Wonder Carmen

I: Carmen’s Dream

There was nothing wrong with Carmen’s life as a housewife. In fact it was just the opposite! Her suburban home and surroundings were beautiful. Her husband was loving and attentive. There was just no excitement in her life lately.

Carmen had recently spent an afternoon with some rich country club women that she had met at her gym. They told her that despite all that they had, they too wanted more excitement. They suggested she visit a special place in the country about 20 miles away.

“They offer what’s called ‘dream therapy’.” One of the women told her. “It’s expensive but well worth it.”

At a fancy lunch table in the elite country club, Carmen sat mesmerized as she listened to the women’s descriptions of their visits there. Once she had heard the various stories, Carmen was hooked. She had to try it herself.

Carmen put the address into her GPS and drove her SUV over winding back roads for nearly an hour. Finally her destination was reached. She parked and turned off the engine. The place didn’t look like much. It resembled a doctor’s office or an insurance company.

Once inside Carmen was greeted by a sweet young girl named Megan. Megan had Carmen sit beside her desk and took her personal information down. Then she told Carmen a little about what to expect.

She would be taken to a quiet and private room. There she would be made ready for the therapy. Everything would be done for her by attendants.

“You will be made extremely comfortable and put in a certain romantic mood.” Megan said. “Then you will be put to bed and you will sleep for 8-10 hours. During that time you will have vivid and colorful dreams. We cannot predict exactly what the dreams will be. That depends on your own mindset before you fall asleep of course. You will however be leading another life entirely while you sleep.”

Carmen was excited. She couldn’t wait to begin. Megan gave her a capsule and a small cup of water.

“It’s a sedative to get you on your way.” Megan told her. “It will make you relaxed and very amorous.”

Carmen swallowed the capsule and sat on a nearby sofa to wait for her session to begin. She picked up an entertainment magazine from the table in front of her and started reading an article about the new and recently cancelled Wonder Woman TV show. As she looked at the pictures and the plot description she remembered the original Wonder Woman TV show that she had watched as a child.

It all swirled around in her mind like Diana Prince’s costume change. The star spangled outfit, the golden lasso, the magic belt, and above all those special powers! Oh yes, Carmen, like every other girl her age, longed to be like Wonder Woman.

“It’s a shame the new show never even got a chance!” Carmen thought to herself as she read the article. “Today’s generation of young girls will miss out on a wonderful fantasy!” As she read on, she was gradually becoming sleepy. Soon the magazine fell from her hands as she drifted off into a pleasant daze.

Chip, the rather cocky male attendant, was a champion modern day “Cougar” as they say. He loved hot older women! He eagerly approached Carmen as she was sitting on the sofa. He knew the roofie that his girlfriend Megan had given her as a “so called sedative” was working and that she would be putty in his hands. Shoot, who needed the roofie? If she was bored enough to come here in the first place, she would probably have been all over him anyway.

Carmen was suddenly alerted. A handsome young man was standing over her. The young man sat on the sofa next to her and placed his strong arm around her. Carmen’s sleepy head instantly fell onto his wide, strong shoulder.

“They’re ready for you now Miss Carmen.” He said softly. “How do you feel now?”

“I feel warm and safe in your arms!” Carmen replied, smiling at him lovingly, as she looked into his deep brown eyes.

‘That’s good” he replied. “I’m going to kiss you now. Please close your eyes and open your mouth slightly.”

Carmen was already aroused by his manner and felt no will to resist! No matter that she was married and that he was half her age. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth half way as the young man took her face between his hands and kissed her gently but deeply. Shock waves went through her body as the man kissed her like she had never been kissed before. As he kissed her, she felt one blouse button being undone, and then another and another, until her blouse was fully open.

Chips hand was inside her blouse now and reaching behind her back. Carmen felt a tug on her bra hooks and suddenly her bra flew undone. Her swollen breasts were now free. Finally his warm and gentle hand was holding her left breast. Carmen was highly aroused now and kissed him with a renewed abandon. Her mouth was open it’s widest and his agile young tongue was probing deep inside.

