When Robin’s On the Prowl, Penguin Cries A Fowl

“FELNIOUS FEATHERED FIEND FINDS FREEDOM!” decreed the latest newspaper headline. Seventeen year old high-schooler Tina Drake frowned as she read the text of the article. The story went on to say how the archcriminal Penguin, as he escaped from the city’s maximum security prison via hot air balloon, had sworn revenge on the city’s law enforcement community, especially on herself and her crimefighting mentor Batman.

“Oh, just great,” sighed the beautiful young girl, lounging on an overstuffed sofa wearing her prep school uniform of navy blue sweater, plaid pleated skirt and white tights. Her brown loafers had been kicked off and she sat with her legs folded beneath her. “Penguin escapes from jail, Batman’s out of town, and I have a chemistry final this Friday. Oh well, a heroine’s life is never dull.”

With that the shapely young brunette stood and walked to the desk in the center of the study, upon which sat a marble bust of playwright William Shakespeare. Pulling back on the head of the statue revealed a hidden switch which activated the Bat-poles located behind the book-laden shelves of the study. As she had countless times before, the lithe young girl grasped the metal pole and slid downward. Midway down she threw the Instant Bat-Costume Change lever.

Emerging at the bottom of her slide upon a cushioned platform, Tina was now outfitted in the uniform of her crimefighting alter-ego, Robin the Girl Wonder. She stopped a moment before the Bat-Costume Checking Mirror admiring her appearance. She now wore a bright red vested tunic with yellow laces on the chest and her famous “R” insignia, short green sleeves, green trunks, boots, & gloves, short yellow silken cape, small black eye mask, thin utility belt, and sheer tan tights over her trim, athletic legs.

“I always thought this uniform would look better on a girl,” she muttered to herself as she ensured her costume’s completeness. Turning, the closely-cropped brunette descended the few stairs into the main area of the Batcave. She made her way over to the control console for the powerful Bat-computer. Seating herself at the keyboard, she began piecing together all known information that could indicate the Penguin’s next move.

After several minutes of work the computer produced an old-fashioned punch card. Frowning at the antiquity, which Batman refused to update, she read the card’s information aloud. “Friendly Fresh and Frozen Fish Factory, purchased just 3 days ago by a Mr. P. N. Guinn.” She mused, “P. N. Guinn? Penguin! Leave it to that waddling wayfarer to use such an obvious pseudonym. And of course, no supervillain would be complete without waterfront-factory hideout.”

While she was content to serve as sidekick to the city’s most famous and trusted champion of justice, she admitted to herself that she enjoyed striking out on her own every once in a while. “But I need to be a little more careful than last time,” she thought, remembering her recent capture and almost defeat at the hands of Riddler and his female gang.

Determined, the plucky young heroine walked over to a wall-mounted locker labeled Bat-Disguise Closet. “I think it’s time to pay a little visit to Mr. P. N. Guinn and his fish factory.”

An hour later, a petite young short-haired brunette walked into the customer waiting area of the Friendly Fresh and Frozen Fish Factory. Wearing a nondescript grey suit, low heels, flesh colored pantyhose, and dark rimmed eyeglasses, the young woman walked primly up to the service counter carrying her briefcase and rang the bell. From behind a floor-length curtain emerged 2 beautiful young women wearing matching outfits of a dark blue long sleeve leotard and light blue tights and no footwear. Appearing to both be in their early 20s, one girl had short blonde hair and the other medium length brown hair.

“Welcome to Friendly Fish. May we help you?” asked the brown haired beauty.

“Why yes, I think you might be able to,” replied the proper young businesswoman. “My name is Regina Gertrude Westminster and I am a junior purchasing associate for Wayne Industries’ commercial food division. I came to inquire about the possibility of engaging your company to provide us with quality products. Is your manager available?”

Eager to please, the shapely blonde said, “Yes, Mr. Guinn is available. If you’ll wait just a moment I’ll get him for you.” She then walked back behind the curtain, apparently back into the inner part of the factory. This left the erstwhile Ms. Westminster and the brown haired young associate in the reception area.

