Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet’s

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 39

Plot: Jacquelyn Velvets and her fellow super scouts Serena Voxx and Natasha are on the hunt for the notorious ninja assassin known as Sumiko. Jacquelyn tells them that whoever takes down Sumiko will become the ‘new’ leader of the Superheroine League and Serena and Natasha like the sound of that proposition. The trio go in together, prepared to take down Sumiko but they’re at a slight disadvantage: they’re trying to hunt Sumiko down…on her turf where anything can happen…

…and it doesn’t take long for things to go horribly wrong for the trio…

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 40

Analysis Overview: Not much of a story here to this vid, so I’ll do like my last post and cut straight to the chase about what was good and what was bad for this superheroine vid.

I was in the mood to watch a good superheroine vs. ninja style story and I had heard about Jacquelyn Velvets through a friend who likes to shop at Sleeperkids world of mixed wrestling and they recommended this story.

Now granted that this is a PG-13 style story (which is what Jacquelyn is known for in her customs), it was a fun story to watch none the less. Everything about this superheroine vid was pretty sweet from the costumes, to the locations to the props and the story.

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 41

The basic set up for this story is that Jacquelyn and fellow supers Serena and Natasha are after ninja assassin Sumiko and set out to take her down. However, the story turns in a deadly game of ‘tag’ as Sumiko shows up and knocks the three lovely ladies out each time she gets in this pic.

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 42Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 43Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 44Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 45

There’s little to know characterization in this vid and while Sumiko is the villain in this story, it’s kinda hard not to root for her later on in the story because Jacquelyn, Serena and Natasha all begin to turn on each other (and they aren’t really tricked into turning on each other by Sumiko). Well to be fair, Jacquelyn turns on Serena and Natasha first just because they got knocked out by Sumiko and so they retaliate by turning on her in the story.

So pretty much, everybody is fighting ‘dirty’ and turning on one another in this story. If Billy Strannix from ‘Under Siege’ saw this he’d probably say, ‘Discipline has gone straight out the window here.’  :laugh:

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 46Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 47

Speaking of fighting dirty, everybody who throws down in this vid does not hold back. Elbow punches, kicks, jabs to the face, ninja pressure points (used by Sumiko)…hell, Jacquelyn even uses the refrigerator door to knock poor Natasha out! Like I said, there’s no comradery whatsoever between these three ‘supers’ and I think that’s kinda where the story falls onto itself for me.

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 48Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 49

Fetishes included in this story are as follows:

-K.O. (and lots of them I might add)

-Debootings (from supers and villainess alike)

-Fighting (dirty fighting that is)

-Swordplay (Sumiko and Jacquelyn have a fun sword fight later on in the story)

-OTS (over the shoulder carry)

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 50 Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 51Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 52Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 53 Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 54

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 55 Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 56 Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 57

There’s some good audio and some fun Oriental music that plays during certain parts of the vid also where Sumiko is involved. Camera angles are good and the editing was pretty decent also.

Plus as a bonus, there were outtakes put at the end of this vid also too.

Unfortunately while this vid had some good attributes, it suffers from lack of a good story, characterization and the lack of any kind of sexual activity also kinda hurts the vid just a little. But as I said earlier, this vid was created to go into PG-13 territory so the creators can’t be faulted for the absence of sexuality in the vid as the girls may not have been comfortable with doing things like that, which is also okay.

Final Outcome: Though this vid did have it’s share of flaws, it still was fun to watch. I’ll have to try and see what other fun stories Jacquelyn has in her collection one day but for now, this vid was pretty interesting to look at.

Final Score for ‘Super Ninja Showdown’: 6 1/2 out of 10.

If mixed wrestling and knockout fetishes are your thing, you can purchase this vid at the link below:

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's 58

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