Wonder Woman : Wastes Of The Gods

A mysterious woman with a secret agenda seeks out the secrets of Wonder Woman !


Chapter I
Home from Home

The black haired beauty climbed each step with an incredible elegance considering her white high heeled shoes. Her white skin tight jeans and fitted jacket contrasted against her dark skin, her hair flowing over her shoulders down to her mid back.

At the top of the stone steps lay the Athens Museum of Ancient Antiquities and the many secrets contained within. The woman pushed the revolving door and followed the curving flow of the pathway and entered the lobby. To one side was a ticket desk and the entrance to a gift shop, but she was no tourist, she had research in mind, probing questions,and insightful discoveries to make.

“Doctor Suarez ?” enquired a voice.

The tall dark skinned woman glanced over her shoulder to the source of the voice. Her bright eyes and warm yet slightly shy smile would melt even the most hardened persons heart.

“Doctor Maniatis ?” the woman replied.

“Yes, welcome, welcome …….. its a pleasure to meet you ……” the bearded 60 year old man said, his friendly face was warmed by the presence of the young woman before him.

“Please …. you must be eager to see our new find !?” Doctor Maniatis enthused.

“I would like that very much ……” she smiled as she and Maniatis pecked one another on the cheek in greeting.

“Do come this way then …..” Maniatis said as he gestured with his outstretched arm. “Just a quick formality to get you a badge and then we shall visit the restoration area …….. oh and how was your flight from Uruguay ?

“Excellent, thank you, and the hotel you recommended is very good too….” Suarez responded, smiling as she followed Maniatis to the security desk then began the process of booking in.

Deep inside the museum beyond the neatly catalogued inventory, beyond the warehousing, was the restoration rooms. With his gloved hands Maniatis unfurled a manuscript, its coarse surface almost creaking in protest to being drawn out flat.

“Now, what do you make of that …… isn’t it beautiful …. and you are amongst the first persons to have set eyes on this document for over, well, certainly over three thousand years, we are still waiting on the carbon dating …… but here …… here is the symbol you had flagged …..” Maniatis said , his skilled careful hands pointed at the faded red solid five pointed star.

“Unusual in Greek symbolism .. do you not think ?” Maniatis continued.

“Exactly …. the reason I’m looking into this is to document the cross-contamination of ancient symbolism, the commonalities, in order to map human migration” Suarez said, “by doing that we can help prove or disprove many human migratory theories” she continued.

“Its all very exciting…..I have not done much work on this myself yet but this appears to be a compilation of some kind….short stories….. well ….. I shall leave you alone with your translation work …… if you need anything you can reach me on the phone, just dial 226 ….though I will be at lunch from 1:00 till 2:00” said Maniatis as he rose from his stool by the table.

“Of course” smiled Suarez as she placed her laptop down on the work surface only glancing back as she heard the door of the room close.

From her bag, Suarez pulled out a black hand held device and held it above the ancient document and turned it on. A blue light danced across the surface of the old manuscript, scanning it micron by micron, perceiving even the faintest traces of the faded ink and downloading the imagery onto the laptop.

Suarez glanced at her laptop screen as the progress counted ponderously onwards towards one hundred percent and then began to click away on her laptop. As the faded text began to be reconstructed Suarez read the translation.

Chapter II
And fell one thousand hairs.

There was a Goddess who’s beauty, so it was said, was so great that it was only for her that the sun rose each day to in order to touch her face. Her hair was so golden that come harvest time the workers of the fields would say that she had slept in the sky above them and left her mark on their lands, the bountiful golden wheat was her gift to the people. It become such that each spring the men would carve fine combs and leave them as offerings so that she would let down her hair and bless their land with the life bringing harvests.

The Goddess, enchanted by the gifts offered from the world of men, began to walk amongst them, secretly, unseen, unheard, but was corrupted by the things she learnt in the realm below her celestial home. The most powerful corruption was the lie, a liar, a skilled liar, could achieve many things, and harm no one person and no one thing, but she soon learned the one important thing that only a true liar knows, a liar needed to remember every single lie, truth required no such thing.

And so, caught by one of her many lies, the Goddess was vanquished, thrown from the celestial realm to the opposite side of the world, a world without fields nor the need to work them. The Goddess, now a mere mortal was alone, but, by reaching again for purity and truth, she began to find new followers, strong noble warriors, but not those that had been corrupted by man, these were the women of the Great River. One by one the tribes of men fell as the warrior women led by their new queen conquered new lands and began to reach across the great watery divide.

The Gods on Olympus looked across the ocean and knew that the new world and the old would destroy one another, so in their wisdom, offered the Goddess the branches from the tree of enlightenment. The Goddess could return to her rightful place with the Gods as Queen of the Great River tribes, there could be peace, but at a price.

To preserve the peace the Goddess would pay one of her fine hairs from her head for each lie she had ever told and thenceforth grow a new one for each pure act that followed. The goddess with a heavy heart took her place in the heavens and there was peace on earth. The two great continents lived in separate harmony and the women of the Great River lived on in reclusive peace.

On the morning of the first new day the sun rose, but, with great respect kept his gaze behind the eyeless moon so that the Goddess could hide her shame as one thousand of her precious golden hairs fell to earth. Only the purest could touch the fallen gift, each hair was so laden with the discarded lies of the Goddess they could absorb no more, a lie could not even be uttered in their presence. The wise, knowing the virtue of the gift, took the unbreakable hairs which were endowed with all the strength and commanding authority of the Goddess and made them into rope using the ingenuous weaving and binding skills of an ordinary mortal man.

Suarez, leant back in her chair, her smile understating the joy in her discovery.

Chapter III
Lightning Truce

Each Goddess sought to place their image on earth, to enchant man, to test man, and perhaps to capture ones heart. The King of the Gods, weary of their bickering as to who would gift a mortal with their form, chose instead to take the best of each Goddess. The mortal was blessed with the hair of one, the eyes of another, the breasts of yet another more.

The mortal child grew into a beautiful woman, men flocked from the corners of the old world to see her beauty. They aspired, they courted, they even fought, but the beauty knew that she was not of the world of men and aspired to reach into heaven.

Mankind, enslaved to the mortal woman’s wants, made war with the Gods in their battle to ascend her to her rightful place on the mount. The battles were bloody, mankind was punished, but the Gods knew that without worshipers they would be forgotten, their power diminished.

To show mankind that their effort was futile the Gods forged manacles, cast in the heavenly forges their strength were unrivalled, and placed them on their mortal rivals wrists, binding her to the earth. Mankind wept and begged and pleaded and made a bargain that if she was released they would not seek to place her in heaven.

The Gods, in need of peace and worship, relented, a bolt of lightning, hurled by the King of the Gods himself ripped the manacles apart, fusing the chain that had bound them into the base of the crescent hills where their mortal foe stood in the field of her fallen warriors. Bathed in her own armies blood, the mortal woman renounced her place in heaven and found peace on earth.

Suarez stopped reading and glanced around.

“Can it really be true …?” she thought to herself. She closed her eyes, imagining what it would be like… if only ……. if only! Suarez placed a hand lazily between her slightly parted legs onto her jeans covered crotch and touched herself.

The laptop bleeped and Suarez composed herself and read onwards as the translation continued.

Chapter IV
The Games of Gods and Men

Apart from war, mortals sought to better themselves through games. The Gods, intrigued, created great arenas and set tests for mankind to prove themselves, to even become legends. The Gods competed to place on earth the best athletes, create the toughest challenges, and help attain the true purity of the sporting spirit.

One mortal was gifted in such a way he was able to defeat any man at any challenge. He was as swift as the horse, could leap like the crickets, his strength matched the mighty oxen that worked the fields.

His victories were well known, men from afar would try to best him. They named any challenge, their best events, yet this mortal continued to win. The others asked him his secret but this supreme athlete refused to help improve his own rivals. The Gods were unimpressed, this man had firmly closed the gateway that led to mankind’s betterment . The mortal was enraged as challengers turned their back on him, he goaded, he insulted yet no man would face him.

The Gods knew that only in defeat would his spirit learn humility. To that end they crafted a belt of power and delivered it onto a young peasant woman, who was with child, working in the fields. The Gods commanded her to face the man and let him choose whichever test. The man, so sure of victory chose the casting of stones, only to be overcome by one pace on each of the first two castings. On the third cast the man insulted his adversary and in her anger, she is said to have picked up the sphere of the titan and threw it from the arena into the great harbour, twenty thousand paces from the great light towards the rising sun.

The Gods felt sure this defeat would be enough yet the man, enraged by the gods deception, stole the belt of power for himself. Little did he know that the Gods had foreseen his act and the belt, knowing it was no longer a woman who wore it crushed him until he was able to tear it from his broken body. The man finally repented and the Gods said that for each secret of his strength, his technique, or skill he shared with mankind, a limb, a bone, or a muscle of his smashed body would be restored.

Suarez stopped reading, below, between her thighs, her hand played gently against herself. This manuscript was it,everything she needed and hoped for, what many before her had hoped for. Suarez began to pack up her things and noticed the time.

“Good, I can get out of here before that old fool returns from his lunch …..”

The manuscript began to fade, its encounter with the blue glow of the scanner had destroyed the remaining molecules of colour giving ink and save for the translation, the ancient words from history were erased forever.

Chapter V
X Marks The Spot

Aurora Suarez, her ponytailed black hair dancing on the light breeze, pressed a button on the GPS unit in front of her, turned on the ground penetrating radar and magnetic anomaly device and commenced her well rehearsed measured steps forward. Uno, dos, tres ……. she counted in her mind as she began her walk. Ahead of her the neatly staked out white cord plotted the grid of next search area.

Strapped over her shoulders the radar unit, its aerials bristling ahead of her, level to the ground began their electromagnetic search beneath the rich greek soil. Off to her right stood the small villages of Prosilio and Orchemons, to her left a solar panel farm, and ahead lay a crescent shaped hill. Bleep Bleep Bleep, the equipment sounded as the anomalies began to be logged for later inspection. Suarez smiled as she paced onwards confidently.

Meanwhile in the Aegean Sea.


Shpppppppppfft Cluck …..

Shpppppppppfft Cluck …..

The scuba gear hissed with each breath as the diver momentarily glanced back to the rock and lighthouse at the mouth of the harbour.

The water bubbled as the diver exhaled, then inhaled slow measured breaths. He glanced at his watch again making sure the bezel was set correctly, clicked his torch on and off then set off downwards. His search had been going on for months now since the beautiful woman, Suarez, had contracted him to search with sonar in the warm clean waters beyond the harbour lighthouse of Andros. Its stepping stone rocks led from the sea into the harbour itself and, if legend be true, the ancient arena, which was now sadly a modern running track.

He glanced upwards to make sure he had not drifted too far from his boat which he had moored directly above the sonar contact below him, the black outline of the keel contrasted against the shimmering surface above, the cable and anchor trailed off to one side, the boat pulling gently with the slow current. Downwards, downwards he went ….

Shpppppppppfft Cluck …..

Shpppppppppfft Cluck …..

The respirator sounded with each passing meter.

Chapter VI
Swift Justice

Red Mask paced behind the line of bank tellers as they kept their faces down onto the cold marble floor. The quiet snivelling of the staff made for the new ambient background noise, replacing the quiet respectful murmur that had filled the room before the balaclava clad robbers had entered the room.

“I ask again ….. does anyone else ……” Red Mask nudged the pinstripe suited prone body of the now dead manager.

Red Mask continued “…..want to try and tell us to take it easy ?” There was a pause, only the gently sobbing and the subtle “oh my god” of the hostages stroked the air.

“Frickin A, now can we please go about making my WITHDRAWAL !” Red Mask yelled.

Blue Mask and Black Mask who were in the bank lobby on the other side of the teller windows began to deploy their black nylon rip-stop bags on the counters then went near the bank entrance to check their car and driver still were waiting.

“Now then ….. who wants to play …..my favourite game …….” Red Mask taunted the staff.

There was silence still save for the continuing sniffling sounds of distress.Red Mask looked down to the people on the floor, disgusted with their cowardice.

“Well …… ?”


Red Mask held his hand in front of him, mimicking a glove puppet

“Well gee Mister Bank Robber …. what game is that ?” the faux puppet said in a crazy yet cutesy voice.

“Well Mr Glove fucking Bank Clerk Puppet …… its called …. GIVE ME MY FUCKING MONEY”

“Oh well … I dont know that game, what are the rules ….” continued the faux puppet in a fake innocent voice.

“Well .. its simple ….. you put all the money in the nice black bags …… BUT ….. BUT …..if you so much as pull out one of those notes that make those stinking alarms go off I put a bullet in your face” Red Mask said calmly.

“Oh no, vewwy bad, vewwy bad …..” the Puppet said with a mock trembling voice while shaking his faux head.

“And if you pull out one of those nice wads of cash that go boom boom all fucking purple ink stylee all over my nice clothes then so help me god I WILL SHOOT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU COCK SUCKERS !”

“Well thank you Mister Bank Robber, truly I now understand and I can say quite confidently” the puppet hand turned from facing Red Mask and aimed at those prone on the floor “ only a COMPLETE FUCKTARD WILL NOT HAVE UNDERSTOOD THE RULES !” the cutesy voiced hand puppet exclaimed sinisterly.

“Now please ….. who wants to volunteer for the game ?”

A hostage, a female teller, stretched an arm out reluctantly.

“Ah finally …. please …. please ….. stand up ……” Red Mask said encouragingly as he gestured with the muzzle of his pistol, its oversized silencer giving it almost comedy proportions.

“Look everyone …. we have a contestant …..” Red Mask pulled the woman close to him and gripped her arm.

“Whats your name lady …..” Red Mask asked liked he was on a game show.

“Glo .. Glo ….” she stammered.

“Well welcome to the show, Glow ….” he chuckled, “now you heard the rules right ?”

“Ye ….. ye …… yes …….” she stammered.

“Good ….. well …… we have 6 tills, 6 bags and you only have 5 …… is it 5 …….” Red Mask glanced at his companions covering the doorway. Black mask glanced at his watch then held out a hand … 4 fingers showing.

“Ooopsie ….. 4 minutes ….. so …….. go go go …..” Red Mask insisted.

Gloria, the womans actual name, began to raid the tills of the bank, carefully extracting the safe bills and leaving the alarmed ones tucked under the spring loaded clips that held each denomination in place.

Red Mask held out his wrist studying his watch, his pistol tracking Gloria as she moved gradually from one end of the row to the next stepping carefully over her work mates who continued their embrace with the floor.

“Nice, nice, nice ……” Red Mask said as Gloria finished her work.

“Well done Glow ….. you win a cookie …..now make out with the floor” said Red Mask, his gun waggling at the poor woman.

“Right you ass holes ….. what you waiting for, its time to leave !” Red Mask called to his fellow gunmen, “and as for you , stay there …….” he added to his prone prisoners.

Blue Mask and Black Mask took turns to return to the teller windows and grabbed two bags each while Red Mask walked around from behind the windows into the main part of the bank.

“Right, lets go ……” Red Mask said, grabbing two bags and making for the exit. Beyond waited their car and they made their way down the bank steps to the pavement.

“Oh booooooys …….”

The three masked robbers spun around to see the source of the voice.

“Oh shit ….. its Spangle Pants!” Black Mask exclaimed.

“Car …. to the Car …..” insisted Red Mask as he stepped backwards away from the tall confident brunette, her red top with gold thread catching the sunlight, her tight blue shiny leggings and red boots accentuating her long muscular legs.

Blue Mask glanced over his shoulder confirming his path was clear as he stepped backwards one pace at a time towards the waiting car. The driver glanced in his wing mirror searching for cops while gently blipping the throttle of the engine.

“Go go go go go go ….” urged the driver to himself, wishing his comrades would just get in.

“Nah naaaah” said the brunette waving her first finger at the hooded trio …. “naughty naughty” then began to walk confidently towards them.

Blue Mask glanced at the men alongside him, were they just going to let her come right at them?
“Fuck this shit …..” Blue Mask exclaimed as his finger squeezed the trigger.

First the brunette heard the creak of the trigger pulling against the action of the gun, the firing pin accelerated towards the chambered round. The brunettes left hand slowly began to rise away from waist height, her golden bracelet catching the sun.

The dull low thud crawled from the muzzle as the gentle fizz of the chemical reaction within the copper casing began, causing the increasingly intense light to chase the round from the barrel. The round made a smooth metal against metal sound as it began to spin on the spiral rifling of the pistol. Blue Masks eyes glinted with the flash and his eyelids began their downwards descent as the most primitive part of his brain sought to guard his eyes from danger.

The brunettes forearm began to cross in front of her body in readiness as BlueMasks first round exited the muzzle of his gun chased by dirty black powdery debris, the trailing shockwave causing the puff of blackness to tumble over itself into a smoke ring.

The brunette leant forward slightly bracing for impact, she predicted the path of the incoming round and steeled herself. Black Masks eye lids fluttered, whump, looked to Blue Mask, then whump, back to the brunette, his eyes cringing as his finger strained at the trigger of his gun. Thuuuuuud went the second weapon as the trigger sent its slow motion firing pin crashing into the waiting round in the chamber. Its owners eyes began to flinch downward in response to his weapons bright reply.

