Super No. 1 Crush! – Velvets Fantasies

Super No. 1 Crush! - Velvets Fantasies 3

We fade in on the beautiful Jacquelyn Velvets, playing a former super-heroine/vigilante suffering from a severe case of boredom. She scans her phone and notices a brand new (and super sexy) do-gooder on the scene. Velvets is instantly mesmerized by the girl and decides to pose as a photographer in order to get a closer look! Days pass and we see the stunning Super (played by Bambi) at Velvets’ home. Velvets takes several photos of Bambi, using her beauty and sweet-talk to seduce the super-heroine. Their chemistry heats the room and they soon embrace, their lips locking sensually as the screen fades to black. We fade in on a post-passion Bambi awakening in Velvets’ bed. She reaches for her new lover and finds emptiness. Perturbed, Super Bambi decides to leave, grabbing her clothes only to hear the sound of Velvets (in her heroine attire) teleporting behind her. Velvets confesses her ploy…one designed to have Bambi partner up with her. Knowing Velvets’ reputation for taking the law into her own hands, Bambi decides to take her in…and a battle ensues. Velvets is too strong, however, blocking the heroine’s blows and slamming her into the wall. She uses a blast of her sleepy vape cigarette to put Bambi down and out and we see the lingerie clad Bambi come to moments later. Velvets pins her down and continues to try and convince her to try justice HER way, but Bambi fights back, knocking Velvets out with a punch to the jaw.

She makes her escape but a masked man (SK) suddenly attacks and knocks her out with a sleeper hold. He carries her over his shoulder but Velvets is there to stop him (even though his words reveal her as his boss) with a blow to the face that knocks him down and out. Jacquelyn gently kisses the sleeping Bambi and teleports her back to the bedroom. She convinces Bambi to join her, having used the attack to scare the young heroine into changing her outlook on vigilante justice. We see Bambi debut her new bodysuit and the two lovers embrace, kissing passionately. The room suddenly fills with gas, however, and the two partners fall into a deep sleep, creating a body pile on the ground. The male attacker returns, enraged at his employer’s betrayal. He picks the ladies up one by one and chloroforms them as they awaken. The attacker threatens Velvets as she sleeps but Bambi awakens and traps him in a choke. His evil words cause her to snap his neck, killing him instantly. Horrified, Bambi decides to escape…but not before telling the sleeping Velvets that she hasn’t seen the last of her. The tortured heroine, filled with remorse, delivers a final kiss on Velvets’ sleeping lips before leaving the scene…

The End (?)

This movie contains 
smoke KO
punch KO
sleeper hold KO
sleeping gas KO
chloroform KOs
sleepy kissing
over the shoulder carries
choreographed fight scene
body piles


20 minutes run time – Resolution – 720×1280 – File Size – 1.5 GIG

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Super No. 1 Crush! - Velvets Fantasies 4

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