Super Addict

Lex turns on his cameras and broadcasts live to every network as he introduces Superior Girl to the world. He tries to embarrass her but she keeps her wits. Lex offers Kara a present from the hard working men and women from his facility. A hightly modified fragment of Pink Kyrptonite that supposedly had all of it’s dangerous properties removed.

Kara doesn’t feel any pain and accepts his present. She begins to feel something she has never felt before as it slowly begins to infiltrated her body. As the broadcast continues, Lex explains that Superior Girl should be feeling… good.
Kara’s breathing becomes heavy and she feels waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Lex makes his move to ruin Superior Girl as he starts caressing Kara’s body. She tries to resist but his touch intensifies the pleasure and Superior Girl cannot fight him off.

Lex offers to take back the fragment but Kara is now addicted to the shiny pink substance and cannot bring herself to hand it over. Lex strips her down to Superior Girl on live TV and gropes Kara under her skirt until she has an embarrassing Orgasm for the millions of viewers. The viewers at home start sending in requests for humiliating Superior Girl. One of the camera men said they want to see Superior Girl give him a lap dance. Kara uses all her reaming will to refuse but Lex brings out another K fragment that intensifies the pink K. Kara is overwhelmed by the double dose.
Lex informs her that he will destroy the pink K unless she complies. Kara now completely addicted to the new substance agrees to dance for the cameraman. He grabs at her perfect body as she grinds on his lap.
The world is shocked by the sight of Superior Girl acting like a whore and can’t take their eyes off the screen. Superior Girl finishes her the deed and rushes out with her uniform in one hand and the pink K in the other.
Weeks later Kara is able to get herself off the Pink K and she returns to the scene of the crime for retribution. Lex greets her through the intercom and introduces Kara to his newest creation. A gorgeous and taller blonde lands behind Kara with a thirst for pretty girls, especially ones with powers.
Lex brings his cameramen back in for another live broadcast to capture the mental and physical domination of Superior Girl. The 2 beautiful heroines collide but Kara is not match for Lex’s new pet.
Kara uses her super breath to no avail, and her heat vision seems to make her stronger! The sexy villainess crushes all hope of Kara winning and slowly wears her down by beating her, crushing her, groping her, and fucking her all on live TV.

Includes Forced Orgasms, Simulated Sex, Groping, Upskirts, FvF fight, Low blows, belly punching, topless nudity, Bear hug, electrocution, KO, Super Breath, and more!

(Over 1 HOUR running time!)

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