“Supernova Prime 2: Alien Dawn” is an all-out action episode!
Supernova is dead, and now Supernova Prime tries her best to avenge her fallen comrade, but finds Doomsayer virtually unstoppable!
Supernova Prime keeps on battling, but Doomsayer is bigger and stronger than her, and it seems like only a matter of time before she too is killed by this monstrous berserker!

Don’t miss this awesome video! Melody Sky IS Supernova Prime, and this is Prime at her best!

BSC members have been raving about just how awesome this video is, and now it’s been released to the general public for everyone to enjoy!

You have a choice between two versions of the video, the one in which Supernova Prime wins and the one where Supernova Prime is destroyed like her fellow Supernovatonian!

Check out the Element poster below to see what’s included in each version of “Supernova Prime 2: Alien Dawn”!
Element Poster

Here are the purchase links:

SS#77 – “Supernova Prime 2: Alien Dawn” – Peril/Winning version:

V.V. #70 – “Supernova Prime 2: Alien Dawn” – Extreme/Death version:

“Supernova Prime 2: Alien Dawn” – 2-in-1 Combo (only available with Bitcoin payment):

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