skin crawled as his eyes roamed her petite form.

Straightening, she placed her hands onto her shapely hips. “My name is Flora,” she announced bravely, “and I’m here to stop the damage you’re doing to the environment. Don’t you care that you’re killing more plants and animals every day?”

“Sweetheart, the only thing I care about is you not moving while I put these handcuffs on you,” said the all-too-attentive guard. “The police will be here any minute so we don’t want any more trouble.” He moved forward and removed the handcuffs from his belt.

As he stopped before her, Flora looked up at his face with the most innocent of expressions. “You really don’t need those handcuffs, do you?” she asked, her eyes sliding downward coquettishly.

The guard’s eyes followed her gaze and stared at her incredible tights-clad legs. Mesmerized by the sight, his eyes opened wide as he saw the nylon fabric covering her upper thigh shift and move as if it had a life of its own. Distracted, he was completely surprised by the symbiont-enhanced snap kick to the chin from her shapely leg. He landed at her feet in an unmoving lump.

She looked up to see the second guard already moving to pull out his nightstick and advance toward her. As he begins his charge, Flora crouches down and places her hand on the metal flooring grate beneath her. From where her hand touches the floor, a trail of slippery wet moss races toward the approaching security officer.

His feet touching the expanding moss, the guard immediately slips and falls, his head bouncing off the metal handrail. He too lands unmoving in front of her delicate nylon-clad feet.

A bit rattled by her sudden discovery, Flora quickly moves deeper into the vast space. Arriving at the center of the complex, she kneels down and unclasps one of the compartments on her belt. Gloved fingers reach inside and remove a handful of small seeds. Flora holds the seed tightly within her hand until a dim bio-luminescent glow emerges.

“OK boys,” she says quietly. “We’ve charged up your growth rate. Now get down there and do your stuff. This is for all your cousins on the East River.” With that she opens her hand and pours out the seeds into the darkness between the metal floor grating. She then stands and begins a quick escape, rushing through the complex.

Just as her stocking-clad feet make contact with the cool grass outside the processing building, Flora hears a tremendous crash come from within the walls behind her. She jogs a few more yards before turning to see her handiwork. Smoke, fire, and debris erupt from the building site as enormous giant tree trunks shoot up from the ground beneath the complex, destroying everything built above them. A victorious gleam in her masked eye, the alluring young villainess turns and dashes away toward her hidden escape route.

Moments later, amidst the clamor of emergency rescue and law enforcement personnel, another beautiful young woman enters the complex. Parking her RedBird cycle in the complex’s parking area, Robin the Girl Wonder approaches the disintegrating factory. In just a few moments the humongous sized sequoia analogues have reduced almost every part of the facility to irreparable rubble.

“What in the world…?” mused the lovely heroine as she roamed the scene. “This looks like some of Poison Ivy’s work, but I know she’s still safely locked up at Arkham.” The brightly colored costume of the lithe young crimefighter could be seen easily as she searched for clues about tonight’s baffling incident.

After spending several minutes interviewing the two Plasti-Chem guards about their encounter with the new villainess, the tights-clad teenager had more clues and questions than before. “OK, so she calls herself Flora and is out crusading for the environment, although not going exactly the legal way about doing it.” Gifted in pulling information out of people, Robin had been able to learn all of the minute details about Flora’s escapade.

The Girl Wonder kneels down to retrieve a small sample of the tree material which ultimately destroyed the complex. Placing the container in her famed utility belt, she stood and made her way to her equally well-known motorcycle. Preparing for her ride back to the BatCave, Robin thought, “There’s more going on here than simple eco-terrorism. I’ll need the BatComputer to help me sort out this mystery.”

The shapely young heroine sped off into the night anxious to find and capture Gotham’s newest super-villainess, Flora.


After spending an all night session working with the BatComputer, a lovely young brunette girl walks across the campus of Gotham State University. Seventeen year old high school sophomore Tina Drake follows a campus map toward her destination, the university’s Biology Dept.

Stifling a yawn after her sleepless night of research, the young girl, better known to the denizens of Gotham as the teen wonder Robin, mounts the marble stairs into the GSU Biology Research Library. After a quick conversation with the main desk attendant, she is directed to a side exit door leading to the adjacent Biology Greenhouse.

The young investigator is hit with not only the humid nature of the greenhouse interior but also the almost overpowering mix of floral fragrance from the myriad of plants and flowers growing within. Slowly walking within the rows of growing racks and tables she encounters for more species of plants than she ever knew existed.

