Wrath of Ivy

The chest pain hit hard and fast. Clutching his chest and feeling the pain spread to his arm, the subway train operator tried to reach for the throttle. As he was about to bring the fast moving train to a stop, he collapsed. This caused his body to fall forwards onto the controls, speeding the train up. Startled commuters looked forwards to the front of the subway car wondering why it wasn’t slowing for the station. A businesswoman screamed she could see the collapsed man at the controls. People began to panic. A CPA tried to force the door open to get at the controls but he couldn’t bulge the door.

To the surprise of many on the waiting station, the 5:05 train passed by without stopping and with a whoosh disappeared further down the tunnel. All the people at the station looked down the subway tunnel following the train. One girl however ran for the stairs.

Three men were now trying to get the door open to stop the train. One, a police officer was being riddled with questions, “JUST SHOOT IT OFF!”

“I can’t, I’ll hit him!” he answered. They continued to keep working at the door when the same woman who noticed the calamity, saw its solution, “Look!”

Everyone turned their heads forward to see. Supergirl flew at the oncoming train; she landed twenty feet in front of the out of control metro. Placing both her boots on the twin rails, she held her hands out. Train and superheroine collided.

The Maiden of Might put all her strength into stopping the subway train. Even though she was incredibly strong, Supergirl was being shoved backward against the train. Her boots kicked up smoke and sparks against the rails. Come on slow down!, she thought. The Girl of Steel knew she had little time; the 5:00 was just stopping at the coming station. If the two trains collided…she renewed her efforts to slow the train. Her hands dug into the steel that formed the front of the train.

Linda grunted, she was slowing the subway car but not fast enough. A quick peek over her shoulder showed the tail end of the next subway train. Supergirl wasn’t going to slow the train in time. It seemed hopeless, and then it hit her…flight. Supergirl put her flight power into the effort. While not taking off, the counter propulsion put more of her momentum on the train. With a series of groans and hisses the train finally came to a stop. Supergirl let go of the train, she had five feet left. Quickly she entered the train and ripped the door to the controls off. The operator got his first aid needed and she accepted the cheers and thank yous from the riders, with that she took off.

Supergirl aka Linda Danvers had been coming back from the Metropolis’s library. She was going to take the train the rest of the way back to school…well I guess I’m flying now. The view over the city was excellent as always. Twilight was coming fast, and the first few stars could be seen. The Girl of Steel decided to take her time going back. Floating on her back she stared skywards and admired the view. Her calm flight was interrupted though. In her ears she could hear the sound of a silent alarm. Damn, she thought, oh well have to save sight seeing for another time. Extending an arm forwards she flew towards the sound of the alarm.

30 seconds later…

Hovering a few feet above the Metropolis Museum of Natural History, Supergirl scanned the building with her X-ray vision. Peering through the layers of the building she spotted her robbers. Inside of the rare plants exhibit, there were two women, wearing green leotards and light green tights without any foot ware. Well time to crash the party, she smiled.

The two girls were taking various plants as ordered by their boss. Rose and Tulip were interrupted by the sound of breaking glass. Looking up they watched as the guardian angel of Metropolis descended in between them, “My, aren’t we up late for gymnastics?”

Rose who had bright red hair turned, “Supergirl!”

“Correct, now drop your bags and save me the trouble…” Supergirl didn’t finish she had to dodge a cross bow flying in her direction. Turning, Linda saw it was aimed by the other girl, Tulip who had purple hair. With a burst of superspeed Supergirl disarmed Tulip and knocked her out with a punch.

While stopped Rose ran up and jumped onto Supergirl’s back. Wrapping her tights covered legs around Linda’s waist; she also tried applying a sleeperhold as well. Rose grunted as she struggled to take down the Maiden of Might. After a minute Supergirl yawned, “Ohh…you done yet?”

Linda grabbed the girl by her tights she opened up her legs which left the girl hanging from Supergirl’s neck. Then the Girl of Steel undid her arms. Linda turned and faced Rose, giving her a little kick in the abs. This caused Rose to double over in pain. Supergirl admired her handiwork when she heard the voice of the third person.

“Long time no see eh Supergirl?” Linda recognized the voice.

“Yes it has been a while Ivy.” Supergirl answered placing her hands on her hips. Poison Ivy, the plant mistress from Gotham City and Supergirl had run into her before. Ivy looked harmless in her green sleeveless halter leotard and lighter green tights decorated with an ivy pattern. Like her henchwomen, Ivy wasn’t wearing any shoes. The villainess kept her distance from the superheroine as did Supergirl.

“I see you got out of prison.” Linda said.

Ivy chuckled, “Isn’t lovely what defense attorneys can do for you these days.”

Supergirl finished her scan of the room, no kryptonite, superpowered villains, magic potions or what ever else could harm her. Unless Ivy was planning to give her another kryptonite frencher, she could take the bitch.