Finally Chip got around to her other breast, and after a minute or so he broke off the kiss and took her taught nipple in his mouth. Carmen writhed in ecstasy as he moved his mouth to her other willing breast. Carmen felt like she was discovering sex for the first time! Then suddenly a chime sounded and broke the mood.

It was time for her therapy now. Chip released her tender breast from the warm sanctuary of his mouth and helped her up. Carmen could not stand now. She melted in his strong arms and he cradle carried her towards the therapy room. As he carried her nearly limp body, Chip wished he had more time with her. “Oh well, maybe she will come back for more soon.” He thought to himself.

Chip carried Carmen inside the room and the door automatically closed behind them. When they were inside the room, Carmen could see a sunken bath tub and a massage table. Chip placed her on the massage table and left the room.

Carmen was still awake, but somehow she felt like she was already in a dream. Several beautiful women that looked like models were all around her. One untied and slipped off her sneakers and socks while 2 others removed her already undone blouse and bra, along with her jeans. Then she was told to stand up.

Carmen couldn’t stand, so two girls helped her up. A third girl was pulling Carmen’s tiny and now very damp panties down to around her ankles. She was told to step out of the panties and into the bubbling tub.

Carmen was bathed with special soaps and scented oils in a lap of luxury like Cleopatra. Then she was finally helped back onto the massage table and dried with warm towels. A new pair of very expensive and extremely silky feeling panties were put on her next, and a pair of black patent high heeled pumps were placed on her feet for her.

The bath had an awakening effect on Carmen and she could stand and walk by herself now. She was led through a large door by two women. She felt much younger and very sexy as she walked in just the panties and high heels.

The surroundings on the other side of the door took Carmen’s breath away. The room was inviting and beautiful. It was all like a true temple of Morpheus. The bed was lined with silk sheets and the covers were pulled back ready for her to get in.

“It’s all about the feel of the experience” one of the girls told her. “Step out of your fancy shoes and hop into this cozy bed.”

Carmen slipped the shoes off and crawled into the bed as she was told. The feel of the satin sheets on her just bathed and highly aroused and clean body was incredibly erotic. A young girl was pulling her silky panties down and off now. The feel of the bed now that she was totally naked was even more delightful.

As the covers of the bed were pulled up over Carmen’s naked body, her young man was suddenly there. He was holding a large silver injection gun. He smiled as he placed it against Carmen’s shoulder near her neck.

“Sweet dreams!” he said as he pulled the trigger.

Carmen heard a noise like a burst of air and felt a slight sting on her shoulder. As she looked at his handsome young face, her eyes began to lose focus. That’s the last thing she remembered before she passed out.

Chip left the room after Carmen’s eyes closed and her head slumped to the side. Then the girls turned out the lights and left the room as well.

Carmen’s dream adventure was about to begin…..

II: The Island

Carmen awoke suddenly and felt motion. She looked around and found herself alone in a small boat that was adrift in the sea. She was wearing nothing but a tiny red string bikini and a pair of sneakers. To her left, on the horizon, she could see an island that was lush with palm trees and other vegetation.

Carmen pulled the rope on the boat’s outboard motor and got no response. After 3 more pulls, the motor roared to life. Carmen pulled back the throttle lever and steered the boat towards the island. Suddenly the island disappeared!

“Was it all a mirage? Am I crazy? And since when did I know how to run a boat?” Carmen wondered to herself. After the boat had traveled another mile or so, the island magically reappeared. “The heat must be getting to me.” Carmen thought out loud.

Carmen ran the boat onto the beach and turned off the motor. In the sudden quiet she could hear water running. She jumped out of the boat and headed inland towards the sound. Within 10 minutes Carmen was standing under a beautiful waterfall. She took off her sneakers and jumped in the water. It was cool and delightful as compared with the heat of the tropical island.