The brunettes right arm began to rise, as she tracked the two inbound copper jacketed projectiles.

Ping Ping …… sparked the bracelets as the two bullets were harmlessly deflected away.

Blue and Black glanced at each other, then their weapons spewed forth more lead death. PING PING PING sung the sparking bracelets as the brunette began to close in on her prey. Ten yards, then eight, PING PING PING PING …..six ……PING PING PING PING PING PING …..four ….. PING PING PING PING …… CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK

The brunette reached out for the pistols aimed in her face and snatched them away from the men then delivered an elbow blow to each of them rendering them as broken nosed wailing thugs left crawling on the floor.

Red Mask flung his two black bags into the rear seat of the waiting car and leapt through the open window into the front passenger seat.

“Go go go …..” Red Mask urged pulling his legs inside the car and trying to get himself upright.

The driver forced the car into reverse and proceeded to pull away from the brunette, the driver looking over his shoulder as he did so then performed a fast 180 so the rear of the car spun and faced their pursuer.

“Move!” screamed Red Mask looking over his shoulder out the rear window as the brunette began to trot then sprint at them. The gearbox clunked from reverse into drive and the tyres squealed into life.

The car accelerated forward leaving a small black cloud of tyre burn-off and exhaust fumes but …..
“Oh shit ……” exclaimed Red Mask as the hidden brunette punched through the cloud, now closer than ever.

The tyres spun up and began to bite but the red booted legs of the brunette closed them down, a hand stretching for the metal towing eye in the rear fender.

The engine screamed, the wheels spun but now the car came to a halt as it stood resting on its front wheels, the rear wheels lifted clear of the ground.

“And you said rear wheel drive was better !!!” yelled Red Mask as the driver slammed his fists against the steering wheel in protest. In the distance the wailing of police cars grew closer and closer. Red Mask leant out the window he climbed through and raised his pistol and fired hoping to encourage the brunette to drop the car.

Pewwww Pewwww Pewww .. three rounds exited the silenced muzzle of the gun and the Brunette raised her free arm to defend herself. PING PING PING, they were deflected away, one straying back into the rear window of the car. The brunette, wary of the danger more stray bullets posed decided to end the violence and gave one good swing of her arm flipping the car onto its roof.

As the car settled, pitched downwards, bonnet first, exhaust angled up the brunette walked around to the side of the car, the front of which was now at her end and dragged Red Mask out of the car, kicking his dropped pistol away. The brunette glanced through to the other side of the car, the driver, was unconscious, he wasn’t going anywhere soon.

Sirens wailed, growing ever louder, tyres squeeled and cars screeched to a halt.Two police officers got out of their cars and surrounded the three masked men, worse for wear, piled together in a heap. A third officer checked in the upturned and found the groggy getaway driver coming to.

“Wow ….” exclaimed an officer as he caught sight of the brunettes flowing hair as she left the crime scene.

Chapter VII
What lies beneath.

Suarez poured another jerry can of fuel into the fuel tank of the small electric generator before hitting the starter switch. The generator kicked into life and the neighbouring mobile light rig began to shine its light into the excavation that Suarez had been slowly cutting into the Greek hillside.

Suarez walked back to the trench and hopped down into the hole, returned to her wooden toolbox and picked up the soft brush. She look into the reddening sky of sunset above, soon the sun would drop below the horizon and the rig would be the only source of light in the smooth mud walled work space.

This 10 meter by 10 meter hole had been the magnetic anomaly hotspot at the centre of an extremely rich site. She had catalogued a myriad of finds so far, none what she hoped for, but every arrow head, each remnant of a spear or rivet from armour told her that she was on the site of battle and she was hoping it was confirming a story.

Suarez had begun to peel back another layer of soil in the trench and had detected another artefact in her search, the soft brush now starting to reveal what lay beneath. The thing, whatever it was, seemed to be a thin strip of metal, rectangular in shape, about 4 or 5 inches long, about quarter of an inch wide. The brush continued to reveal its out line and then suddenly….

The fine brown dust shook gently causing mere whisps of particles to jump in the air, like a subtle cloud, it seemed as if the metal strip began to move by itself until a fine slither from down the long side, like a very fine needle snapped away from the strip and hovered slowly above the ground, then drifted until it rested against the sidewall of the trench, its journey impeded by the soil. Suarez fell back in amazement, her mouth open in disbelief then regained her composure and reached and grabbed the levitating needle. The fine slither of metal was practically weightless for a moment as it hovered gently resting on the palm of her hand. Suarez slammed her hand closed as she looked back at the artifact in the ground, a small smile curling her lips.

Shpppppppppfft Cluck …..

Shpppppppppfft Cluck …..

The diver had found the source of the odd echo return on his sonar from another pass, a white patch of hard stone peeked above the layer of silt that he had gently brushed away. Still smooth and barely worn by the acts of time or tide he considered abandoning the site and moving on. Surely this ……thing …. was too new to be what he had been asked to search for. Eventually curiosity got the better of him as he wondered what the extent of the object was so he continued gently clearing the surface some more.

Little by little the field of white stone grew and soon he had cleared a good 4 meter circle away with no signs of finding an edge but he begun to suspect that the object wasnt flat as first appeared and it certainly seemed that he was clearing away at the top of a dome. Quickly he realised that what had been barely quarter of an inch of silt to clear was becoming inches, and soon he would need to be clearing a foot of material if he was to pursue the white surface that seemed to dive further into the seabed. The diver checked his watch again, quickly computed some maths and decided to return to the surface once again.

Shpppppppppfft Cluck …..

Shpppppppppfft Cluck …..

Chapter VIII

Suarez stepped onto the moored boat and the man she had hired, Ianos cast off the lines and gently opened the throttle of his boat which began to splash gently into tiny oncoming waves.

Suarez, duffel bag in hand walked into the cabin and dropped her gear to one side and went forward to the wheel.

“So, was it where I said it was, this object you find in the water ?” Suarez asked as she gestured with her arm into the open waters ahead.

Ianos rolled his eyes …. “Yes, Ianos is well, thank you …. yes … Ianos is not tired …..”

“I am sorry .. Ianos …. amigo …..I have been working hard too ……” Suarez patted Ianos on the back.

“Well ….. twenty thousand paces … six or seven kilometers, more or less is one thing …. but the rising sun …..in winter ….. that is over there ….” using one free arm he pointed. “In summer ….. more over this way” his arm swung to a new direction. “From there to there at six kilometers to seven kilometer , thats a lot of water …but yes ….. it is in that general area”

Soon the small boat was moored on the small buoy that marked the spot of the artefact Ianos had found. Suarez unpacked her gear from her bag but watched as Ianos showed on his chart how the spot they were on fell within the cone of the search area Suarez had given him.

“Of course, I dont think the new sports arena sits on the ancient one that was said to be on the island, if it were so, we would probably be nearer here” Ianos tapped his finger on the chart.

“OK, start the sounder , I would like to see …” Suarez began as she placed some items from her bag on the chart table.

“What is that ?” quizzed Ianos as he reached up to a screen and pressed a button glancing at a clear bag, a fine shiny gold like needle, about 5 inches long inside.

Pew wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee – the sounder fired off its searching pulses and traces began to build up on the echo finder, pixel by pixel.

“I found it on the dig and Ive never seen anything like it …. it might be magnetic …. ….it also seemed very light but ….. now Im not so sure ….” she frowned.

Suarez was distracted by the screen of the sounder and watched as the image built up. Certainly it seemed like a large contact and the sounder even resolved some of the hard surface beneath the mud before it too was blind to see what lay beneath.

“Recovering this object will be impossible with just us two, I dont know if you have the resources to continue this project alone …..but you will need more than just me and this boat” Ianos thought aloud as he played with the settings on the screen trying to get more detail of the object for his employer.

Suarez thought for a moment, weighing the options.

“Perhaps, for now we should try and just measure what we have and extrapolate ….” she concluded.

“Perhaps, but …..” Ianos winced like the idea physically hurt “ .. but what you have so far could be literally a few feet short of all that is actually there ….. or ….. it could be a building, much much bigger than the part we have …. imagine that …” he said excitedly. It had been a while since a really important site had been found amongst the greek islands.

“Lets measure it then we shall see ..” Suarez said.

Shpppppppppfft Cluck …..

Shpppppppppfft Cluck …..

Soon Ianos and Suarez were on the seabed, her brightly coloured skintight wetsuit kept no secrets from the eyes of Ianos who ordinarily would be focused on the work at hand and Suarez caught her workmate glancing at her frequently. Measurements were taken, stakes were driven into the sea bed and soon their time was up and they slowly climbed to the surface.

Ianos boarded the boat and offered his hand to Suarez who accepted and the pair began to remove their heavy gear on the wooden deck, carefully stowing their air bottles into racks. Ianos wearily dropped his weightbelt and, dripping with water, entered the cabin.

“Errr ……. what the …..?” Ianos said in surprise.

Suarez shook her head …. “what now ?” she asked herself and entered the cabin to find Ianos gazing at the levitating plastic bag, the shiny metal slither, the needle inside, against the side of the boat.

“I know you said it was light ….. but …..” frowned Ianos, his jaw slack, mouth hanging open.

“What do you think it is ?” Suarez asked.

“Well … it seems to want to go that way …you said you thought it was magnetic ….” Ianos tried to get his bearings for a moment…… “but … no …. north is not that way ……. perhaps you should follow it where it leads?”

“Perhaps I should ……” Suarez smiled

Chapter IX
True North

The black clad warrior edged along the shadows cast by the floodlights in the storage yard of the factory. The warrior paused a moment and drew out a thin metal object which seemed to tug at their hand. The warriors outfit was loose almost ninja like, yet seemed to be of a different style. The warrior put the metal object away and proceeded along the side of the factory, occasionally checking a window here or a doorway there.

The red booted brunette crouched behind a shipping container observing activities in the yard, her shiny blue legging clad legs just reflecting stray light from the floodlights at the perimeter. From one side the growl of a lorry tractor unit approached, its lights extinguished, evidently being as stealthy as it could be. The brunette knew that now was the time to get closer. The tractor unit would hitch up to a trailer, the drugs would be stowed on board and the whole lot would be shipped off across the country. She wanted to board that truck and get a tracking device onto it before slipping back into the night.

The warrior froze in place, checking the metal sliver once again, the source of the powerful attraction was nearby. Across the way stood a lorry, the tractor unit just reversing into the trailer unnoticed by any other person. The warrior considered that the lorry might actually be their quarries target and sought to get a position which potentially gave them the advantage.

That’s when disaster struck. Prone, on the roof of a neighboring trailer, the warrior looked down to what they hoped was their targets objective. The brunette carefully approached unseen by everyone and their closing proximity to the black clad warrior caused the metal sliver to rattle and pull in its pouch towards their desire which evidently was the red and blue spangled brunette.

The brunette almost flinched. This weapon, this projectile which flung itself at her at blistering pace, almost as fast as a bullet, gave little warning of its impending arrival.

“Nooooooo” cried a metallic voice in slow motion.

The brunettes wrists crossed in front of her body to deflect the incoming missile.

Zeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww CLINK !

There was hardly a spark and the brunette barely had a chance to notice where the deadly looking projectile had been deflected to when she saw the black clad warrior rise to their feet. The brunette composed herself then leapt in one bound onto the trailer then skipped to the next in pursuit. The lorry driver of the drug shipment caught sight of the brunette heroin as she leapt over onto his vehicle and he decided to get underway but first used his radio to summons help.

The warrior reached the end of the trailer and jumped off, rolled elegantly then ducked under a roller door that marked the end of the loading dock. Inside, conveyor belts chugged their goods one position forward at a time, sparks would fly, another weld here, another paint layer there. The black clad warrior glanced up and leapt up onto a higher gantry.

The brunette entered from the loading dock and checked herself a moment. The person had gotten the jump on her once and blindly pursuing might not be a great plan. She need not have feared an ambush though as she soon saw her would-be assassin trying to make their way along the gantry away from her position.

A slight smile appeared on the brunettes face as she decided to try and head off her attacker a different way. She ran along the ground floor, leaping over areas where the factory plant crossed her path saving only to glance up and confirm the black clad warriors position.

The warrior, sensing they were running out of room saw a route downwards approaching some kind of bulkheaded part of the plant. Dropping to their feet the black clad warrior surveyed their options and then they realised they were being watched.

“Nice try, nimble feet!” said the brunette, her closed fists lightly resting on her waist. The black clad warrior rose from their slightly defensive posture but said nothing.

“I take it that you are with them ?” the brunettes thumb pointed back towards the drug shipment that was sneaking away. The black clad warrior shook their head then looked for escape.

“Hmm” the brunette thought as she discreetly unclipped the lasso by her side. The black clad warrior noted the impending danger and tried to put distance between them but the brunette closed in faster than the warrior would like. A back flip and the warrior placed a conveyor belt between them and then seemed to run towards the bulkheaded part of the plant intending to escape behind a sealable door.

“Gotcha …..” the brunette ran a few steps, kicked with her legs and took to the air, all the while her lasso began to spin up in her hand. The brunette began to flip, her legs above, her torso and arms below.

The warrior felt the brunette in the air above her, her neck craning to look up in slow motion. The pair made eye contact as the brunette winked, her throwing arm casting out the golden ring of the lasso.

The warriors heart skipped a beat, this would be her instant doom if she failed to act. She kicked off with one leg in mid step and began to take to the air, while flicking one of her arms and wrist in the direction of her planned escape, a black yo-yo type object sped forwards. The gap between the two combatants narrowed, the brunettes arc was taking her to the ground, the black clad assassin was taking to the air.

The black clad warrior leapt through the golden ring that might have doomed her and the brunettes eyes widened in surprise. As the two paths of the warriors crossed the black clad assassin reached with a hand and for a fleeting moment touched the clasp of the belt around the brunettes waist. For the first time ever the brunette felt that someone may have been able to take her belt from her and instinctively her hands reached for her sides.

The yo-yo in the meantime was still in mid flight and aiming at nothing, yet as the slow motion ballet played out the brunette was falling into its flight path.

WHEW-WHEW-WHEW-WHEW whirled the yo-yo as the collision course was set. Fixed in the yo-yo were blades yet the brunette knew they would miss her and didn’t react, the yo-yo sped by but ..

FUT ! The Yo-Yo had jammed and continued onwards, no longer spinning.

The brunette hearing the noise began to glance back to see what had happened only to see that the yo-yo had snagged the non looped end of the lasso. The yo-yo had dragged it from her hand, her grip more focused on keeping her belt, and the yo-yo sped on towards the bulkhead. The black clad warrior had begun a somersault and was lining up to catch the overhead gantry flooring, their eyes timing their catch.

The brunette had just started to look about herself again to establish what all the elements of the room was doing when it struck her. The lasso was now being towed away behind her by the yo-yo .. that meant the loop of the lasso was …

CLANK. The brunette landed on her feet, her manoeuvre executed, only to discover she had landed inside the ring of her own lasso which now was taught around her own waist, the free end snagged on the yo-yo now embedded in the wall.

EEERRRRG, a klaxon sounded! The bulk head door opened again, more product came through, the bulk head was about to close again. The brunette knew if her rival took possession of the free end of the lasso it was over. Ironically the blue and red clad heroine needed to escape using the route plotted by the assassin. Arms pinned to her side the brunette ran at the bulkhead doorway,the slack was taken up and the yo-yo was yanked from the wall.

EEERRRRG the angry klaxon repeated and the doorway closed. The black clad warrior dropped from the gantry and collected the free end of the lasso trapped on her side of the door and dashed to the bulkhead. The brunette was visible through a portal window and had started to inch the golden line down to her hips.

“STOP” ordered the black clad warrior, their metallic voice slightly panting. The brunette nodded and raised her arms, she knew she was beaten.

“Please …. turn around …..hands on the glass where I can see them” the warrior requested as they glanced at the situation with the lasso. It appeared the bulkhead door had rippled slightly but the locks had engaged. The brunette figured in a few minutes the door would open but then ….


The warrior put their face to the small glass porthole and looked through at their rival. The plant fell silent … the door wasn’t opening soon.

The brunette stood, palms against the glass, her breath gently fogging the glass, looking at the black clad warrior trying to figure out who bested her but didn’t have a clue.

“You fought well ….” the warrior said with its electronic voice. The brunette blinked, and mouthed “thank you” in reply.

“There is no shame in defeat, it is how we become better” added the warrior.

The brunette nodded in acceptance of the wisdom. The warrior looked at the frame of the door and noted there seemed to be some servos sealing it closed.

“Do you think you can force it open” the warrior asked calmly.

The brunette glanced at the door ….. “I think so ….”

In the new silence of the factory the black clad warrior noted the sound of sirens in the distance. Soon the police would be arriving to deal with the trespassers. Well, mainly her, the brunette would have no such problems.

The brunette braced herself against the door and began to force it. The servos moaned and protested loudly over the slowly encroaching sound of the distant police. The warrior assessed how much time she had and realised it would not be enough.

“Its ok …. stop ……… stop ……” the warrior said, their head resting on the door glass, their eyes riddled with disappointment.

“OK ..” apologized the brunette.

“Assume the position again, please ….” the warrior said.

The brunette placed her palms against the glass, her slow slightly heavy breath made more erotic by the subtle fogging of the glass once again.