“Please be careful there,” calls a voice, causing Tina to turn quickly. She is greeted by the sight of a simple yet attractive young woman watching her from a doorway several feet away.

“Oh, I’m sorry; I’m not hurting anything,” replied Tina

With a raised eyebrow the unidentified newcomer replied, “It’s not the plants getting hurt I’m worried about. We’re working with several somewhat dangerous species and chemicals over here. I’m Dr. Cook; can I help you with something?”

“Dr. Cassie Cook?” asked the teenager. “You’re who I’m looking for. The biology librarian said you might be able to help me with some research I’m doing.”

“I see,” said Dr. Cook. “And at the risk of being impolite, may I ask who you are?”

“Sorry, social skills failure yet again. My name is Misty Bridges; I’m a freshman transfer trying to get in good with my biology professor.”

Relaxing slightly Dr. Cook replied, “Ah the virtues of extra credit to the underprepared underclassman. Don’t sweat it Misty; it’s not been that long since I was in your shoes. So what kind of research are you doing?”

“Well it’s kinda over my head really,” Tina said meekly. “I wanted to find out about accelerating plant growth rates by the use of polydichloric euthamol.” While it had been able to identify a portion of the plant material, the BatComputer had very little in the way of solid information on the revolutionary research.

Taken aback by the request, Dr. Cook was momentarily flustered. “Um…, well…, really? Um, exactly which professor did you say you wanted to impress?”

“I’m in Dr. Emil Stancil’s Bio 202 section,” replied the disguised crimefighter, glad she had read over an online faculty listing prior to coming to campus.

“Dr. Emil Stancil?” asked Dr. Cook. “I’ve read the name around campus but we’ve never actually met. How do you like his classes?”

“He’s a good lecturer but is really demanding when it comes to research projects.”

“I see,” replied Dr. Cook. “Well unfortunately Misty, there’s no research into polydichloric euthamol happening at this university. I’ve only seen references to it on the internet as something the military is experimenting with. I think the web will be your best source for info, although I wouldn’t expect to find much.” All the time she was speaking Dr. Cook looked intently at the younger woman.

A bit surprised by the turn the conversation had taken, Tina sensed that Dr. Cook would be of little further help. At least knowingly… “Oh, OK. Gee, I’m sorry for wasting your time. Thanks for your help.”

As the lovely young girl turned to leave, Dr. Cook said with eyes narrowed in thought, “No trouble at all Misty. Please feel free to visit again anytime.”

Exiting the greenhouse, Tina thought to herself, “Oh, I will. And sooner than you can imagine.” There was something about Dr. Cook that just didn’t seem right. “Looks like I’ll be pulling another all-nighter tonight.”


Later that night Robin’s RedBird cycle winds its way through the post-midnight city streets toward Gotham State University’s main campus. She knew there was more to Dr. Cassie Cook and her work there than met the eye.

Just a few blocks from campus the RedBird’s police radio transmitter crackles to life. “All available units, be advised that the Gorshin Distilled Spirits Factory on Newmar St. has sounded an intruder alarm. Proceed with caution as their security guards report an attack similar to last night’s incident at the Plasti-Chem facility. Repeat: all available units…”

The radio chatter faded into the background as the teenaged Girl Wonder quickly turned her cycle toward the factory location. “Sounds like even more fun to meet Flora in person,” she muttered as she gunned the engine off into the night.

Moments later the powerful RedBird entered the compound. Immediately seeing Gorshin security forces fleeing from one particular building Robin headed that way. Maximizing the element of surprise, Robin rode her cycle up the loading dock ramp and directly into the building itself.

Turning off the engine the teen heroine heard sounds of destruction coming from a steam shrouded area directly ahead. She runs directly ahead determined to catch her foe before she can escape.

Emerging from the misty depths Robin enters a large space dominated by massive machinery, large vats, and a maze of floor-to-ceiling pipes. In the midst of this industrial mayhem is the beautiful young villainess Flora. It is obvious that she has just finished incapacitating another of Gorshin’s security forces and is now bending down prying at a hatch covering one of the many pipes. Before Robin’s astonished eyes the bodystocking-covered young woman pries open a large metal fitting. Extending her gloved hand over the opening she sprays a handful of small seed-like objects directly into the pipe.

The masked criminal’s head snaps up as she hears Robin’s voice cut through the gloom. “Stop right there Flora! Come away from that equipment.”

Her trim figure rising, Flora regards the teenaged newcomer. “Well, well, if it isn’t Robin the Girl Wonder. Look, I don’t have any quarrel with you. I’ve just released an enzyme into the liquid transfer system that will convert all this alcohol and waste products into safe, purified water. I just want to stop the pollution this factory is emitting.”