“Well Ivy you’re going to need another one pretty soon.” Supergirl began to speed up at Ivy only to stop half way. Her superspeed burst turned into a normal run. Linda then felt a familiar pain coming on. Nausea began to grip her and she stumbled forwards. Supergirl felt weaker, and of course only one thing did it this way, “Kryptonite…”
Poison Ivy closed towards the weakening Supergirl. Linda sank to hands and knees trying to keep focused. Ivy smiled, everything was going as planed, “Pretty surprised Supergirl?”

“Where…did…you…” Supergirl struggled to speak. Poison Ivy got closer to Supergirl which made the Girl of Steel’s arms give out. She slumped to the ground, the pain was excruciating, like someone was twisting her insides. Ivy smiled smugly, kneeling next to Supergirl, “Oh Supergirl, I paid a little visit to a friend of yours in prison. We talked, shared notes and she told me about an interesting way to use kryptonite.”

Linda focused her eyes on Ivy. Looking at her legs she saw the Ivy pattern on the light green tights glowing slightly. Kryptonite tights…great…not again, she thought. Poison Ivy laughed when she the recognition on Supergirl’s face. Standing back up, Ivy used her foot to roll Supergirl on her back. Supergirl looked up at Ivy with her blue eyes. It pleased her to see anger and fear there.

Ivy sat down on her behind and brought her knees up to her chest. Supergirl stared at the villainess’s long legs, “Ivy…you’re…killing me…”

Poison Ivy smiled again. She grabbed Supergirl’s hand, and ran it down her leg. Linda screamed as her hand burned from touching the poisonous tights. Ivy dropped the helpless heroine’s hand, “No Supergirl, I’m not going to kill you, Rose.”

Supergirl turned to see Rose standing next to Ivy. The henchwoman had a white cloth in her hand. Poison Ivy nodded, Rose kneeled next to Supergirl, “Sleep tight.”

Clamping the white cloth to her face, Rose made sure Supergirl was forced to breath in the chloroform. Linda held her breath at first, but Ivy ensured a breath by once again running Supergirl’s hand down her tights. A muffled scream came from under the cloth. Rose watched with glee as Supergirl’s eye lids began to flutter. The atheistic entered her lungs, she couldn’t fight it. Between the pain and drug she welcomed the coming unconsciousness. The villians looked on as Supergirl went out.


“Babs….Babs?” a young man asked snapping his fingers. Barbra Gordon shook her head waking herself out the day dream she was having. With a sigh she saw her report on the Henson Murder wasn’t finished, it was still incomplete on her laptop. Detective Robert Murray was her partner had shook her into the real world. Both were the youngest detectives in the 51st Prescient in Gotham.

“Sorry Bob, I spaced out there.” She was going to continue typing it up when Bob put a hand on her’s, “Oh no Gordon, you can leave that for later. Come one let’s get a bite to eat.”

Barbra looked at the report and then back on her partner. Computer, partner, computer partner…partner, she thought saving the item and closing up the laptop. Barbra was wearing a simple black suit coat, white blouse, matching skirt, tan hose and simple flats. Her brown hair falling on her shoulders she was the best looking detective in the room. Her partner appericated her looks but had yet to act on them for professional reasons, although he didn’t mind the lunches and dinners with Babs.

She walked out of the elevator remembering the dinner and the fun she had. Unlocking her apartment Barbra stepped in and kicked off her shoes. Wiggling her toes in the nylons she headed over to her answering machine. Two messages were telemarketers and the other from her father. Since getting a job at the GPD her dad, its boss, was determined to make sure she got treated no better or worse. Babs like it sometimes but other times her dad was bit overprotective. The last message got her really thinking.

“Barbra its Bruce, just letting you know I’m going to be out of town for a while. I have heard rumblings Pamela is back in town. Damn attorneys, she’s out so keep an eye out for her.” The machine clicked off. Barbra replayed the message another time, just to make sure she got all the relevant info. Hmm so Ivy’s back…the woman pondered. Barbra headed for her closet. Like any other woman’s it was filled with dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes and all other items of ladies clothing. Unlike other girls, hers had a secret compartment.

Flipping it open with her palm print it revealed a black costume with a yellow bat symbol on it, and equipment. Barbra Gordon was Gothman’s dark angel, Batgirl. Pulling the spandex lyrca costume out she placed it on the bed and got her utility belt and gadgets out. She hadn’t plan on going out tonight but Bruce’s message made her want to. If Ivy pulled anything she wanted to be able to respond, especially with her friend out of town. Babs stripped out of her clothing and stood in her underwear.

