“Supernova 20: Fight Night” stars Rebecca Mason as the good Supernova who is captured by the Collectors and forced to fight the powerful Collector X and a Gate Keeper after being de-powered, for the entertainment of their customers on the dark net. This one’s an epic! Don’t miss it!

In the Peril version, Supernova defeats both opponents and shuts down Fight Night!

In the Extreme version, Supernova puts up a valiant fight, but is beaten, defeated and then viciously strangled with a ligature!

Watch the Supernova 20 trailer:

Make sure you check out the Element poster below (by clicking on the image for an expanded view) and select the version that best suits your interests.

Don’t miss this latest installment in the Supernova mythos!

Here are the purchase links:

Peril/Winning version – SS#95 – “Supernova 20: Fight Night” (Peril):

Extreme/Death version – V.V.#87 – “Supernova 20: Fight Night”:

“Supernova 20: Fight Night” – 2-in-1 Combo (only available at Genre Videos with Bitcoin):

Here’s the Element poster!

Here’s a gallery of some of the awesome scenes from this video!




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