“Supernova 15: Doomsayer” is released!

This awesome episode has it all! It starts out with a chloroform scene of Supernova Prime (Melody Sky), then enter a powerful alien outlaw known as Doomsayer! Doomsayer is about to snap the neck of the beautiful, unconscious Supernova Prime, when Supernova (Melanie Dunne) intercedes to save her. Doomsayer does not take lightly to her interference and the two super beings square off against one another.

Supernova puts up a great fight, but Doomsayer is more powerful than her, and slowly the tide begins to turn in favour of Doomsayer, who possesses all of Supernova’s powers, plus superior strength, stamina and powers unique to himself. Don’t miss this epic battle. There’s nothing like it anywhere… any place… any time! This is the super battle of super-powered adversaries that you have all been crying for, and it’s now available to everyone!

Find out why all of the members of the Bluestone Superheroines Club are raving about this unprecedented episode in the Supernova mythos!

This is an all-out action episode, and there’s only one version! Enjoy the rush today!

Check out the Element poster below to see what’s included in “Supernova 15: Doomsayer”!
Element Poster

Here is the purchase link:

“Supernova 15: Doomsayer”:

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Have absolutely no regrets on getting this one
Thank you all for the outstanding job throughout
The extras were an added bonus ( for the fans that showed up in advance that is )
An eagerly waiting for the next saga 🙂