Narrowing her eyes, the Wayne Industries representative said, “I must say, those are quite interesting uniforms you have.” This elicited a smiling response.

“Thank you for noticing. Mr. Guinn does have a rather unconventional way of running his business, but the uniforms are quite comfortable really. And since we move around so much between all the automated equipment, it’s nice to have such freedom of movement.”

It was then that the factory manager made his entrance. Dressed in his trademark black tuxedo, complete with top hat and frilly white waistcoat, the archcriminal Penguin waddled from behind the curtain. “Mwaa-haa. A pleasure madam, a true pleasure. P. N. Guinn at your service,” he said around the long cigarette holder clenched between his teeth.

Gazing at the short rotund man no taller than herself, Ms. Westminster replied, “Yes, certainly. As I have told your employees, Wayne Industries is searching for new vendors with which to expand its processed foods offerings. I would like to inquire about the possibility of touring your new facility to determine if we might do business together.”

With mock severity, the diminutive man shook his head sadly. “Alas madam, while I would like to entertain the possibility of partnering with the most impressive Wayne Industries, I cannot allow anyone other than my most trusted employees into our production facilities. Industrial espionage and that sort of thing, don’t you see?”

Raising an eyebrow, the young woman replied, “Quite so. I do understand completely. Well, I must be off. Several more appointments today. I do thank you for your time.” With that she turned to go.

“Maaa-waa-waa. I do hope that we’ll see you again,” said Mr. Guinn.

Turning from the open door, the smiling young woman said, “Yes, so do I.”

Once outside, the young businesswoman turned the corner and entered an abandoned building she had noted earlier. Quickly she removed her disguise as a prim and proper businesswoman and donned the costume of the beautiful young heroine Robin which had been hidden in her briefcase.

As she smoothed the nylon tights over her lean, shapely legs, she considered her situation. “It’s The Penguin all right. And from the way he reacted to my wanting to see his factory, I’m certain that he and his criminal cohorts are up to no good. I’m sure they won’t be expecting a visit from The Girl Wonder.”

Quickly she made her way back to the entrance of the fish factory. She silently opened the door into the reception area, relieved to find it unoccupied. Alert for danger, the teen heroine crept behind the counter, near the curtain leading into the factory proper.

Inside the factory, Penguin was in deep discussion with his newest assortment of henchgirls. “Mwaa-waa-waa. It seems as if we have attracted unwanted attention sooner than I thought. I’m sure that was no ordinary buyer, but some kind of spy from that do-gooding Wayne Foundation. We must be on our guard.”

Suddenly a red light began blinking on a panel next to them. “Egad, it seems we have an uninvited guest lurking in our lobby,” said the fishy felon, turning towards the curtain leading to the reception area. Just beneath the hem of the curtain they could see the toes of some very famous green boots.

“Mwaa-waa, oh this is truly delicious indeed,” said Penguin. “The Girl Wonder herself has come to call.” Using his ever-present umbrella he activated a control switch on an adjacent panel.

From beyond the curtain the 3 villains could hear the sudden THUMP as a heavy fishing net dropped from the ceiling above the outer counter. Springing into action, the nylon-clad henchgirls dashed to the curtain, eager to see the prey they had so easily snared. Penguin relished his good fortune as his assistants pulled back the curtain to reveal the captured teen heroine.

But as they discovered, Robin was nowhere to be seen. Underneath the heavy netting they found only her famous short green boots. The confused young women looked back at their criminal master, unsure of what had happened. Penguin’s eyes bulged as he realized he had been tricked. A voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Hold it right there, Pengy old pal,” called a triumphant young female voice. Turning, the criminals saw the lithe body of the young crimefighter Robin standing confidently atop a seafood packaging machine, although now without her footwear her tights-covered feet were exposed. “I thought you might have something like that planned so I went around the back. You really should get that lock checked by the way.”

Seething, Penguin said, “Mwaa-mwaa, yes, I’ll be sure to have that looked into, my pesky little intruder. In the mean time, say hello to my new associates, Manta and Moray. Girls, I have a little morsel for you. Get her!” At Penguin’s command the shapely young criminals leaped toward the solitary heroine.