She then pulled the black garment over her body. The skintight outfit hugged all her curves and Babs looked quite sexy in it. Zipping up the back she pulled her boots out. More spandex then leather, they were stronger than normal because they had been reinforced. So when climbing around buildings she could grip things with her feet if needed. Next she put her cape on, black on the back and yellow on the inside. It went down to her waist which now had her belt of tricks attached. Last her mask came on. This hid her hair except where it came out of the neckline. Barbra was now Batgirl.

Darkness had descended to the city so it was the right time to head out. Opening her balcony window she used a grappling hook to shoot her way across the street to the parking garage. Once inside she headed for what looked like a wall. Hitting a special button on her belt the wall slid up revealing a sleek black motorcycle. Mounting it she speeded out of the Wayne Parking Garage and headed towards Gotham’s typical lowlife area.


Larry Gills was locking up his shop and heading for his car. Situated in one of the not so livable parts of Gotham he made sure he walked quickly to his car. Criminals have no problem robbing or killing other criminals. Gills was a snitch plain and simple. He had his fingers in so many illegal cookie jars it was unprofitable to not sell the info to the GPD, FBI and ATF. Plus, he also provided info to some of the unofficial enforces in the city. Gill almost had his car door unlocked when…

“Larry, we need to talk.” He jumped at least two feet in the air. How do they always sneak up on him, the snitch pondered turning around. Babs grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him into an alley.

“Okay…okay! Geez do you bats ever knock.” He complained fixing his shirt.

Batgirl rolled her eyes, “No, now I need a little info.”

“You and the Feds, I should charge more, what do you need to know.”

“Ivy’s back in town, doing what?” she asked.

“How am I suppose to know?” the snitch said innocently and sarcastically at the same time.

Batgirl may not be fast through any special powers, but she is still quick for a lady. Which is how Larry ended up with his arm twisted behind his back and face against the brick of the building, “Larry, please don’t make me twist your arm again…”

“Really I…” she gave him a little pinch at the proper pressure point, “Okay! Ow! That hurts…all I know is she moved into those old greenhouses in the park yesterday.”

She touched another pressure point on his arm, “Damn it! That hurts stop…Okay she also bought all this lab equipment from this guy I used…I mean a friend of mine….”

“Larry…what equipment.” Barbra could care less about what he’d done in the past.

“I don’t know just some lab equipment. I really don’t know okay!” he closed his eyes expecting another stab of pain from his arm, none came. He turned around and saw that the alleyway was empty, “You’re welcome.”

Barbra placed her helmet back on her head and gave the bike a kick to start the motor. Once again she was on the move. So Ivy bought a bunch of equipment, for what? Batgirl knew Ivy had done experiments before so she might just be getting set up again. Then again, she thought, Ivy is the kind of gal who has that stuff ready before hand…maybe she’s onto something new.

Batgirl brought her thoughts back to the real world and eased the bike into the park going down a path meant for bikes and joggers. A short while later, she was parking the bike in some bushes in near the greenhouses, Barbra satisfied with her camouflage job head towards the abanded greenhouses. Batgirl could see that the greenhouses were typical kind, not like the huge domed one in Metropolis. Some trees had extended their branches over the complex. She decided that was as good a recon spot as any.

Years of gymnastics paid off as Batgirl easily flipped up into the tree. Her black costume had allowed her to blend into the darkness of the trees. Although the glass was dirty and grimy she could still see through it. Sure enough, Ivy was below her making the final adjustments to her lab. A mix of brand new machines and some worn ones were gathering around a table. It looked like a medical table to Barbra. The green villainess was checking on equipment and making adjustments to the controls. Next another woman clad in green came in and began to have a conversation with Ivy.

Batgirl wanted to hear the conversation so she pulled her mini directional microphone out of her belt. Placing the ear piece in, she then took the tiny amplifier and put it on her finger. Pointing down at Ivy she could now hear the conversation.

“So how is she doing?” Ivy asked the henchwoman.

“Sick as a dog but still alive. Should I switch to the low grade hose or keep the strong stuff near her?”

Ivy put a finger on her chin in thought, “No, I’ll wear the low grade, that way she will be too weak to fight the initial part of the experiment.”

Batgirl couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. ‘Low grade hose’? Babs listened in as the henchlady made her exit. Ivy then began to slip out of her leotard and tights. At first the young crime fighter didn’t get it. Poison Ivy in her Victoria Secret undies went over to a black box that was in the corner in of the lab. Opening Ivy revealed a green pair of tights. The villainess slipped them on enjoying it or so the mummers of pleasure coming through the microphone suggested.

She was back in full costume when a new henchgirl arrived. This one with purple hair nodded to Ivy. The villainess smiled, “Bring her in Rose.”

Batgirl looked to where the purple haired girl walked out. Their came the first henchwoman she had seen, the badgirl was supporting someone in a walk. Barbra’s eyes widened in fear, it was only thanks to her training that she didn’t scream it, only whispered, “Ivy’s got Supergirl…”

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