Carmen drank her fill of the sweet water as she cooled her body in the stream. Finally she got out of the water, put her sneakers back on, and looked around. It would be dark soon. Carmen could see a small cave opening near the falling water. She decided the cave would be a good place to spend the night.

Carmen gathered some palm leaves and branches and entered the cave. She made a makeshift bed from the branches and leaves and settled in for a nap. As darkness fell, she drifted off to sleep while listening to the gentle sound of the waterfall.

After sunrise, Carmen suddenly was awake and heard voices. There were a lot of very loud voices. It was almost like a party going on outside. Carmen peeked outside of the cave and suddenly realized that it was no party! About a dozen beautiful and scantily clad women were running around looking for an intruder.

“They must have found my boat!” Carmen suddenly realized. “Somehow they don’t look exactly glad to see a visitor either!”

Suddenly, to Carmen’s surprise, one of the women pointed to the cave.

“Look! There she is. Let’s get her!” the woman yelled.

Carmen bolted out of the cave and broke into a run. She had a hundred yard lead and thought that she could easily run away and hide. That plan wasn’t working though. The women ran incredibly fast and caught up with her quickly. Soon one of the girls tackled Carmen to the ground. The young girl was incredibly fit and strong.

Carmen used her own gym training to push the young woman off of her and got up and started to run again. Suddenly she felt a sting in her butt. As Carmen turned around she saw one of the women holding a blow gun.

“Oh no, that may be a tranquilizer dart!” Carmen agonized to herself. Her thoughts were swiftly confirmed when she felt her muscles relax as she fell to the ground. The women were approaching her now and she could not move. Her vision was starting to blur as well. Soon she was fighting just to remain awake.

Then to Carmen’s horror, one of the other women raised a blow gun to her lips. A Pfft sound could be heard as a second dart was launched and hit Carmen in the chest. Carmen passed out almost instantly.

Carmen finally awoke hours later and was securely bound to some kind of ceremonial table. There was a huge fire burning and dozens of women were around her. There was no escape now. Carmen wasn’t worried however. If they wanted to kill her she would already be dead. They must want something. She remained calm and silent.

A middle aged woman stood over her. She was very beautiful and had long dark hair. In fact she reminded Carmen of Lynda Carter from the old Wonder Woman TV show.

“My name is Lila.” She said. “You have invaded a world where you do not belong. We cannot let you leave the island until you are like one of us now.”

“What is this place?” Carmen asked in fear.

“We call it Paradise.” Lila answered. “We have no crime, no disease, and no wars. We do have some of the good things from your world. We have the food, clothing, and medicine for example. We have some technology too, but we keep that well hidden and in its proper place.”

“I don’t see any men.” Carmen replied.

“That is unfortunate.” Lila said. “Our men were all lost in a battle before we found this island. That’s why we never make war or get involved with the outside world anymore.”

“It doesn’t matter now anyway. All of us are way stronger and faster than any man. Your training and transition will begin tomorrow. Soon you too will see.” Lila said.

Lila untied Carmen. Then she yelled out loud, “Let the feast and games begin!”

The island was instantly transformed into a huge party. There was food, wine and many women were playing various athletic games. Carmen was amazed. The women could all run as fast as animals and could jump ten feet in the air. Were they really going to teach her how to do this?

After partaking in her share of food and wine, Carmen was led to a hut and shown where she would sleep for the night. Carmen removed her sneakers and bikini top and went to bed. She fell asleep almost immediately.

Carmen was awakened just before dawn. She quickly put her top and sneakers back on and went outside. Nearly a dozen women were waiting, and they had a stretcher. Carmen asked who the stretcher was for.

“It’s for you.” Lila said. “The place we are taking you is secret. We need to put you to sleep for transport there.”

Carmen was ordered to lie on her back on the stretcher. She did so reluctantly. Then one of the women poured something from a bottle onto a cloth. Lila took the cloth and held it over Carmen’s nose and mouth.