Standing atop the packaging machine with her legs at the henchgirls’ eye level, Robin’s legs were a nylon-covered blur as she danced to avoid the clutches of the villains’ grasp. Leaping up she lashed out with 2 kicks, sending the shapely villains skidding across the floor.

As he dropped from his perch, the archcriminal pressed a control on the nearby panel. Suddenly the machine beneath the young superheroine came to life. The conveyor belt on which she stood lurched to life, throwing the young girl off her feet and landing on her back upon the moving belt. Instantly she became entwined by the grasping arms of the recovering Manta and Moray, holding her down atop the now moving conveyor.

Robin struggled within the villainous vixens’ grip, trying to break free. She fought for purchase as the belt moved ever forward, carrying her toward the gaping maw of the seafood packaging machine. Thrashing her head from side to side, she saw that the women holding her were also unable to gain leverage as their nylon-covered feet slid forward across the tiled factory floor.

With a gasp of strength, Robin used the force of the henchgirls against them. She pulled them closer with a wrenching pull, causing them to collide with one another. Momentarily stunned, they released their hold on the beautiful young heroine. As they lurched backwards, Robin was able to hop off the moving belt and move toward her dizzied opponents. She readied herself to finish off this evil duo.

Suddenly she felt as if a hook had clamped itself around her neck. Gasping for breath, she realized that Penguin had sneaked behind her and wrapped the handle of his evil umbrella around her throat and began dragging her backwards. “Can’t… breathe!” she gasped, unable to resist the pressure on her tender throat.

“Mwaa-mwaa-mwaa!” cackled the archcriminal as he pulled the struggling young heroine back toward the factory wall. Robin was helpless as she was forced back against the wall, from which protruded large replicas of various pieces of fishing tackle. As she was forced against the wall, a large metal fishhook beside her pivoted around the struggling girl’s midsection, pinning her arms at her side.

Penguin then released his umbrella handle from around Robin’s neck and stepped back. While now able to take a breath, The Girl Wonder now found herself pinned to the wall by the unbreakable metal hook. She squirmed and writhed but discovered she couldn’t even reach the devices in her utility belt. “Must break… free. This… horrible hook… has me… helpless!” despaired the powerless young girl.

Admiring his handiwork, Penguin was now joined by the recovered henchgirls. “Mwaa-mwaa!” he crowed victoriously. “Look at our catch of the day, my lovelies. And let’s make sure she doesn’t slip the hook, shall we?” With that the archvillain again used his diabolical umbrella’s handle, this time hooking it behind the buckle of the helpless Robin’s utility belt. With a hard yank, the buckle disengaged and the belt dropped free from the struggling girl’s trim waist, landing at her nylon-encased feet. Although while trapped by Penguin’s evil fishhook, it might as well have been a million miles away.

With shock and anger, the now completely vulnerable young heroine said, “You can’t… get away… with this… you brazen bird! Let me… go!” Her words belied the dread and fear within her as Robin knew full well she was totally within Penguin’s evil grasp, unable to resist whatever dreadful fate he and his beautiful minions had in store for her.

Chuckling softly, the villainous Penguin said, “Oh, I’ll let you go my brave little birdie. But we need to make sure that you don’t cause any more unneeded commotion.” Again he utilized his infamous bumbershoot, this time bringing the metal endpoint up close to the struggling heroine’s face. Pressing a trigger in the handle, Penguin caused a spray of gas to emit from the end near Robin’s face.

Unable to twist away from the diabolical umbrella gas, the trapped young heroine yet again felt the unmistakable sensation of sleepiness overpower her. “No… not… sleeping gas.” Her head filling with an irresistible fog, the powerless young superheroine fell to the effects of the powerful anesthetic. Darkness clouded her vision and Robin’s struggles ceased as her head drooped forward, her lovely young form still pinned upright by the inescapable giant hook.

Penguin and his evil henchgirls, Manta and Moray, laughed at the helpless heroine. Robin was now completely in their clutches, powerless to escape whatever tortures they could devise.

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