“If it wasn’t for …..” began the warrior, glancing at the door.

“Yes ….” nodded the brunette …. “I would be yours now ….”

“I am sorry about the needle, that wasn’t how it appeared. But now you must understand, what I ask of you now, is what I would expect from you, if you had beaten me …” said the warrior.

The brunette looked down slightly submissively and nodded.

“Belt ….. OFF ….” ordered the warrior …. “one hand”.

The brunette removed one hand from the glass and reached behind herself, her shoulder betraying her act of removal her eyes not leaving contact with the warrior.

“Show me …..”

The brunette, her eyes burning slightly, planted her hand back against the glass trapping her belt in between, her eyes glanced sideways at the belt almost saying “See ?”

“Good ….. now toss it ..”

The brunette, her eyes filled with a mountain of different emotions stretched her arm behind herself and let go of the belt then returned her hand to the glass.

“Bracelets ….. OFF …..” ordered the warrior in their metallic voice.

The brunette took a breath, her heart was racing as she crossed her wrists and released the bracelets from her wrists and held them up for her conqueror to see. The warrior merely suggested with their head, a subtle motion, and the brunette nodded and lightly tossed the bracelets by the belt.

The pair locked eyes again the brunette detected the expression of the warrior …. it merely said … “Well ?!” as their eyes bored into the brunettes forehead. The brunette understood and carefully released her tiara from her hair and rotated her shoulders and underhand tossed the tiara into the pile of discarded heavenly gifts then returned to her submissive position , her palms on the glass, framing her face.

Flashlights flickered in the distance, “This way ….” a feint voice called.

It wasn’t a laugh that escaped from the Brunettes mouth, it was like relief, a happy relief. Help was coming and soon, a slight smile escaped from her mouth but her gentle tormentor stayed focused.

“Boots ….. OFF …..”

The brunettes eyes fluttered ….was her conqueror going to make her strip naked ? Her face betrayed her, the warrior could read this first hint of resistance.


The brunette lifted a leg, reached for the zip and released her blue leggings clad leg from her first boot then repeated the same action for the other.

“Show me ….” insisted the warrior.

The two hands planted themselves up against the glass, her grip around the ankle part of each red and white striped boot. The brunettes eyes raged with emotion. The warrior was elated to observe their nemesis immediately shrink several inches from behind the glass.

“Now ….. one more thing …..a general question ….. and you will forget I asked you ….. you will not remember what comes next…….understand” asked the warrior.

“Yes ….” the brunette replied.

“Where do you go …… what do you become …… when you are not ….this …?”

The brunettes eyes fluttered …. she knew then that she would never know what she was about to do to her own alter ego.

“Well, when I am not …….” she began her own betrayal.

Chapter X
The Empty Well

When the police arrived the black clad warrior was gone. The brunette had stopped considering the person who had defeated her as an assassin, although she failed to see how the missile that flung at her as anything but an attack, the victor had apologized for what happened, it was an odd occurrence.

How she had come to be free of her lasso when the police arrived she wasn’t sure, she assumed she had been ordered to step out of it by the warrior before they left. Fortunately she had recovered her boots and bracelets and tiara before anyone noticed she had been stripped of them.

When the bulkhead door was finally opened and the whole lasso returned to her she was distressed to see that the free end, the end that had encountered the yo-yo had frayed. The rope was weaved and then bound at each end and while the individual strands were all undamaged the binding had been cut and allowed the strands to begin to unravel.

Was this a tactic to try and take the lasso out of the fight, just a fluke, or something else entirely. Whatever the reason, the lasso was, for the first time in her memory, damaged, and now as she sat in quiet meditation she sought to convene with those who had given her the divine gifts that sat in front of her.

The brunettes breathing gently slowed …… in …… out …………..in …………………………out.

She opened her eyes to find herself in the bright sunshine. The seagulls called out filling the beach with their voices over the sound of the waves lapping up onto the golden sandy shore.

“Welcome home dear child, envy of Aphrodite …..” greeted a warm friendly voice.

The brunettes heart gladdened to be back in her island paradise. She looked down to see she was in a whispy light coloured tunic dress, her bare feet nestled into the sand. The voice belonged to a staggeringly beautiful blond, her curled ringlets framing her face, her long elegant peach dress flowing behind her.

“Thank you ….. and it is so good to be home …….” the brunette said, a hint of relief in her voice.

The blond frowned. “What troubles you, child …..”

The brunette raised her arms holding out the lasso in front of her. “I encountered a warrior….. a very skilled warrior …….and”

The goddess accepted the lasso and examined it and she seemed a little surprised. “I will consult with the others as to how this could have happened and we shall make it good once again, I am sure. I am not familiar with the history but the lasso has been with the Gods for a long time, it once was used in the corset of a goddess, and as the leash of a mighty titan. I know not how it originally came to be but I know the origin is Godly.”

“Thank you, the lasso is invaluable to me in the world of man.” the brunette said, looking down on the fraying golden gift.

“Walk with me ……. tell me more about the warrior …….” the blonde said warmly.

Chapter XI
Gold Rush

Suarez glanced at her watch, it was time to get an update from Ianos on the other side of the world.
She was lying on her apartment bed face down, legs crossed in the air behind her, laptop in front of her. Her three quarter length silver spandex covered legs showed off her muscles as did her matching top. Her white running shoes clunked as she playfully tapped her feet together.

The video phone app dialed up and the ringing tone played.


The video sprung to life, Suarez catching site of her self in the bottom corner, Ianos filling the frame.

“Hey … hows it going ?” Ianos asked as he ruffled up his messy hair.

“Very good ….. and for you ?” asked Suarez

“Yes ……. great ……..Ive pretty much done all I can do for now ….. truly you are going to need a bigger boat, yes ?” Ianos chuckled as he swigged from a bottle.

Suarez looked down in disappointment.

“Hey its water ….. alright ! Get off case, yes ….” Ianos said defensively in his broad accent.

“What have you got …..” asked Suarez

“I email you chart, ok? ….. But …… if it’s sphere then it’s big …..you are talking hundreds of tonnes” Ianos motioned with his hands ….. like he was telling a fishing tale.

Suarez had left Ianos to drive metal stakes into the sea bed to find the general form of what lay beneath and it seemed sure that they had at least the upper half of a sphere. Ianos mailed the chart and by any measure, even if the sphere were hollow, there would be considerable weight involved.

“How go with your needle …… did you find pot of gold yet?” Ianos chuckled.

“Oh I struck gold ….yes ….” Suarez smiled, remembering her encounter……. “Listen .. I need you to get up to my dig site, there is something I need you to finish recovering for me there.”

“Sure …. but I will need more money …..I know you are good for it but I have bills” Ianos said apologetically.

“Don’t worry, Ill wire you the money …….. and I will email you instructions soon.” Suarez said as she rolled to one side arm reaching for something.

“OK …we call again same time tom…” Ianos was cut off.

“Yes, Ianos ….” Suarez rolled her eyes “tomorrow …” …. her hand retreated from the mouse pad having killed the call.

Suarez rolled onto her back her hands above her face holding the puck like yo-yo. With a twist she began to separate the two halves and took out the blade disc.

Beneath, on the shaft was what she knew would be there. Wound round the shaft was a fine birds nest of gold. Suarez, tweezers in hand began to pick at the nest and teased out the knots. Gently she tugged, a little here, a little there and soon she found one end and began to push and pull it through its route.

The strand she eventually freed was many meters long, it was a single individual strand from the lasso of truth ! Having cut the mortal made binding the spinning yo-yo had snagged one strand and tugged it clean out the length of the lasso onto its shaft. Confirming it was so, Suarez wound two short lengths around her two hands and pulled. The gold fine hair resisted all efforts to break it.

Suarez, closed her eyes and let her mind wander … one hand drifting down to her cameltoed crotch of her spandex running pants, another onto her breast and let out a moan as she played out a satisfying fantasy in her mind.

Chapter XII
Danger Close

Suarez placed one foot on the park bench and tightened her laces one more time then began her stretches. Her quarry was near but had just arrived and Suarez wanted to get closer to the plain looking woman once she had started her run.

The brunette, stretched briefly, her loose grey tracksuit bottoms with baggy t-shirt , simple drawn back ponytail and oversized glasses gave her the look of a librarian in the park. Suarez was disappointed, she knew the beauty that was hidden beneath and felt overdressed for their “date”.

Suarez maintained a watchful on her quarry and set after her at a gentle jog keeping a modest distance between them. Suarez was becoming quite sure that the brunette was deliberately under playing her actual fitness, with the belt or not she seemed to be capable of much more. Slowly Suarez closed the gap between the two and soon she was just hanging off the brunettes shoulder.

“Oh hey …..” Suarez opened.

“… hi ….” panted the brunette softly, slightly surprised.

“Oh I hope you don’t mind .. Its just . I noticed the other day. … you run the orange route …. the 10k … and you seemed to be about the same pace as me …..” Suarez said between little gulps of air.

“sure ……” the brunette responded.

“.. I’m .. Aurora ….” Suarez offered the palm of her hand.

“Oh pretty name ..I’m Dee …. everyone calls me Dee …..” the Brunette tapped down the palm of her hand against the waiting palm of Suarez.

The pair continued their run making small talk and a friendship was struck up, the occasional laugh broke out between them but soon the run was over and the pair stood sweating and panting after their last playful sprint to the end of the park track.

“That ……. that was fun ……….. for once …………” Suarez gulped air as she spoke.

“Here …. some …..water ……..” Dee unscrewed a cap from a bottle of cold water bottle
and passed it to her running mate.

Half of the water got gulped away and the remainder poured over her face, the water cascading down over her chest, her top now totally clinging to her body. Suarez knew that Dee had registered how good she looked, she caught her looking but Dee instantly regained her disinterested face as she began to drink from another bottle.

Suarez glanced at her watch like she had to go, she wanted the brunette to think that it was she who was leaving first.

“Got to go ?” Dee smiled, before taking another slurp.

“Yeah …. its been fun though …….. but ……. hey …….we should hook up again ….” Suarez said.

“Oh sure ….. well I come here often … usually at 6pm ….” started the brunette, her innocent librarian act in full flow.

“Oh ok .. I meant ……. well …… I’m having a house warming party ….. well …. apartment warming …. and ……I’m really worried about not having many people show ….. I don’t live far from here …..” Suarez pointed.

“Oh congratulations …….sure Ill come…. I’m not really a drinker but …..” Dee said tentatively.

“ Me neither but ….. thanks ….. its been really great ….I really do hope you can make it…and…if you want…..bring a friend …” Suarez gushed.

“Sure …. give me the details ……” Dee said as she pulled up her smartphone and tapping keys.

Chapter XIII
Hidden Danger

Black, a safe colour, everyones safe colour, black goes with everything, even with white the most opposite colour you could get. The tight black leather fetish jeans, with their low cut and front to back zip was meant for heels not boots, they would be perfect. Knowing they would look awesome while at the same serving her purposes she bought a pair, Aurora had a good eye and this pair of jeans would fit, even if a little wiggling into them was required.

Back in her apartment Aurora set to work, lying on her bed the new jeans laying out by her side she reached for her sewing kit and began. She placed the needle into the waistband, and plunged it through the material. Her stitch work was beautiful and she neatly continued around the waistband following the work of the skilled factory worker who had made the piece. Soon she had done several neat laps around the perimeter of the waistband giving the jeans a feint gold trim that just showed when the light caught it. In the apartment, for the party in the darkened atmosphere no one would see.

Still she had some way to go before she had used up the one single thread of the lasso and after passing over the belt loops several times she realised that she was struggling to hide and disguise the remaining length. Her heart fluttered when a thought crossed her mind and so she began, down she went, criss cross, criss cross she followed the stitchwork holding the zip work, down, down, she imagined the brunette in the jeans, stitching in the enslaving thread, down the crack of her behind, past her most sensual spaces, onwards over her clit, upwards, upwards then, the coup de grace, leaving a fine whisker of the thread exposed, just to the side of the button.

The heart of Suarez beat like a drum, her sexy leather prison waited for the brunette, if only she could get her into them, how delicious it would be. Suarez bit her bottom lip, she wanted to know, what it would feel like for the brunette, sliding into the first cool then warming jeans. Suarez peeled off what she was wearing until she was left in her underwear, entwining herself in the leather on the bed. She sat herself up and leant up against the headboard and presented one leg inside, then the other, her legs sliding in, deeper, deeper, until her feet battled momentarily with the narrow ends … ping … her feet slipped through. She panted as she raised her self up and pulled the jeans up over her behind feeling the pleasurable material tight against her skin. She imagined that she herself was the brunette, yet the hand slowly inching up the zip, sealing her doom was her own. Closing her eyes, one hand gripped at her pussy…..the zip reached the top …. popped the button closed ……closer…… closer to the fine whisker of thread.

BooooomBoooom thudded the heart of Suarez, in slow motion.
“Youll like it ……..” the electronic voice said.
Suarez gasped ……the black clad warrior, their hand against her throat. She was stood by the mirror and could see her foes reflection behind her.
“Let me touch you” the electronic voice urged, the black clad warriors free hand played vigorously against Suarez’s crotch. Suarez was now pinned with her back against a wall of the bedroom.
“Nhooo” wheezed Suarez, her air still being withheld from her, her hands trying to get the attacker off of her.
“Ill try not to hurt you” the voice continued, whispering in her ear. Suarez was now pinned down on her stomach hands held behind her back, she could feel the cool air between her legs, the zipper had been undone.
“No ……STOP …… STOP ….” Suarez fought.
“Go with it ..itll be ok” the black clad warrior said, the strap-on slowly edging past the outer defences of Suarez’s vagina.
Suarez had her upper arms crossed over her face, sobbing

Beeeeeeeeeeeeep …………… Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…………Beeeeeeeep

Suarez gasped a huge gulp of air, her arms snatched themselves away from her body then she shuddered and shook for a moment. Her eyes stung, she had cried in real life as she had in her nightmare. A few seconds later she realised her laptop was beeping, it was a video call from Ianos.
Suarez wiped the tears from her eyes and then accepted the call.

The familiar image of Ianos appeared in the main screen while her own camera image appeared in a corner.

“Hey, Suarez ….. you look like crap, you ok ?” asked Ianos.

“What do you want Ianos ….?” asked Suarez seriously.

“Ive been working in tiny mud hole for you and that’s all thanks Ianos gets ….” Ianos scoffed … “No ….I joke ….” Ianos could see Suarez was in no mood for anything.

“Anyway …..I finish excavation ….I think is what you want eh .. I send photos …. you decide if want Ianos to FedEx …….” Ianos smiled.

“OK … thanks …….Ianos ….. I am sorry ….just right now, not a good time ..” Suarez said.

“OK … I understand … I sen” Ianos was cut off again.

“Yes Ianos, send me the photos …..” Suarez said, her eyes misting.

Suarez pulled herself and curled up in a small ball, the leather jeans creaking slightly. She thought a moment about the nightmare and realised that being the free mind that controlled the lasso and the enslaved mind trapped within the ring was probably the cause. She must of started some terrible feedback loop she hadn’t even realised would happen, but what she was really sure of was that the dominant part of her mind had mentally raped the purer part of herself which totally disturbed her.

Suarez stepped off the bed and stood in front of her mirror. “It will be ok …..you will figure it out” she said to herself.

Chapter XIV
What colour, the boat house.

It didnt surprise Suarez, but her heart sank a little in disappointment as she swung open the door and found Dee, gift in hand, wearing something she thought her own mother would have worn, and in the 80s at that. The odd floral print dress seemed dated but the black wedged heels looked nice. Was this an extension of the librarian persona perhaps ?

Suarez, in her tight blue jeans, sheer top and low heel knee boots greeted the brunette and pecked her on each cheek while swinging the doorway into her apartment wide open.

“Hey everyone ……. this is Dee ……. shes into running like me ……” gushed Suarez.

A chorus of genuine, fake, interested and barely intelligible variations of “hi” bounced back from the myriad of strange faces in the room. A wide range of ages were represented and quickly it became apparent that Suarez had encouraged all her neighbours to attend and be part of the party rather than be kept awake by it.

“Oh …. let me see …….” Suarez squinted at the care label of the gift house plant and chose a wise spot for it amongst the furniture and some of the remnant cardboard boxes.

“Let me quickly show you around ….and then Ill get you a drink ….” said Suarez.

The tour inevitably ended with the master bedroom.

“This is my room ….. excuse the boxes …… Im getting there ….. and ….I have a balcony ….and ensuite …. just in there ……. if you need the ladies room you can come in here, Ive told the guys to use the room by the hall”

Dee walked to the double doors of the balcony and checked the night time view of the city.

“Great isnt it !” enthused Suarez

“Yes, you’ve done well and you have a great view of the park …..” commented the brunette.

Suarez felt her stomach sink, she had used her room to observe the park and the brunettes coming and goings before their encounter.

“Well, that’s about it ….. lets party !” Suarez said, changing tack.

Duff Duff Duff -Tissy …… Duff Duff Duff -Tissy- .. Duff Duff Duff- Tissy

So went the rhythm of the dance music.

