“Supernova: What If?” is released!

"Supernova: What If?" is released! 1

“Supernova 18: What If Stephanie Kane was Supernova?” stars Yvonne in the dual roles of Stephanie Kane and Supernova!

In this alternate universe, Stephanie Kane is not a billionaire socialite… she is a reporter… and she is not Darkwing… she is this world’s Supernova!

Don’t miss Yvonne’s fantastic performance as the super sexy Stephanie Kane, dying like Alice Sanchez in “Supernova: Prisoner Exchange” and then transforming into an equally sexy Supernova!
Supernova is shot with Red Sun Dust several times, and while she’s de-powered she is double-teamed by a Collector and Gate Keeper who beat her, delivering face and body blows, including a low blow that drops her in pain clutching her paining lady parts, and a knockout punch that puts her out temporarily. Not satisfied with beating her physically, they enjoy groping her gorgeous body, stripping her topless, and making her suffer before ending her struggles with a knifing in the Extreme version and a chloroforming in the Peril version!

Yvonne is brilliant as this alternate Supernova and for the first time allows for Supernova to be fondled and rendered topless before she is defeated!

This is an exceptional Supernova episode! Don’t miss it!

Watch the Supernova 18 trailer:

In the Peril version (SS#92), Supernova is defeated, rendered topless, chloroformed and carried away!

In the Extreme/Death version (VV#84), Supernova is rendered topless, strangled, and then finished off with a stab between her twin peaks!

Make sure you check out the Element poster below (by clicking on the image for an expanded view) and select the version that best suits your interests.

Don’t miss this latest installment in the Supernova mythos!

Here are the purchase links:

Peril/Winning version – SS#92 – “Supernova 18: What If?” (Peril):

Extreme/Death version – V.V.#84 – “Supernova 18: What If?”:

“Supernova 18: What If?” – 2-in-1 Combo (only available at Genre Videos with Bitcoin):

Here’s the Element poster!

Here’s a gallery of some of the awesome scenes from this video!



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Bluestone Video Productions has been in the film-making business for 11 years, but entered the Superheroine world about 4 years ago with the classic "Wondra: Fall of a Heroine"! Building on the popularity of this video, we created many more Bluestone heroines, including Supernova, Darkwing, Catwarrior and Blackbird. Season 1 introduced our characters. Season 2 brought them all together in the "Dark Wondra Saga", and we hope Season 3 will take these characters to even greater heights. We are always asking what fans want to see and are eager to please everyone. Most of our productions also have alternate endings in order to satisfy those who just want to see Peril as well as those who want to see Extreme endings. Our best quality production values are reserved for our Superheroine line of videos!
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