“You know I can’t just stand by and let you do this,” replied Robin. “Even if what you’re telling me is true, you can’t just break the law and dispense your own justice. Please don’t make this any harder than it has to be.”

Steeling her gaze the villainess young woman flatly said, “I’m sorry, but it looks like it’s going to have to be the hard way my young friend.” And with that Flora crouched and leapt in an impossibly high arc directly toward the young Caped Crusader.

Relying purely on instinct the teen heroine rolled out of the way just as Flora’s nylon-clad feet landed atop the spot she had just been standing on. Pivoting on her booted feet Robin faced her attacker. Stunned by Flora’s abilities, she asked, “How did you do that?”

With an evil gleam, Flora replied, “Oh, I’m just full of surprises, here I’ll show…” Her reply was cut short by the unexpected impact of Robin’s coiled Batrope as it spun about her body. Obviously Robin wasn’t going to let Flora keep her on the defensive.

The graceful heroine firmly planted her shapely nylon-encased legs and pulled the off-guard saboteur toward her in an attempt to overpower her while she held the advantage. However the slightly taller villainess wasn’t quite done yet.

Leaning back against the restraining rope, Flora grabbed the line with both hands and gave a mighty pull, catapulting the unexpecting young girl forward and into her outstretched arms. Flora pulled the teenaged young girl into a deadly embrace, squeezing the breath from the Girl Wonder’s lungs.

“Uunngghh…, can’t…, breathe,” gasped the suddenly captive girl. “Must…, break…, free.” Using all her strength she was able to spin her writhing form to face outward from Flora’s devilish crushing grasp. She struggled desperately within her captor’s unnaturally strong arms.

Looking down Robin saw that Flora’s nylon-clad arms and hands encircled her waist and crossed to grip her by her elbows, on the bare skin between her sleeves and gloves. Suddenly she couldn’t believe her eyes as the opaque green nylon fabric of Flora’s gloves seemed to stretch out and almost CRAWL onto her own arms!

She could feel the tingling creeping of the stretchy material as it wound its way across her skin, as if the material were alive itself. “What…, are you…, doing…, to me?” gasped the struggling young heroine.

Without any evident exertion, the alluring villainess replied, “Say hello to my crowning achievement. It’s a remarkable living blend of living plant material and synthetic nylon. I call it my nylonic symbiont and it helps me do a lot of amazing things.”

Horrified Robin watched as the hideous living fabric encircled her elbows completely, leaving the skin beneath with a weakened tingling sensation. Knowing she had to break free now or never, Robin pushed off with both her booted feet and arched her back as far as her gymnast’s body could stretch. The back of her head smacked directly into the side of Flora’s unprotected face with a resounding THUNK.

Blinded with pain the villainess released her grip on the weakened young girl, the green fabric encircling Robin’s arms snapping back into place on Flora’s hands. Both combatants staggered away from one another, both trying desperately to regroup before the other.

Energized by her escape Robin was first to turn toward the offensive. “The game’s over Flora. Your short lived criminal career is finished.” Robin began reaching for her BatCuffs.

Still recovering from Robin’s powerful head butt, Flora knew she had to act fast. She threw her hand open toward the teen wonder and splayed a small handful of seeds at Robin’s feet. Ready for such an attack Robin leapt easily to the side away from the tiny particles.

But the seeds were just a distraction, allowing Flora a moment to lean down and grasp a large metal valve on a pipe running along the floor. With an effort she spun the heavy wheel.

Instantly a large cloud of pressurized vapor erupted from the pipes at Robin’s feet. She was engulfed in the heavy fog which immediately overwhelmed her. Her eyes began to roll up into her head and her entire body felt heavy and difficult to move. “What’s…, happening…, to me?” she asked sluggishly.

The teenaged heroine became overcome by a cloying grogginess and disorientation. She valiantly tried to remain standing but crumbled to her knees in weakness. She could make out the wavering image of Flora standing in the distance.

Flora’s voice sounded muffled as she said, “It looked like you’re still under age, so I thought you might enjoy a concentrated blast from the alcohol pressurized vapor tanks. How do you like your first cocktail Girl Wonder? Sorry I can’t stay and share a drink with you.”

Unable to stay upright, the drunkened teen heroine slumped forward and rolled onto her back. Weakened by two sleepless nights and Flora’s alcoholic assault, her eyelids fluttered as she saw her bodystocking-clad foe jogging away toward her escape, just as Robin passed out into unconsciousness.

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