Suarez managed to mingle with everyone but kept an eye on her prey who was making all efforts to stay sober. Suarez would occasionally check in on her but it really seemed the librarian act extended into everything and if nothing happened soon she would be gone, an opportunity lost. At least one of the neighbours, a teacher, seemed to be holding her attention for now.

Suarez, with her keen senses could foresee a development forming. Just as easily as she had plotted the throw of her yo-yo, she now plotted the manipulation of one of her guests. The music changed and a kick ass dance track from a decade before began to play.

“Yeeeeeeeeeey” cheered Suarez and others applauded recognising the track and her enthusiasm for it and Suarez grabbed the hand of a male guest and began to dance with him. Back and forth the two dancers moved, hands off, but together, eyes locked towards one another , or so the man thought, but Suarez had her attention on the other man with the tray of drinks who was often ferrying refreshments to the three air line stewardesses who shared apartment 2-08.

One and a Two and a Three-Four-Five counted Suarez in her mind and as she edged towards her dance partner, his arms flailing somewhat, he reversed smack clean into the aspiring young man with the drinks tray, plastic cups flying.

“Oh god ..Im so sorry” asked the dance partner as he spun around. “…are you ok ….?”

The man who had been carrying the drinks glared for a moment but he knew it was an accident and was already looking for paper towels. Dee looked down at herself and realised she had caught most of the flying drinks all over her front.

“Oh jeez, Im a clutz …..” the dance partner said as he covered his mouth realising the full extent of his chaos.

Suarez pounced like a cat on a wounded mouse.

“Oh Dee … Im so sorry …… come on …….lets get you cleaned up….” Suarez said … “Hey guys , could you get some towels on that while I sort Dee out ?”

“Yeah sure ….” and other assorted replies came back as a small group organised the clean up.

“Oh its ok …….. theres no need to make a fuss ….” the brunette piped up as she tried to keep the wet soggy mess off of her body, the clear and red drinks already sending her floral pattern into a pink frenzy of clashing colours.

Suarez towed Dee by the hand to her room, apologies tumbling from her mouth even though her charge seemed to be reluctant for help.

WhumDumDum WhumDumDum WhumDumDum

The muffled bass of the music throbbed as Suarez pulled the door closed behind them.

“It’s ok, accidents happen, I think your neighbours pride is more hurt than mine…” Dee said dabbing at herself with a paper towel.

“We should get that in the wash or it’ll stain” Suarez urged her friend.

Dee tugged the soaking fabric from her stomach and sighed.

“Maybe I should head home, it’s getting late anyway …..” Dee could see slight disappointment on the face of Suarez

“… But I’ve had a good time … It’s been great.” Dee added, her hand touching Suarez on the arm.

Suarez glanced at her watch, it’s was barely gone 10pm, the librarian act again no doubt.

“Well … I tell you what … try something of mine on and I’ll put your dress into wash n dry, you’ll have it back at midnight before your taxi ride home turns into a pumpkin and that guy you’ve been talking to all night chases you down with a glass slipper” Joked Suarez.

Dee covered her mouth muffling a laugh …. “The model steam train guy? Hell no!”

Suarez frowned “The teacher..hes into that ?..Oh I’m sorry you got trapped with him, I didn’t know!” Suarez laughed her hand trying to restrain herself.

BingBong rang the doorbell over the drone of the music.

Suarez glanced at Dee who was still fussing over her dress then in a moment of impulse spun to her dresser draw and pulled out her surprise from the bottom draw.

“Try these …..and……. Oh yeah, this’ll go…..” Suarez said pulling out a slightly oversize white tshirt.

BingBong protested the bell.

” I’ll be right back” Suarez said hesitantly not knowing if the Brunette was going to fall into her trap.

As Suarez left her room, the bass of the music pouring in through the door like water breaching a dam, she saw the brunette unzipping herself and preparing to step out of her dress.

Suarez passed by her guests and headed to the front door, nodding and smiling as they enquired after Dee then let the newcomers in.

“Hey …. Mikey…..” exclaimed Suarez as she pecked a man on the cheek and accepting the small gift he carried in his hands.

After dashing through some introductions Suarez returned to her room door, her hand resting on the door handle. She took a deep breath and tapped the door, waited a moment and then opened the door slightly.

Glancing towards Suarez was Dee, there she stood, leather jeans on and barefoot, with her arms crossed over her chest, the tshirt not on but covering her self up.

“Oh it’s you, it’s ok come in” Dee said.

Suarez sidled into the room keeping the door as closed as possible, closing it firmly behind herself.

“Woah…. They’re going to wonder where the other woman went” giggled Suarez

Dee frowned “Err I don’t think this is really me, are you sure this looks ok?” she said timidly looking down on herself.

“Put the tshirt on and and let’s see.” Suarez averted her eyes politely as Dee sorted herself out pulling the loose slightly long t shirt over her. Suarez had chosen it as it was long and she knew Dee wouldn’t go for showing off her leather clad form too much let alone her toned abs.

“Hot!” said Suarez as she encouraged Dee to stand in front of her facing the mirror.

Suarez rested her chin on Dees shoulder and grinned…..”forget the teacher and his model trains ….. there is the cute accountant from 6-10″

“Oh I know…… Isn’t he !!” Blushed Dee her eyes flashing mischievously.

“Come on, get your shoes on …. It’s time to party again” Suarez said as she turned away.

Suarez went out the door, Dee just behind her, the door closed to barely a narrow crack then opened again. Dees head appeared for a second and glanced at her forgotten and discarded dress, she paused a moment then turned away closing the door behind her.

Chapter XV
…. three is essential

People had begun to group into clusters, there seemed to be a male female older younger divide forming but Suarez drifted between them while plotting her next moves which she would have to choose and time wisely.

Dee, had now become center of attention from more men, Mr Steam Train now had competition from Mikey but the cute accountant apparently had a girlfriend away on business, but flirted with Dee a little anyway.

Suarez, the next part of her plan in motion, plucked a bottle of beer from the plastic packaging and carried it over to the brunette who was empty handed. Suarez leant in close putting her mouth to Dees ear, holding the bottle to one side.

” I thought this might help you bear all the attention” Suarez said, competing with the music.

” You know, I think I will!” Dee said glancing down at the bottle smiling.

Suarez offered the neck of the bottle to Dee who tugged the ring pull a little clumsily then sipped off the small foamy head that formed at the top of the bottle.

Suarez was surprised it had been that easy to lead Dee to start on her slightly drunken adventure but she had one other nemesis to deal with before the night was out…..the sofa. Strategically speaking, having the sofa available was a problem, an oversight and she needed someone to fill it.

The music playing, the guests dancing, Suarez deftly opened a kitchen cupboard and pulled out a small cardboard box and from inside of that a little paper sachet. She took her time and assessed her potential targets. The toy train loving teacher had nothing to worry about, he lived in the building, as did Gary the accountant, but Mikey, sweet, nice guy Mikey, he walked about 5 blocks to get to her place and she knew that with that ahead of him on his return and the sleeping powder plus a little alcohol coursing through his veins, the sofa would look very inviting for the night.

Suarez prepared a tray of drinks and did her rounds, ensuring everyone followed the ritual of clinking their glass with hers and taking a gulp. Suarez hedged her bets and repeated the ritual a few times as the evening wore on and ensured she only committed part of the powder each time, just in case someone took the wrong glass but her handling was good and soon Mikey, droopy eyed, started to struggle.

The night wore on and slowly guests departed and soon the slow ebb turned in to a slow motion rout but Dee hung on but a little bleary eyed. She truly must have been a light to non-existent drinker and the few bottles of beer that Suarez had encouraged her way had taken their toll.

“OK … good night ……” whispered Suarez to the last of the stewardesses as she gently closed the door.

“Are you sure you dont mind ?” struggled Mikey …. “Im really sorry .. I dont know ….how ….I swear Im not usually …..”

“Its ok … you can crash here ….. its not a problem …” Suarez said as she pulled some blankets from a cardboard box.

“Where is Dee ..?” Suarez glanced around the room noticing her absence she knew she hadn’t left but they hadn’t touched on the subject of her staying either.

“Oh … the one who had the dress ……. she ……she was stacking stuff up …… then went off to the bathroom I think ……” Mikey replied groggily.

“OK …. well …. you know where the bathroom is … will see you in the morning ..” Suarez said as she draped a blanket over her drugged friend.

Suarez stood up walked to the corridor and turned out the lights behind her and reached the door of her room. She opened the door slowly, little by little then entered. On her bed, barefoot, bare top but still in her jeans was the brunette, slightly curled up, fast asleep.

On the floor was the dress. Sure, Suarez had planned to get her rival into her bed, but she did mean to wash the dress, didnt she ? And why hadn’t the brunette reminded her afterwards ? She tried to put the thought out of her mind but it stayed in the background niggling at her.

Suarez couldnt believe her luck though as the fantasy had advanced with little effort. She edged over to the bed, stripping off her own boots quietly, then her top, and then battled with her tight jeans. Dee stirred slightly and changed position as Suarez quietly eased open the second drawer of her dresser pulling out the strapless strapon and easing onto the bed next to her victim.

Suarez then realised what may have happened, Dee had visited the little girls room and then, seeing the inviting bed had fallen onto it then dozed off, the crotch zip was undone and what looked like white satin underwear peeked out through the gap in the zipper, she evidently was too drunk to finish tidying herself up and had just kicked off her shoes tshirt and bra.

Suarez edged closer and closer, almost into a spooning position, her strapon in her hand behind her back, hidden, as she tested the receptiveness of her guest to her advances. Dee rolled over, her arm crossed over her face and woke, Suarez forced the strap on under her own pillow quickly.

“Hey … you ok …..you want to crash here ?” asked Suarez whispering.

“If I could ….but stop spinning the room” groaned the brunette.

Suarez let out a light laugh……. “Itll pass ….. can I get you anything …?”

“Could you get me out of these …… Im too far gone …..and Im roasting” mumbled Dee.

“Sure …” Suarez closed her eyes cursing herself silently.

Suarez tapped Dee on the side and motioned to her to get on her back. Dee did so, her forearm shielding her eyes from the light. Suarez hauled herself up her hand reaching for the button.

BooomBooom thudded her heart. Her hand closing in on the leather waistband of the sexy trap.

BooomBooom … her fingers trailed lazily over the top of the waistband, the warmth of Dees body radiating through.

BooomBooom … her index finger felt the little whisker of the single strand of the lasso.

BooomBooom … Her body shuddered, the sensation from her nightmare pulsed through her body.

Suarez hand grabbed at the button nervously but popped it free and with a little force parted the waistband. She sat up and reached around Dee who lifted her back clear off the bed and let Suarez tug the jeans over her behind. Suarez hopped off the bed, took the legs of the jeans into her hands and slid them off of her preys legs. She folded the jeans up and hopped back onto the bed.

“Hey, Id let you have the bed to yourself but Mikey is on the sofa” whispered Suarez.

“Its ok ….” mumbled Dee

Suarez gently covered Dee with her Duvet then positioned herself nearer to the edge of her side of the bed, laying flat on her back, her forearms crossed over her stomach. Even with the lights off the room was slightly lit by the city skyline and now and then Suarez would see little light reflections dance across her ceiling as she lay awake thinking.

Just as she wanted to dominate the brunette in the arena of the factory she wanted to dominate her in the bedroom too and again she had failed. She had had her target at her mercy and yet she had failed to achieve the final move.

Slowly the hypnotic dance of lights on the ceiling sent Suarez to sleep and the pair began their gradual slow motion ballet that all people unknowingly perform in the depths of their dreams. Slowly the pair encroached on each others space and eventually Suarez woke to a new situation. The duvet, kicked down to over her knees, she found her right arm a prisoner to Dees embrace, the brunettes face resting on her muscled upper arm, Dees free hand on Suarezs stomach. Suarez glanced at the clock, it was 5am.

Suarez rolled her shoulders slightly and brushed the brunettes hair back with her free arm to reveal her companions face a little more. Dee woke with a start and discovered her situation, slightly confused.

“Hey .. shhhhhh its ok …..” Suarez began.

“Where am …..” began Dee

“The party, remember ?” Suarez combed Dees hair back with her fingers.

There was a silence which seemed to last for an age.

“Aurora ?”

“Uh huh …..” Suarez answered.

“Have you ever …..” Dee said, pausing for thought. Suarezs heart stopped for a split second.

“What …..?” Suarez answered her heart dancing.

“Have you ever had a moment and realised youve not been ….. you know …. living?” Dee whispered.

Suarez thought for a moment and decided that no … she had no regrets but she suspected Dee did and she answered the question with one of her own.

“Why ……? Do you think youve been sitting on the sidelines ?” Suarez probed.

“You pulled me in here …… dressed me up …… made me feel ……special ….and thats when I realized …” Dee said as she nuzzled her head into Suarezs arm sleepily.

“Its ok … lets get some sleep ….” Suarez pecked a kiss on Dees forehead and closed her eyes. She may have failed to dominate Dee but she realised that in fact Dee had succeeded in surrendering to her instead.

Weeyu Weeyu Weeyu Whiu Whiu Whioo Whoo Whoo

Dee woke, startled by the sound of police sirens wailing by outside the apartment into the distance. She noticed the balcony door was slightly open allowing the cool summer air into the room. The sunlight that entered was slightly restrained by the fine white net curtains but was still sufficient to cause some pain behind the eyes. Dee drew herself up the bed, her knees rising into her chest as she assessed her situation.

Her satin panties were on and the rest of her clothes were discarded by the bed, the jeans that Suarez had lent to her were folded on top of the dresser. She remembered her dress and looked down to where she had discarded it to see it was gone. Gone also was Suarez though some discarded underwear on the bed made her think that she had gotten up and changed.

Slowly as Dees head began to re-boot she realised there would be a mountain of tidying up to do which she felt obligated to help with and then she remembered something about someone sleeping on the couch. The memories slowly piled on, she noticed some smudged numbers on the palm of her hand. Was that a phone number …… oh god ….. train guy.

Dee glanced down at the empty spot beside her in the bed now occupied by the discarded bra and panties. She remembered how, for whatever reason she came to haul herself up alongside Suarez, the one who had drawn her back into living life and she smiled at the memory. Dee dragged her hand over the sheets and scooped up the bra and panties. The bra carried the slight scent of Suarez, which triggered the memory of their conversation in the early hours. Dees heart fluttered as she wondered … what would it be like ……..if ……….if ………..? Slowly she drew the panties of Suarez to her face and took a deep breath inwards …..


In the ensuite bathroom the sound of the hairdryer blasted into life, and like a startled cat Dee slammed the underwear down onto the bed like her arm had been spring loaded. In her moment of vulnerability she dragged the duvet up to her chest and waited a second, her heart racing. The door opened and Suarez confidently stepped out , cable straining behind her, bathtowel wrapped around her.

The hairdryer stopped and Suarez smiled “Oh hi …… how you feeling ?” which prompted Dee to burst out laughing until she realised her head hurt.

Chapter XVI
Strike One

Suarez reversed herself against the door of the dishwasher which click closed and started running. The plastic cups and plates had been rinsed and stacked and ready to be recycled and the left over bottles and cans had been bagged up ready to be put out.

Dee sat back in her now clean dress hugging her mug of coffee at a table and read out aloud the note left by Mikey.

“Thanks for the awesome party – had a great time – Ive tidied up a bit, hope thats ok – didnt know how to work the dishwasher but it is loaded ready to go – gotta run – have a lunch date – Mikey”

“So, its Saturday, what plans do you have ?” asked Suarez. She didnt quite know how to proceed, she thought she was going to steal her moment with Dee but based on the all that had happened perhaps a different approach would work.

“Today ? Well I really need to get back home, I have chores, but I may hit the park later if my head feels up to it” Dee said …… “and you ?”

“Me ?….. more unpacking” she glanced at the boxes “shopping ……….and then I dont know, we’ll see”

There was a moments silence.

“About last night …” they said in unison.

Dee smiled …… “you go ….”

Suarez baulked ….. “No , I was just going to say Im glad you had a great time …. getting drowned was pretty much the best thing that happened to you ….”

Dee looked down into her cup … “I know …. but I meant …. afterwards …..are we like… still ok …..?”

Suarez looked over the brim of her mug of coffee, her broad grin barely hidden…. “I didnt kick you out …. did I …??” her eyes flashed.


Dees head peered over the edge, her hands gripping the edge either side of her , her eyes rolling back in her head. Her long wavy hair flowed down either side of her face towards the bedroom floor.

Her eyes closed as she bit her bottom lip in anticipation of the sensation that she knew was coming. Then she felt it, the smooth cool gliding surface which had been rubbing backwards and forwards over her fleshy slit presented itself to her moistening hole and plunged in.

Dees head flopped forward as, slowly coming into view over her shoulder, was Suarez, her face in concentration as she eased herself deeply into Dees body with the strap on, one hand gripping onto Dees shoulder and the other wrapping a coil of Dees hair around it.

Suarez leant forward as she twisted Dees head to the side, licked her face then began to pound at Dee from behind.

“Oh god yes !” Dee moaned.


Chapter XVII
Small gifts from heaven

The old fisherman made the walk down the short steep hill from his modest little cottage to the rocky beach. He had done this short journey practically every day of his life since he could cast a net, just as his father had done and his father before him. There were fewer and fewer of his kind, the ones that would take their small sailboat into the clear blue waters with nothing more than a flask of water, some provisions for the day, and a net.

