“Supernova 27: Unbreakable” is Released!

"Supernova 27: Unbreakable" is Released! 3

“Supernova 27: Unbreakable” features Rebecca Mason as Supernova, and introduces Christina Ericsson as Gatekeeper Prime.

This is the continuation of the storyline that ended with the Mechanoid looming over Supernova. Supernova makes quick work of the Mechanoid, decapitating him, but his Novanite gaze is still activated by Xander to weaken her. Then, the real foe attacks… Gatekeeper Prime! She is a silent, gorgeous, blonde killer, who beats Supernova into submission, strangles her, then tries to finish her off.

In the Peril version, Supernova’s beautiful attacker is beaten back and brutally strangled to death, her neck crushed in Supernova’s powerful grip! Yes, Supernova kills for the first time, and that killing will haunt her for years, and make her question her role as heroine and protector!

In the Extreme version, Supernova is stabbed in the back by Gatekeeper Prime, then is stabbed in the chest and killed!

Check out the Element Poster to see what’s in each version.

Here’s the trailer:
Supernova 27 Trailer

Here is the purchase links:

“Supernova 27: Unbreakable” Peril (SS) version:

“Supernova 27: Unbreakable” Extreme (VV) version:

Here’s the Element poster!
"Supernova 27: Unbreakable" is Released! 4

Here’s a gallery of some of the awesome scenes from this video!


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Written by Bluestone
Bluestone Video Productions has been in the film-making business for 11 years, but entered the Superheroine world about 4 years ago with the classic "Wondra: Fall of a Heroine"! Building on the popularity of this video, we created many more Bluestone heroines, including Supernova, Darkwing, Catwarrior and Blackbird. Season 1 introduced our characters. Season 2 brought them all together in the "Dark Wondra Saga", and we hope Season 3 will take these characters to even greater heights. We are always asking what fans want to see and are eager to please everyone. Most of our productions also have alternate endings in order to satisfy those who just want to see Peril as well as those who want to see Extreme endings. Our best quality production values are reserved for our Superheroine line of videos!
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  1. That 16th panel – The unfortunate moment in a superheroine’s career when they are separated from their powers and hold up their hands and say something to the effect of “omg…..my powers!…”

    But I do think she still has her powers, she just can’t use them for strength, it is her birth right after all. The magic energy beam (novanite) like an ion shot. Her own precious powers now making her weak.

    Its going to be hard to extract her powers from her temple as long as the shields (pantyhose) and other defenses are still up.

    Where is Han Solo when you need him?

    • Actually, that 16th panel is Supernova looking at her hands in horror, because she’s just been pushed into violating her superheroine moral code that the good girls do not kill. In the Peril version, she has just strangled her sexy opponent, Gate Keeper Prime! Xander has finally pushed Supernova into becoming a common killer!


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