“This is chloroform.” Lila said. “You will be getting this often for a few days. Just breathe normally and don’t fight it.”

Carmen’s vision soon blurred and her eyes began to flutter. Her hearing dulled and she could hear a hollow ringing sound. That’s the last thing she remembered. As soon as Carmen was unconscious, the band of women lifted the stretcher and began the journey to the secret pond.

When Carmen woke up she was being held under the water of a small and beautiful pond. Carmen was totally naked and the water covered everything up to her neck. The water had a blue tint and was not clear like normal water. Carmen felt very light weight in the special water too.

“If we didn’t hold you down you would pop to the surface quickly.” One of the women holding her said.

Then Lila appeared. “You will be held under this water from sunrise to sunset for 3 days. Then you will have the same strength and agility that we do.” She said.

“You mean the water is what does it?” Carmen asked.

“The water, combined with the chloroform before and after, and some training that we do afterwards.” Lila replied.

After sundown Carmen was removed from the pond and allowed to put her sneakers and string bikini back on. Then she was placed on the stretcher and put to sleep for the trip back to camp. Now that Carmen knew that the chloroform was part of the strength secret; she inhaled deeply and swiftly fell into a deep sleep.

The 3 days passed quickly and without incident. By the second day Carmen couldn’t wait to deeply inhale the chloroform and experience the euphoric delight of slipping into that delightful void. Was she getting addicted or something? No matter, she loved it!

The 2 days of rigorous physical training came next and went by quickly. Afterwards, Carmen could run much faster and could go miles without running out of breath. She also learned to jump 12 feet into the air and land without any damage. Another kind of mental training and conditioning was to begin tomorrow. She was told to get a good night’s sleep and was sent to bed.

As Carmen lay in her bed she couldn’t help thinking about several things. What was involved in this training and mental conditioning? Could it be brain washing! She already had the powers. This could be her only chance to get off the island! Not knowing what may be in store, Carmen put her bikini top and sneakers on and slipped away in the darkness. She headed for the beach and her boat.

Once Carmen was out of earshot of the village, she ran swiftly through the woods. The evening air was cool, and Carmen wished she had more to wear than the skimpy string bikini. When she reached the beach her boat wasn’t there! Carmen searched all over and could not find the boat. It was getting light by now, and she needed to get back to the hut before they missed her. She ran swiftly. Too swiftly to notice the trip rope that she caught herself in!

Suddenly a huge net made from woven vines fell on her and knocked her down. She desperately started ripping at the vines to get free. Suddenly a cloth bag fell from the trees above her and burst like a water balloon when it hit the net. A cloud of mist suddenly surrounded her and she could not breathe! She choked on the fumes for a few seconds, but then she suddenly relaxed.

Carmen was now drifting off to another place. It smelled sweet and she felt like she was floating in the air. Soon Carmen’s eyes gently closed and her head slumped to the side. The powerful knock out gas, strong enough to bring down a large animal, had done its work.

When Carmen awoke hours later she was bound to the table again. Lila was standing over her with outraged glaring eyes!

“You’ve been a very bad girl Carmen! And just when we were doing such nice things for you! Why were you running? Lila asked.

“I was afraid of what the conditioning might be.” Carmen answered.

“You had nothing to fear.” Lila said. “It’s just part of the training. I told you that we do not do anything bad here. Look how happy everyone is. You don’t see anyone else running away!”

“Why did you have traps set then?” Carmen asked.

“Those are to trap the wild boars.” Lila answered. “Where do you think the meat we’ve been eating comes from? Those beasts are very difficult to catch and we don’t allow guns or spears on the island.”

Lila untied Carmen’s arms and lifted her into a sitting position. Then she handed her a cup with what looked like red wine in it. Carmen drank it as she was told. It tasted sweet like fruit juice. Once the cup was empty, Lila finished untying Carmen and let her stand. She was then escorted inside Lila’s hut.