He walked down to the shingle and his boat and performed his daily ritual of looking to the skies and giving thanks for the favourable weather and for having protected his boat from the storm of the night before. His wise old eyes studied the planks of the timber hull and knew the old boat lived to sail another day.

As he pulled up the lines that had anchored the boat he noticed another line had become tangled, debris from the storm perhaps. The occasional glint in the sun on this other line caused the old man to become curious and he went to retrieve the nuisance.

The old man shook the encroaching line clean, it appeared golden almost, and well made, save for the one frayed end. The old man wrapped two coils around his strong fists and pulled the line testing it. It was strong, it was beautiful, it surely was a gift, he concluded.

The old man glanced at the flat sea, the blue skies, and movement of the few clouds. He listened to the kind wind and the cries of the gulls, everything told him he had time. Probably for the first time ever the old man turned, gift in hand, and began walking back to his cottage, patting the hull of his boat as he passed by.

In his cottage the old man, with patience and the skills gifted to him by his ancestors began to rework the rope, a task made difficult by not being able to cut it which vexed him. With his tools he began to prepare to bind off the end and was surprised when he was able to find a perfect match amongst his materials, he didn’t recall ever having need of that colour before.

Eventually the rope was repaired and proudly hung on a hook, coiled neatly. There was a tap at the door and the old man turned away to answer it. One of the widow farmers stood at the door, a small basket of vegetables and some fruit in her hand. Apparently the harvest had been good, so she told him, and there was at least enough extra for one good meal to share. The old man glanced over his shoulder to say he had received good fortune too only to see the rope gone. He looked at the basket and the lady then skywards with a smile and acknowledged the work of the old gods.

Check Mate

The blonde, her beautiful curled ringlets bobbing as she walked, strode elegantly waist deep from the pure waters of the island paradise, her peach dress clung to her as she walked onto the shore, the lasso neatly coiled in her hand.

“Someone has been busy” said a friendly voice, a red headed beauty dressed in green. “I hope you have not been spending too much manna though, it is a precious commodity these days”

The blonde smiled “It is rare that I spend it…….and besides, it was necessary”

The red head offered out her arm hinting that they should walk together along the shore.

“For the lasso, perhaps, but really, using an old man ….and then to reward him with fruit..?” The red head probed.

“Why do you only see the material gifts? There were two gifts there in front of him or do you not hear Aphrodites song? Besides, by rewarding the descendant of the original maker of the lasso I thought I was being …. poetic” the blond said, justifying her actions.

“Oh , so you found out about that, did you?… I heard you had been asking.” the red head said, her glance passing between the blonde, the gulls and the gentle sea.

“Oh, and what else have you heard ?” teased the blonde. She had been asking questions of all the angels she thought might know of the origin of the lasso and also of the warrior who had bested her favourite champion.

“You know, I couldnt really say ….. and you know it when I say it …. I really cant say” the red head hinted.

The pair passed by a cluster of trees beneath which was a marble table and benches. The table surface was chequered and adorned with chess pieces waiting to clash once more in battle.

The red head guided her friend to the table ……. “Do you play Chess ? It is such an …. enlightening game” she said suggestively.

The blonde understood her friends code and sat opposite her “I dont play so much, perhaps you can teach me”

The pair set up their pieces, the blonde took white, the red head black, the armies stood in formation ready to do battle.

The blonde led out ….. “My champion” she said ….. placing her finger on a Knight which she plucked up and lead out on her first move….

“And there you see is your problem …. my champion looks like one of these ….” The red head plucked a pawn and advanced two squares. “Yours stands out, its moves well known, the Pawn, less so”

“But … the pawn is your champion ?” the blondes eyebrows rose as she smiled.

“Like I said … I really cant say ….” the red head reaffirmed.

The blonde plucked a pawn of her own and made her next move. “Is there any reason one might throw a poor Pawn at a Knight ….. in chess that is …..”

“Oh come now, a naïve question …” the red head followed out with another pawn “positioning is one, sacrificing a pawn so the knight can be taken is another, but sometimes, for those who control the pieces, its just for the fun of it”

The blonde placed her hand atop a bishop and it sped out on its diagonal run. “So it comes down to the pawn being used for strategy or amusement …..”

The red head picked up a knight and started a new charge on the flank of the board. “You learn quickly ….. I would only say that in a game with no stakes, and …..” her tone turned a little more serious “and there are no stakes…. the game is played for amusement”

The blonde glanced over the development of the game and took another Pawn from the ranks and sent it into the fray. “Well, Id only wonder then, who would be need of amusement enough to want to see this battle of Pawn and Knight play out?”

The red head looked at the board and the blond. “I think you HAVE learned a lot from our little lesson….and my little black army and their King grows bored …understand ?” She placed her finger on the King, “He is bored” then tipped it over in abdication. “Dont RUIN his fun” she warned.

The red head rose from the table and spun away. “Your champion returns soon, I am sure. I heard the angels of Mytilini singing in happiness for her while you were away….give her the lasso if you think it will help her, but my pawn, it knows how to steal shields and swords and armour, and what is your knight without those ?”

The blonde rose from the table, lasso in one hand, her other hand over mouth.

The red head glanced over her shoulder as she walked away ….. “Remember ….. do not ruin his fun” she cautioned.

Chapter XIX
Special Delivery

Suarez rubbed her eyes as she returned to her laptop, the progress bar on a transfer was complete and she plucked out the now full little usb pen drive and put it to one side. That was one of her tasks over with at least.

She opened up a browser page and loaded up the courier firms website then copied and pasted a tracking number from an email from Ianos into the search box. Ianos had sent a package on just about the most expensive yet fastest courier network possible yet it was still a shock to see that the consignment was marked “Out for Delivery”.

Suarez tabbed out and looked over the photo slideshow again. She had received the pictures not long after her last conversation with her hard working contractor on the other side of the world then approved the items despatch.

The diligent Ianos had photographed each stage of the excavation. He had chased back from the rectangular strip where the thin needle of metal had broken free, back into the earth , layer by layer revealing more and more of the artefact until it had been completely uncovered. The last photo showed the fully revealed item, and, like the small piece that came before it, it was levitating from the ground, barely overcoming its own weight.


Suarez rose and went to the door and checked the spyglass, a man in a baseball cap, the courier company name on it, stood on the other side chewing on some gum glancing down at some handheld tablet.

Suarez opened the door and saw on the floor there was a cardboard box. The courier offered out his tablet and a touchscreen stylus and she signed her name. Barely a word passed between them, she said thanks drew in the box and the transaction was done.

She looked down on the box with excitement and a little fear but knelt down and begun to slice open the tape that held it closed. The brown tape slowly began to get peeled away and then she was down to the packing chips but her fingers got caught on something and she realised that from the four corners of the box Ianos had fixed strong rubber bands and had suspended the precious cargo in a plastic bag at the center. Suarez realised that he had weighted the box down with some lead from one of his diving belts and was trying to dampen down the motion of contents with the rubber bands. “Very clever Ianos, very clever”.

Right now the plastic bagged contents hung under its own weight, whatever magic that had caused it to levitate before was not in effect right now it seemed, but Suarez knew that like the needle before, it could come to life at any time, when the shy librarian, Dee, became the star spangled heroine. Suarez returned to her laptop and begun to compose her thank you message to Ianos.

Chapter XX
On Friendly Shores

The brunette, her booted legs crossed in front of her, bracelet adorned forearms arms at ease in her lap, closed her eyes and began her meditation, seeking the island paradise of the other realm.

The brunettes breathing gently slowed …… in …… out …………..in …………………………out.

She opened her eyes and looked down just in time to see the gentle lapping wave retreat to the ocean, the soft sand tickling between her toes as she felt herself sink just slightly into the golden grains of the shore.

“Greetings once again …… you have good timing” greeted the blond, her peach dress fluttering slightly on the wind. In her hand was the lasso, repaired and gleaming in the sunshine. The brunette smiled, her heart was still floating on air after her encounter with Suarez the day before and although their paths hadn’t crossed since they had plans to meet again.

“Oh, you have repaired the damage …… was it difficult” the brunette asked as she walked from the edge of the water towards the angel who had greeted her.

“Walk with me ….” asked the angel as she led the pair along the shore.

“Is everything ok ?” asked the brunette.

“I have things to tell you … and I have things that I cannot …” the blond said cryptically.

“I don’t understand … is it about the lasso ?” frowned the brunette.

“That, I can tell you. I enquired about the lasso and how it came to be broken, as you and I both know, its strength is legendary, yet how it came into the world, less so” the blond explained, her ringlets swaying with each step.

“Was it damaged by another weapon of the gods or ….” queried Dee as she glanced at the lasso.

“No, I dont think so ….. you see ….. the lasso, whilst being of the gods, it was crafted by a mortal ..” the angel held out the lasso “the strands are from the hair of a goddess, but the binding is not ….. and it was this that was broken.”

“So, the warrior, they knew of this weakness ?” puzzled the brunette.

“Possibly so … there are texts written by mortals that may have told of the provenance of the lasso” the angel explained.

“And what of the warrior …… did you learn anything of them ?” asked the brunette.

“And alas we come to the part I cannot help you with” said the angel, resigned to her secrecy.

“But I dont understand ….” Dee felt confused, why did her angel act this way ?

The pair continued on their walk, there was a stony silence for a moment while the pair gauged what to do next.

“I think, you already know all you need to know of the warrior, you think you do not know it, but if you reconsider your previous encounter most thoroughly again you will see it is true” the angel said in a moment of clarity.

Further inland, in a clearing on the grass, a group of angels in assorted colours, were plucking fruit from a bowl and eating, and giggling. One covered her mouth as a happy laugh escaped, pointing in the direction of the pair as they continued their walk. The assorted angels waved happily then resumed their chatter amongst themselves, sometimes whispering secrets into oneanothers ears.

Dee shyly waved back with a slight frown on her face. “Do I know them ? I don’t recall seeing them before” the brunette stated.

“Oh, them ? They are some of the angels of Mytilini” the blond replied as she nodded respectfully in the direction of the playful group.

“Mytilini … where is that ….” the brunettes frown deepened.

The blond, her eyes wide, paused and placed her mouth to the brunettes ear and whispered.

The brunette blushed …. “Oh … I see …..”

“You are the source of their happiness the last day or so ……..” the blonde said warmly.

The brunette shook her head as she cleared her thoughts and began to recall the events of her encounter with the unknown black clad warrior.

“So … the warrior knows of the lasso possibly, its weakness ….. maybe it would be pointless to use it again against them… but then again ….maybe that’s what they want me to think … luckily I have my strength .. my bel” the brunette cut herself off.

“What do you remember ?” asked the blond.

“That warrior also nearly took my belt …. either for their use, or to deny it from me, I don’t know.” the recollection bothered the brunette.

“Now you are thinking like a true champion, what does it mean ?” encouraged the blond knowing that she couldn’t openly tell to her champion what she already knew.

“I guess it means I cannot rely on anything, this warrior knows they might be able to neutralise the lasso, they might even be able to take my belt, I guess even the bracelets are at risk ….but what do I fight with?” the brunette asked of herself.

“You were born with speed and cunning, the belt, the bracelets, the lasso, they are tools to help you, they are not all that you are….if it were so they could have been given to anyone …..you will figure it out ….” encouraged the blond “now, you should return to your own shores, you have good work to do and no doubt you will meet the warrior again”

The brunette nodded, accepted the gift of the lasso and headed towards the water.

The blond gave a gentle wave of the hand and turned back, she knew she had done her best to help her champion and not incur the wrath of the gods. Her champion was now as well prepared as possible and wouldn’t be going into danger completely unprepared. The blonds bright eyes glanced about, she sensed she had been watched but now was in the company of only the angels frolicking in the clearing.

The brunette opened her eyes, the lasso once again in her possession, she was now ready for the trials ahead.

Chop Shop

The brunette peered over the edge of the roof of the workshop, beneath she could hear the roller doors clank open inch by inch, the chain being hauled on by one of the men inside. The beautiful violet sports car, a subtle glow emanating from all around its low profile skirting, edged into the workshop as soon as the door had risen far enough.

The brunette rose from her position and tip toed lightly to the skylight and looked down. A team of men surrounded the newcomer, scanning devices in hand looking for where the various trackers and anti theft sensors were located.

Rich boys and their stolen toys were not usually of her concern but today she was trying to close off a feed back loop to the drugs chain she had been trying to take down and nothing hurt the flow of drugs like the sudden stoppage of money.

The brunette quickly took in the layout of the workshop and noted a small fire escape door at the back. That would be her way in, dropping through the skylight was too risky, too many directions to be seen from and there was no guarantee that she had seen all that there was to see in there.

She made her way along the roof to the back of the workshop , looked down to check the way was clear and dropped down, somersaulting on the way down softly landing on her feet, her heels barely making a click on touchdown.

The brunette put her ear to the fire escape door and listened. The area behind was a whirr of pneuamatic wrenches and power tools and the inevitable tapping and clanking that filled the air of most workshops. She placed her shoulder against the door and gently began to push to force it open.

The first thing she could hear was the metal lock push against the metal jam it sat into to. The wooden frame creaked as the jam protested against the frame. The nails holding the frame of the doorway into the structure had their turn next as the frame, now twisting tugged at their heads. The super high frequency of the squeeking nails as they were being dragged from the wood was only heard by her.

POP POP – The wooden frame began to fail, one by one the nails loosened as the frame and the metal jam rotated off the lock and the door was free to begin to swing open.The brunette paused, her fingers now gripping around the edge of the door to prevent it from flying open.

There seemed to be no reaction from inside so the brunette entered into the workshop under the cover of all the noise. At the back was what appeared to be boxes of spares, either bought in or stripped off of vehicles to disguise them. This presented the brunette an opportunity to get closer to goon number one who had his back to her. Clipboard in hand it appeared he was going through a checklist around a car, perhaps to make sure they hadn’t forgotten something.

Stalking up to her prey she slipped in behind him locking one arm about his throat, the other over his mouth and slowly put out his lights. Dragging him beyond the boxes and out of sight she placed his sleeping body in the recovery position and then set out again to get to the next man.

The next one was almost as easy as the first, he was working on the interior of a Ferrari. Those seatbelts were standard and he was making sure they looked more like the custom optional extras instead. The brunette playfully tapped on the rear window and the craftsmen , a frown on his face swung his head out the open window looking over his shoulder. The last thing he saw was the sole of the red boot that sent him to sleep.

Two men now piled up safe and sound and judging from the tapping and clanging there were still more to go. A beautiful yellow Lotus was next, and although it was parked and engine off it made a sound more akin to a dropped bag of spanners. The mechanic underneath tapped and ratcheted away at his task and …. wait …. was the car lowering ? ……Shit !

The mechanic in his panic laying on a dolley under the vehicle pulled himself out from under the car before there was no clearance to escape.

“Uh ?!” said the man stunned as he found himself between the legs of the brunette, her long red booted legs, the shining blue leggings and red corset above. The smiling face above him winked, her hand offered a simple wave, then she instantly dropped to her knees straddling his waist and ….. Whpaaam ! The clash of her forehead against his could only result in one conclusion.

The pile of bodies was growing yet there was a little more to do, but now the tricky part. That violet sports car was being triple teamed by the scanning team, taking them out silently was going to be a bit more involving.

She made her way back past the already cleared vehicles and turned a corner. There it was, and there they were, sensors in hand scanning away. The man with his head in the engine bay looked the most likely to be taken first. She crouched and snuck up to the car and was practically beside the man and he still didnt know she was there. She could hear the other two talking amongst themselves and she figured that perhaps .. just perhaps….


A swift move and the engine bay cover slammed down for just a moment, stunning the man working inside. His body dangled limply inside the engine compartment his legs hung touching the ground giving the illusion that he was happily working away inside.

The brunette made it slightly round the side of the car and that’s when her cover was blown.

The brunette made eye contact with the shaven haired thug. Whump, his eye blinked, his mouth slowly opening in shock, she could see his chest inflate, the deep intake of breath. Usually with a lung full of air, the shock and a surprise of seeing her, a goons first words were ..

Fuck ….. Shit ……The name of a comrade ….. Stop her ….. get her …… any of those variations.

“Christ !!” he exclaimed.

Close enough, thought the brunette to herself.

The shaven headed man stumbled back, the scanner in his hand dropping to the floor his free hand falling onto a tool trolley, its top deck crowded with spanners.

A second man in a baseball cap who had been crouching by the opposite side of the car began to rise to his feet in surprise, his arm reaching out to brace the fall of his friend. ShaveHead stumbled back to be caught by BaseballCap who now saw the brunette. BaseballCap gave his buddy a shove at the brunette and turned to run.

ShaveHead, spanner in hand began his slow motion assault, a long overhead arc, the spanner came downward towards the heroin. Her wrists slowly rose together in an X and CLANG. The vibration of the strike rattled down the fingers of ShaveHead and he cried out in pain as he fell to his knees clutching his hands together only for his face to connect with the knee of the heroin…. Lights Out!

BaseballCap paused and looked back to see his buddy slump backwards, the palm of the brunettes right hand guiding him on his safe descent to the floor.

