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Super Sleepy Girl - Cali Logan 6

Fade in: close up of Madame Cas Tigate. She is talking directly into the camera just her face is in frame. She is sultry and mean. ” So, you really thought you could be Super Girl? Your so pathetic… you really are. You actually thought you could handle me, Madame Castegate? Now look at your self… ” The camera widens to include Super Girl, who is already completely drained and destroyed. She is a 7/8ths out, eye rolling, awkward limp, gulping, twitching, defeated rag doll. Her hands keep reaching up but then flop down clumsily. Her knees are up then flop to the side awkwardly revealing her crotch.

In her sustained eye rolling defeated state every so often Super Girl gulps and mumbles ridiculous confident gibberish like “I’m…Super Girl…your going down…I got you now.. Your mine…..” But obviously this isn’t the case!! Her brain has been turned to mush at the hands of Madame Cass Tigate who has a mysterious power of draining her victim’s brain to mush by simple touch. But Madame Cass Tigate isn’t finished yet. Not even close. She is intent on total humiliation.

Super girl is a bobble headed, eyes rolling, clumsy, gulping zombie. Her hands reach up and flop down spastically as Madame Cas Tigate strokes her and humiliates her talking into her ear and then straight in to camera showing off her trophy.

Madame Castigate finishes Keri off with a full weight suffocating face sit. Just Keri’s nose and rolling eyes are showing as her hands and legs flounder clumsily and her gut earl gurgles are mmmfffffed out by the face sit. Madame Castigate looks into the camera and scolds us one last time. “Look at your self now…youre the most pathetic Super girl I have ever seen… ”

This 15 minute clip includes eye rolling, sleepy fetish, limp play, domination, cosplay, sensual domination, ragdolling. The 1080hd format can be found in

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Cali Logan’s Power and Peril

under the SUPERHEROINE category.

Super Sleepy Girl - Cali Logan 7

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