Lila’s hut was beautiful and exotic inside. Carmen was told to lie on the large bed. Lila slowly untied and slipped off Carmen’s sneakers and had her sit up for a minute. As Carmen sat up she began to feel dizzy. Lila was untying the bow behind Carmen’s neck now. Once it was undone, Carmen’s breasts popped out over the tiny bikini top.

Lila untied the bow behind Carmen’s back next. The top fell onto the bed. Lila helped the nearly unconscious Carmen lie down now. By the time Carmen’s sleepy head hit the bed she was completely out. Lila quickly untied the strings on both sides of Carmen’s bikini bottom, and pulled it away.

Carmen was allowed to sleep naked on the bed for now. She would soon awaken and be in a hypnotic state and ready for suggestions, conditioning, and costume fitting. Lila was more convinced than ever that Carmen was the one to solve their problem. After transformation she would be sent on a very important mission to the outside world as their superwoman.

“What will we call her?” Lila thought to herself. “We’ve already used Wonder Woman. How about Wonder Carmen? Yes, that’s the name we’ll give her!”

“Wonder Carmen, I like the sound of that!” Lila said out loud.

III: The Mission

Once Carmen was naked and asleep on the bed, Lila rang a bell and several women entered the hut. They quickly measured Carmen everywhere and began the costume preparations. After they left, Lila placed a thin gold rope that was tied to form a lasso around Carmen’s chest. Then she got a bottle of chloroform and a cloth ready.

When Carmen awoke she would have no will at all. The potion she drank would have done it alone. Then there was the golden lasso. When encircled by it, Carmen could not escape. She would not able to remove it from around herself either. The lasso also compelled her to tell the truth and reveal even her darkest secrets.

Carmen was naked. The lasso had an even greater effect directly on the body than it did through clothing. Lila had it in the most effective spot too. It was wrapped around Carmen’s naked body right under her breasts. Carmen’s vulnerability was beyond all measure now. Not only would she have to reveal all, but she would also have to do everything she was told as well.

Carmen soon awakened, but never really knew she was awake. Lila asked her many questions. The questions were about her childhood fantasies and dreams. They were also about her sexual activity and preferences. Then Lila moved on to her morals and political views. Lila had to be sure Carmen was right for the mission. Once Lila had no wrong answers, she soaked a cloth with chloroform and gently put Carmen to sleep.

The session continued after Carmen awakened. This time Lila gave her post hypnotic suggestions. Most were about her powers and the way to use them for good only. There were also details about how to find the island and not reveal its secret to anyone. When all the suggestions were planted, Lila chloroformed Carmen to sleep once again.

The chloroform insured the firm implanting of the suggestions. It also would prevent Carmen from remembering anything about the ordeal. The only problem with the use of chloroform for this kind of conditioning was the vulnerability it created in the subject.

Carmen was now used to the chloroform being a part of her training and even began to see it as a reward for good performance. If it was used against her by an evil person, she would not be able to resist its effects.

The previous Wonder Woman had the same problem. She could take on a dozen men and throw them all in the air. But if one man held a chloroform soaked cloth over her nose and mouth, she could not use her powers. She helplessly inhaled it and fell unconscious every time. It was too deeply rooted in her mental conditioning for her to resist.

When Carmen finally awakened it was the next day. She was back in her red string bikini and sneakers. Somehow she felt different though. The strengths that she had gained on the island appeared to have diminished. Many women were around her smiling.

“Your training is finished. Now we need you to do something for us.” Lila said.

“I will do whatever you say.” Carmen answered.

“Bad men that carry drugs on their boats took away 2 of our women. Their names are Cora and Nadia. I will give you pictures of them. They took them to a place you call Miami. You can reach it in your boat in about 3 hours. When you bring our women back, you may leave the island for good if you want.” Lila explained.

“How do you expect me to take on Miami drug dealers alone?” Carmen asked.