“Jeezus …..” he exclaimed as turned to continue his escape. He made it to one car, then the next, calling names, the names of his sleeping buddies out back. They werent going to respond any time soon.

“Oh man, this cant be …….”

Whew whew whew whew ….. the lasso whispered as it enveloped the man and he began to feel himself being wheeled in like a fish until he was on his knees at her feet.

“Now …… how many of you are there ?” asked the brunette forcefully.

“Here …. now ….?” BaseballCap blubbed.

“Yes ….. HERE .. NOW !” brunette repeated.

BaseballCaps eyes blinked as he counted off everyone……. “Seven .. there are seven…”

BoomBoom the heart of the heroine pulsed
Checklist lights out guy, 1
Ferrari facekick man, 2
BoomBoom her heart fired again.
Lotus straddle finish,3
Engine bay dangler,4
BoomBoom her heart raced.
ShaveHead Spanner hands, 5
BaseballCap bean spiller, ………. shit!

“Nice try! – Now, hands up” said a voice directly behind the brunette, some kind of weapon muzzle to her head.

The lasso fell limply, the brunettes hands let go of the golden rope as her hands rose in surrender… then she began to spin around, her wrist rising quickly.

The metal creaking trigger of whatever weapon the last man had began to engage the strange sounding mechanism and then she heard it, the high pressure air being released into the weapon. There was no chemical fizz, no pop, no mini explosion to drive out whatever deadly missile awaited, just cool expanding air. The missile rattled down the barrel of the weapon, there was no rifling in this gun, just a smooth bore and an ill fitting round clattering inside.

The brunettes wrist rose at lightning pace and PING !

The pneumatic rivet gun chugged as another rivet danced into the chamber, the armed thugs face revealing his disbelief as the other hand of the woman filled his view, closer, closer ….. Pain …. Darkness.

Before the golden rope touched the floor the brunette caught it again in mid flight.

“Next time …” cautioned the brunette to BaseballCap ….. “count faster !”

Bad guys secured the brunette stepped out of the building and prepared to call in a tipoff to the police. Sure, leaving the roller door ajar was a little naughty but it meant the police would see the stolen vehicles plain as day from outside, no warrant required.

On the dockside in front of the workshop the brunette made the call, reporting shots fired wasn’t exactly a lie, it depended on how you defined the gun.

“You fought well, once again , and you have your lasso repaired….” called out a metallic voice.

Startled, the brunette looked up and saw the source of the voice, the warrior in black, on the roof of the workshop. The brunette calculated the odds, it would be pointless to try and leap up there to the warrior, it would only end badly.

“I take it you knew you could break it” the brunette fished.

“Like you, I am a warrior, you should know that understanding your opponent is important” the warrior replied.

“What is this about , have I wronged you ?” asked the brunette

“Take this ……it will help you and your little drug problem ….. then we will meet again” said the black clad warrior tossing something at the brunette. The brunette watched the arc of the object in flight and turned side on to it as it fell harmlessly at her feet. She glanced back up but already knew that the warrior was gone.

Chapter XXII
Mergers and Acquisitions

Dee scanned the contents of the usb drive very carefully before finally plucking up the courage to load the files. The files themselves had an odd extension and it took a while before she finally discovered that they were for some mapping software. Soon she had downloaded a Demo and begun to load up the data.

It seemed that something was being plotted across a map and she soon saw that it was the tractor unit that she had tried to intercept at the factory. She may have failed to tag it but it seemed her black clad rival had not. Slowly the plot continued to play out, retelling the story of the tractor units adventure.

The unit had sped off and stopped at a truck stop. It waited hours, then went on another journey, to the middle of nowhere, then waited some more. It then went to …… what was that ….. an industrial park? Then the tractor unit drove back towards the city, but this time to the football stadium, The Metro Monsters ground.

Ping !
An Instant Message pinged in the background.
The brunette brought the window out of hiding, it was Aurora.

AURORA : “Hi, you there or afk ?”

“Oh, I’m here” responded Dee.

AURORA: “Hey, Ive been missing you, been doing anything exciting ?”

Dee chuckled …. “had problems with the car …. it was in the shop”

AURORA: “Nothing serious I hope ….”

Dee smiled … “no nothing too serious ….I’m sorry though, Ive not been avoiding you …”

AURORA: “I hope I didn’t put you off”

Dees heart raced a little as she recalled her encounter with Aurora. She had pierced through the cold dull wall that she had built up for so long to protect her identity and brought her out into the light. She had let Aurora take charge of her in so many ways, she had dressed her up then stripped her down, and she had fallen into Auroras arms.

AURORA: “Hey, you still there ?”

Dee shook her head, she had been lost in her thoughts and saw that one hand had dropped between her legs. She bit her lip as she realised her loss of control and took a deep breath and put both hands back on the keys.

DEE: “Yes .. I’m here ….. I was just…..remembering ….. :blush: ….”

AURORA: “ :blush: You were one handed typing, weren’t you ?!”

DEE: “OMG, you cant say that …!”

AURORA: “Well, I didn’t say stop … did I :p ?”

Dees heart raced, she could almost hear her saying the words out loud.

DEE: “I cant believe you said that ….”

AURORA: “Listen, its been days, I am horny as hell thinking of you and if I cant fuck you right now I at least want to be sure you are horny and frustrated too!”

DEE: “ ?!!?”

AURORA: “Get naked … if you’re not already ..”

Dees arms closed around her body. Was she really going to do it ?

Aurora looked at the chatbox window, what was Dee going to say? She wanted to reinforce her demand but right now she was busy too, one hand sitting on her spandex covered cameltoe her other arm wrapped around a black backpack containing the brunettes impending downfall.

In a window separate to the chatbox was some weight data she had been computing. The spherical object beneath the Aegean sea would indeed weigh about 500 metric tonnes, the force needed to pry open a simple bulkhead door, much less, something didn’t add up and she was gambling that she knew the answer. The plastic bag from the pharmacy contained the experiment that would prove her right or wrong either way.

DEE: “OK …. but I hope I don’t regret it …”

Aurora, heart racing, leant forward.

AURORA: “Top off ….slowly …then your bra”

Dee peeled off her top followed by her bra as instructed …

AURORA: “You have great nips by the way :D

Dee smiled shyly at the message and she cupped her breasts as Aurora had done the day she had let her take her for the first time.

AURORA: “Shoes … socks ….. off !”

Dee read the cadence … the manner of the instructions ….her head bowed for a moment as mentally she, her heroine persona, Aurora and the mechanical voiced warrior merged into the fantasy.

“Belt …… OFF …..” the mechanical voice said.

Dee continued to read Auroras instructions but it was the warriors voice that she heard in her mind. Slowly being stripped of her belt, her bracelets, the lasso holding her prisoner, the boots that symbolised her power, discarded on the floor. Her hand felt her body moisten at even the thought of it happening again.

Dees head lolled drunkenly to one side, the head rush like a drug as, following her instructions, had gently eased her panties into her pussy to remain for the rest of the day, the associated thoughts and repercussions of which finally forced her over the edge.

DEE: “:blush: .OMG..Ive O’d …..I ….I have to go …I’m sorry ……”

AURORA: “Me too…… O’d and have to go …… I will see you again soon….right ?”

Dee looked at the message and thought about all that had transpired.

DEE: “I think you already know you will … xx”

Aurora saw Dee sign off and was troubled. What did Dee mean by that ? Fuck! She looked down at herself and realised she needed to hit the shower.


The brunette, her heels clicking quietly on the hard tarmac of the epic empty parking lot made her way towards the side of the Metro Monsters home ground, “The Lair”. Its retro-gothic styling made for an awesome silhouette against the late night Metro skyline.

The brunette closed in on the loading dock area and begun to look for her rogue tractor unit. She wanted to know more about its mission , who loaded it, who unloaded it, what was hitched to it, everything she could.

Row after row of trucks were parked waiting in the bays. It seemed that anything that was merchandised was represented. Cold drinks, beers, candy, potato chips, t-shirts , hot dogs, paper cups, napkins, straws, official team shirts, foam hands, stupid drink hats. Everything had to be hauled to the stadium on a regular basis, imagine just the 100,000 big paper cups for each game, every other weekend, all that stuff added up.

Carefully she slipped passed one truck after another, any passing worker at the stadium was never going to see her. Eventually she found the tractor unit she was looking for. Hitched up to it was a plain white trailer unit. She cautiously made her way to the back and looked for any clues as to the origin of the contents but saw nothing obvious. The brunette walked back alongside the trailer and then she noticed something. She was going to place a tracker on the trailer on the underside of a wheel arch above a wheel and noticed how much clearance there was between tyre and its well. This trailer was empty!

She ran through it logically, the tractor left the factory without a load, therefore it had come here with a new trailer, this was a new place for collection, not distribution. The drugs were on another rig, the transfer hadnt happened yet. She placed the tracker in place then, hearing voices, the brunette ducked under the trailer and listened.

“ Yeah, the red one … the guy said an hour …lets get on it!” said a Husky voice.

“Ill get the forks ..” said another.

Two pairs of legs parted ways, one stayed with the white truck, the other left.

The brunette reasoned there was a red truck somewhere and snuck further down the line until she found it. She waited patiently and so it was no surprise that that the fork truck trundled down right to where she waited, confirming her suspicions. Locator tags in place on the trailer and tractor unit, it was just a case of waiting for the coast to clear and she would be away, another network mapping session in progress, another branch of the poison tree to discover.

The hour elapsed under the brunettes watchful gaze and the switch was finished. The fork truck was parked away and the two men, Husky and ForkDriver went their seperate ways. However this had been arranged could be solved another day, for now the important thing was the deliverer and transporter of this deadly cargo were tagged.

The brunette rose from her hiding place by the loading dock and felt the sensation of being watched. The sound of crickets filled the warm evening air, no voices spoke, no birds sung, there were no cars, no planes, nothing, just crickets.

“Did it help you ?” said a voice from nowhere.

The brunette looked about her but didn’t see the source.

“Yes ….. but if you are not with them, and you are not with me, who are you with ?” asked the brunette into the blind.

“Win or lose …. you will learn all …..but there must be a winner ….” replied the electronic voice.

“And how do you define winning ?” asked the brunette into the open air.

“When defeat comes we will know” the voice replied cryptically.

“Where ?” asked the brunette.

“Our forbearers used to compete in the arenas, it is fitting we have one of our own, the turf our new arena , do not hold back, I will not …” said the voice ominously.

P x N

The brunette cautiously made her way through a tunnel. In the silence she could imagine the roar of the crowds that would normally be emanating from the arena beyond. In ancient times it would be man against man, or animal, swords and shields clashing, the roar of tigers and lions, the blood, the taunts of the crowd, their cheers, their baying for blood. In modern times the sound of the crowd wasn’t much different but the clash of steel was now replaced by the crunching tackles of football and the echoing voice of the announcer on the speakers.

The brunette passed into the rows of seating. The pitch was lit under subdued lighting, only a few lamps of the great floodlight towers were illuminated. On the halfway line, in the center something was stirring, it was a black twitching blob. What was that … a dog? An animal of some kind for sure. Was it a trap ? It almost seemed certain but the brunette felt that the encounter wasn’t going to progress until she investigated a little more closely.

Confidently yet with a hint of the butterflies in her stomach the brunette walked down between the rows of seating. At the end of the row was the lip of the wall and the drop onto the green turf of the sidelines. The brunette glanced down into shadows below, it was hard to tell but it looked safe and so, one hand planted on the wall and a quick kick with the legs she hopped over. She dropped the 18 feet or so on to the grass, her blue shiny clad legs bending at the knee on landing. A glance left and right assured the immediate area looked clear and she looked on towards the center of the field and the twitching black mass.

From nowhere, following the brunette from above, the black clad warrior jumped down landing on the brunettes shoulders, the warriors muscular thighs clenching around the brunettes neck in an attempt to force her to black out. Hands held the brunettes hair tightly in the bid to ride her to the point of asphyxiation.

The brunette in her determination to break the hold took herself a pace or two backwards and estimating the wall to be close, slammed her unwanted jockey into the wall, provoking a grunt from her attacker.

Slam … “nghhhh”

Slam …. “hnghhh”

The brunette felt that she was having no effect and she was losing the battle for oxygen. Then in a moment of clarity she grasped one of her attackers legs below the knee and forced her attackers foot close to her waist, then with her free hand began to unclip her lasso.

The warrior saw the development unfold, their heart racing. The brunette, her bracelets glinting off the subtle floodlights, was going to just simply lasso her foot, point blank range, she would be an instant prisoner.

“nghoo” grunted the electronic voiced warrior as they swung their free leg off the brunettes bare shoulder and started to stumble back.

The brunette failed to keep her vague grip on the warrior as she tried to free her lasso and saw the warrior manage to backflip away landing between the sideline and the wall, the twitching mass way behind them.

The brunette lasso now in hand began to consider spinning it up to cast at her opponent but she remembered how the warrior had damaged the lasso once before and decided now wasnt the time to let loose her golden rope. She kept the lasso in one hand and sprinted at her opponent.

The warrior saw the brunette, her hair flowing over her shoulders approach rapidly, coil of golden rope in her hand. The warrior flung out her arm with a subtle flick of her wrist towards the brunette, whose thighs were pumping, her toned stomach flexing, her muscular arms pounding at the air, literally hauling herself to the black clad warrior.

The brunette could see the masked warrior blink, their right arm extending, the small black disc of the yo-yo ran down their sleeved arm ,the little blades starting their whispered song. “Jump” thought the brunette and took to the air.

The yo-yo set forth on its journey, but the warrior could see in the subtle smile of her nemesis that her weapon would not find its target. Her heart stopped, time stood still, but her red and blue clad opponent did not, her steady climb into the air already too fast for the warrior in black to track by eye.

The warrior, without thinking, reacted to the brunettes potentially winning move. She merely twitched on the fine cord attached to her weapon and it began its hasty return towards its owner.

The brunette began to twist in the air so she would land looking back to where she jumped from but from the other side of her attacker. It was now that she could tell the yo-yo had been snatched back towards the hand of its wielder. The brunette had already decided against casting her lasso from above her opponent, this was the move that she tried before, she wasn’t here to repeat mistakes. She was trying to mix things up a bit, her previous round having been totally predictable.

The black clad warrior buckled at her knees, falling back onto their shoulders, one arm supporting themselves, their throwing arm extending behind them. The yo-yo , whirred its way over their body but now going behind them and towards the brunette.

The brunettes eyes widened. The yo-yo approached into the very spot she was going to land in. Her opponent seemed gifted in planning way ahead. The brunette kicked out with her legs, grasping her ankles and landed doing to the splits, then quickly lent forward placing herself flush to the ground. The yo-yo flew past overhead harmlessly, the ink black enemy, who was clambering to their feet, had missed!

Planting her hands onto the green turf the brunette pushed herself to her feet and ran at the black clothed warrior again. The warrior felt the line of her yo-yo go slack, it had gone to ground while she had been getting onto her feet, she had not been able to keep its flight alive but … perhaps.

The warrior gave the cord a quick flick with her wrist and the whirring electric blade dug into the cord and began to skip and bounce hauling itself back on itself . The brunette had almost closed the gap to the warrior when a tap to heel mid stride tripped her to the floor. The brunette rolled over onto her back and prepared to flip herself on to her feet only to see the warrior drop around her waist.

A flick of her wrist and the black warrior produced a fine metal needle and plunged towards one of the brunettes upper arms. The brunette blocked the thrust, but just about, her hands gripping the warriors hand that was trying to drive the needle home.

“Nghhhhh …. Noooo” grunted the brunette …. “pfffff” her lungs exhaled before she took another breath to help in her exertions.

The tip of the needle closed in on the muscle of the brunette.

“Nooo ….. nghhhhhhh” the brunette protested.

Then it happened .. the tip breached the surface of the skin, the subtle sting of the liquid within began to bite the brunette.

“NO!” the brunette exclaimed and in one last effort she forced the hand of her opponent up the needle dripping a few spots of its sinister cargo over the pair.

The brunette gripped the hand that had injected her and begun to twist it, slowly, slowly.

“Nghhhhh ……” grunted the black clad warrior.

The two locked eyes, the masked attacker could see in the eyes of the brunette that the reversal was assured. Wide eyed, the attackers resistance fell and the needle plunged into their neck, the brunette squeezing the warriors hand tightly, the bulk of the mystery liquid forced into the warriors body. The brunette, catching the warrior in a moment of weakness shoved her opponent away then got up.

There was a natural lull, the brunette gripped her upperarm, unsure what the injection was about, the warrior rubbed their neck.

“Wha …… what was THAT ?” asked the brunette, slightly out of breath.

“We shall see …..” replied the black silhouette.

“Well I hope you’ve got an antidote for it because you got most of it….” the brunette said.

“I don’t need one ….” said the warrior confidently.

“What …. what do you mean by …… nghhhhhh …… what the ……..” the brunette began to feel the pain around her waist.

The black clad warrior stood triumphant , arms folded, as the brunette began to fall to her knees.

“Take it off ….” said the black figure coldly.

The brunette grasped at her waist. The belt that had been a source of strength, of power, began to betray her, its slow crushing grip began to bite, the brunettes organs began to protest. Quickly she unclipped the belt as she felt the air being forced from her lungs and let the golden band fall to the floor.

