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Hey everyone!

I had the pleasure of talking with Matteo Piccinini, an Italian producer who is looking to break into the superheroine genre and as you can see by the videos below, the man has some serious production skills!

“I discovered my passion for super heroines some years ago with all these features about American superheroes. I decided to shoot some shorts to find out my personal approach and style, I think that now I reached it, a mix of irony, hyperbolic violence (almost comic) and comedy.”

So you are based out of Italy? Will your actresses speak Italian or English or a mix?

I’m based in Italy in Florence and Milan. The actresses speaks English and if not I will ADR their lines with an English actress. How did you like the Silver Babe episode? That was ADR.

Are you planning to release your videos commercially?

Yes I’m planning to release shorts to make this passion sustainable. Currently there’s no plan of how many releases per month, my aim is to have high production value and so this probably leads to less releases…

My production process begins with the casting, from the actresses I got inspiration for the story, is she transgressive or looks like a victim? That’s the first question I ask myself and from there on I come up with the story, locations, fights, etc.

Above all my first concern is the beauty of the heroines 🙂

You can find more of Matteo’s work here!

Here are 2 videos by Superheroines In Distress

YouTube Playlist:


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