Then Carmen was told about her new capabilities. She was instructed to spin herself around in a clockwise direction very fast.

Carmen did as she was told. After 3 revolutions she was suddenly transformed! She was suddenly wearing a Wonder Woman costume right down to the golden lasso.

“You’re kidding me right?” Carmen asked.

“Just try jumping in the air.” Lila said.

Carmen jumped and was suddenly 15 feet in the air! The wind whooshed in her ears as she landed back down on the ground. Then she was told to lift a large fallen tree nearby. The tree was 2 feet thick and had to way tons! Carmen lifted it with ease!

Carmen broke into a run next. She reached what seemed like 20 miles an hour in a few seconds. Ok, she was convinced.

“When do I leave for my mission?” Carmen asked.

“Tomorrow morning.” Lila answered. “Come with me to my hut now. There are some things I must tell you.”

In the hut Lila admitted that Nadia was her daughter. When Carmen saw the photo she could see the resemblance. She was almost an identical younger version of her mom. Cora was a beautiful tall, statuesque, blond. Both girls were in their late 20’s. Lila was very worried about the girls. Off the island they had no special strengths or powers. They would also be very naive and vulnerable in that world! She also knew these men were ruthless.

Carmen agreed that the men were ruthless. She also reminded Lila that they were mainly interested in money. The girls would be far too valuable a property for them to risk harming or killing them. Suddenly Carmen had a chilling thought. “They may have a white slavery operation though!”

Lila asked Carmen to sit on the bed. Then Lila gave her a belt to put on. She was told her powers would disappear when she left the island, unless she was wearing the belt. She must be careful not to ever let the belt taken off of her. Then Lila explained about the other costume parts.

Your boots are weighted and give you a powerful kick. Your pantyhose are also special. They make your legs stronger and help you run faster. If these items are removed, you will not be as powerful.

Then there was the lasso. While devastating to an enemy, it could also be used against her. If it was placed around her by anyone else, she would be helpless to escape or remove it. She would also reveal all of her secrets if asked. The enemy could then remove her belt, boots and pantyhose and render her totally helpless.

“Don’t worry!” Carmen said cockily. “They won’t ever get close enough for that to happen.”

“Don’t be overconfident!” Lila warned her. “You could be shot with a tranquilizer dart, or sleeping gas could be sprayed in your face, and then there is chloroform!”

“How could they get close enough to use chloroform?” Carmen asked.

Carmen was reminded that she would be helpless to resist inhaling it if it was placed over her face. It was part of her training and she was totally vulnerable.

“Ok, I’m glad that you warned me of all these things.” Carmen said. “I will try to be careful and bring your girls home soon.”

“I know you will.” Lila said proudly.

Carmen was told to spin to the left. She soon was back to herself, wearing the red string bikini and sneakers.

Lila told her that she should stay in her own outfit at first and allow herself to be captured by the drug dealers to learn their operation and weaknesses. Then she should transform and rescue the girls. Carmen agreed with the strategy.

Lila helped Carmen remove her sneakers and bikini top. The she allowed her to sleep in Nadia’s bed. Lila slept well that night. It was almost like her daughter was back with her already!

Just before sunrise, Carmen was taken to her boat. The boat had been filled with gasoline and she was also given food and money. She was told the direction to Miami and that she would automatically know her way back to the island. Carmen started the motor and sped away on her mission.

As the boat bounced over the waves, Carmen thought about how she would find the girls. In just her string bikini and sneakers, she would be perfect bait for white slavers. She would frequent the bars in the seediest beach areas and pretend to be looking to buy drugs. Sooner or later she would be led to the right people and taken.

They would probably drug her and she would most likely wake up bound somewhere. It didn’t matter. Once she was taken to where the other girls were, she necould always transform and get away. As Wonder Carmen there would be no stopping her! Lila’s warnings to beware of overconfidence were apparently already forgotten…

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