“What……..what……. did you do !” demanded the brunette as she watched the writhing belt slowly fall still.

The warrior tapped the side of their masked nose, evidently the injection was a secret for now at least.

The brunette slowly rose to her feet and began to spin up her lasso, winded, ribs sore, organs tender, she prepared to take her shot at the black figure.

The yo-yo, now a knotted birds nest lay inert on the floor, but, the warrior had one more roll of the dice, the twitching black mass on the 50 yard line amid the logo of the Metro Monsters. She turned and began to somersault like a gymnast towards her ultimate weapon….

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 steps then bounce …. somersault …….. somersault ……

The brunette gave chase, the black figures arcs and distances changed on each bounce but then she felt it .. that decision …and let her hand fly.

There is a special moment that almost every person has felt and if not yet, they will one day. The feeling of the release of the ball from the hand, the swing of the bat, or racket, the cast of the fishing rod, the loosing of the arrow, the deft stroke of a pen or brush. That magic moment when, at the very instant you commit, you let go, you know, it is assured, you don’t even have to watch, it is fated, it is destiny. That ball, that arrow, that swing …. is perfect.


“Noo” …. the black clad warrior fell to earth, landing palms first, feet bound together by the lasso.

The wind knocked from their sails, they found themselves being hauled in by the brunette.

The brunette gritted her teeth. Finally she had her nemesis in her grasp. She hauled and she hauled, her opponent suffering the humiliation of being landed like a fish. Eventually the black figure lay at the brunettes red booted feet.

“Finally ……. it is done …….. WHO are you ?” demanded the brunette, the lasso guaranteeing answers.

“I …. I am a daughter of the Great River tribes, follower of the Fallen Goddess with the golden hair” replied the voice.

The brunette glanced at the twitching black mass then at the warrior.

“Stay!” commanded the brunette and walked towards the center of the field, playing out the lasso as she went.

“No .. dont ….. its …..” the fallen black warrior said.

“Shush” the brunette replied, raising a finger at the prone prisoner.

Compelled into silence the warrior could only shake their head in protest. The brunette approached the mass which appeared to be a black bag. The contents seemed to be tugging away and then she realised the bag had been staked to the ground. The brunette cocked her head in puzzlement and then she could hear the ripping sound as the nylon began to tear at its seams.

Veeeewwiiiiiiiiiiiiip – tink—–tink—-tink-tinktinktinktink

The brunette dived to the side as the clattering metal chain shot out of the bag. The black warrior watched wide eyed as one end of the chain did a loop the loop like it was reacquiring a target. The brunette retreated as fast as she could towards her prisoner, the end of the lasso still tight in her hands.

The chain locked onto the brunette who paused to see what was happening only to see the truth play out in slow motion.

The chain seemed to be reaching out from the bag, the free end homing in on her seemed to be terminated like a T with two metal strips. They made a beeline right for her almost as if they were magnetised and defensively the brunette raised her wrists to block this bizarre missile.


There was barely a spark, no deflection, nothing, but then the brunette felt herself dragged a few paces onto her knees.

“What the ……. what is THIS ?!” The brunette looked down at her wrists. The two thin metal strips she had seen had merged seamlessly with her bracelets, sealing them closed, the short chain joining them together to the length that ran the distance to the bag on the center spot of the field.

“WHAT IS THIS ?” demanded the brunette of the warrior.
The warrior rolled their eyes.

“You can talk …… tell me …… !” begged the brunette.

“ZEUS !!” screamed the black clad warrior …. “DO YOU HEAR ME ? THE TEST IS OVER ….!!”

“Yes .. I hear you ……. daughter of the tribes from the Great River …..you may rise from the gift of the fallen goddess” a voice rumbled overhead

“DO YOU HAVE YOUR ANSWER NOW?” yelled the warrior as they freed their ankles from the lasso.

The brunette watched on as the conversation continued, digging in her heels, resisting the drag of the chain.

“Yes, we were wise to bring the eternal peace between the old world and the new …. truly you mortals would have destroyed each other, you are too closely matched …the question has been answered..” replied the epic voice from the sky.

“SHE PASSED THE TEST, SHE HAD DEFEATED ME …..” The warrior said, acknowledging her own capture.

“You do not understand, warrior of the new world, it was YOU who was being tested, now leave this place and leave your foe to her fate”

The chain tugged firmly once again and the brunette was dragged forwards several more paces. It was then she noticed the ground beneath the bag begun to crumble and the bag be pulled beneath the ground.

“ZEUS!?” said the brunette fearfully.

“NO …. LET HER GO !” demanded the warrior.

“I cannot ….. you have sealed her fate …… she is destined for the halls of HADES ….” boomed the bodiless voice.

“What can I do !!” begged the warrior.

“Why do you abandon me Zeus ?!” begged the brunette.

“If your destinies are truly set together you might save her ….but hurry ….” the heavenly voice faded.

“ZEUS !!!!!” screamed the black clad warrior.



The black clad warrior realised that the great god Zeus was no longer with them. Head bowed the warrior reached to their head and peeled back their hood and mask revealing their face.

“Aurora !?” exclaimed the brunette.

“Gods, Dee, Im sorry …. Im so sorry …….” pleaded Aurora.

“Well, I kind of felt it was you ….. but …….why ! What is this all about ? I trusted ….Dee trusted you and ….” the brunette tried to make sense of it all and was promptly tugged another half a yard towards her doom.

Aurora placed her hands on her head, what was she going to do ?

“We … we ……. your belt …… we need your belt ……” Aurora was thinking on her feet.

“But … it nearly killed me …..” the brunette replied …. “what did you do to me …?” she looked at her upper arm, the tiny injection mark was a tiny red spot that still stung.

Aurora sped back to the sideline and found the belt that the brunette had discarded, her head in a whirl, how could she fix this ? She scooped up the belt and dashed back to the brunette.

“Take this ….. dont put it on …. let me think …” Aurora said panting.

The chain tugged at the brunette again drawing her another foot or so closer to the centre spot of the pitch.

“What is THIS ….. and what did you do to me !?” insisted the brunette.

Aurora knelt behind the brunette and wrapped her hands around her friends waist.

“I injected you with testosterone …” Aurora started

“What, Why ?!” the brunette snapped back.

“The belt ……. it only works for women … the more hormonal…the stronger you are ….. I thought if I could trick it ….” Aurora explained.

“Oh great ….. and let me guess ….. nghhhhhh” the brunette struggled with the chain as it dragged her a little more.

“yes …. you managed to juice me up even more than you ….if I put it on Ill get crushed too..” Aurora said as she too struggled to keep her friend from being dragged forward.

“So, what the hell happened to my bracelets ?” the brunette looked down at her wrists now enclosed in something more akin to manacles.

“The bracelets ….” Aurora grunted as she dug in her heels …… “they were originally manacles … they were destroyed by Zeus …….. but you’ve been wearing what’s left, very strong, bullet proof manacles……I found the rest of the manacles …… I didn’t know about the whole hell thing, I swear”

“You wouldn’t mind …….. before I go to hell ……. tell me …… why am I here Aurora ….. why are YOU here ?!” the brunette tried to reposition her feet in a bid to slow the game of tug-of-war.

“A long time ago …. a goddess fell from heaven ….. she was cast far from home …. and fell upon my people, my tribe , in central America ……” started Aurora as she gritted her teeth in resistance to the never ending pull of the chain.

“ The new world, the Great River …… the River Amazon ?” the brunette guessed.

“Yes …. she led them …… she was golden haired ……. the same hair that is in the lasso …… she was going to take my people and storm the mount ……. reclaim her place ……but it would mean …” grunted Aurora

“Let me guess …total war ….. jeez this is strong ……. so Zeus took her back and the war got called off ..” the brunette said bitterly as she fought with the chain.

“Yes, but ever since then the gods have wagered how such a battle would have ended ….” Aurora said bitterly

“So, they sent you to face me ….” the brunette shook her head in disappointment.

“ One day the old gods talked to me …….. told me to test you ….. pushed me …. Im sorry …. Im so sorry …… gods forgive me …..” Auroras eyes misted.

“How can we beat this ….. Zeus would not have said it was possible if …….nghhhhhhhh” The brunette lost her footing and was dragged another 5 feet before her heels regained her grip.

“Think think think ……” thought Aurora to herself.

“OK .. we could try and tie you off with the lasso .. its unbreakable, right ? Right ?!” she tried to reassure herself.

“Yeah, so, I get ripped in half !?” the brunette said sarcastically

“Yes, yes ….. ok ok …. so something else …. ok …. so … the belt ……” Aurora thought quickly.

“OK … so you drugged me up……you don’t happen to have .. oh jeez ………” the chain yanked the brunette again causing her to tumble on her stomach and it was only Auroras grip on her that stopped her from dragging closer to her doom.

“Oestrogen ….. no …….. I didn’t need to make you stronger ….” Aurora said almost cursing herself.

“So …. if its the belt ….” the brunette struggled to think as she dug out more of the earth beneath the turf, the normally pristine red boots muddied from ploughing the ground.

“Oh . Ok …… ok …. I …… shit ……” Aurora re-established her grip around the brunettes waist, pulling herself in tight against the brunettes body.

“What .. what are you doing ?” protested the brunette , trying to glance over her shoulder.

“Shhhh, shutup ……… just …… close your eyes and listen …..do it ……..” assured Aurora.

“What ?! Why ?” the brunette was confused.

“TRUST ME …..” urged Aurora.

The brunette tried to comply while fighting with the chain.
“Just listen to my voice …… I love you …. Dee …….. I love you ……..I …. didnt..once …. way back…….they tried to make me hate you ……. they wanted me to win …… but I love you …” Aurora pleaded.

The brunette, eyes closed …… frowned …… “And …. this helps me … how ?” she asked confused.

“Try the belt …” Aurora begged.

The brunette began to wrap the belt to her body but before she even got close to buckling it up she knew it was preparing to crush her.

“No joy ….”

“Ok ok … lets try …..this …..” Aurora thought for a moment.

“Remember the factory …. remember it ……. remember the sounds ……… the smells …… do you remember the doorway …… the glass ………” Aurora started.

“uh huh …..” the brunette melted slightly into Auroras embrace. Aurora gripped her lover tightly and helped her fight the pull of the chain, the source, the focal point of which grew nearer and nearer.

“Remember how I stripped you ….. I was going to strip you naked Dee ……I was going to take you down to the flesh and have you play with yourself for me …..” Aurora teased, but with a sense of urgency.

“Oh gods … dont stop ….” moaned the brunette as she resisted futilely against the chain, another foot closer to her doom.

“I was going to order you to cum for me , Dee ….. there in the window, just for me …. because I wanted you …..” Aurora continued, her imagination struggling to push Dee onwards on to more fantasies.

“Keep going …..” Dee begged.

“Try the belt ….” Aurora urged.

The brunette tried again with the belt, pushing it against her stomach, its writhing more restrained than before.

“Its working but keep going …..” the brunette said, some urgency in her voice, the gap between her and hell ever dwindling.

“You don’t remember …… because I told you not to …….. to tell me all your fantasies ….. your desires ……. so I could use them against you Dee …….”

“No ….. no ……” the brunette shook her head …. “you wouldn’t …..”

Aurora shook her head ….. she knew that wasn’t true either, she thought it might work for Dee but, perhaps the brunette didn’t think it would be in Auroras character to have tricked Dee that way, and that was all that mattered.

Aurora, running out of fantasy ideas decided that perhaps something more physical would help and placed her hand to the spandex covered groin of her lover.

“Aurora ! What are you doing ……”

Aurora blinked ….. her lover was being dragged to her date in hell ….. she wasn’t going to respond to this at all.

“Im trying to get you horny ……. get the hormones flowing …..”

“I know … but I’m a bit busy fighting off my death ……” protested the brunette as she was drawn to her stomach once again.

Aurora, her hand pinned to her lovers crotch then discovered something.

“Wait ….. you …….. they are still………. Dee ……….. Oh my god…. thats IT !” Aurora exclaimed.

“What is it ?…… Oh ! ……………Well …….” the brunette would have blushed if she wasn’t already almost beetroot red from her struggle, she was now near the cone shaped hole in the ground, the chain pulling itself into the ground.

Aurora pulled Dee back onto her knees her arms wrapping low around her waist, her hands lingering on Dees crotch. With prying fingers Aurora gripped what she could of the leggings and began to rip them open at the crotch.

Dee flopped back once again against Aurora and prepared for her to prise the panties that had been nestled inside of her from her body. Aurora tugged the panties from her lovers body until the damp fabric was in her hand.

“I love you ….” said Aurora as she presented the stick mess to the brunettes face and forced her to draw in her own scent. “And I own you ….” she affirmed.

Dee held the belt to her stomach and felt that it was now at peace.

“Hold these in place while I get your belt on you …” urged Aurora.

Dee managed to contort her body and placed her manacled hands against her face trapping the odor laden panties against herself. Aurora, hands now free , buckled up the belt.

“Now …. break these chains …… break them ……” she urged.

Dee drew in one more deep breath and, with all her might ….. she tried to pull the manacles apart but it was no use, she couldn’t do it.

“I cant ….. they are too strong …… there mus…….wait ………its yours …… I …… give me yours !” urged Dee.

“What ?” Aurora was confused.

“Give me yours ….. now ……. give me them …….now ..!” Dee begged.

Aurora placed her hands to her crotch and ripped open her loose black bottoms and revealed her panties beneath. She clutched the fabric in one hand and ripped them from her body just as Dee was dragged forward onto her stomach again, her wrists at the edge of the soil cone in the ground, the chain disappearing into the soil only a few feet away. This was the last roll of the dice.

Aurora reached round Dees head and forced her panties against Dees face.

“There …….. this is ME ….. learn that smell ……. that’ll be your life from now on …” Aurora said with fake menace.

Dee drew in the odour of her lover, the one she trusted, the magic of the words finally pumping the sexual excitement to the maximum.

“Nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” screamed the brunette, the chain and the manacles finally ripping apart, only the bracelets remaining once more. The last of the chain drew itself into the ground out of view, lost again for who knew how long.

Dee and Aurora stumbled forward into a heap, exhausted from their ordeal.

Post Mortem

Dee walked up to the apartment door and gently tapped. She could sense the powerful dark haired woman, Aurora, approaching on the other side. Dee felt her face being scanned by an unseen eye through the spy glass. A latch, then another clicked and clunked and the door swung open.

“Hey ….” Aurora said warmly.

Dee barely raised a smile “We need to …. you know …. talk …… get it all out …”

“I know .. come on in” Aurora said , trying to keep the conversation friendly.

The door closed and Dee walked into the open plan kitchen and living room area and took a seat at the kitchen table.

“Coffee .. ?” asked Aurora with a conciliatory tone.

“Oh .. ok ….. sure ….” Dee said neutrally. The pair had agreed to part from the stadium the night before but hadn’t really communicated again until now.

Aurora started to prepare coffee, gathering cups together. “If you pop open that laptop … and go into recent documents ….. there is a file there marked Relic Origins…. open it up and have a read …”

Dee flipped the laptop open and it woke up from its sleep. With a quick couple of taps the hard drive began clicking away as the file loaded up.

“Is this how you knew …….. oh ………. that’s the goddess ?” asked Dee as she began to take in the the first story. She could see the original which had been scanned and the translation side by side.

“There are two other stories as well …” Aurora said as she continued her duties.

“I wasn’t told half of this stuff …….. my …… well …..my contact you might say … she had to go running off to even learn about the lasso”

“I dont want to brag but ….. I thought taking out the lasso was quite …” Aurora began.

Dee shot Aurora a glare and so Aurora turned back to the coffee pot and finished making the drinks.

Dees eyes scanned through the document discovering how Aurora had bested her and defeated the gifts that the gods had given her.

“So, the bracelets were just some pretty tough old handcuffs and the belt just a prank to play on some athlete …..” Dee shook her head.

“Well to be fair they are pretty good at what they do … I mean …..how many bullets have you deflected with those things ….but yes its the belt you need to think about …..” Aurora said seriously. It was like a workshop for warriors, all tips and tricks to be discussed.

“Open up the file marked Sphere …” Aurora added as she stirred the drinks and joined Dee at the table.

“This ….. this is the actual sphere ….. from the story …….. its actually there ? She actually threw it ?” Dees mouth fell open.

“Yes, its really there …..I saw it ….. touched it ……..” Aurora said enthusiastically.

“What are you … Indiana Jones ?” Dee gawked at Aurora, the mood of the room rapidly defrosting.

“But seriously …… this thing is huge and ….. well … I don’t think you’re capable of matching that feat …. either the belt is losing power gradually or as I suspect, its just all about hormones, the belt taps off of …… well …… your femininity …” Aurora said, trying to be diplomatic.

Dee glared again at her alleged lover.

“No I just mean …… the first woman was with child, and you are in a neutral feminine state and when I knocked you off balance with the testosterone the belt went nuts …but you know … talking you through things … smelling your way through things ….. you were fine again …” Aurora continued wondering if she was digging an ever deepening hole.

Dee closed the laptop and slurped some of her coffee…. “I’m going to see him ..” she said confidently.

“Who ?” queried Aurora

“Zeus …… I’m going to see him …… he was going to let me get swallowed up!” Dee said annoyed.
“And how do you propose to do that …” Aurora frowned.

