“Supernova 22: Hunted” features Gorgeous Rebecca Mason as the good Supernova!

Supernova has assumed a secret identity as an investigative reporter. Her journalistic pursuits are interrupted, however, when Xander’s Mechanoid tracks her down and attacks her in her civilian guise. She fights the robot off, first in her sexy skirt and blouse, then changes with super speed into her costume to continue the fight!

This is an all action episode! In the Peril version, Supernova wins by using her super strength to rip the Mechanoid’s head from its body! In the Extreme version, Supernova is defeated and garroted to death! So, there’s something for everyone in “Supernova 22: Hunted”!

Watch the Supernova 22 trailer here:

Make sure you check out the Element poster below (by clicking on the image for an expanded view) and select the version that best suits your interests.

Here are the purchase links:

“Supernova 22: Hunted” Peril/Captured version:

“Supernova 22: Hunted” Extreme/Death version:

2-in-1 Genre Videos version for Bitcoin users:

Here’s the Element poster!

Here’s a gallery of some of the awesome scenes from this video!


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  1. So very awesome seeing Supernova get dominated in her pantyhosed feet by a bigger and stronger male villain. Next time I’d like to see a bigger and stronger villainess 6′ 0″ to 6′ 4″ in black shimmery sheer to waist pantyhosed feet physically and fatally dominate Supernova.

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