Of course we love everything Powergirl. Here’s another offering from GIGA that features Powergirl getting depowered and overwhelmed.

Iron girl Power Woman is an invincible female fighter and protects the peace of the world. However,masked scientist Kidou develops a deformational robot which can transform into a restraining chastity belt.

Invincible Power Woman is caught in the trap and forced to be put on the restraining chastity belt. She can’t throw power kick or punch and can’t fly in the sky now.

The time has come to defeat the  beautiful strong Power Woman thoroughly. Power Woman is attacked, her arms and legs are tortured while being blindfolded with her cloak.

She disgraces  her pants during the battle and is probed with a vibratorShe is tortured and internally ejaculated as a sex slave.

She is also chocked with her cloak and attacked again…[BAD END]

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Akiba Web – GIGA



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