“Come with me ….. Ill show you ….. no .. Ill even take you with me …..” Dee said ominously.

“What …..? No .. you cant be… really ?!?” Aurora flapped.

Soon Aurora and Dee were sat facing one another, the lasso coiled into a ring was grasped firmly by the pair. Dee slowly talked Aurora through the gentle meditation their breathing synchronizing.

In …. out ……in ………….out ………………………..in …………………………………. out.

The pair opened there eyes just as a large waves passed by them just over their belly buttons. Normally the brunette would arrive dry on the shore but Auroras first time in the other realm ended with them landing a little short.

“Uhwuhhhuuuuuu” warbled Aurora as the cool water took her breath away.

Dee looked back at her companion and took her by the hand and led up her up on to the sand. The two made it up on to the sand then onto the soft lush grass beyond.

“What is this place … ?” Aurora asked her eyes darting around at everything.

“Well its always been called the island paradise ….. I suspect its like a kind of heaven …..” the brunette said as she took in the salt air.

Aurora looked down at herself, the light blue dress clung to her wet body. “What is the deal with this ?”

Dee let out a light laugh, and shook her head, it wasn’t like she had all the answers.

“So ….. where is everyone ?” asked Aurora innocently not knowing any better.

Dee glanced along the beach and was somewhat surprised not to have been greeted. Normally her angel, the beautiful blond with the ringlets would be there waiting.

“Its because I am here …” said a voice from nowhere.

The pair were startled as behind them appeared a tall lithe crimson haired beauty, her eyes a deep green, her satin black dress shimmering in the sun.

“Oh… hello ….. I don’t think we have met ….. I am …” Dee started.

“I know who are you are ……..and I know your friend too…… well …… if you can call her that …” the crimson haired beauty said.

Aurora felt compelled to speak in her own defence but could only look to Dee for aid.

“Did Zeus send you ?” Dee said, piercingly … her eyes looking up and down at the woman.

“Why yes …. yes he did ….. very perceptive …..” the flame haired woman said as she slowly circled the pair of visitors.

“And so …. I guess I will not be able to speak with him …” Dee said, a little annoyed.

“Let us be clear ….. the reason you are here is because you feel wronged , you feel that Zeus abandoned you, a beloved champion, and that he was going to toss you into hell” the green eyed beauty said with confidence.

Dee was silenced for a second …. “So …. ?” was all she could muster.

The crimson haired woman smiled. “Well, the fact is, its true, had you fallen into that hole you would have fallen straight into the halls of Hades”

“She wouldn’t have fallen alone, that chain would have to have taken me too ..” Aurora said defensively.

“Oh it speaks ….” The green eyes of the woman met with Auroras for a second then fell on the brunette.

“Well, champion, you should be glad to hear that even though Zeus was happy to toss you away, it was only because it was an empty gesture ……. there are standards in the great fiery halls and you wouldn’t be there for long.”

Dee, glanced at Aurora. “It was just a test, to see if Aurora could save me ?”

The crimson haired woman laughed. “Of course! Oh to see your face…. oh no … not Hades …” she mocked “Honestly …. you could return to your world and burn down an orphanage or two and you still would have enough goody points to stay in heaven.”

Dee glanced at Aurora and thought for a moment.

“And what would have happened to Aurora, if she really had followed me down there…” Dee questioned.

The crimson haired beauty smiled, she had been figured out. “Oh, child, you are far too sharp ……. well ….. truth be told…… if Aurora had been dragged down with you there might have been a case for keeping her there …… of course she would have sacrificed herself for you which would count in her favour…… but she already has a little bit of ….. shall we say … extra credit ?”

Aurora was speechless, her mouth moved but she seemed devastated at the revelation. It seemed hardly a mere accusation when it was those in the heavens who had already put her name on the ‘go to hell’ list.

Dee looked dumbfounded too. “What has she done that is so terrible ……?” Dee asked as she grasped Auroras hand.

The crimson haired one waved her finger at Dee “Ah -aaaah ….. all our sins are shared between ones self and god……..so ……” the green eyed woman, with a wicked smile, clicked her fingers and the brunette was cast out of her meditation and back to the room, cross legged facing a meditating Aurora.

Aurora was almost in panic as she looked about her and found she was alone with the stranger.

“Now then ……I know what you know ……… so ……how about this for an idea ….. if you think you are truly in love, if you truly think she is yours ……. tell her ………” started the black dressed nightmare of a woman.

“Tell her …….. tell her what ?” Aurora blurted.

SMACK ! The crimson haired woman delivered a stinging blow across Auroras face.

“If you tell her … EVERYTHING …….even the things you are trying to bury from yourself in that dark little heart of yours ……then I will set your slate clean …..” the crimson haired woman said, looking into the eyes of Aurora.

“And if I dont ?” Aurora said almost threateningly

“Nothing …. live the lie …… see if I care …… but one day …..you will be found out …. and if by some chance you are not ……… eventually you still need to arrive either here ……. OR DOWN THERE ……. and your little black mark counts for a LOT”, the crimson haired woman sounded very sinister.

“I dont know what …” Aurora said in confusion.

SMACK ! The crimson haired woman almost seemed to transfer into a monster as she reached out and grasped Auroras throat, pushing her down to the ground.

“Listen, you poisonous little wretch ….I saw into your dark corrupted soul…. mixed deep beneath more pure thoughts lies something much more wicked ……… I am giving you a chance .. daughter of the great river tribe ……… confess to the champion and cleanse your soul ……. before I reach into your deceptive whore body and rip it out of you !!!”

Aurora, her eyes wide in terror at the vision of the red monster above her shuddered until she lay in a heap by Dees legs.

“What happened !!!?” Dee said visibly shocked. She hadn’t meant for this normally easy adventure to become so traumatic for her friend.

“Oh Dee …. I’m so sorry ……..I swear, before the gods ….I will tell you …” sobbed Aurora.


“I .. I …… I dont believe it …….. she ……. that ……….she was the devil …….I .. I was speaking with the actual devil ….” Aurora trembled , curled up on her bed.

Dee gently stroked Auroras hair, Dee felt terrible at the ordeal she had put her friend through.

“Its over now ….. you don’t have to do that ever again …… I never met her before …. I swear” Dees mind whirled in confusion.

“There are things she wants me to tell you ….. but I know they may hurt you just as much as they will hurt me ….. I don’t know …… its a cruel trick …… I …..” Aurora was trapped between fear and anger, then hate and shame.

“Well …first ….. do you want to tell me …….?” Dee asked. She genuinely didn’t know how terrible this hidden truth might be, how much did she know of the woman beside her ? She knew she was resourceful and cunning, strong, brave, focused, chillingly ruthless to exploiting weaknesses, yet, in victory was honorable, these were all deep and powerful traits.

Aurora, eyes closed wiggled her head in a nod on the bed. Dee continued her soft stroking of her companions hair as she let Aurora consider her next move.

“Fucking bitch .. Ill … Ill show her …….hija de puta … diablo ….” muttered Aurora as she decided her next act. If she was going to be forced into this confession she was going to fall on her sword cleanly, no bullshit, no doubts, just clean undeniable confession and cleansing of her soul. Aurora pushed herself up, gritting her teeth, her eyes a mess of tears.

She reached behind her head, grasped her top and pulled it over her head. She crossed her hands behind her back and plucked her bra clean off and let them drop off over her arms onto the bed.

Dee was dumbfounded “What are you doing ?”

Aurora stepped off the bed and roughly undid her jeans, grasped them and her panties and in one fell swoop drew them down her legs and stepped out, a follow up motion with each hand ripped off her socks leaving her naked.

“Why are you doing this …. ?” Dee said in confusion.

“Go to the bottom draw …. get the black jeans …… the ones I gave you to wear …at the party…”

Dee frowned, she reached into the draw and pulled out the black leather jeans, their front to back crotch zip undone, waiting.

Auroras breath was ragged as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“Put them on me ….” said Aurora slightly frightened

“What .?” Dee responded.

“PUT THEM ON ME ..!” demanded Aurora.

Dee shook her head in slight confusion but crumpled up the jeans and placed the waistband around Auroras ankles guiding her feet into the legs and started to draw them up her muscular limbs. Up to her knees, Aurora rose to her feet, crossing her arms behind her head.

“Keep going!” ordered Aurora.

Dee blinked but wiggled the jeans higher, higher then buttoned them up. Auroras head slumped onto Dees shoulder as she asked Dee to do up the zip.

Dee carefully edged the zip on its journey sealing Aurora into the leather prison of truth until it was done.

“Ok .. what is this about ?!” Dee begged.

Aurora, with her strong hands gripped one of Dees forearms just by the wrist.

“Look at me …..” begged Aurora.

Dee looked into Auroras eyes.

“Just remember …..” sobbed Aurora …. “in the end it was about what I did do, not what I wanted to do …..”

Dee looked down at her own hand as Aurora guided her to the side of the button of her jeans closer, closer, closer.

Dee looked up, her mouth dropped, the familiar look of someones free will debilitated by the lasso appeared in Auroras eyes as Dee felt the coarse single hair between her thumb and forefinger. Dees hands recoiled in revulsion as she realised some painful truths, releasing Aurora from her control.

“Please !” begged Aurora.

“What did you do !” Dee exclaimed as she looked down at Auroras jeans.

“I took one hair … remember, when I cut the lasso open …… I ended up with one hair …..”

“Fuck .. Aurora …….. why did you do this ! You made me wear these ……. WHY ! I thought you were trying to ………. damn you !” Dee was in between anger and confusion.

“Dee I swear ……. nothing happened ……you put them on …… but ……. I didn’t even have to try and make you do anything …..….” Aurora pleaded.

“What was the plan ? What were you planning to do that you didnt actually get to do !?” Dee ranted.

“I was going to totally fuck your brains out ……. THERE …… and you didn’t even have to touch the damned hair ……..” Aurora retorted.

The pair stood staring at each other, both panting from the exertion of the argument.

“But …. we …….. we did the next day ….” Dees confusion deepened.

“EXACTLY ..…. I didn’t do what I wanted to do ….. you said you were too hot, I undressed you …… and then ……. in the night we found each other …….I didn’t know what I wanted …… but …… we found each other …..no tricks…..no deceptions ……” Aurora pleaded.

“But ….. before ……. was that going to be ……. if I wanted to , or not ?” Dee suddenly discovered the difference between what might have been in her drunken state and their moment of discovery the next day.

Aurora held her head in her hands, she shook her head, she didnt know what to say. She tapped the waistband as she fought the tears, committed to her path to reveal everything. Using the 1000th hair, Aurora knew that Dee would get the real truth.

Dee walked up to Aurora and gripped the fine hair. Aurora gasped as she felt her self control slip.

“Aurora …. were you thinking of raping me in these jeans, against my free will …..” Dee asked.

Aurora nodded, her teeth burying themselves into her bottom lip… “nghhhh there’s a gag…blindfold ….handcuffs ….. under my stuff ……. middle draw ….”

“But you didn’t do it…..why ?” asked Dee as she glanced, shocked, at the dresser.

“Because I fantasized the same thing when I wore them before the party …… I ….touched the hair and …..” Aurora blurted.

“Yes …… the nightmare …….” Dee said knowingly.

Auroras face revealed her shock.

“Do you not think that at some point I had wanted to know what it was like to be under the control of the lasso ?” Dee asked

Aurora shook her head, she had never considered it.

“That feeling of losing control, having to tell everything ….. and I mean . EVERYTHING…” Dee asserted. “I tried it once … what I did to myself in that nightmare …. I will never tell a soul …”

Aurora looked on Dee in a different light, whatever horrors Dee inflicted on herself deserved to remain a secret.

Aurora felt compelled to continue her confession “I … I raped myself …… my warrior persona …… it took me ……..” Aurora confessed….. “thats why I didn’t …… couldn’t …… do it to you…….. they tried to make me hate you Dee ….. make me destroy you …..but …. that’s not me …… is it ?”

Dee had heard enough, she was tired and it was too soon to pass judgement on her friend. She released the hair and pushed Aurora back onto the bed.

“I need to think ….” Dee said angrily ….. “Don’t try to contact me ….. understand ?”

Aurora looked up in shame and nodded her head.

“Youll be ok for now , wont you ?” asked Dee as she considered Auroras well being.

Aurora managed a nod then turned away only to hear the front door close behind itself a few moments later, then the tears began.



Aurora flinched, she had been napping on her bed after a mid day run. She hauled herself up and walked to the door. She peered through the spyglass and then she saw her.

The brunette, her magnificent hair draped over her shoulders winked just as she delivered a smashing blow to the door. Aurora put her arms up to protect herself as the door came crashing in on her.


BING BONG !! Protested the bell.

Aurora flinched and found herself on the bed, she had been dreaming, yet it really was the bell ringing.Aurora rose from her bed and she played with her hair as she walked to the door to see who was there, placing her eye at the spyglass.

In front of her was the brunette, tiara gleaming.

“Jeez ..!” exclaimed Aurora as she double checked what her eyes were seeing.

The brunette glanced back nervously into the corridor then back to the door.


The door unlocked and swung open.

“Wha ….shit …….. get in ….. before someone sees” Aurora floundered.

The brunette entered “Thank you …”

Aurora closed the door behind her unexpected guest but didn’t know what to say. She felt a little vulnerable as her alter ego in the presence of the woman with whom she had fought.

“Its been weeks ….. I……Ive been worried ….” Aurora began.

“I just wanted to know something …….” the brunette said as she played with her own hands almost nervously.

“What ..? I .. cant keep going back to this….please …..” Aurora didn’t want to have to bare her soul again.

“When I was being dragged by the chain, you were trying to turn me on, you said you had asked me all my fantasies when you had me in the factory …. that wasn’t true though, was it?” the brunette asked.

“No … I would have told you anything to help you break free ….. but no, I didn’t …. all I did was find out about Dee … where she lived …. how I would be able to meet her …..”

“OK … only … the Dee part of me was scared you knew ….knew things …..that’s why she was upset” the brunette explained.

“You’re talking like you are different people .. you’re not, schizo or …” Aurora frowned.

The brunette almost laughed. “No, its quite that like that, but it is literally a transformation for me, to go from one to the other …..”

Aurora thought for a moment .. “I don’t quite understand…. I just put on my gear and ..”

The brunette shook her head.. “I’m not going to do it in front of you but …..its …different for me….look…… the main reason I’m here is to tell you ….. tell you about the nightmare, I didn’t want to but….you deserve to know the important bit. Most people don’t have the nightmare, only those who truly lead the ‘double life’ experience the effect if they trap themselves with the lasso.”

Aurora shuddered as she recalled how her warrior half and pinned down her alter ego in the bad dream and broke her. “I don’t really want to go there again …”

“In your nightmare, it was you who was wound in the lasso, and your warrior self who controlled you … wasn’t it ?” the brunette pushed.

Aurora nodded reluctantly.

“In my nightmare ….. it was ME who was ensnared, and Dee who was in control.” confessed the brunette.

“But … what happened ?” Aurora was surprised at the odd reversal.

“She made me do things TO her ……understand ?” the brunette turned away ashamed that in the nightmare she had been forced to become the abuser.

“Oh gods …” now Aurora understood.

“So … she thought you had found her out …abused her trust …..but its ok ….. it just was coincidence …” the brunette beckoned to Aurora. Aurora and the brunette shared an embrace. Aurora, who had been so strong, proud, free and independent hadn’t realised how much she had missed the touch of her friend.

“I think … I think Dee will be able to come out now ….” the brunette smiled “it has been much better talking to you as me rather than as Dee”.

Aurora nodded “I understand ……”

“Ill change ….. in your bedroom …..give a moment ….” the brunette said as she strode into the corridor and turned into the bedroom once again.

Aurora waited patiently, for a few minutes then, when curiosity got the better of her she returned to her room and slowly opened the door a fine crack, then some more. On the bed, once again sat Dee, her legs encased in the leather jeans, bare topped, bare footed, waiting. Covering her eyes was the blindfold that Aurora had confessed to being in the middle draw. Dees hands were crossed behind her back, presumably trapped in the hinged metal hand cuffs and by her side lay the black straps of the ball gag.

Aurora pushed the door open gradually and walked over to the bed and sat next to Dee. With one hand she turned Dees head and placed a firm kiss on her cheek.

“What’s going on Dee ….?” Asked Aurora

“I …. well …… she told you….…. the hot, confident, superheroine told you …..shy little me … the one who couldnt possibly be anything other than the safe, dull, office administrator… has a secret….this girl has needs ….. special needs …” Dee replied into her blindfolded darkness.

“Do you have these needs because ….. your superheroine friend isn’t allowed them ?” Aurora asked as she scanned the face of her lover.

Dee nodded shyly “You can have me …… but ….. the heroine …..shes not …… not ready ….just be patient …… and consensual ….. and look after me.”

Aurora pushed herself back onto the bed and spread her legs to envelop the brunette sat on the edge of the bed. Aurora picked up the ballgag by its straps and presented it to Dees mouth. With a quick wiggle the ball sat into place and Aurora buckled it up.

“Now then …..” Aurora said as she cupped Dees breasts, her thumbs gently teasing the brunettes nipples. “…. where shall I begin?”


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